Dolgeville Directory 1887-1888

Donated and Transcribed by Linda Rood

Explanation of abbreviations:
Ave., avenue; bet., between; cor., corner; mfr., manufacturer; opp., opposite. H., house; sqr., square. bds., boards; ab., above; st., street.

Abrams Jefferson, h Main
Abramson Lewis, P. O. Dolgeville
Anable Frank, meat market, Main H do
Angle Helen Mrs. Operative, h Main
Arnold Geo. Prop Loomer House, Main cor State, h do
Arnold Joseph, shoemaker, h Elm

Barney A. G. physician and druggist, Main, h do
Barney Fred M. h Main
Barney Morgan, h Main
Barrett Mary, domestic, W Main near Spencer
Batton John, teamster, h Howard
Baum John, h Spencer
Baum Shular, carpenter, h Spencer
Beckwith Angelina, h Main
Beckwith Elizabeth, h Main
Belden Franklin, carpenter, h Main
Bellinger Hiram, farmer, h Plank Road
Bellinger Lottie K. P. O. address Dolgeville
Bennett H. M. mechanic, h Main
Bennett Lewis, tailor, Main, h at LittleFalls
Bierbergeil Clara, domestic, Elm cor Main
Bliss Edmund S. P. O. address Dolgeville
Bliss Frank R. teamster, h State
Bliss Geo. Carpenter, h Ann. (See Index)
Bliss Jerome, carpenter. h Main
Bliss Maggie, operative, h Main
Bliss Matilda, teacher, h Main
Bliss Otis, clerk, h Ann
BLOODOUGH ABRAM, carpenter, bds Spencer. (See index)
Bloodough Fred, edger, bds Howard
BLOODOUGH HERMAN, carpenter, h Spencer
Bloodough Hiram, carpenter, h Howard
Bloodough J. W. P. O. address Dolgeville
Bloodough Westley, laborer, h Ann
Bowland Michael, carpenter, h Lamberson
Bowen Dell, operative, h State
Bowen Wm. A., P. O. address Dolgeville
Bowen Wm. H. meat market Main, h do
Bowers Henry, at saw mill, h Howard
Bowman Charles, harness maker, h Spencer
Brayton Herman H. mechanic, h N Main
Brayton H. W. clerk, h Main
BRECKWOLDT JULIUS, supt. Moulding dept. at Dolge's, h State
Britton A. C. h Main
Britton Elsie ------h Main
Britton Ward H. ------h Main
Brockett Calvin, P. O. address DolgeVille
BROCKETT CLINTON, farmer, h State
Brockett James------h State
Brockett James D. Mrs. P. O. address Dolgeville
Brockett Sarah------Brockett's Bridge
Brockett Zephy G. farmer, h State
Brote Fred, shoemaker, h Main
Brown Charles, farmer, h State Road
BROWN E. S. carpenter, h Spencer
Brown Frank A. h Howard
Brown Fred D. felt dyer, h near Howard
Brown Geo. W., P. O. address Dolgeville
BROWN IRA, farmer, h State Road
Brown James M. contractor and builder Bds W Main
BROWN MATHEW carpenter, h Howard
Brown Martha M., P. O. address, Dolgeville
Brown W. F. prop Cottage Hotel, W Main, h do (See index)
Brunkhorst, Helom, at factory, h Main
Brunkhorst Wm. Teamster, h Main
Brungartner Albert, painter, h Howard
BURKE EDWARD, shoemaker, bds Spencer
BURKE W. H. mason, bds Brockett's Bridge
Burley George, carpenter, h Howard
BURRILL E. G. tinsmith, h at Salisbury Center, bds. Loomer House
BURROWS e. g. h Salisbury Center
Burrows Morris W. tinsmith, h State
Button John, P. O. Dolgeville

CAMPBELL, JOHN, mason, bds Brockett's Bridge
CANE EDWARD, lawyer, h Main
Carnwright John L., P. O. address Dolgeville
Casler Delia, h Howard
Casler Harvey, carpenter, h Main
Casler Nelson, carpenter, h Howard
Caster Wm. Carpenter h Main
CHRISTMAN DELMER, carpenter, h N Main
Cipp Peter, fireman, h State
Clark Julia, domestic h State
Clemens Hiram, P. O. address Dolgeville
Cline C. M., P. O. address Dolgeville
Coloorn Julia, domestic, h State
Comstock Eugene, planer, h Main
Cook Louis, shoemaker, h 10 Com'dts
Cool Dennis, moulder, h State
Cooney Daniel, carpenter, h Howard
Couch Daniel Jr. carpenter, h 10 Com'dts
Couch Daniel Sr. wagon maker, h Dolgeville
Craigul James, P. O. address Dolgeville
Cramer Julia, P. O. address Dolgeville
Creger Frederick, machinist, h Ann
Cregg Emeline, widow, h Howard
Cramer Charles, shoemaker, h N. Main
Cramer Henry, laborer, h W Main
Cramer James, felt dept. h Howard
Cramer James W. operative, h Howard
Cramer John, fireman, h Main
Cramer Philip, h Main
Cunningham James, h Ann
Cunningham Nellie, domestic, Main

DANDLAR Frank, at factory, h 10 Com'dts
Darling Alice------P. O. address Dolgeville
Darling Isaac, lumber dept. bds Ann
Darling Luther, laborer, h Ann
Darrow Henry, carpenter, h State
Darrow Lilia------P. O. address Dolgeville
Decker Eugene, carpenter, h Main
Dedicke Barbara------ P. O. address Dolgeville
Dedicke Edward, at factory, P. O. address Dolgeville
Delaimater Jerome, at wire works, h Ann
Denssler Harvey, at factory, h Main
Dideck Charles, steam fitter, h near Howard
Diehl Charles, mason, bds Ann
Dietuck Frank, P. O. address Dolgeville
Dillon John, mason, h Ann
DOLGE ALFRED, mfr felt slippers and shoes, piano hammers, belts sounding boards, parts for piano cases, moulding and lumber Main, h Elm cor Main
DOLGE AUGUST, h Dolge ave
DOLGE HENRY A. with A. Dolge, h Main cor Elm
DOLGE, HUGO, manager felt dept. h Elm
Drake John, P. O. address Dolgeville
Drake Menzo, saloon, h Howard
Duesler Sarah Mrs. H Howard
Dunckel Everette L., P. O. address Dolgeville
Dunckel Nettie E. h Front
Dunckel Piper S. hop grower, h Front
Dunmont Charles, electrician, P. O. address Dolgeville
Darfy Arthur H. felt dept. h Howard

ECKLER Perry, P. O. Dolgeville
Eckler Anna, domestic, Main
Eckler Katie, domestic, N Main cor Spencer
Edwards Amos, carpenter, h Spencer
EDWARDS STEPHEN, engineer, h Main
Engelhardt Anna, h Elm near Main
Engelhardt Ludwig, forman shoe dept. h Elm near Main
Ericha John, shoemaker, h Main
Ertil Augusta, h W Main

FAILING David, carpenter, h at Stafford
Failing Wm. carpenter, h Spencer
Fallier Paul, P. O. Dolgeville
Faville Benj. mechanic, h W Main cor Spencer
FAVILLE B. R. foreman piano hardware factory, h W Main
FAVILLE FRANK, drugs and groceries Main near Elm, h do
Faville Gertie, h W. Main cor Spencer
Faville Henry, farmer, h W. Main cor Spencer
Faville Lynn, mechanic, h W. Main cor Spencer
Faville Mark, h Elm
Faville Phoebe, P. O. Dolgeville
FAVILLE W. H. hardware and crockery, N. Main, h W Main ( See index)
Feedler Philip, shoemaker, h Main
Fermen Eli F. carpenter, h N Main
Fisher Bertha, domestic, Main cor Elm
Folsey-----, teamster, h State
Forger Dan. felt dept. h Ann
FOSTER AARON S. carpenter, h N Main
Forster John, at mill, h Ann
FOWLER D. R. grocer N Main, h do. (See index)
FOWLER G. H. ------ h N Main
Fowler W.------ P. O. Dolgeville
Francisco John, h Elm
Franklin Lewis, P. O. Dolgeville
Franz Ernest, shoemaker, h 10 Com'dts
Freygang Adolph, shoemaker, h 10 Com'dts
Freygang Gaston, foreman, h 10 Com'dts

GAMIN, Dora, domestic State
Gearhart Lewis, saloon W Main, h do
Gebhardt Louis------P. O. Dolgeville
GETMAN ALFRED, mechanic, h State

GETMAN CHARLES H. mechanic, h State
Getman Clark, physician W Main, h do
Getman Francis E. Mrs. carder, h State
Getman Sarah, carder, h State
Getry Geo. shoemaker, h Main
Gettry Martin, felt dept. h Howard
Gibson Alfred, ----h N Main
Gibson H. Byron, grocer, h N Main
Girgy John shoemaker, h Howard
Girsling----, shoemaker, h 10 Com'dts
Glane Frank----P. O. Dolgeville
Goeble Sophia, domestic Elm
Goldghwaite O. W. laborer, h Lamerson
Goldghwaite Walter N. h Lamberson
Grant John. P. O. Dolgeville
Grose Carl, mechanic, h State
Grumwald Edward, shoemaker, h Main
Guenther Gustave, fireman, P. O. Dolgeville
Guile C. E. planer, h Main
GUILE R. J. real estate agent, h N. Main

HAAS Charles, shoemaker, h Howard
Haas Fred, mason, h 10 Com'dts
Haas Gustus, operative, h W Main
Hackett Wm. P. O. Dolgeville
Habelt Henry, watchman, h 10 Com'dts
HABELT LEO, lumberman, h 10 Com'dts
HAGERDORN LOREN, ( Hagerdorn & Yoran), h Main opp Ann
HAGERDORN & YORAN, ( Loren Hagerdorn and Geo. Yoran), wagon makers and general jobbers, W Main opp Ann (See Index)
HALLENBECK JACOB, prop Dolgeville Hotel, h do (see index)
Haller Gustave, clerk, h Main near Elm
Hardy Albert, laborer, h W Main
Hardy A. M. mechanic, h W Main
Harneschferger Frederich, mechanic, h 10 Com'dts
Hardt Herman W. shoemaker, h Ann
Healy Celestia Mrs. h State
Hekking Adrian, felt dept. h Ann
Hekking Adrian M. felt maker, h Brocketts Bridge
Helmer Dwight, P. O. Dolgeville
Helmer Hannibal, meat market, Main opp Ann, W. Main
Helmer Hattie Mrs. h State cor Main
Helmer Leonard, P. O. Dolgeville
Helmer Levi, farmer, h W Main
Helmer Phillip, farmer, h State cor Main
Helmer Reuben, farmer, h State
Helmer Samuel----P. O. Dolgeville
Hendrix Byron, operative, bds N Main
Hendrix Elmer H. laborer, h N Main
HENDRIX JAMES, manager Tozey & Herlehy furniture N Main, h Ann
Hendrix John, clerk, h N Main
Hendrix Wm. E. driver, h N Main
HENDRIX WM. F. livery, N Main
Hendrix Wm. F. Mrs. boarding house N Main
Heynan Minnie, dry goods E Main, h do
Hill ----, carpenter, h Howard
Hoffman Geo, mechanic, h Spencer
Hoffmeister Michael, shoemaker, h Howard
Holds----, carpenter, h N Main
Homrighans Louis, painter, h Spencer
Honat Joseph, P. O. Dolgeville
Hopson Wm. painter, h Spencer
Horn H. Gustave, mechanic, H State
Hotaling Alonzo----P. O. Dolgeville
HOTALING HARVEY----P. O. Dolgeville
HOTALING WM. H. mechanic, h Main
House Adelbert, machinist, h Main
House Clark ----P. O. Dolgeville
HOUSE JOSEPH, sawyer, h Howard
HOUSE J. W., h School
Howard Chauncy, felt dept. h Howard
Howard Newton, teamster, h W Main
Hudson George, farmer, h Howard
Hughes Thomas, carpenter, bds N. Main
Hutchins Ivory, farmer, h Main cor Spencer
Hutchinson George, P. O. Dolgeville

Illing Hugo, clerk, h 10 Com'dts
Ingerham B. h Main

Jahm Frederick W. P. O. Dolgeville
Jaquays E. F laborer, P. O. Dolgeville
Jarvis Joseph, h Main
Jennings Albert, fireman, h Main
Jones Joseph, mason h Ann

KAMP Jacob, baker, h Main
Kamp Joseph, blacksmith, h near Brockett's Bridge
KECK JACOB, grocer, Ann cor Winton Lane, h do
Kelly John, steam fitter, h Main opp Ann
Kelly Michael, laborer, h Ann
Kiefe John, agent, h State
Kilian Ann, Domestic, N Main
Klaar August, blacksmith, h Howard
Klaar Robert, h Howard
Kline Charles, laborer, h Spencer
Knapp, Benjamin, at saw mill, h Main
KNAPP JOHN, at saw mill, h Main
KNAPP WHEELER, grocer, saw mill and lumber dealer, N Main, h do
Koltteritz John B. engineer and surveyor, h Main
Kramer Albert, P. O. Dolgeville
Krueger Frederick, P. O. Dolgeville
Kote Louis, P. O. Dolgeville
Kuehn Albert, felter, h W Main

LaDiew George, farmer, h State
Lambert, Charles, W. , P. O. Dolgeville
Lambert Lysander, felter, h Main
Lamberson Albert, h W. Main
LAMBERSON A. (A. Lamberson & Son) h, N Main
LAMBERSON A. & SON (F. A.) general store also fire insurance agents N. Main ( see front inside cover)
Lamberson Addie, h N. Main
Lamberson Dora, h N. Main
LAMBERSON F. A. (Lamberson & Son), h N. Main
Lamberson J. D. Mrs. h N. Main
Leavitte Albert L. bookkeeper, h Main
Leavitt Henry W. grocer near Howard, h do
Leon----, h Main
Lighthart Jacob, mason, h State
Live----, shoemaker, h Ann
Loomer Aaron P., P. O. Dolgeville
Loomer Byron, h Main cor State
Loucks David, P. O. Dolgeville
Loucks Delos, felter, h Spencer
Loucks Dwight, farmer, h State near Main
Loucks Edward, mechanic, h Ann
Loucks E. M., h State near Main
Loucks F. J. felt maker, h Ann
Loucks Jesse, farmer, h State near Main
Loucks Wm. felt maker, h Ann
LOUCKS WM. P. shoemaker, h Ann

MALLETT Joseph, h Howard
Mallett Philander, h Howard
Maney F. S. clerk, h Main
Maney G. L. grocer Main, h do
Marcy Wm. H. mechanic, h N. Main
Marks, Albertine, P. O. Dolgeville
Marks, Joseph, h Ann
McAllister Roselle, widow, h W Main
McAllister Ward, mechanic, h W Main
McCuin, James Mrs. h Main
McCura John, teamster, h Main
McNeal Hoxie, carpenter, h N Main
Meissner, Paul, shoemaker, h Main
Metz George, foreman, h Main
Meyers Henry, harness maker, h 10 Com'dts
Miller Charles, mechanic, h Howard
Miller John, P. O. Dolgeville
Miller Wm. H. teamster, h W Main
Millett Charles W. machinist, h Main
Millett Edward, machinist, h Howard
Millett Eldridge L. P. O. Dolgeville
Millett H. S. h Main
Millett John W. teacher, h W Main
Millett John W. machinist, h W Main
MILLETT W. teacher, P. O. Dolgeville
MONK JAMES, h Spencer
MORSE, A. L. harness maker, Main, h N. Main. (See Index)
Mosher Charles, felter, h Howard
Mosher Eli, mason, h Spencer
Mosher Henry, teamster, h Howard
Mosher John, painter, h Main
Mosher J. W. P. O. Dolgeville
Mosher Maggie, dressmaker, h Howard
MOSHER MARVIN, foreman lumber dept. h Spencer
MOSHER NATHAN, mechanic, h Spencer
Mosher Oliver, P. O. Dolgeville
Mosher Wm. clerk, h Spencer
Moyer Mattie, h State Road
Moyer Mary Mrs. h State
Murray Aaron, farmer, h W Main
MURRAY WM. clerk with Leavitt grocer

NICKERSON Hiram, h Main
Niepel Charles, blacksmith, h 10 Com'dts
Nellis Lucinda, widow, h W Main opp Ann
Newport John, well digger, h near Ingam's mills

OLMOSTEAD O'BRADLEY, barber shop N Main, h do
Orvis Henry, carpenter, h Ramson

PALMER Wm. P. O. Dolgeville
Pappleton Wm. R., P. O. Dolgeville
Parcella Agnes, operative, h State
Parry Thos. stone cutter, h Brockett's Bridge
PENN JOHNCapt. engineer, h Elm
Perkins Clinton, laborer, h Elm
PLATT JOHN, blacksmith Main, h N. Main
Platt Wm. foreman, h N. Main
Polly LaFayette, cheese factory W. Main, h do
Polscher Arthur, at mill, P. O. Dolgeville
Polscher Ernest, bookkeeper, P. O. Dolgeville
Poschow John, P. o. Dolgeville
POST JOHN H. Carpenter, h Main
Potter E. H. clerk Stoddard House, h do
Powley Henry, P. O. Dolgeville

QUACKENBUSH Hiram, carpenter, h Main

RANDS Charles, farmer, h Spencer
Ransom Sidney G. cattle dealer, h Main
Rasbach Warren, foreman, h Howard
Ranft Annie, domestic, Elm
Ranft Clara, domestic, Elm
Reiner, Karl, P. O. Dolgeville
Reith Reinhold, P. O. Dolgeville
Rhudes Harvey, laborer, h Spencer
Richards Ernest, P. O. Dolgeville
Riedlinger Bruner, stone cutter bds W Main
Rieth Charles, felter, h Elm
Ritter Wm. P. O. Dolgeville
Roberts, Wm. J. stone cutter, h Brockett's Bridge
Robinson Myron, teamster, h Spencer
Rockwell Eugene, teamster h Main
Rosen Niles, bookkeeper, h Elm
Rosey Robert, P. O. Dolgeville

SAGER Henry F. teamster, h Main
Sanford Joel B. asst. foreman, h Main
Sanford Theodore, foreman, h Main
Scherenberg Frederick W. carpenter, h Ann
Schuchart, William, bookkeeper, P. O. Dolgeville
Schwarzimen Fish, shoemaker, h Ann
Scully Theodore, laborer, h Ann
Schumch Albert, Felt Dept. bds Ann
Schunch Cyral, packer, bds Ann
Schewanbach Jacob, shoemaker, h Howard
Seeberger Rudolph, P. O. Dolgeville
Seeley Milford, carpenter, h Main
Shaver George, painter, bds N Main
Shaver Harry, at saw mill, h Main
SHEDD O B dentist, N Main, h do. (See Index)
SILVERNAIL WILLIAM, carpenter, h W Main
Simpson Geo C. painter, h Elm
Slauson Cornelia, widow h Main cor Spencer
SMITH CHARLES, carpenter, Emmondsburg road
Smith Eugene, teamster, h Main
Snell Almiron, teamster h Main
Snell Irving, shoemaker, h Main
Snell Nathan A. at factory, h State
Spencer Howard, P. O. Dolgeville
Spencer Thos. P. O. Dolgeville
SPOAR AARON, h Lamberson
Spoar Albert, laborer, h Lamberson
Spoar Levi, teamster, h Lamberson
Spoar John J., P. O. Dolgeville
Spoar Wm. felt dept. h Lamberson
SPOFFORD CARLETON J. (Spoffored & Co.), h main
SPOFFORD JULIAN C., tinsmith, h Main opp Ann
Spofford M. J. Mrs. h Main
SPOFFORD 7 CO. (Carlton J. Spofford) piano hardware mfr rear Main, h W. Main
Springer William, felt dept. h 10 Com'dts
STACY CHARLES A., painter, h Dolge ave
Stewart Benj. teamster, h State
Stewart Charles R. farmer, h W Main
STEWART JOHN W. principal union school, h W Main
Stoddard W. F. hotel Main cor Ann, h do
Sullivan Charles, clerk at office, h W Main
Sullivan Cornelius, night watchman, h W Main
Sullivan Daniel, lumber dept. h W Main
Supple Henry, P. O. Dolgeville
SUTLIFF WM. H fireman Dolge's lumber dept. P. O. Dolgeville
Swackhamer Eldridge, laborer, h W Main

TALCOTT FRED N, carpenter, h Helmer ave
Talcott Frederick, carpenter, h Elm
Talcott Laura, widow, h Elm
Tandler Frank, P. O. Dolgeville
Tanner Loren G. h State
TenBroeck Henry, fireman, h near Howard
Thalier----, operative, h N Main
Thompson Ralph, clerk, h at Devereux
Thornton Charles, stage driver, h N Main
Thresher Eben, h Ann
THRESHER JAMES, mason h Front
Timmerman John, saloon, N Main, h do
Timmerman Willard, h near Howard
Trumbell Arthur, felt presser, h Howard
Tucker Edwin, mechanic, h Howard
Tyrelick Michael, h Howard

ULRICH Marie, domestic Elm.

VANBUREN Ann, widow h Ann
VanBuren Jacob, machinist, h Van Buren
VanBuren Kate, operative, h Ann
Valentine Harvey, laborer, h Howared
Valentine Nicholas, gardener, h Howard
Vanisch Lorenzo, shoemaker, h Main
Vedder Malvin livery, h Main
Vaight Otto, bookkeeper at Dolge's P. O. Dolgeville
Vorerchoor Mathias, belt dept. h 10 Com'dts

WAGNER Adolph, carpenter, h Elm
Wagner Leonard, P. O. Dolgeville
Waitter Wm. felt dept. h W Main
Ward Ebner, planer, h Wilton Lane
Washburn Jacob, lumberman, bds Main
Waterman Chandler, carpenter, h Howard
West Miell, dressmaker, h Main
West----, widow h Main
Western Clara, domestic Ann
WHITNEY S. EUGENE, farmer h N Main
WILMOT WALTER E. carpenter, h Ann
Wilson D. C. mechanic, bds N. Main
Winslow Charles, mason, h Ann
Winter Charles, turner, h Ann
Wishart S. at factory, h 10 Com'dts
WOLCOTT HAMILTON F. mason, h State
Wolf Fred, felt dept. h Front
Wood Edward, h Main
Woolever Hiram, P. O. Dolgeville
Woolever Jesse, com. of highways, h Ann
Woolever Nicholas Mrs. h Main
Woolever Oliver, P. O. Dolgeville
Woolever Walter, operative, h N Main
Woolever Willis P. teamster, h Main
Woolever W. L. P. O. Dolgeville
Worth Henry, shoemaker, h Howard

YORAN GEO. (Hagerdorn & Yoran), h Main opp Ann
Young Jacob M. operative, h W Main
YOUNG LeGRANGE, carpenter bds Ann
Yonker Phillip, shoe finisher, h Main opp Ann
YONKER WARREN, miller, h Main
ZACHULE Adolf, shoemaker, h W Main
Zimmerman Jacob, at factory, h Main
Zimmerman Katie, h Main

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