Source: "History of Herkimer County, New York"

By George A. Hardin and Frank H. Willard
D. Mason & Co., Publishers, 1893, page 332

First Officers of the Town after it was annexed to 
Herkimer County, elected 1st Tues in March, 1818
Supervisor Jacob Markell
Town Clerk Jacob Wire
Highway Commissioners John Youngs
Hanford Sherwood
Elijah Barnes
Assessors Elijah Barnes
Samuel Gray, jr.
Adam Feeter
Overseers of Poor Jacob Markell
Daniel Getman
Collector George G. Loucks
School Commissioners Luther Pardee
Jacob Bates
Jacob Markell
School Inspectors Bennett Pearce
Charles Freeman
Elijah Ayres
Thomas Ransom
John G. Loucks
Elijah Barnes
Constables William P. Schuyler
Harmanus Visgar
Joseph House
and twenty four Overseers of Highways, not listed in reference

Town Supervisors 1836 - 1892
Markell, Jacob 1797-1819, 1824-27
Pardee, Luther 1820-22
Timmerman, Lawrence 1823
Beardslee, Augustus 1829-29
Timmerman, John T. 1830
Hayes, Daniel 1831
Ford, Isaac S. 1832
Powell, Jacob 1833
Snell, John P. 1834-37, 1839
Snell, Suffrenus 1838
Hoover, John jr. 1840-41
Beardslee, John T. 1842
Yoran, Jacob 1843-44, 1850
Green, Nathan S. 1845
Markell, John 1846-49
Ladue, Oliver 1851-52
Snell, Jeremiah G. 1853
Broat, Hiram 1854-55, 1867-71, 1886-87
Bellinger, Levi 1856-57
Snell, Luke 1858-59
Wetherwax, James H. 1860-62
Bidleman, Morgan 1863-64
Lansing, S. Stewart 1865-66
Levee, Michael 1872
Bauder, Charles E. 1873-75
Keyser, Seymour 1876
Timmerman, Norman 1877-78
Garlock, John 1879-81
Goodell, Wm. A. 1882-83
Snell, Hannibal 1884-85
Cook, Charles 1888
Curry, Thomas H. 1889-92

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