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In honor of Herkimer and Montgomery Counties veterans, we created a 1997 Memorial Day Honor Roll. The response was so great that the Military Honor Roll is now a permanent feature of our military section, to be added to year-round.


5/26/05Dr. William (Jacob) Petry/Petrie
Contributed by James A. Gustafson

"I was reviewing my ancestors role during the revolutionary war Dr. William (Jacob) Petry/Petrie. Dr. Petry/Petrie was a surgeon assigned to General Herkimer and was wounded in the battle of Oriskany and should have asterisk by his name. Exerpt from Wikipedia - General Herkimer:"

"The brigade surgeon, William Petrie, dressed Herkimer's wound in the field and placed him on a litter. The wound quickly became infected, but the decision to amputate the leg was delayed for about ten days after the battle. The operation was performed by an inexperienced surgeon, Robert Johnson, because William Petrie was wounded in the battle and was not available. The operation went poorly, the wound bled profusely, and Herkimer died of the injury on August 16, at around the age of 49.

James A. Gustafson

9/7/14Elisha Gates
Contributed by Natalie Gates

"I have information to share regarding my ancestor, Elisha Gates b. CT, lived in Litchfield, now Winfield Herkimer, NY between 1790-1829. Elisha, son of Joshua Gates and Anna Branch did serve in the War of 1812 from Herkimer County as quartermaster. He was also listed as a Town Constable and Collector during these years."

From Meeting Minutes town of Litchfield, Herkimer, NY Mar 5 1816,
Elisha Gates is listed as Constable and Collector.

From History of Herkimer County, New York: [illustrated with portraits of many of its citizens] Syracuse, N.Y.: D. Mason & Co., 1893, 881 pgs.

"At that meeting the following officers were elected: ...Elisha Gates, Elijah Gates, jr., and Jesse Burgess, constables; Elisha Gates, collector;..."

From Military minutes of the Council of Appointment of the State of New York, 1783-1821
Herkimer county.

Brigade of infantry in the county of Herkimer:
Lt. Col Christoper P. Bellinger's regiment: 27th regiment of infantry
Seldon Morgan, captain, vice R. Shoemaker, promoted; Peter G. Helmer, lt, vice S.
Morgan, promoted; Thomas B. Gillaspie, ensign, vice P.G. Helmer, promoted,
Elisha Gates, quartermaster, vice J. W. Clapsattel, resigned.Feb 4 1812

"He moved to S. Richland, Oswego, NY in 1829 with his children. He was son in law of Robert Town of Meeting House Green area. "

"His death is noted in two papers of that area. "

Death notice in Oswego Palladium April notes he died March 20th.

Richland Courier ~ March 28, 1849 - Died at his residence in this town on Thursday
morning last, Elisha Gates, aged 76 years. Mr. Gates was one of the oldest
inhabitants of the town, having settled here in 1829. He has always sustained the
character of an upright, industrious man and a good neighbor.

"I am in the process of trying to prove that his father, Joshua, who responded to the Lexington Alarm and marched three days in CT died in this area of New York as well. Joshua Gates's heirs are listed in tax rolls of 1799 for Litchfield, Herkimer, NY and he had died 7 Dec 1798. If in fact he is buried in the Herkimer area, that would be a Revolutionary War addition as well. At this time I have been unable to find his grave. He travels with Town, Smith, Backus, Holmes families of that time period. His son, Elisha marries Robert Town's daughter, and Robert Town is in fact buried in Meeting House Green cemetery. Having trouble locating what happened to Joshua and his wife Anna and where they are buried.

If you think you may be able to help locating Joshua's grave, I would much appreciate hearing from you.

Thank you.

Natalie Gates

5/26/05Peter Markell
Contributed by Susan Larson

Peter Markell was born March 24,1765. He enlisted from Palatine, Montgomery County, New York, in April 1781, at the age of sixteen, and was discharged in November 1782. He participated in the battle of Johnstown, N.Y. under Captain Cook and Colonel Clock. He died May 25, 1837, aged seventy-two years and was buried at Kirtland, Lake County, Ohio.

December 9, 1792, he married Elizabeth Koch. Their children were John, Benjamin, James, Margarette, Betsey (Mrs. Banter), Peter, Nicholas, Mary, Fanny and Nancy who married Ezra Morgan of Geneva, Ohio, where their descendants still reside. The children are all dead; the last one, James Markell of Mentor, Ohio, living until April 1900. There are, in Kirtland, two children who are the great, great, great grandchildren of this Revolutionary soldier.

Peter Markell was one of the pioneers of Kirtland, Ohio, coming with his family in 1816, bringing with him some of the finest horses that had ever been to this part of the country. In his later years he became an invalid, caused by privations and exposure while in the army.

A young boy named Henry, a brother of Peter Markell, at the time of the battle between Americans and British, went to the top of a hill that he might see the battle, and was lost; no trace of him has ever been found. His mother mourned so bitterly for the child, whose fate was clothed in mystery, that she lost her reason. It is said she spoke no word for a year or more. Mrs. Peter "Betsey" Markell lived to receive a widow's pension.

From A Record of the Revolutionary Soldiers buried in Lake County, Ohio, New Connecticut Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution, Painesville, Ohio, 1902.

While Peter Markell was not as famous as his cousin, Henry Markell, (there are multiple "Henrys" in the Markell clan), his story is quite interesting, as is that of his young brother. Unfortunately, the ancillary stories, like that of the loss of the boy and his mother's tragic reaction, which are also a part of the complete narrative, are not known.

3/2/05Christian Plopper
Direct Ancestor of Marty Keller

The great grandfather of my father's grandmother was Christian Plopper. Around 1760 he was living in Ephrata and in 1776 he enlisted in the Tryon County Militia, Second Regiment under Colonel Jacob Klock. He served four years as a private. During this time he became friends with Bartholomew Shaver. Years later Christian's son Heinrich married Bartholomew's daughter Margaret on April 25th of 1815 in Stone Arabia. Christian lived near Stone Arabia from before the Revolution until his death in 1819 or 1820. Five of his children were baptized at the Lutheran Church. We think he was married to Anna Maria Rollern, and any further information would be great.

We have not found any records of the activities of the Second Regiment and would love to hear from anyone who has. Thanks and God Bless America.
Marty Keller of Wheaton, IL

1/23/05Robert Sylvester Young
GG-grandfather of Gretchen Redd

My g-g-grandfather Robert Sylvester Young was from Columbia, New York and joined the Civil War in 1864, serving as a private under Thomas Bates in Company A, 1st Regiment Light Artillery. He was discharged in 1865 and in 1867 he and his family moved to Michigan, where later his wife drew $12 a month pension out of the Detroit Pension Office. Unfortunately, I do not know anything else about his family and can find no records of him or his family in your county. I only have his discharge papers, pension papers and family stories.

Robert Sylvester Young (he was Youngs, but dropped the 's' after the Civil War) was born around 1823 in Columbia, New York. His wife, Mary Delmarter Young (or Dilmer), was also from New York and I have no information on her either. They had 6 children from 1850-1864, Emma, Mary, Issac, Robert, Anna & Robert.

6/04/04Leo Jakubek
Contributed by Barbara Allen Empey Elmore

Re: 60th Ann'y of D-Day, WWII.

I would like to have remembered Leo Jakubek, of the hamlet of Cullen, Town of Warren, Herkimer County. He died 04 August 1944 at Normandy Beach.

I was almost 5 yrs old and lived across the road from their farm. I remember when the news struck that small hamlet, and how sad I was. I have never forgotten this young man.

He is buried at St Joseph's Church Cemetery at Richfield Springs.

5/30/04Marcus Dusler
Contributed by Jeanette Shiel and written by James Morrison

Marcus Dusler: Enlists at Fort Plank

by James F. Morrison

On May 10, 1778, Marcus enlisted as a private in Captain Abraham Copeman's Company (Sixth Company) in Colonel Samuel Campbell's Regiment of Tryon County Militia (First Regiment) while living at Fort Plank. Marcus was stationed at Cherry Valley until June 1st and then he returned to Fort Plank where he was stationed. In July of 1779, Marcus enlisted in Captain Copeman's Company and he was stationed at Fort Schuyler (Fort Stanwix) where he was stationed for four weeks. On returning to Fort Plank, Marcus was ordered to garrison that fort.

In the spring of 1780, Marcus enlisted in Captain John House's Company (Captain Copeman was promoted to Major and First Lieutenant Joseph House was promoted to Captain) in Colonel Campell's Regiment. Marcus was stationed at Fort Plank until mid July when he was then stationed at Fort Rensselaer (Fort Plain). On October 19th, a battle was fought in Stone Arabia between the troops of Colonel Sir John Johnson and Colonel John Brown with about forty -five of his men were killed and the rest were dispersed. Marcus joined the growing army of General Robert Van Rensselaer near Fort Rensselaer. Van Rensselaer on learning of Brown's defeat ordered Colonel Lewis Du Bois to pursue Johnson. Marcus with 300 men under Colonel DuBois and Lieutenant-Colonel Samuel Clyde crossed the Mohawk River and started in pursuit of Johnson. DuBois and his men caught up with Johnson at Klock's and Failing's Flats where another fierce battle took place. The battle lasted until darkness fell and Johnson and his men retreated back to Canada.

In April of 1781, Marcus enlisted as a private in Captain Lawrence Gros' Company in Colonel Marinus Willett's Regiment of New York State Levies. Marcus was stationed at Fort Plank. On July 10th, Colonel Willett with about 200 men fought a battle at Sharon Springs against Captain John Dockstader with about 500 Indians and Loyalists. Marcus and about 100 men left Fort Plank and marched to Sharon Springs but arrived after the battle was over. Marcus returned to Fort Plank where he was until he was discharged on January 1, 1782. In the spring of 1782, Marcus again enlisted in Captain House's Company and he was also stationed at Fort Plank until August 1783 when he was discharged.

John E. O'Toole
Father of Jaunulyn O'Toole Naegele

My father John E. O'Toole was born in Herkimer, NY 1918. He served in the US Army in World War II and was at the Battle of the Bulge. His whole unit received a distinguished unit badge for World War II Bastogne. Honors: Distinguished unit badge with OLC European African Middle Eastern Service Medal, Good conduct Medal, World War II Victory medal.

Seth Perry Holdridge
Ancestral In-law of Isabella F. Favrow

Seth Perry Holdridge was born March 23,1831, in Herkimer County, New York, and died January 28,1907, at New Berlin, Chenango County, New York. Seth married Minerva A. Welter, born May 1836, West Winfield, N.Y., and died about 1909 at New Berlin, N.Y. Seth and Minerva were married September 4,1852, at New Berlin, N.Y. Seth was the son of Shubeal & Catherine (Clock) or (Klock) Holdridge of N.Y. Shubeal was son of David Perry & Lydia Baxter Holdridge of Conn. & N.Y.

Seth & Minerva had 15 children, 9 who lived to be recorded in census or Civil War Pension Files: Lydia 1853, married Charles Clark; Mary 1857, died at about 3 yrs. old; Charles Perry 1859, married Myrtie (large family); Alice 1861, married Tony Hansen; James & Adeline, twins born 1866; Nellie 1871, married a Mr. Brown; Roscoe 1874, married Catherine; Lewis 1878, married Nellie Baulf.

David Perry Holdridge is my husband's ggg-grandfather. David Perry died in Wisconsin. We think Lydia died in New York. Seth's children & birth dates are in the Pension files. Some info came from Bible pages, other from census. I hope this helps someone in their search and look forward to more information about Seth and his family.

Zedekiah South
ggg-grandfather of Merle Price

"My Ggg-grandfather Zedekiah South stated in his Rev. War Pension application that he moved to Glen, Montgomery County, NY shortly after his service in the Revolutionary War. Some of his children married into the families of Quackenbush, Gardenier, Roloff, and some of the descendants of these people may still be living in Glen or Montgomery county.

Zedekiah South died, so I have been told, in Glen about 1835. I have searched and searched for a grave marker for him or some other verified record of his death to no avail. I am hoping someone will find a connection for me somewhere in Montgomery county. Thank you. Merle"

John Alexander
Great-grandfather of Mary Trainor

"My G-grandfather John Alexander left Salisbury in the fall of 1864 with the 186th New York. He was killed April 2nd, 1865 at the battle of Petersburg, Va. He left a wife and 5 children, one of whom was to become my grandmother, Mary Alexander, wife of George Shibley."

James Marshall Little
Great-grandfather of Doug King

My great-grandfather, James Marshall Little, was a member of the 34th New York Volunteers, Company C. From the information I have, he was born 1840 in Herkimer County. He served in the peninsula campaign and was wounded in the hip at Antietam. An interesting side note to this was that he was sent to a hospital to recover from his wound in Philadelphia. During this time he was considered AWOL from the Regiment until it was discovered where he was. He eventually settled in Meadesville, PA where he passed away in 1901.

John Ryan
Gr-gr-grand-uncle of Jim Orgel

John Ryan was a private in Co. F of the 117th NY Vols.

From a copy of the 1865 New York State census, under the heading: Deaths of Officers and Enlisted Men, which have occurred while in the service, or from wounds or disease acquired in said servive since April, 1861, reported by the families." Town of Deerfield, County of Oneida, enumerated on the 8th day of June, 1865.

John Ryan, 19 at age of death, single, alien upon enlistment (born in Ireland), entered the service on 12 August 1862, as a private in the 117th Volunteer Regiment (Co. F), (the 4th Oneida). He was killed in action on 13 Sept., 1863, at Morris Island, South Carolina, near Charleston.

Added information comes from the Report of the Adjutant General in the Registers of NY Regiments, from the NY State Library, Vol. 35, p. 654.

John Ryan enlisted in Deerfield, into an Oneida County regiment. His family at various times lived along the Oneida/Herkimer County lines, either in Deerfield or Schuyler, in the area of Bell Hill Road. Family members are buried in Irish Settlement Cemetary and St. John's in Newport.

Nicholas Johnson
GG-grandfather of Paul J. Murray

Nicholas Johnson was a member of Co. D 121st NY Infantry.

Stephen Van Nort
GGG-granduncle of Paul J. Murray

Stephen Van Nort was a member of Co. K 152nd NY Infantry.

Henry Apple
GGG-grandfather of Patricia Regan

My 3X Gt Grandfather was from the Town of Minden and served twice in the Rev. War and received a Pension. He enlisted in April 1776 in the Town of Minden and served with Capt Seber's Co. under Col. Dayton in a New Jersey Regt. for 9 months. He enlisted the 2nd time in the Town of Minden and served in Capt McKeans Co. under Col Van Schaick's 1st New York Regt. for 9 months. He was discharged in German Flats. His pension was executed April 3, 1818 at which time he was a resident of Minden, Montgomery Co. NY. He was 63 yrs of age at that time. In 1820 he referred to his wife and she was 68 yrs of age. He died on 11/22/1840 and had been living with his sons in St. Lawrence Co. N.Y.

Their names were Henry Jr. and William. William at that time was married to Nancy Sitts who family was from Montgomery Co. His first wife Anna was also from Montgomery Co. and they were associated with Geisenberg Lutheran Church. Records that I have searched would indicate that Henry Apple (Rev War) is buried at an unknown site in Macomb, St. Lawrence Co. and since he left Montgomery Co. after the death of his wife 1825-30, Maria Apple is buried at an unknown site in Minden.

Patricia Regan
Jensen Beach, FL

Lieut. Frederick Fox
GGGG-grandfather of Pearl S. Coyle

Frederick Fox, 4th great grandfather, was a Lieutenant serving under Bellinger's 4th Regiment, first listed as a Private. Frederick was the first supervisor of German Flatts in 1791. Son of Christopher Fox and Catherine Bellinger, he died c 1795 but I haven't as yet found a burial place. More information in the Bellinger book. Frederick was married to Elizabeth Frank, daughter of Conrad Frank.

George R. & John Shibley
Ancestors of Mary Shibley Trainor

Shibley George R. 2257 Ensign
Montgomery County
26th Regiment of infantry
East of Schoharie Creek

Shibley John 1527 Lt.
Montgomery county
26th Regiment of infantry
East of Schoharie Creek

George R. would be my ggg-grandfather. I would imagine they were brothers. Mary Shibley Trainor

Conrad C. Folts
gggg-grandfather of Bob Ward

CONRAD C. FOLTS, also known as Conrath Folts and Conrad Foltz, was my 4th great-grandfather. He was born in Frankfort, Herkimer County, NY on 5 July 1760, and died there on 21 June 1828. he is buried there in Oak View Cemetery. The DAR Lineage Chart of Agnes Dieffenbacher of Utica, NY says Conrad Foltz married Catherine Lints in 1784 and that he served under several commands: Lt. John Smith, Capt. Bradbig, and Col. Lewis Dubois. He was captured at German Flats in 1781 and taken to Canada. He should not be confused with Conrad Foltz who married Anna Dygert (Deichert). In the same regiment were a George, Melger, Peter, and Jacob Folts.

Jane Bellinger Obit dated 6-26-1828 in newspaper called PEOPLES FRIEND
Jeptha R. Simms, FRONTIERSMEN OF N.Y., vol.2, pp.281-283
Nelson Greene, HISTORY OF MOHAWK VALLEY, N.Y., p.952
DAR Patriot Index
Notes of Frank Deuel
IGI Record
Records of Reformed Dutch Church of Stone Arabia (German Flats), NY
Rev. War Pension #W24218 (under Conrath Folts)
DAR Lineage Chart of Agnes Dieffenbacher of Utica, NY (#99532, Vol.100, p.169)

Bob Ward, Fairview Park, OH

Honyery, Peter, and Sally Doxtator
Ancestors of Angelia Doxtator Riddle

My ancestors, Honyery Doxtator and his son Peter served at Oriskany. Also Honyery's wife, Sally Montour/Martin. The accounts of this are numerous. Honyery was an Oneida Indian and received the rank of Captain in the Revolutionary War. After he was wounded in the wrist, his wife loaded his gun as well as her own and they continued fighting. Peter, Honyery's son served under Peter Bellinger. Honyost Doxtator, his brother, fought with Honyery. I site as references, The Revolutonary War Records, Annals of Oneida County by Pomeroy Jones, The Iroquois in The American Revolution by Barbara Greymont. Oneida Indian Nation - Oneida Nation Homelands THE ONEIDAS AND THE BIRTH OF THE AMERICAN NATION

General Schuyler gave the rank of captain to Honyery himself in recognition of his service at Oriskany. Eleven other Oneidas and Tuscaroras were given officers' rank at the same time, but only three were Captains. Both Schuyler and Gates praised the Indians for their bravery in action and said that "they fought like bulldogs". Honyery Doxtator's Indian name was Tewahangaraghken (The Man With The Snowshoes). He served as a captain in the Revolutionary War along with his brother, Honyost and his son, Peter (b. 1751). (Revolutionary War Records ) He fought in the Battle of Oriskany where he was wounded in the wrist. His wife, Sally Martin, fought alongside him. After he was wounded, she loaded his gun for him as well as firing her own. He was granted 1800 acres of land for his service in that war. This consisted of three 600 acre plots. He was married to a woman named Dolly Cobus before he married Sally Martin. I believe that his first two children were mothered by Dolly, but I can not be certain of that. He died at the age of 94 in 1794. (POM) I would like very much to see these American Indians more widely recognized for their contribution. Although Joseph Brant led most of the Iroquoian tribes onto the British side, the Oneidas, the Tuscaroras and the Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Mohicans fought gallantly, and at great cost, for the colonialists. In the end, of course, these heroes fared no better than the ones who fought against the Colonials. The least we can do is try to see that their efforts are recognized. Thank you for your time. Angelia Doxtator Riddle

William Mackinder Genn
GG-grandfather of Janice Lahew

My great great grandfather, William Mackinder Genn, who was born in Quadring, Lincolnshire, England on 12 Apr 1844, came over to America and settled first in New York. He lived in Winfield and enlisted into the military on 6 Sep 1862 and was assigned to the 152d NYVI. He held the rank of private, and corporal. He was detached at Division Hospital as a teamster from 9 Sep 1863 - 28 Feb 1865. He received an honorable discharge near Washington DC on 13 July 1865. After the war, he traveled to Chicago, Illinois to marry Edith Wright (Pogmore) in 1867/8.

Elisha & Elias Cady
Ancestors of David Rogers

Among the early settlers of Montgomery County were Elisha, Elias, John and David Cady, the four youngest of seven brothers, sons of Ebenezer Cady Sr. and Prudence [Palmer] Cady of Canaan, Columbia County. All seven of the brothers were veterans of the War of the Revolution. The oldest, Ebenezer Cady Jr. "was a captain of a company in the militia regiment of Colonel William B. Whiting during nearly the whole of the revolutionary war." The active military service of the family started at the beginning of the war in Col. Whiting's regiment, the Albany County Militia, 17th Regiment, Land Bounty Rights.

Elisha Cady was born in Coventry, Connecticut, January 8, 1750; he removed with his father, Ebenezer Cady Sr. & family to Canaan, Columbia County, NY about 1762. He married Ruth Waterman, born 1757, daughter of Col. Asa and Ruth [Beebe] Waterman. Children of Elisha and Ruth Cady, as recorded in the family Bible were: Palmer, b. Nov. 14, 1773; Peter, b. September 27, 1775; Elisha, b. January 19, 1777; Asa W., b. April 4, 1779; Argals, b. January 14, 1781; Zilpha, b. January 13, 1783; Martin, b. January 27, 1785; Polly, b. December 31, 1788; Lucy, b. March 17, 1790; Prudy, b. March 8, 1792; Sally, b. February 28, 1794; & Harry Clinton, b. August 1, 1800. Elisha Cady and his wife are buried in the Florida Cemetery, Reformed Churchyard, Minaville, Montgomery County, NY.

The records in the town of Mohawk, of which Florida was then a part, show that he, together with David Cady, John Cady, Asa Waterman, and many others, purchased land on November 13, 1793. Both John & David Cady are listed in the 1790 Census of Charleston, Montgomery County. Elisha Cady is listed with his family in Columbia County, NY in 1790 and it is reported that both Elisha Cady & his family and Col. Asa Waterman, and Asa Waterman jr. removed themselves to Montgomery county c 1793. Elias Cady was later arriving; he was reported living in Florida, Montgomery County for the first time in the Census of 1810.

Military Service - The record of Elisha's military service follows. Elisha's record below is considered accurate, he having served with Elias in the 17th Albany Militia. There is, unfortunately, no known written record of Elias' service in the War of the Revolution.

Montgomery County
On the 7th day of January, 1837, personally appeared before me, John Hand, a Judge of Montgomery County Court, Elias Cady aged eighty-four years who being first duly sworn doth on his Oath testify & Say that he is a brother to Ensign Elisha Cady deceased, & that in 1776 the said Elisha Cady being then a Sergeant in Captain Darrow's Company in Colonel Ten Eyck's Regiment on requisition of the Committee of Safety on the first of May entered the service under Captain Darrow for Seven months

that they mustered at Canaan, Marched to Albany & from thence to Lake George & performed said Service according to the best of dependant's Knowledge & belief & to the end of the Term;

That in the year 1777 he was drafted by order of the Governor & was out in the month of July as a Sergeant up the Mohawk River & was at the battle of Oriskany & that said Ensign Cady was marched to the North afterwards & was at the Battle & taking of General Burgoyne;

That in the Year 1778 the Militia of the State was called out to repel an expected attack by the Indians & Tories from the North & the said Ensign Elisha Cady was called out under the Command of Colonel Waterman being then an Ensign in Captain Davis' Company. This Service continued for a space of time between two & three months;

That in the month of September 1780 the said Ensign Elisha Cady was in Service under the Command of General Van Rensellar, Colonel Whiting, Captain Davis, - that they marched up the Mohawk River & that they were out at this time for the space of two months; that during this Campaign, Colonel Brown was killed at the battle of Stone Arabia;

That during the remainder of the War the Said Ensign, Elisha Cady was out in each & Every Year as long as there was a continuation of hostilities & that the aggregate of Service performed by said Ensign Cady is between two & three years;

& this dependant further says that he was present at the Marriage of Said Ensign Elisha Cady to Ruth Waterman, now the Widow of said Cady & that said marriage took place on the 20th day of December, 1773, & that the Ceremony was performed by the Reverend John Richards -

& this deponant further says that said Ensign Elisha Cady died in the 24th day of August, 1827, & that Ruth Cady has Remained his Widow ever Since & further this depenant says not -
[Signed] Elias Cady. Sworn & Subscribed this 7th day of January, 1837."

Elisha Cady and his brother, Elias Cady, pioneers of Montgomery County, shared in the great adventure and conflict which established their country. Both are worthy of being included in the Montgomery County Military Roll of Honour.

More ancestral heroes are on Part 2 of our Military Honor Roll, dating from August 28, 1999 on back.

Also, check out the file that started it all - MEMORIAL DAY HONOR ROLL: 1997
Ancestors and Friends who served from Herkimer and Montgomery Counties.

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