The Tryon County Militia Rosters we will be posting this spring were the result of a four-year project carried out by the New York State Comptroller's Office from 1895-1898. As you read these reconstructed rosters you will observe peculiar spellings due to handwriting interpretation, literacy level of the soldier or scribe, or document condition; obvious counting of the same man twice; absence of ancestors you know or believe were in this regiment, etc. As I am unable to answer your questions about these rosters or individual men, let me interject some commentary written in 1897 by James A. Roberts, at that time State Comptroller. The italics are mine.

"During my first term of office as comptroller, the work of putting the old records of the comptroller's department in systematic order for purposes of easy reference was undertaken. This work in its progress brought to light quantities of forgotten papers relating to the services performed by New York in the Revolutionary War. These papers, long since detached from their original file packages, were promiscuously scattered through great masses of old vouchers and files....Competent men were, therefore, set at work searching out and arranging these papers, and this task, though slow and laborious, is believed to have been thoroughly and intelligently done....These papers contain the muster and pay-rolls of different organizations, and the historic value and importance of the papers is clearly proved by the fact that they alone show New York to have furnished nearly one and a half times the number of troops with which she is usually credited, and adding to these the names obtained from other reliable sources, the aggregate is more than twice the number usually credited....I therefore submit the following pages containing the names, rank and organization of these 41,633 men, whose services can be shown beyond question, with the greater satisfaction for believing that a great historical injustice, reflecting in many minds on New York's patriotic spirit in the Revolutionary struggle, will hereby be rectified, and she take her place, second only to the Massachusetts in number of troops furnished, and, under the circumstances surrounding her, second to none in lofty patriotism....It is true that lists of names of New York's Revolutionary soldiers have been heretofore published, but these were derived almost entirely from other than original sources, the state treasurer's books of account being the chief source, and their accuracy, for this reason, has been a matter of grave doubt, and therefore the results could not be accepted in historical works. The names published in this volume are derived from that highest of sources, the original muster and pay-rolls, and thus the services of the individual and the aggregate are conclusively shown....Nor do the names contained in this volume in all probability comprise all of those from New York who performed service in that great struggle....As it is, there can be little reasonable doubt that in some cases records of service have been lost, and that New York can never show the full number of troops furnished by her in the struggle. This is almost conclusively shown by the fact that the papers relating to pensions granted by the state for injuries received while in service in the Revolutionary War disclose many names which do not appear upon any roster in our possession." - James A. Roberts, "New York in the Revolution as Colony and State" Albany, N.Y., Press of Brandow Printing Company, 1898.

The muster rolls, payroll records, family or soldiers' letters, etc. that were organized to reconstruct all of the regiments of the State of New York are held by the State Archives in Albany, other historical societies, or are in the private hands of descendants of the officers. It would be extremely difficult a hundred years later to determine what specific record served as proof of your ancestor's service, how these records are archived today, or if any are accessible to the non-academic public. The recreated Tryon County rosters are being posted as a service to visitors to the Herkimer/ Montgomery Counties GenWeb. Most of them are being digitally transcribed by descendants of men in the various regiments and militias. We have no further information about the men below or the type of back-up documentation by which any individual's inclusion was merited.




John Bowman
Matthew Brown
Jost Deygert
Jacob Diffendorff
Joseph House
Adam Leyp
John Roof
John Russ
Ryner Van Everen
Nicholas Weyser
Japes Wilson


Peter Adamy
Abraham Arnt
Nicholas Barth
Henry Brate
Conrad Braun
George Conderman
Nicholas Deygert
Dedrick Horning
Jacob Matthews
Charles Powell
Jacob Schneyder
John Seeber
William Seeber
Henry Shrumbling
John Van Everen
Hanes Windecker


John L. Bellinger
John Cunderman
Richard Ellwood
Adam Flind
Jacob Hanes
Henry Myer
Cornelius Van Every
Henry Walwrath

LIEUT. Englehardt Wagener
ENSIGN John Pickert
ENSIGN Jeremiah Young

Adamy Peter
Ale Christian
Ale Peter
Apel Henry
Batenauer Jacob
Batenaur George
Bearmour Henry
Becker Henry
Becker Peter
Beellinger Adam
Bell Fredrick
Belleanger Fredrick
Belliner Henrick
Bellinger Adam
Bellinger Philip
Bellinger William
Bendeman Peter
Benteman Simmon
Besner Jacob
Bettinger Martin
Bickerd Henry
Bickerd Isaac
Billing William
Billinger William
Bitelman Peter
Blats George
Bleats George
Bohall Adam
Bolier Frederick
Bolt Fillip
Boom Fredrick K.
Boss Christian
Bost Christian
Botman Adam
Brate James
Brisenbecker Balser
Broukman Godfret
Bruckeman John
Bruckman Godfrid
Brunner Christian
Bush George
Butcluter John
Buterfield James
Cannan Matthew
Castler Thomas
Christman John
Clapsattle William
Clapsedel George
Clebsater William
Clock Joseph
Cockton Thomas
Cohat Adam
Cohert Adam
Conterman John
Contryman John
Contryman John M.
Coon John
Crais George
Cramer Godfred
Cramer Joast
Creamer John
Creamer Joseph
Crimm Jacob
Crisman John
Crosmen Frederick
Crouse Friederick
Crows George
Crum Adam
Crum Jacob
Cuff (colored)
Cunderman Cunrath
Cunderman Frederick
Cunderman John J.
Cunderman Marius
Cuntrman Adam
Cuntryman Cunrad
Curtner Peter
Cypher John
Damuth Richard
Darwind Bindier
Dasler John
Deck Henry
Defendorf Jacob H. R.
Demult Richard
Demuth Dederick
Devery Arent
Devy Adam
Deygert Nichlas
Didenbeck Baltus
Diefendorff H. Jacob
Diefendorff Johannes
Diefendorff John J.
Diefendurff John
Diefendurff John, Jr.
Dietrich Dewald
Dilenbeck Baltus
Dilenbeck Martin
Dinstman Antony
Dinstman Denis
Docksteader John
Dreisselmann Christian
Dunckel Frank
Dunckel Nicholas
Dunckel Peter
Dunckell Garrett
Dunkle George
Dunlap John
Dunlap William
Dus Ler Jacob
Dusler John
Dusler Marx
Dyckert Thabolt
Dygart Sevrinus
Dygert Henry
Dykert Henery
Eatkens William
Eckler Christ Sogel
Eckler Christstofel
Eckler Ernest
Eckler Hanos
Eckler Henry
Eckler Henry, Jr.
Eckler Johannes
Eckler Lenet
Eckler Pitter
Ehl Christian
Ehl Peter
Ehle Anthony
Ehle Harmanus
Ehle John
Ehts Adam
Ehts Christopher
Ehts John Christ.
Ehts William
Elfendorf Debois
Ell John
Ellwood Benjamin
Ellwood Isaac
Elvendorf Tobias
Elwood Peter
Embody Henry
Estter John C.
Farbus Nichlas
Faubele Johnas
Feeble John
Fehling Andreas
Feling Henry
Felling Jacob
Felling Nicholas
Felling Peter
Fetterly John
Fetterly John T.
Fouston John
Flack Peter
Flind Alexander
Flint Alexander
Flint Cornelles
Flint John
Flint Robert
Folkert John
Folyg Peter
Forbush Johnes
Fork Isaac
Forre Adam
Foster John
Foster Moses
Fox Peter
Fox William
Frantz Stoffel
Fretcher Conraed
Fuks Peter
Fun Adam
Furro Rudolph
Furry Adam
Galger Isaac
Garlock Adam
Garlock George P.
Garlock Jacob
Garlock Philip
Gelly Thadeus
Gerlach Henry
Gerlack Gorge
Gerlack Han Christian
Gerlock George W.
Givet John J.
Givit Fridrick
Grim Jacob
Haber Jacob
Haberman Jacob
Hack Fredrick
Haffer Jacob
Hake Frederick
Hako Fradrick
Harning Lienert
Haus Adam
Haus Henrick
Haus Peter
Heerway Charles
Helmer John
Helmer John G.
Helmer Joseph
Helmer Jost
Henry Andrew
Hess George
Hess Henry
Heuth Joshua
Heyntz William
Hicky George
Hicky Michal
Himer William
Hines Andrew
Hootmaker Adam
Hoover Jacob
Horning Adam
Horning Dederick
Horning George
Horning John
Horning Lanert
Hous Harman
House George
House Jacob
House John
House Joseph
House Jost C.
House Nicholas
House Peter
Jacob Henry
Johns William
Jordan Adam
Jordan Casper
Jordan Casper L.
Jordan Gasper
Jordan George
Jordan John
Jordan John Peter
Jordan Nicholas
Jorden John P.
Jorden Peter
Jung Jacob
Jung Thommes
Jungijo Jacob
Kellar Jacob
Keller Andras
Keller Andres, Jr.
Keller Felix
Keller Gasper
Keller Jacob R.
Kelly Thomas
Kelmer John
Kerlach Henry
Kesles Thomas
Kessler Peter
Killy Thomas
Kling Ludwig
Knausz Johannes
Knautz John
Knieskern Pitter
Knouts George
Koemer Johannes
Korning Adam
Kretsinger Jacob
Lambert George
Lambert Peter
Lambert Peter, Sr.
Lambert Peter, Jr.
Lampert Peter
Lape John
Lappius Daniel
Leeve Phillip
Leipe John L.
Lentner George
Lepert Fredrick
Levey Michael
Leyli Simon
Lint Georg
Lints Gorg
Lipe John
Lipe John, Jr.
Loucks Peter
Loux Jost
Low Lawrence Gras
Lure Philip
Lurzdemann Simon
McCartey Dunkon
McCartey John
McFie Alexander
McKillip John
McLonis Jurry
McVagulhen Peeter
Mai Henrich
Marten Robert
Mayby David
Mayby Joseph
Mayer H. Henry
Mayer Jacob
Mayer Jacob S.
Meier Matthew
Meyer Henrick
Meyer Henrick S.
Meyer Jacob
Meyer Jacob R.
Meyer Johan Henrick
Meyer Solomon
Mier John
Miler John C.
Miller Conraed
Miller Dionysius
Miller Garret
Miller John
Monck John, Jr.
Monke John
Moone James
Moos Pitner Rufus
Morfey Henry
Moyer David
Moyer John
Murphy Henry
Murphy Thomas
Myer Matthias
Myers Dewel
Myers John
Myre Henry
Myre John
Neles Cris John
Neles Rowerd
Neles Willem
Nelles Christian
Nelles George
Nelles Gerry
Nelles Henrick
Nelles Henry
Nelles Henry N.
Nelles John
Nelles William
Nellies Gerry
Nellis Henry
Nellis Jacob
Netherly John
Netherly John H.
Netherly John I.
Nolgert John
Ohn Jacob
Outerman Jacob
Ovendurff Conrad
Paba Ernst
Parsheall James
Pauly Jacob
Phenes Michael
Pickard Cunrad
Pickerd Adolph
Pickerd Nicholas
Pickert Conradt
Pickert George
Pigner Tise
Plets George
Plough Nichlas
Plunes John
Price George
Qollinger Henry
Quackenbos Honter Soct
Quackenboss Isaac
Quakenbush David
Quakenbush Jeremiah
Quakenbush Peter
Quollenger Gosper
Quollinger Andrew
Radenaer Jacob
Radimour Jacob
Ransier George
Ratnower George
Ratnower Jacob
Reasnor James
Reinhartd Willem
Remer Jacob
Remer John
Remer Martin
Revenshon John Peter
Ribsomer William
Rice John
Riebsomer Matteys
Riverson John Peter
Rodgers Samuel
Roneons Jonathon
Ronnin John, Jr.
Roof John
Roseel John
Roth John
Ruff John
Runnins John, Sr.
Runnins John, Jr.
Sacknar John
Sander Henrick
Scheat Andony
Schefer Adam
Schiely Martin
Schimmel Francis
Schneck George
Schneider Michael
Schreiber Steffan
Schuyler David
Schuyler Jacob
Schuyler John Jost
Schuyler Nicolas
Schuyler Peter P.
Schyler David, Jr.
Scoulen Essias
Scoulen Tosseos
Seaber John W.
Seeber Jacob
Seeber John
Seyber John
Shall Henry
Sheafer Adam
Sheafer Henry
Shelly John
Shimel Dieterich
Shireman George
Shmit Hendrick
Shnyder Gottlib
Simmerman Conratee
Simmerman Henery
Sits Hendrick
Sits John
Sits Nichlos
Sitts Peter
Sitz Baldes
Smidt Philip
Smith Johannes
Smith John
Smith Philip
Snake George
Snyder John
Sober Jacobus
Spalsbeck John
Sparback Martinus
Sparks Pearl
Stansell Nicolas
Steinmetz Philip
Stensell George
Stensell Nicoles
Stensell William
Stephen John
Strawbeck Adam
Stroback Fradrick
Strobeck Jacob
Sullenger Gosper
Suller Andrew
Suller Gosper
Tailor Nathan
Tetterly John H.
Thompson Aaron
Thompson John
Thompson Thomas
Thompson William
Tillenback Martin
Tom (colored)
Tucks Peter
Tulling Henry
Tygert Henry
Ullendorff Daniel
Ulsever Stephen
Ulzhaven Bastian
Uthermark John B.
Uttermark John J.
Van Johannes
Van Allstine Abraham
Vanallstine Abraham C.
Van Allstine Peter
Van Alsten Cornelius C.
Van Alstin Harmans
Vanalstine Cornelius
Vanalstine Cornelius J.
Vanalstine John
Vanalstine John G.
Vanalstine John M.
Vanalstine Martin
Vanalstine Martin A.
Vanalstine Martin G.
Vanalstine Philip
Vanalstyn Peter
Van Camp Isaac
Van Campen Cornelius
Van Derwarken Harmanus
Vanderwarker Joshua
Van Derwartin Joshua
Van Eaverak John
Van Everen John
Van Slike George
Van Slyke Garret
Van Slyke John
Wagener Engelhard
Waggoner Isaac
Waggoner Jacob
Wagner George
Wagner Jacob
Wagoner Gorge
Wallart Hannes
Wallrad Georae
Wallrate Adolph
Wallrate Frederick
Wallrate Jacob
Wallse Conraed
Wallse Conraed, Jr.
Wallse Jacob
Walrad Jacob
Walrate Henrick
Walrath George
Walrath Henry
Walrath Jacob
Walrath William
Wals Cunrath
Wals Cunrath, St.
Wals Cunrath, Jr.
Warmood Pete
Warmorte Petter
Warmuth John
Wath Jacob
Westerman Peter
Wiele Henry
Wiele Joss Henry
Wilson James
Windecker Fredrick
Windker Nicolas
Winn John
Wohlgemuth John
Wohlgemuth William
Woldorf Johannes
Wolkemood John
Wollever John
Wollever Nicholas
Woolf Jacob
Wormut John
Wright Jacob
Yates Chris P.
Young Adam
Young Andreas
Young Andrew
Young Christian
Young Christian A.
Young Crist, Jr.
Young Frietrick
Young Godfred
Young Henry
Young Henry P.
Young John
Young Joseph
Young Jost
Young Lodwick
Young Peter
Young Robert
Young Thomas
Zola Casper

The 1st Regiment Tryon County Militia was prepared by Judy Dolanski, who has a most impressive Mohawk Valley ancestry.

"Being born in Chicago, most of my ancestral research had been in this city, but as I got further along the line, my research shifted to New York. So, when I discovered the NY Herkimer/Montgomery Counties GenWeb, I was enthusiastic because there are so many things I have access to look at and so many helpful people."

"My ancestors came to Chicago about 1867 (just in time for the Big Fire). I am looking for any tidbit of info about:

Ambrose Dyslin, b St. Johnsville 1842, m Mary Anderson, b Scotland 1850

John Henry Dyslin, b St. Johnsville 1821, m Lavina Kretzer, b NY 1821

John Dyslin, b NY 1799, m1 Elizabeth Lampman, b 1800, m2 Nancy Houpt, b 1806

Rev. Johann Heinrich Dysslin, b Switz 1752, m Anna Klock, b 1773

Lt. Jacob Klock, b 1750, m Anna Hess, b 1749

Col. Jacob Klock, b 1705, m Elizabeth Bellinger, b 1715

Frederick Bellinger, b 1680, m Anna Elizabeth Fox, b 1680.

I do own the 'Genealogy of the Mohawk Valley Bellingers and Allied Families'. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to contribute to this great site."

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