The Tryon County Militia Rosters we will be posting this spring were the result of a four-year project carried out by the New York State Comptroller's Office from 1895-1898. As you read these reconstructed rosters you will observe peculiar spellings due to handwriting interpretation, literacy level of the soldier or scribe, or document condition; obvious counting of the same man twice; absence of ancestors you know or believe were in this regiment, etc. As I am unable to answer your questions about these rosters or individual men, let me interject some commentary written in 1897 by James A. Roberts, at that time State Comptroller. The italics are mine.

"During my first term of office as comptroller, the work of putting the old records of the comptroller's department in systematic order for purposes of easy reference was undertaken. This work in its progress brought to light quantities of forgotten papers relating to the services performed by New York in the Revolutionary War. These papers, long since detached from their original file packages, were promiscuously scattered through great masses of old vouchers and files....Competent men were, therefore, set at work searching out and arranging these papers, and this task, though slow and laborious, is believed to have been thoroughly and intelligently done....These papers contain the muster and pay-rolls of different organizations, and the historic value and importance of the papers is clearly proved by the fact that they alone show New York to have furnished nearly one and a half times the number of troops with which she is usually credited, and adding to these the names obtained from other reliable sources, the aggregate is more than twice the number usually credited....I therefore submit the following pages containing the names, rank and organization of these 41,633 men, whose services can be shown beyond question, with the greater satisfaction for believing that a great historical injustice, reflecting in many minds on New York's patriotic spirit in the Revolutionary struggle, will hereby be rectified, and she take her place, second only to the Massachusetts in number of troops furnished, and, under the circumstances surrounding her, second to none in lofty patriotism....It is true that lists of names of New York's Revolutionary soldiers have been heretofore published, but these were derived almost entirely from other than original sources, the state treasurer's books of account being the chief source, and their accuracy, for this reason, has been a matter of grave doubt, and therefore the results could not be accepted in historical works. The names published in this volume are derived from that highest of sources, the original muster and pay-rolls, and thus the services of the individual and the aggregate are conclusively shown....Nor do the names contained in this volume in all probability comprise all of those from New York who performed service in that great struggle....As it is, there can be little reasonable doubt that in some cases records of service have been lost, and that New York can never show the full number of troops furnished by her in the struggle. This is almost conclusively shown by the fact that the papers relating to pensions granted by the state for injuries received while in service in the Revolutionary War disclose many names which do not appear upon any roster in our possession." - James A. Roberts, "New York in the Revolution as Colony and State" Albany, N.Y., Press of Brandow Printing Company, 1898.

The muster rolls, payroll records, family or soldiers' letters, etc. that were organized to reconstruct all of the regiments of the State of New York are held by the State Archives in Albany, other historical societies, or are in the private hands of descendants of the officers. It would be extremely difficult a hundred years later to determine what specific record served as proof of your ancestor's service, how these records are archived today, or if any are accessible to the non-academic public. The recreated Tryon County rosters are being posted as a service to visitors to the Herkimer/ Montgomery Counties GenWeb. Most of them are being digitally transcribed by proud descendants of men in the various regiments and militias. We have no further information about the men below or the type of back-up documentation by which any individual's inclusion was merited.




Capt. Amaunniel Degrauf
John Fisher
Jellis Fonda
Jacob Gaerdenyer
Dirik Hogoboom
John Littel
Harmanus Mabie
David McMaster
Isaac Marselis
Gerrit Putnam
Samuel Rees
William Snook
Abraham Veeder
Andrew Wemple
John Wemple
Robert Yates
Joseph Yeomans


Amos Bennet
Benjamin Deline
Nicklis Dockstetter
Christ Ernest
William Hall
William Lard
Gerritt Newkirk
Benjamin Oline
Josop Printup
Francis F. Pruyn
Abrahand Quacenbosh
Mc W.Quackenbush
Vincent Quackenbush
Lorentz Schuler
John Snook
Isaias J. Swart
Garett S. Van Bracklen
Thomas Van Horn
Peter Van Olynde
Derick Van Veghten
Henry H. Vroman
Peter Yates
Peter Yong


Henry Lewis
Gideon Marlatt
Rechrt Putman
Francies Potman
Conrad Stone
Gorg Stone
Garrett G. Van Bracklen
Peter Vroman


LIEUT. David Beverly
LIEUT. Jacob Dinghardt
LIEUT. Charles Hubbs
LIEUT. James McMaster
LIEUT. Joseph Prentiss
LIEUT. Victor Putnam
LIEUT. Myndert W. Quackenbush
LIEUT. Frances Reyner
LIEUT. Jeremiah Swaart
LIEUT. William Swart
LIEUT. Solomon Woodworth
ENSIGN Thomas Harrison
ENSIGN Ephraim Pierce
ENSIGN Teunis Van Vaughn


Acker John
Aker George
Albrant Hendrick
Albrant Henry
Algire John
Allen William
Anderson William
Antus Conrad
Antus John
Any Jacob
Archer Ananias
Baker Adam
Barbat John
Barcly Isaas
Barhydt Thunis
Barkill Lowis
Barnes Jacob
Barnes John
Barnhart Charls
Barnhart John
Barns Aron
Bayer John, Jr.
Beakemen Eshemeal
Beddle Benijah
Bell John
Bell Matthew
Bellinger Christian
Bellinger Philip
Berkley Isaes
Berlett John
Berry William
Beverly David
Beverly Thomas
Billings James
Bodin John
Bogards Henry
Bogert Henry
Booldman John
Boshart John
Bove Nicholas
Bowman John
Breem John
Brewster John
Brothers John
Bun Jacob
Bun John
Burch Jeremiah
Butler Thomas
Cachey Andrew
Cady Nathalen
Cagal John
Caimon Andrew
Caine John
Caine Peter
Caine Thomas
Calyar Isaac
Campbell John
Campbell Nathaniel
Campel Samul
Cane Samuel
Cannan Andrew
Caner John
Carey William
Carrall John
Cas Peter
Catman William
Chrasse Francis
Chrisse Simon
Clark William
Clemant John
Clement Lambert
Cline Adam
Cloes Reuben
Cobon William
Cochran Andrew
Cock Petter
Cogmer Jacob
Cohenut Jacob
Colun William
Colyar Jacob
Colyer John
Colyer Willim
Comrie James
Connelly Hugh
Conner James
Conradt Joseph
Conyne John
Corsaart David
Cossaart Tracis
Cossote James
Coughvenhover Isaac
Coughvenhover John
Counrad Nicholes
Covenhove Abraham
Covenhoven Isaac
Covenhoven Peter
Cownovan Jacob
Crackenberch Adam
Crackenberch George
Crannell Thomas
Crans Henry
Croll John
Cromert Aaron
Cronkhite Abraham
Crook Christopher Forn
Crossett Benjamin
Crossett John
Crowley Jeremiah
Crummel Herman
Dachsteter John F.
Dachstetter Frederick F.
Dachstetter Markus
Daline Benjamin
Dallimthis James
Dannel John M.
Darrow John
Dasinham John
Daukstetor Frederick H.
Davis Isaac
Davis James, Jr.
Davis John
Davis Thomas
De Eifix Max
Deline Benjamin
Deline Isick
Deline Ryer
Diefendorff Jacob
Diline Willim
Dingman Gerrit
Dingman Jacob
Dingman Peter
Dingman Samuel
Divis Abraham
Dockstader George A.
Dockstader John H.
Dockstater Henry H.
Dockstator George
Docksteder Adam
Docksteder Haniskel
Docksteder Nicholas H.
Docksteter Leonhart
Dockstetter Henrich
Dockstetter Nicolas
Dopber Robert
Doranberagh John
Doren Alicksander
Dorn David
Dorn John
Doron Jacob
Dorp Mattias
Doucksteter John
Doughstedar Jacob
Doyle Stephen
Dum Richard
Dunham Ebenezer
Dunham John
Dunn James
Dunn John
Eargesengar John
Earnest Jacob
Eaten Elezar
Eaton Ephraim
Eel Nichel
Eliot Andrew
Eliot Jacob
Elliot Joseph
Ellis John
Eman Jacob
Ener Peter
Eney John
England Benjamin
Eny George
Eny Godfret
Ernest Jacob
Eten Efrim
Eten Elezer
Eten Elezer
Eten James
Eten Tomes
Eversay Adam
Eversen John, Jr.
Farguson William
Fine Frances
Fishar Harmanis
Fishback Henry
Fisher John
Fithpatrick Peter
Fonda Adam
Fonda John
Forgason Daniel
Forrest Matthew
Fowler James
Frakk Henry
Frank Adam
Frank Albart
Frank Andrew
Frank Henry
Frederick Francis
Frederick Peter
Fredreck Jacob
Fredrick Phillip
French Ebenezer
French Josuf
Frenk Henry
Fuller Abraham
Fuller Isaac
Fuller Michel
Gallenger Henry
Gardenar William
Gardener Martin
Gardenir Abraham
Gardinier Martyn J.
Gardinier Matthew
Gardinier Nicholas
Gardinier Nicholas T.
Garsling Peter
Gerdanell John
Gibson William
Giles John
Goihnet John
Grace Owan M.
Graft Jacob
Grass Phillith
Hagal John
Hagal Magal
Hains John
Hall Jacob
Hall John
Hall Peter
Hall William
Han Jacob
Han Peter
Hanna James
Hanna William
Hansen Ficktor
Hansen Nicholas
Hanson John
Hanson Richard
Hare James
Harpper Archiball
Harrison Harmanis
Harrison Peter
Harrison Tomis
Havinser Torc
Helmer John
Henn Marks
Herring John, Sr.
Hird Leonard
Hoch Georg
Hodges Abraham
Hoff Richard
Hoff Richard Jr.
Hogoboom Christian
Hogoboom John
Hogoboom Peter
Holdenbergh Abraham
Horn Jams
Horn Mattis
House Jacob
Hubbs Alexander
Hubbs Charles
Hulsbarker Addem
Hunt Timothy
Hutchson Edward
Inxale Joseph
Johnson Andrew
Johnson John
Johnson Robert
Johnson Ruliph
Johnston Witter
Jones James
Jones Harmanus
Jones Richard
Juman David
Jurry John
Kartright Hanry
Keech James
Keech Jorge
Keelman Jacob
Keith Jacob
Kell Nicholas
Keller Jacob
Kelly Peter
Kenneday Robert
Kennedy James
Ketcham Ephraim
Kiley Henry
Kitts John
Kitts John Jr.
Kline John
Kline Martin
Lacess Samuel
Lane Daniel
Lane Jacob
Lannen Rechert
Lapper John
Lawis David
Leets David
Lenardson James
Lenardson John
Lenardson Timothy
Lennes William
Lever John
Lewis Adam
Lewis David, Jr.
Lewis Frederick
Lewis John
Lewis William
Leyd Richard
Leypert Jacob
Liddel John
Link John
Linox John
Loyde Daniel
Mabee Peter
McArthur Daniel
McArthur Donald
McArthur Duncan
McCallum John
McClumpha Thomas
McCollam Findlay
McCredy William
McDonald James
McDonald Nicholas
McGraw Christopher
McGraw Danel
McGraw Dennis
McGraw John
McGraw William
McKenney Dainnel
McMaster Hugh
McMaster James
McMaster Robert
McMaster Thomas
McNaughton Petar
McRadey William
McTaggert James
Mambt Willem
Manness Hugh M.
Marlatt Abraham
Marlatt Gideon
Marlatt John
Marlatt John
Marlatt Thomas
Martin John W.
Martin Peter M.
Martin Philip
Mashel John
Mason Jacob
Mason John
Mayer Jacob
Mayer Jacob, Jr.
Mears Thomas
Melone John
Mets Henry
Meurinus William
Miller Adam
Miller Fredrick
Miller Gorge
Miller James
Miller Jillis
Miller Johan
Milloy Alexander
Montek William
Montgomry Peter
Moon Jacob
More Conrad
More John
Mount Joseph
Mount Samuel
Mower Barrant
Mower George
Mower Henry
Murdorph Henry
Murray David
Musner John
Myers George
Myers Peter
Nave John
Neiley John
Newkerk Garrit C.
Newkirk Aabraham
Newkkerk Garret
Nukerck Jacob
Ogden Daniel, Sr.
Ogden, David
Panter Ulrich
Pater Francis
Patteson Adam
Percy Ephraim
Peters Joseph
Peters Joseph, Jr.
Pettengell John
Pettingell Henry
Pettingell Jacob
Pettingell Joseph
Pettingell Samuel
Pettingell William
Phileps Abraham
Philes Henry
Philips Henry
Philips Phillip
Philipse James
Philipse Volkert
Phillips Jacob
Phillips John
Phillips Lewis
Phillips William
Phillipsa Harmanis
Phillipsa John
Pickes John
Plank Adam
Plank John
Polmanter Thomas
Polmateer John
Polmateer Willem
Potman Aaren
Potman Adam
Potman George
Potmon Hendrik
Prentes Daniel
Prett John
Prime David
Prime Henry
Prime Petter
Prine Luis
Printup William
Pruime John
Pruyn John
Pruyne Henry
Putman Cornelys, Jr.
Putman David
Putman Factor
Putman Fredrick
Putman Hanry
Putman Jacobus
Putman John
Putman Lewis
Putman Lodiwik
Putman Victor
Putman William
Pyrune Daniel
Quack John
Quack Petar
Quack Willem
Quackenbush Abraham, Jr.
Quackenbush David
Quackenbush Isaac
Quackenbuss John G.
Quackinboss Nicholas
Redy Charles
Reed Conrad
Renins Samul
Richardson Jonathan
Riker Henry
Rinyens Samuel
Roberson Robert
Robeson George
Robison Joseph
Roelofson Abraham
Rogers John
Rogers Samul
Rombough Ausmus
Romeyn Theodorus F.
Romien Abraham
Romien Nicholas
Runyans John
Runyens Henry
Rury Henry
Rury William
Ruse Jacob
Salsbury John
Sammons Frederick
Sammons Thomas
Sammore Frederick
Saron Philip
Sarvis Frederick
Sarvis Richart
Scarbury William
Schaffer John
Schoonmaker Thomas
Schot Joseph
Schambling Dewald
Schamling Henry
Schuler Lorentz
Schuts Joseph
Scoot Joseph
Scott James
Scot Joseph
Semple Hugh
Semple Samuel
Serves Christian
Servies Philip
Serviss George
Servos Christian
Servos John
Shaddack Tomis
Shaddock Jams
Shaffer James
Sharpenstine Jacob
Shasha Abraham
Shasha William
Sheham Butler
Shelp Fredrick
Shew Godfrey
Shew Henry
Shew Jacob
Shew John
Shew Stephen
Shilip Christian
Shilp Frederick
Shinner Tomes
Ship George F.
Shoemaker Rudolph
Shoemaker Thomas
Shoemaker Tomis
Sillebach Christayane
Sillibig John
Sillibogh Hincrist
Simpson Henry
Simpson Nicholas
Sixbarry Adam
Sixbary Cornelus
Sixberry Bangnen
Sixberry Cornelius Jr.
Skinner John
Slack Martinis
Smith Harmanus
Snook Henry
Snyder Adam
Southwoth Willam
Spencer Aaron
Spencer Jonathan
Spencer Nathan
Spoor Nicolas
Spore John
Stabits Michael
Stale Gorg
Staley Henry
Stall Joseph
Stayle Roulof
Starin Frederick
Starin John
Staring Joseph
Starn Adam
Starn Philip
Stephens Amasa
Sterman Christiana
Stern Neckliss
Sternberg Christian
Sternbergh Jacob
Sternbergh Joseph
Stine William
Storme Jacob
Strail John
Stuart William
Stung Peter
Swart Benjamin
Swart John
Swart Tunes
Swart Walter
Sylmur Marsster
Tanner Jacob
Terwilliger Hermanus
Terwilliger James
Thelm John
Thompson James
Timmerman Christian
Tims Michal
Tontill Joseph
Tyms Michael
Ulman Burnt
Ulman Johanes
Ulman Leonard
Vadder Isack
Vaghte John
Van Allen Jacob
Van Alstene Jacob
Van Alstin Gilbert
Van Alstine Abraham
Van Alstine Cornelius
Vanalstine Isaac
Vanalstine John
Van Antwerpen John, Sr.
Van Antwerpen John, Jr.
Van Bracklen Alexander
Van Bracklin Garret G.
Vanbrakel Malkert
Van Bralan Gisbert
Van Darwark Willim
Vanderlinder Benjamin
Vanderwerken Albert
Van Derwerkin Gaspar
Van Deusen Harpert
Vandeuson Abraham
Van Dewarck Thomis
Van Dewerkin John
Van Duzen Gilbert
Van Duzen Mathu
Van Eps John
Van Geyseling Peter
Van Horn Cornelius
Van Horn Henry
Vanhorn John
Van Husen Albert
Vanolinde Benjamin
Van Olinden Benjamin
Vanolynde Jacob
Van Sice Cornelius
Vansickler Ryneer
Vanslick Nechless
Van Vorst Jelles
Van Wurst Jelles
Vedder Albert
Veeder Abraham
Veeder Cornelius
Veeder John
Veeder John J.
Ven Husen Albert
Venolinde Benjam
Vinter Willam
Vroman Henry H.
Vroman Simon
Vrooman Henry B.
Vrooman Isaac
Vrooman John J.
Vrooman Peter
Walrath Adolphus
Wampal Cornelius
Wampel Handrick
Wample John
Wample William
Wart Andrew
Wart Matise
Weart John
Weaver Nicholas
Weener Peter
Weks Samuel
Wemple Barent
Wemple John T.
Wemple Myndert
Weser Nicholas
Wile Christian
Wiley Nicholas
Williams Daniel
Willson Aliner
Willson John
Wilson Abner
Wilson Andrew
Wilson Samuel
Wiser John
Witbeke Leonord
Whiler Henry
White Edward
Wood William
Woodcock Abraham
Woodcock John
Woodcock Peter
Woodworth Selah
Wright David
Yanney Christian
Yanney Henry
Yoran Jacob
Yost Peter
Young George
Young Lodowick
Young William

The 3rd regiment of the Tryon County Militia was typed by Joan Veeder, Herkimer/ Montgomery GenWeb's "A-1 Blue Ribbon Champion Typing Volunteer". Many of our best items would not be online now without her help. If you haven't already read through the Revolutionary War loss-claim of Joan's ggg-grandfather, Johannes Veeder, you've missed out. Most of Johannes' sons and sons-in-law served together in the 3rd Militia. Links lead from their names to the loss-claim and Joan's additional information about Johannes' nuclear family. Links are also provided to Revolutionary tales of the ancestors of Stephan G. Dennie, a direct descendant of Godfrey and Jacob Shew. Articles about Stephan's Wemple ancestors are coming up this spring.

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