The Tryon County Militia Rosters we will be posting this spring were the result of a four-year project carried out by the New York State Comptroller's Office from 1895-1898. As you read these reconstructed rosters you will observe peculiar spellings due to handwriting interpretation, literacy level of the soldier or scribe, or document condition; obvious counting of the same man twice; absence of ancestors you know or believe were in this regiment, etc. As I am unable to answer your questions about these rosters or individual men, let me interject some commentary written in 1897 by James A. Roberts, at that time State Comptroller. The italics are mine.

"During my first term of office as comptroller, the work of putting the old records of the comptroller's department in systematic order for purposes of easy reference was undertaken. This work in its progress brought to light quantities of forgotten papers relating to the services performed by New York in the Revolutionary War. These papers, long since detached from their original file packages, were promiscuously scattered through great masses of old vouchers and files....Competent men were, therefore, set at work searching out and arranging these papers, and this task, though slow and laborious, is believed to have been thoroughly and intelligently done....These papers contain the muster and pay-rolls of different organizations, and the historic value and importance of the papers is clearly proved by the fact that they alone show New York to have furnished nearly one and a half times the number of troops with which she is usually credited, and adding to these the names obtained from other reliable sources, the aggregate is more than twice the number usually credited....I therefore submit the following pages containing the names, rank and organization of these 41,633 men, whose services can be shown beyond question, with the greater satisfaction for believing that a great historical injustice, reflecting in many minds on New York's patriotic spirit in the Revolutionary struggle, will hereby be rectified, and she take her place, second only to the Massachusetts in number of troops furnished, and, under the circumstances surrounding her, second to none in lofty patriotism....It is true that lists of names of New York's Revolutionary soldiers have been heretofore published, but these were derived almost entirely from other than original sources, the state treasurer's books of account being the chief source, and their accuracy, for this reason, has been a matter of grave doubt, and therefore the results could not be accepted in historical works. The names published in this volume are derived from that highest of sources, the original muster and pay-rolls, and thus the services of the individual and the aggregate are conclusively shown....Nor do the names contained in this volume in all probability comprise all of those from New York who performed service in that great struggle....As it is, there can be little reasonable doubt that in some cases records of service have been lost, and that New York can never show the full number of troops furnished by her in the struggle. This is almost conclusively shown by the fact that the papers relating to pensions granted by the state for injuries received while in service in the Revolutionary War disclose many names which do not appear upon any roster in our possession." - James A. Roberts, "New York in the Revolution as Colony and State" Albany, N.Y., Press of Brandow Printing Company, 1898.

The muster rolls, payroll records, family or soldiers' letters, etc. that were organized to reconstruct all of the regiments of the State of New York are held by the State Archives in Albany, other historical societies, or are in the private hands of descendants of the officers. It would be extremely difficult a hundred years later to determine what specific record served as proof of your ancestor's service, how these records are archived today, or if any are accessible to the non-academic public. The recreated Tryon County rosters are being posted as a service to visitors to the Herkimer/ Montgomery Counties GenWeb. Most of them are being digitally transcribed by descendants of men in the various regiments and militias. We have no further information about the men below or the type of back-up documentation by which any individual's inclusion was merited.









Ahrendorff Frieterich
Ahrendorff Piter
Ahrentarff Peter
Ahrentorff Gorg
Armstrong Archibald
Armstrong John
Badcock John
Balthaser Breih
Bany Ichabod
Bauman Adam
Bauman Frederick
Bauman Georg A.
Bauman Jacob
Bauman Johannes
Bauman Nicolas
Bauman Stophel
Becker Henrich
Beffer Jacob
Bell G. Henry
Bell Jacob
Bell Nicolaus
Bell Thomas
Bellinger Frederick
Bellinger John
Bellinger Peter
Bellinger Peter B.
Bellinger Peter P.
Bellinger Stoffel
Bendel Catren
Bender Jacob
Benrich Frans
Bercki Jacob
Berckie Peter
Berdrick Frantz
Bersh Lutwig
Bersh Rudolph
Beshar Jacob
Betrer Jacob
Bonny Ichabod
Bouman Adam
Bouman Frederick
Bouman Nicholas
Breidenbucher Balthass
Breidenbue Baldes
Brothack Jacob
Brothak Bartholomay
Brothock John
Burcky Peter, Sr.
Burti Jacob
Byrky Jacob
Byrky Peter
Campbell John
Campbell Ludwig
Camples Patrick
Casler Conrad
Casler Jacob, Jr.
Casler Jacob H.
Casler Jacob J.
Casler John
Casler John T.
Casler Nicholas
Casler Peter
Caslor Malger
Chitter John
Chokin Thomas
Christman Frederick
Christman Fritrich
Christman Jacob
Christman John
Christman Nicolaus
Clapsattel Andrew
Clapsattle William
Clements Jacob
Clements Philip
Clenicum John
Cline William
Cochen Thomas
Coken Dome
Colsh John, Sr.
Colsh John, Jr.
Conneghem Willem
Corrol George
Cox Fauet
Cox Fesser
Cram Jacob
Crantz Hanry
Cremm Jacob
Cristman Jacob
Cunicum Wiliem
Cunningham John
Dabush Jacob
Dachsteter Georg
Dachsteter John
Dachsteter Piter
Davis George
Davis John
Davis Peter
Dawie John
Daygert William A.
Deisellman Chrisdian
Demote Marx
Demuth Diterich
Demuth John
Demuth Marx
Dinges Hannes
Dinus Jacob
Dom Melger
Dunuss Jacob
Edie Frederick
Eiseman Stephen
Etig Gorge
Etigle Morse
Eyseman Johannes
Eyseman Steffe
Feelis Jacob
Finster John
Flack Pitter
Flock Peter
Follick Thomas
Folmer Christian
Folmer Conrad
Folmer Thomas
Folmer William
Fols Conrath C.
Fols Georg
Fols Jacob
Fols Melger
Fols Peter
Folts Conrad
Folts Jost
Foltz John Jost
Fox Friederich
Fox John
Frank Henry
Frank John
French Henrich
Fux Hannes
Getman Conrad
Getman Frederick
Gettman Frederik, Jr.
Gettman Petter
Gortner Peter
Harlam Adam
Hartch Adam
Hartman Adam
Hatz Peter
Hayer Georg
Hebrissen Martin
Heller John
Helmer Frederick
Helmer Frederick A.
Helmer Philip
Hendert John
Herchmer Jost
Herckmer Abraham
Herkemer John
Herkimer George
Herkimer Nicholas
Herder John
Herder Lorens
Herder Niklas
Herter Frederick, Jr.
Herter Lawrence
Herter Lorens
Herter Lorens F.
Herter Lorens N.
Herter Lorens P.
Herter Nicolas
Herter Nicolas F.
Herter Philip
Herter Philip F.
Hes Conrat
Hesler Morten
Hess Augustinus
Hess Christian
Hess Conrad
Hess Fridrik
Hess George
Hess John
Heyer George
Heyer George Frederick
Heyer Peter
Hils Georg
Hils Hannes
Hilt George N.
Hilts John
Hiltz Georg
Hiltz George, Jr.
Hiltz George G.
Hiltz George N.
Hiltz Gotfrid
Hiltz Hannes
Hiltz Laurence
Hiltz Nicolas
Hochstrasser Christian
Hoffstader Christian
Hoyer George
Hoyer Gorg Friederich
Hoyer Peter
Huber John
Hyser Martin
Itig Georg
Itig Marck
Ittig Christian
Ittig Conrath
Ittig Frieterich
Ittig Jacob
Ittig Jacob J.
Karle George
Kast Frederick
Keller Nicolaus
Kelsch John, Sr.
Kelsch John, Jr.
Kesler Hannes
Kesler Nicholas
Kesslar Conrat
Kesslar Jacob John
Kesslar John
Kessler Jacob
Kessler Jacob J.
Kessler John P.
Kessler Johney
Kessler Joseph
Kessler Melger
Kiltz Georg
Kiltz Laurants
Koch Jost
Krans Michel
Krantz Henrich
Kreim Jacob
Kuran Michael
Kyler Nichlas
Leithal Abraham
Lentz Jacob
Lentz John
Lentz John, Jr.
Lentz Peter
Lighthal Nicholas
Lighthall George
Lithall Abraham
Macnod Jeams
McNutt James
Manderback John
Mauyer Nicklas
Mayel Matthias
Mayer Frederick
Mayer Henry
Mayer John
Mayer Joseph
Mayer Mates
Mayer Michel
Mayer Nicolas
Mayer Piter
Meller John
Miller Fette
Miller Henrich
Miller Johannis
Miller John. Sr.
Miller John, Jr.
Miller Nicolaus
Miller Valentine
Millor Hanry
Molter Jacob
Molter Peter
Moyer Frederick
Moyer Hanry
Moyer Joseph
Moyer Margeris
Moyer Peter
Muller John
Multer Jacob
Multer Piter
Munterba Hannes
Myer Josaph
Myer Michel
Myndnbach Johannes
Nahs James
Nesch Schims
Newkerk Benjamin
Ogt Georg
Ohrendorph Frederick, Sr.
Ohrendorph Frederick, Jr.
Ohrendorph George
Ohrendorph Peter
Osterhout John
Osteroth Johannes
Osterttout John
Pedery Marx
Pedri Ditrich
Peifer Jacob
Pesausie John
Petrey John Marx
Petri Daniel
Petri Jacob
Petri Johannes
Petri Joseph
Petrie Marx
Petry Diterich
Petry John
Petry John M.
Petry Jost
Phyfer Andrew
Phyfer Jacob
Piper Antoore
Piper Jost
Rabold Georg
Rasbach John
Regel Godfray
Remah George
Rickel Christian
Riema Georg
Riema John
Riema John, Sr.
Rigel Frederick
Rima Johannis, Jr.
Rima John, Sr.
Rimer Hannes
Rosekrantz Nicolaus
Ryan John
Schell Christian
Schell Johannes
Schenck Georg
Schieff Georg
Schmid Friedrich
Schmit Adam
Schmit Frederick
Schmit George
Schmit John
Schmit Jost
Schmit Peter
Schumacher John
Schumacher Stoffel
Schut Wiliem
Seimer Isack
Shall Fredrick
Shell John
Shoemaker Christopher
Shoemaker Frederick
Shoemaker Hanjost
Shoemaker John
Shoemaker Jost
Shoemaker Thomas
Shute Frederick
Shute William
Simer Gesom
Smith John
Smith Nicholas
Smith William
Sneck George
Spon Nicklas
Spoon Werner
Stahring Attam, Sr.
Stahring George
Stale Gorge
Staring Adam
Staring Adam J.
Staring Conrat
Staring Henrich
Staring Margred
Staring Nicklas
Staring Peter
Starring Nicholas, Sr.
Starring Nicholas N.
State George
Steal Ditrick
Steale Adam
Stehl Ditterich
Stering Adam
Straubel Stoffel
Strobel Christoph
Tinis Jacob
Tinis John
Usner Peter Gorg
Van Slyck Jacobus
Weaver George
Weaver Nicholas, Jr.
Weaver Nicholas H.
Web Nicolas G.
Weber Frederick
Weber Frederick, Jr.
Weber Frederick G.
Weber George
Weber George, Jr.
Weber George F.
Weber George M.
Weber Jacob
Weber Jacob, Sr.
Weber Jacob G.
Weber Jacob J.
Weber Jacob N.
Weber Johannes
Weber Michel
Weber Nicolas
Weber Nicolas G.
Weber Nicholas H.
Weber Peter
Wederstine Henry
Wents George
Widerstein Henry
Widrig Jacob
Widrig Michael
Witerig Georg
Witrig Conrat
Witterstein Henrich
Wohleben Abraham
Wohleber Abraham
Wohleber Jacob
Wohleber Pitter
Woleben Jacob
Wolff Johannes
Wolleben Peter
Wollerver Abraham
Won Niclas

The 4th Regiment of the Tryon County Militia was prepared by Stan Shaut, a long-time friend and advisor to this site, with the assistance of Howard Ehlers, a magician with optical character recognition software. Stan and I have a running joke that he's ultimately related to everybody in the Mohawk Valley. Every time I think he's exhausted his ancestral possibilities he surprises me with yet another line and asks "How'm I doing?" Stan's reminded me on more than one occasion that he's the gggg-grandson of Colonel Peter Bellinger, commander of the 4th Regiment, and he'd previously submitted the Colonel and several other men to our military honor roll. In answer to your question, you're doin' real good, Stan.

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