The Tryon County Militia Rosters were the result of a four-year project carried out by the New York State Comptroller's Office from 1895-1898. As you read these reconstructed rosters you'll observe peculiar spellings due to handwriting interpretation, literacy level of the soldier or scribe, or document condition; obvious counting of the same man twice; absence of ancestors you know or believe were in this regiment, etc. As I'm unable to answer your questions about these rosters or individual men, let me interject some commentary written in 1897 by James A. Roberts, at that time State Comptroller. The italics are mine.

"During my first term of office as comptroller, the work of putting the old records of the comptroller's department in systematic order for purposes of easy reference was undertaken. This work in its progress brought to light quantities of forgotten papers relating to the services performed by New York in the Revolutionary War. These papers, long since detached from their original file packages, were promiscuously scattered through great masses of old vouchers and files....Competent men were, therefore, set at work searching out and arranging these papers, and this task, though slow and laborious, is believed to have been thoroughly and intelligently done....These papers contain the muster and pay-rolls of different organizations, and the historic value and importance of the papers is clearly proved by the fact that they alone show New York to have furnished nearly one and a half times the number of troops with which she is usually credited, and adding to these the names obtained from other reliable sources, the aggregate is more than twice the number usually credited....I therefore submit the following pages containing the names, rank and organization of these 41,633 men, whose services can be shown beyond question, with the greater satisfaction for believing that a great historical injustice, reflecting in many minds on New York's patriotic spirit in the Revolutionary struggle, will hereby be rectified, and she take her place, second only to the Massachusetts in number of troops furnished, and, under the circumstances surrounding her, second to none in lofty patriotism....It is true that lists of names of New York's Revolutionary soldiers have been heretofore published, but these were derived almost entirely from other than original sources, the state treasurer's books of account being the chief source, and their accuracy, for this reason, has been a matter of grave doubt, and therefore the results could not be accepted in historical works. The names published in this volume are derived from that highest of sources, the original muster and pay-rolls, and thus the services of the individual and the aggregate are conclusively shown....Nor do the names contained in this volume in all probability comprise all of those from New York who performed service in that great struggle....As it is, there can be little reasonable doubt that in some cases records of service have been lost, and that New York can never show the full number of troops furnished by her in the struggle. This is almost conclusively shown by the fact that the papers relating to pensions granted by the state for injuries received while in service in the Revolutionary War disclose many names which do not appear upon any roster in our possession." - James A. Roberts, "New York in the Revolution as Colony and State" Albany, N.Y., Press of Brandow Printing Company, 1898.

The muster rolls, payroll records, family or soldiers' letters, etc. that were organized to reconstruct all of the regiments of the State of New York are held by the State Archives in Albany, other historical societies, or are in the private hands of descendants of the officers. It would be extremely difficult 105 years later to determine what specific record served as proof of your ancestor's service, how these records are archived today, or if any are accessible to the non-academic public. The recreated Tryon County rosters are being posted as a service to visitors to the Herkimer, Montgomery, Fulton and Tryon Counties NYGenWeb sites. We have no further information about the men below or the type of back-up documentation by which any individual's inclusion was merited.


Colonel Samuel Campbell

Capt. Francis UttLieut. Jacob MatthiasEnsign William Surer

Lieut. Adam Lipe

Ayle Christian
Ayle Peter
Ayles William
Bellinger William
Bohall Adam
Bydaman Simon
Countreyman Counradt
Countreyman John
Cramer John
Crows George
Dedrick David
Duncle Nicholas
Duncle Peter
Dunkle Gerrit
Endler Michal
Felling Henry John
Felling Henry Nicholas
Feling Peter
Flock John
Harld Henrey
Hickey George
Jones William
Jordan Adam
Jordan Casper
Jordan George
Jordan John
Keller Andrew
Kerlack Adam
Kerlack George
Kesler Thomas
Kessler John
Korey Benjamin
Lapp Daniel
Lipe John
Miller Deonyceons
Netherly John
Netherly, John, Jr.
Othermark John B.
Plats George
Schall Hendrick
Schall John
Schall Matthyas
Scrembling Henry
Scremling David
Seeber Jacob
Stansel Nicholas
Steffan John
Truax John
Ulshaver Bastian
Wahadt George
Walradt, William
Westerman, Peter
While, Henry
While, Youst Henry
Woulkermouth, John
Wourmuth, John
Wourmuth, Peter
Young, Jacob
Young, John
Young, Peter

WHY ARE NAMES SPELLED "WRONG"? - Some of the spellings on these lists will appear incorrect to their descendants. They're not typos and the lists were proofed against the original book. In the days before universal literacy, if a man couldn't spell his name, or wasn't asked, it was written down as it sounded to the person writing, and to the best of the scribe's spelling ability. The handwritten records were later subject to a transcriber's interpretation in the 1890s. Some men appear twice under variant spellings as the compilers added names found in various records, such as pension requests. Rather than taking the liberty of changing an historical document or creating further error, we're keeping all spellings "as is". Tip for new researchers - when researching your ancestors consider spellings based on sound, those alternate to spellings that later generations came to use, or how one letter might resemble another in old script. Examples of each - Peter Ayle would be Peter Ehle, John Algyre would be John Alguire, and George Wahadt would be George Walradt.


Capt. Jellis FondaLieut. Abraham GarrasonEnsign ___ Lawrance
Lieut. Zepheniah BatchellerEnsign Samson Sammon

Algyre John
Allin Thomas
Alt Johannis
Anderson Duncan
Ansley Samuel
Antes Jacob
Barmore William
Barry Guilbert R.
Bashan Jacob
Benson Jonathan
Bickle John
Boshart Jacob
Boss Heinrich
Bridelburgh Baltus
Brook Robert
Cameron Angus
Cochnet Jacob
Collins Richard
Conner Edward
Cratchenberger Conrate
Creesy John
Cromel Jacobes
Cromnel James
Crossett Benjamin
Crossett James Crotchinbrge Conrad
Crowley Jeremiah
Dachstetter Marx
Dachstetter Nicolaus
Dochstader Frederick
Dockstader John H.
Dop David
Dunn Richard
Ecker John
Ensign Lawrence
Eversas Adam
Everson Adam
Everson John
Fey Jacob
Finck Mattgred
Fonda Adam
Fonda John
Frederick Barent
Frichert Henry
Froman Henry
Fyes George
Fyles George
Graft Jacob
Hall John
Hall William
Hanson Barent
Hanson Richard
Hardle Johannes
Herring John
Hover Johannes
Hower Nicholas
Johnson Androw
Kelder Henry
Kelder John
Kilts Johannes
Kinkread Crownidge
Kitts Jacob
Krose Moses
Ladde Johannes
Lenardson Timothy
McCollum John
McDonald John
McDonnel John
McGlashen Robert
McGrigor Duncan
McIntire John
McKenny John
McKerque Duncan
McKinney John
McManus Hugh
McMarlinger Duncan
McMarten Duncan
McVain Daniel
Marlatt Mark
Marseles John
Mason Jeremiah
Michard Henry
Mickle John
Miller Philip
Momtrute Steven
Morgan John
Morger John
Myers Michael
Nanes Joseph
Nest Johannes
Perine Daniel
Perine David
Phile George
Philips Abraham
Philips William
Plants John
Platto James
Poter France
Putman Cornelius
Quackenbush David
Remise John
Reyer John
Rickle John
Rightmyer Johannes
Roase James
Robertson James
Ruport Adam
Ruport D.
Rykert Hendrick
Ryer Henry
Sammons Jacob
Schieb Georg Friderick
Schwob Michel
Seeber Henry
Shanck George
Shaver Nicholas
Sheep Georg Friderick
Shew George
Shew Steven
Shewmaker Hanjost
Shoeman William
Sixberry Cornelius
Smith Arent
Smith Conradt
Smith Cornelius
Smith Daniel
Smith John
Snell Robert
Staly Jacob
Staring John
Stealy Jacob
Stoner Nicholas
Terwillegen Harmanis
Vactor John
Van Alstine Cornelius A.
Van Alstyne C.V.
Van Antwerp John
Van Bracklen Gysbert
Van Bracklen Nicholas
Vanderwerke Johannis
Vanderwerkin Albert
Vandesen Melgert
Van Deusen Jabobus
Van Deusen Matthew
Van Dewarkin Class
Van Dewerken Jacob
Van Dewerker Henry
Van Eps Charles
Van Eps Evert
Van Zelen John
Vorhis John
Wallace William
Wallrad Johannes
Walters John
Well John
Wemple Barent
Wemple Hendrick
Whitekar Thomas
Wilson John

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