1868 Business Directory

Town of Newport, NY

From: An Atlas of Herkimer County, New York: From actual surveys by and under the direction of B. Nichols assisted by H. B. Stranahan, W. A. Sherman, H. Loomer, P. A. Cunningham, E. Frary, H. G. Stranahan, L. C. Cable and B. N. Griffin. Assistants W. W. Richie, E. J. Sherwood, I. T. McLoskey, T. Guernsey, W. P. Vrooman, F. Faville." Published by J. Jay Stranahan & Beach Nichols, N.Y., 1868.

*Newport National Bank  .... V.S. Kenyon, President, Wm. Getman, Cashier


  • Eagle Hotel   .... J. G. Hawkins, Proprietor
  • Newport hotel  .... O. L. Stacey, Proprietor


  • Browne, A. J.  .... Physician and Surgeon
  • McLallin, G.  .... Physician and Surgeon
  • Williard, W. H.   .... Homaeopathic Physician


  • Haddock, E. P.   .... Dental Surgeon
  • Haskins. L. G., Jr.   .... Dental Surgeon

Ed. P. Hadcock, of Newport, is the oldest practicing dentist in Central New York, and one of the best. For forty-three years he has been "pulling and filling". - From: Norway Tidings, Vol. 4, No. 1, January 1890


  • Union Store of Newport   .... George H. Hurlburt, Agent
  • Wentworth, O.C.   .... Dealer in Drugs and Medicines, Wines and Liquors, Groceries, &c.
  • Spenser, O.   .... Dealer in Butter, Cheese, Flour, and General Produce
  • Thorton, E.   .... Manufacturer and Dealer in Harness, Saddle, Trunks, Collars, &c.
  • Docstader, A.   .... Draper and Tailor, Dealer in Ready - made Clothing and Furnishing Goods
  • Kirck, R. D.   .... Dealer in Silver and Plated Ware, Glass and Tipware, Stoves, &c.
  • Carpenter. S. H.   .... Proprietor of Grocery, Saloon and Dining Rooms
  • Newman, C. W.   .... Grocery, Flouring and Grist Mill


  • Harris Bros   .... Manufacturers of Yale Patent Locks and Night Latches
  • Voorhees & Angell   .... Carriage and Wagon Manufacturer
  • Payne, G. W.   .... Carriage and Wagon Manufacturer
  • Stroup, W. E.   .... Wagon Manufacturer


  • Root, A.   .... Proprietor of Livery Stable
  • Chapman, W.   .... Dealer in Butter, Cheese, and Produce
  • Tallman, D. M.   .... Carpenter and Joiner
  • Ladue, S.   .... Manufacturer of Cheese Boxes, (White Creek)
  • Kelly, D.   .... Manufacturer of Cheese Boxes, (White Creek)
  • Harris, 0. C.   .... Blacksmithing, Sawing, Turning, Planing and Custom Work, (White Creek)
  • Thomas, W.   .... Veterinary Surgeon

Source: This directory was transcribed from the original and provided for educational and research use by Robert Lorick. Microfilm copies of the original atlas are available for viewing at the Dallas TX Public Library and the New York City Public Library.

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