The compilation book A Glimpse In Passing: Newport, NY 1791-1991 was issued in commemoration of the Town of Newport's Bicentennial in 1991. In reading through the 371 pages of varied information you quickly come to the realization that this is just the tip of the iceberg of what the Newport Historical Center has accumulated over the years. Below are just a few of the chapter headings and sample contents.

Facsimile copy of "History of the Town of Newport": 1806 to 1906

Includes George S. Graves' "Biography of Pioneer Families of Newport", which traces the early histories of members of families of these surnames: Lawton, Hawkins, Stillman, Terry, Truman, Fenner, Brayton, Post, Sherman, Swezey, Daniels, Wakely, Wilsey, Kelsey, Waldo, Whipple, Griffin, Allen, Ketchum, Babcock, Fortune, Munn, Coffin, Hemstrough, Wooster, Payne, Pearce, Fisher, Benchley, Kniffin, Hawkins, Bowen, and Willoughby.

If you're curious about local ancestral occupations, the essay "Manufacturing Interests of Town of Newport" examines the self-sufficiency and resourcefulness of the early residents, covering industries as diverse as saw, grist and cotton mills, the knitting industry, canning and wagon making. "A Brief History of the Commercial Interests of the Town of Newport" discusses banking, shopkeeping, and retail sales.

Chapter III: Historical Landmarks

This large section of short essays ranges from Newport Town Historian Margery Foss's "Plank Roads" and "The 1826 Newport Murder", to Helen Garlock's "The Underground Railroad". The writers include excerpts from actual historical documents in presenting essays which are full of names, photographs and vivid detail.

Selected Newport Surnames

A Glimpse in Passing also contains a large section of short family histories, submitted by current or recent residents of Newport. Many of the families are recent arrivals to the Town of Newport, while others date back to the early settlement of the area. Space does not permit us to list each family covered, but every family's story is interesting. The passages focus on the direct ancestors of the submitters, not on all people of that surname.

Blitz Family: 1917 - present
Dr. Albert James Browne: 1842 - 1915
Carpenter: 19th century to present
Clifford/Mahardy: 1824 - present
Cole-Jones-Fisher-Whalen: 19th century - present
Evans-Law: 19th century - present
Fellows Family History: 1807 - present
Fenner: 1792 - present
Ford: 1748 - present
Franklin: 1770 - present
Dr. Edward P. Hadcock, DDS: 1830 - 1905
Halladay-Ford: 1748 - present
Dr. J.B. Holcomb: 1826 - 1903
Jenkins-Cole: 1801 - thru 19th century
Kimball-Coyle-Foss: 1861 - present
Longstaff: 1822 - thru 19th century
Maxwell-Bowen: 1836 - present
Ross: 1790 - 19th century
Schriner: 1861 - present
Edward Spellman: 1850s - present
Vierthaler: 1865 - present

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