The Mahardy's, like the Spain Family, originated in Ireland and also settled in the county of Herkimer in upstate New York . In information given to Gene Clifford from one Mathe Mahady and so graciously passed along to me, he wrote," are part of the Mahady Clan, which is "O'MOITDE" in Irish Gaelic and a rare name in Ireland, from mainly within the counties Longford, Roscommon, & Westmeath." This family chose the town of Newport in Herkimer County to settle in and evidence shows that their descendants were still residing there up to 1920, according to the census records, and may still live there today. The family consisted mostly of farmers by profession, as was the predominant industry of the time and that locality.

The first of that family that we know of to emigrate from Ireland and the progenitors of the family in America were Michael and Bridget Mahardy. They were both born in Ireland Circa 1799-1800. Michael and Bridget emmigrated from county Longford Ireland from the town of Edgeworthton. Bridget Mahardy's maiden name was Bridget Mclaughin/Mclaughlin. We know this who from the 1907 death certificate of her son, Michael Mahardy(A8). His mother was listed as Bridget Mclaughin. The very large McLaughlin family in the Herkimer area is related to Bridget and it is fairly sure that Michael McLaughlin of Newport, and County Longford is her brother. He is listed in the will of Michael Mahardy.

In the Index to Ardagh Wills, published in 1922 several wills are listed back to the mid 18th century with the names of Span(Spain?), Mahedy,Malady, Mahady, and Mclaughlin in County Longford. As these may prove to be relations or ancestors the very small list is attached to this book as an addendum.

Bridget and Michael Mahardy may be the same couple who are listed in the New York City Passenger Lists Index 1820-1824 as having arrived from the port of Liverpool leaving(?) on July 19, 1822. The Mahardy's arrived in the United states on Sept. 30, 1822. They are listed on the passenger manifest as Michael Malady age 22, laborer, and Bridget Malady age 20. No Children were listed. Michael Mahardy was listed as head of the household in the 1830 census in Newport,Herkimer County, New York. The household consisted of one male aged 30-40 (himself), one male under the age of 5 ( Patrick aged 1 year), one female aged 20-30 (his wife Bridget), one female aged 5-10 Rose?) and two females under the age of 5 ( Ann and Rose?).

I never found evidence of any of the Mahardy's doing military service, but that does not mean that they did not do any. One also has to remember that farmers were usually exempted from service even when they wished to volunteer because they were considered too valuable in their capacity as farmers.

Bridget Mahardy died July 30, 1890. Her obituary from the newspaper,

Norway Tidings for August 1890 reads as follows:


"In Norway, July 30,1890, Mrs. Bridget Mahardy, in the 88th year of her age. She was the mother of Patrick and Michael Mahardy of this town, with whom she alternately resided. She died at the home of the former."

Bridget Mahardy was and living with her son, Michael, in the Town of Norway in Herkimer County, New York. According to the Census, Bridget was illiterate. In 1880 she was listed as a widow, so Michael died sometime before 1880. The name Mahardy is also listed in some census records (i.e. 1860) as Maharda. It was also spelled in records as Malardy and Malady. The last is from the 1830 Census of Newport. The Ultimate in misspellings would have to go to the 1855 New York Census of Herkimer County where for the same family the census taker recorded as follows;" Patrick Mardy, Bridget Mardy, Mary Mahardy, Michael Mahardy, and Margaret Maha"

The Mahardys, Spains, and McLaughlins were all good Irish Catholics and Both Charles Spain and Michael Mahardy helped to establish St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church in Newport New York in the 1830's and 1840's. Previous to the building of St. Patrick's Church our families attended St. John's Catholic Church, in Utica, New York.



Born: Ireland ca. 1799-1800 In Edgeworthton, county Longford, Ireland

Applied for U.S. Citizenship in 1829 and was naturalized February 8, 1832 in Herkimer County. Name written as Michael Madheyerty and as Madhardy.

Died: April 1, 1851 buried old Irish Cemetery in Newport, Herkimer County, New York

Tombstone Reads: Michael Mahada aged 52 years

Married: Bridget McLAUGHIN on or before 1822

Born: ca. 1801-1802 in Edgeworthton(?), County Longford, Ireland

Died: in Norway Town, Herkimer County, NY July 30, 1890

Obituary for Bridget Mahardy in the August 1890 issue of Norway Tidings, page 3 column 2. She died July 30, 1890 in her 88th year at home of her son Patrick.


Ann Marie Mahardy (A3)

Married: Thomas Daniel Clifford in Newport, Herkimer County, New York Born: March 17, 1824 in County Kerry, Ireland

Died: 1883 in Newport, New York


Patrick Mahardy (A4) -

  • Married: Margaret/Margerette Spain in Herkimer County, New York ca. 1858
  • Born: ca. ??/??/1833 in New York
  • Died: fl. 1910 in Newport, Herkimer County, NY

    The 1880 census shows Margaret to be born in NY and the 1910 census says she was born in Ireland and emigrated in 1849. But the 1910 census also says husband was born Ireland (Patrick Mahardy). Both were wrong! The 1880 census says he was born in New York. As of 1900, 5 of the seven children were still living. See SPAIN family for information.


    Patrick Mahardy (A4) lived many years in Norway New York. The 1868 Atlas of Herkimer County, New York shows the location of the farms of both Patrick and of his brother, Michael. Norway Tidings Newspaper in 1890 stated that "...Among other Irishmen that came about 1850 (to settle Norway), we recall the names of ....The next ten years as many more found a home in our hills, including James Dorsey, James and John Mahoney, PATRICK AND MICHAEL MAHARDY, Thos. Butler, the McEvoys and the Mulverhills." Around March or April of 1888 Patrick bought a farm known as the Benjamin Farm, from one Alvah Kellog for "A consideration of $6500". This was a great deal of money at the time. In 1889 he was lsited as one of the Norway dairy-men having a herd of more than 40 milch cows. (He had 42). Michael Mahardy (A8) -

    Edward M. Mahardy (A4A) -

    Edward M. Mahardy (A4A) had apparently settled in Norway Town in Herkimer County by 1900 and was still living there in 1910. His profession in 1910 was that of a stone mason. In 1910 his father-in- law, son, daughter-in-law, and grandson were all living with him and his wife on Hurricane Road in Norway Town.

    Lester Mahardy (A4A2) -

    Lester Mahardy (A4A2) was probably born in Norway Town in Herkimer County and this is were he met his wife and where his child was born. He worked as a day laborer and did odd jobs. His wife, Lillian, was a servant working for a private family. His wife was of German descent as the census states both her parents were born in Germany.

    James F. Mahardy (A8C) -

    John D. Mahardy (A8D) -

    Lester D. Mahardy(A4A2)   Married: Lillian H. Fisher c.a. 1908 in Norway Town,Herkimer County,New York Born: c.a. 12/19/1887 in New York Died: April 1970 in Newport,Herkimer County, New York (source" Social Security Death Index) Parents: John Fisher and Barbara Farber both Born in Germany. both died in Norway, Herkimer County, New York. John fisher was farmer for many years in New York State issue: A) Stanley Fisher Born: 07/12/1908 in Norway, New York Died: fl. 1941 in Norway, New York B) Helen Barbara Born: 07/01/1910 in Norway, New York Died: fl. 1925 in Norway, New York C) Margaret Venetia Born: 09/06/1912 in Norway, New York Died: fl 1925 in Norway, New York D) Lester D. Jr. Born: 10/13/1922 in Newport, New York Died: fl. 1925 in Norway, New York

    Lester Mahardy(A4A2 was well known in Newport and Norway. He was Supervisor for the Town of Norway in 1921-1924 and perhaps longer. He has lived in Herkimer County all his life and was a large land owner and former cattleman.He attended the Albany business college and worked as a cattle buyer for James Brook until he married in 1907 then he bought for his own business. he owned several farms including one in Newport. He ran for Sheriff in 1924, unsuccessfully. Previously he had been town clerk for town of Norway until he moved to Norway. He belonged to Scottish Rite Temple and the Masons, among others and loved to hunt and fish as past times.

    His wife, Lillian (Fisher) was of German descent, both parents were born in Germany. She belonged to the Methodist Episcopal Church. On August 1, 1919 a lighting storm killed six steers on his farm.


    Stanley Mahardy owned a bowling alley that opened in Newport New York in


    ANN MAHARDY (1828 - )
    MARY MAHARDY (1831 - )
    JOHN M. SPAIN (1864 - )
    MARGARET SPAIN (1901 - )
    MARY F. SPAIN (1899 - )
    JAMES HENRY SPAIN (1867 - 1916)
    JAMES SPAIN (???? - )
    CHARLES JAMES SPAIN (CARL) (1897 - 1973)
    PAUL BERTON SPAIN (1902 - 1986)
    MARY BRIDGID (MINNIE) SPAIN (1868 -1947)
    ELLA SPAIN (1872 - )
    PATRICK M. MAHARDY (1834 - )
    EDWARD MAHARDY (1857 - )
    LYETTA(?) MAHARDY (1880 - )
    LESTER MAHARDY (1882 - )
    STANLEY F. MAHARDY (1909- )
    FRANK MAHARDY (1883 - )
    CHARLES MAHARDY (1959 - )
    MARY MAHARDY (1864 - )
    FRANCIS MAHARDY (1865 - )
    JOHN MAHARDY (1867 - )
    WILLIAM MAHARDY (1868 - )
    DANIEL MAHARDY (1870 - )
    MARCELLA MAHARDY (1840 - )
    CHARLES SPAIN (1867 - )
    MARY SPAIN (MINNIE) (1867 - )
    FREDERICK SPAIN (FRED) (1871 - )
    JAMES H. SPAIN (1873 - )
    MICHAEL MAHARDY (1841 - 1907)
    MICHAEL S. MAHARDY (1868 - )
    MARY B. MAHARDY (1871 - )
    JAMES F. MAHARDY (1873 - )
    CECILE R. MAHARDY (1905 - )
    JOHN D. MAHARDY (1874 - )
    ANNA E. MAHARDY (1878 - )
    EDWARD MAHARDY (EDDIE) (1883 - )
    MARGARET MAHARDY (1845 - )

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