Grace Episcopal Church Records

Norway, Herkimer County, New York

Transcribed and Contributed by Paul Pitts

Partial transcription by Paula Pitts of LDS microfilm 448649 which contain church records of Trinity Church in Fairfield, Memorial Church in Middleville, and Grace Church in Norway. It was filmed from a photostat copy which is in the New York State Library, Albany, New York. Handwriting and ink varies and some parts of it are extremely difficult to read. Although care was taken in transcribing the information, mistakes especially in names are a possibility. Spelling has not been changed. You are urged to view the text for yourself. Microfilm may be rented from your nearby Family History Center. Consult or your phone directory for the nearest location. Question marks indicate a word or name I was unable to determine. Brackets [] are added material by the transcriber. Only events that happened in Norway were transcribed.

Paula Pitts
May 2004

PagePersonEvent and DateName of Minister
1Mrs. Sarah Doty, age 47Baptism June 9, 1822
1Mr. Ira Manley, age 32Baptism July 28, 1822
1Harriet his wife[Manley], age 29Baptism July 28, 1822
2Ira & Harriet Manley, birth May 31, 1817Baptism October 14, 1823P. L. Whipple
2Louretta Sherwood age 21Baptism October 22, 1823
2Catharine Phoebe born September 1, 1823 daughter of Gueidore? & Phoebe BradleyBaptism November 3, 1823P. L. Whipple
2Helen Margarett Loving ? of Hiram P. & Dorothy Notton, born August 15, 1823Baptism January 9, 1824P. L. Whipple
2Walter born January 31, 1824, son of Philip & Phebe PainBaptism May 2, 1824P. L. Whipple
2James born April 18, 1822 and Charlotte Marie born March 6, 1824 of John & Sally NeeleyBaptism May 2, 1824P. L. Whipple
2Norman born November 9, 1823 of Jacob & Cath. WilliamsBaptism May 30, 1824P. L. Whipple
2[Blank] of Asahel & Maria HarrisBaptism September 5, 1824P. L. Whipple
2Daniel born May 29, 1815, Lodoiso born April 10, 1817, and Caroline born March 3, 1819 [children] of Widow Eliz BullardBaptism September 5, 1824P. L. Whipple
2Charlotte Maria born April 16, 1825 of Levit BeardsleyBaptism June 12, 1825P. L. Whipple
3Salom born June 15, 1822 and Nancy born May 26, 1825 of Arnold & Maria CarpenterBaptism November 6, 1825P. L. Whipple
3Jacob born June 27, 1824 of Loden & ? TillenboughBaptism November 6, 1825P. L. Whipple
5Miss Clothilda Sheldon, age 20Baptism March 2, 1829
6Magdelana, age 4, and Mary Marie, age 4 months children of Arnold CarpenterBaptism January 1st, 1831Rev. Wm W. ?
6Giles James Sheldon, age 25 yearsBaptism January 30, 1831
6Almeda Willoughbly, age 30Baptism July 8, 1831
6Francis L. NichollsBaptism July 31, 1831
6Francis E. MasonBaptism July 31, 1831
7Sarah Dubois, age 25Baptism September 4, 1831
7Melinda Adeline Norton, age 22Baptism September 4, 1831
7Almira Elizabeth Sheldon, age 20Baptism September 4, 1831
8Elizabeth NichollsBaptism April 29, 1832
8Elizabeth CoeBaptism July 29, 1832
8Catherine WilloughbyBaptism December 30, 1832
8Lydia SmithBaptism December 30, 1832
8Mrs. DixBaptism April 29, 1833
9Arnold Hind, age 23Baptism August 25, 1833
9Arnold Martin, age 6 months, son of Arnold CarpenterBaptism October 27, 1833
9[Blank] , age 18 months, son of Mrs. TillobaughBaptism November 24, 1833
9[unreadable item]
9Emeline NortonBaptism November 1, 1834
10Isaac Corp and Nancy Corp his wife, adultsBaptism May 18, 1836B. T. Gndedonk
10Emeline Frances Carpenter, infantBaptism August 28, 1836W. Tatham
10Maria Janet Tillingbaugh, infantBaptism August 28, 1836W. Tatham
10Abraham Hurd, adultBaptism September 25, 1836Wm Tatham
12Luke Tillingham Duboise, age 3, and Ann Eliza Duboise, age 6Baptism June 23, 1839W. B. Sponsors - Mr. & Mrs. Duboise
13Maria Louisa, infant daughter of J. O. NearfoffBaptism December 22, 1839Rev W. Baker Parent admitted as sponsors.
13Roxanne CorpsBaptism [possibly 1842]Rev. William Baker
13Sarah Ellen DuBoisBaptism September 26Rev Wm Baker
13Charles William LowerreBaptism
13Rachel Ann LowerreBaptism[rest unreadable]
15David Du Boise, infantBaptism August 24, 1845Wm Baker
16Sarah ? [possibly Maria] Hurd, age 18 monthsBaptism September 14, 1845W. Baker
16Catherine Agusta Lowere, age 16 monthsBaptism September 26, 1845W. Baker
16Oscar Fredenck Hurd, born Sept 19, 1846Baptism Jan 2nd, 1848 in the Ch [church] NorwayM. Wells Sponsors - his parents & Mr. Duboise
16Frances Louise Duboise, born December 22, 1847[7 was written over 6] Baptism June 25, 1848M. Wells Sponsor - Mr. & Mrs. Duboise & Mrs. Crane
16Mary Jane Nichols, born August 30, 1846Baptism June 25, 1848M. Wells
Sponsors - Mrs. Nichols, Mrs. Harris, and Mrs. C. Willard Sr.
18Charles William Nichols, born August 27, 1849Baptism January 23, 1854 at the house
18Rebecca Pissou, Born ? 26, 1813Baptism July 30, 1854
18Hannah Pissou, Born July 7, 1819Baptism July 30, 1854
20Samuel F. Collins, adultBaptism March 11th, 1869

20Jane R. Pullman, wife of Elias PullmanBaptism March 7, 1869

22Amelia Wells White, adultBaptism October 24, 1869Clergyman Benjamin Webb
24Mrs. ? English, age 37Funeral August 31, 1850Rev Wm Weber
24Arnold Willougby, age 55Funeral December 13, 1831
24Daughter of Mr. Crain, 12 day oldFuneral February 20, 1832
25ManlyFuneral March 11, 1832
25?[Owney] Churchill, age 3Funeral April 30, 1832
25Magdelena Fosburgh, age 65Funeral July 2, 1832
25Rebecca Shelden, age 42Funeral December 28, 1832
26Harvey WilloughbyFuneral October 19, 1834
26Mrs. Caleb SheldonFuneral December 19, 1834
26Mary Ann EnglishFuneral January 1, 1835
27Son of Mr. CorpFuneral July 5, 1836
28N. SheldenFuneral July 23, 1837Rev W. Tatham
28A child of Mr. CraneFuneral 1837Rev W. Tatham
29Wm NicholsFuneral 1838
29Mrs. Reynolds ?Funeral 1838
29Child of Mr. HallFuneral June 22, 1839
29Nancy ParsonsFuneral August ?, 1839
30Sarah Corps, age 49Funeral March 1839
30Mr. William Hall, age 33Funeral January 7, 1841
30Mr. Henderson's child, age 2Funeral August 23, 1841
31Mr. Pulman, age 38Funeral October 1841
31Mrs. Susan InghamFuneral December 26th, 1842
31Mr. Smith's child, 18 monthsFuneral March 1, 1843
32Mr. J. Duboise, age 80Funeral January 2, 1844
32? Willoughbly, 1 yearFuneral March 21, 1844
32Mrs. Willoughby, age 68Funeral August 14, 1844
32Mr. Robt? EnglishFuneral February 5, 1846 43 years
32Mr. TillinghastFuneral May 26, 1846 age 87[whole entry very faint]
32Mary Harris? NicklesFuneral June 10, 1846 age ?
33Ann Eliza DuBoisFuneral July 11, 1854 age 21Rev. Edward Moyses
33Pardon TillinghastFuneral September 5, 1854 age 83Rev. Edward Moyses
34Nathanall S. HendersonFuneral aged 61 buried at Norway March 16th, 1869Clergyman B. Webb
34Henry TillinghastFuneral aged 61 buried at Norway May 7th, 1869B. Webb
34On the 6th of March, I buried ? Elizabeth Pullman of NorwayG. C. V. Eastman
35July 17th 1872 I attended the funeral of Mr. Morgan Norton of NorwayRev G. C. V. Eastman
35July 24th [1872] I buried David P. DuBois Jun? of Norway aged 27Rev. G. C. V. Eastman
35Jan 28th, 1873, Mr. Elias Pullman died at his house in Norway, Herkimer County, New York, aged 71. Mr. Pulman was buried on Jan 30th, 1873
36Ephraim Smith was married to Henriette Willoughby Dec 22, 1830 in Norway. Both were of Norway.
36Typed note was filmed on top of the page. "Chauncey Smith m. Lucretia Carpenter, daughter of Samuel Carpenter, who was one of the witneses March 16, 1836. [Dated] Nov. 1936 E. I. Shepard, Williamstown, Mass"
37Arnold Willoughbly, farmer age 23 Married to A? Carpenter, spinster age 23, both of Norway [probably 1831]Rev Wm W. Weber
38John P. Mabee of Norway to Maria M. Carter of Herkimer City Married in Norway July 21, 1831
38Allen Baker married in Norway Orpha Phileo September 4, 1831
40Herman Todd of Fairfield Married in Norway Susan Almira Carpenter of Norway January 4, 1832
42Walter Booth of Russia, Physician, Married in Norway Alida S. Mabee, spinster, of Norway March 19, 1833 Witnesses S. Peter Sheldon and Arnold Hurd of Norway
44Too faint to read
48Peter Turner, cashier of New London Bank, of New London, Connecticut, Married in Norway Mary Ann Mason of Norway October 8, 1835
50Chauncy Smith of Norway Married in Norway Lucretia Smit March 15, 1836 [note typed note filmed on page 36]
50Morgan Norton of Norway Married in Norway Elisabeth Tillinghast October 23, 1836Rev. W. Tatham David DuBois and wife witnesses
52Wm. Vandenburgh of Norway Married in Norway Susan Mabee of Norway September 11, 1837Rev. W. Tatham Witnesses: Walter Booth M. D. & his wife, Alida Booth of Russia, Herkimer Co., NY
55Mr. Miton G. Barney of Russia Married Miss Jane R. Carpenter of Norway ? 9th 1839
58Salias A. Ingham M. D. of Russia to Miss Susan R. Todd of Norway Sunday the 27th Nov 1842Rev W. Baker
58Mr. Caleb R. Nichols of Norway Married to Miss Abigal W. Harris of Middleville, Thursday December 22nd [1842]Rev. Wm Baker
58Wm Wyman Frank? Esq. of Little Falls Married in the church at Norway to Miss Frances A. Sheldon of Norway December 25 [1842]
59Mr. Lyman A. Wartroser? of Constania? to Miss Esther P. Corp of Norway January 9, 1844Rev Wm Baker of Fairfield Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. Corp
59William D. Hurlbert Married to Miss Elizabeth Coe, both of Norway February 21, 1844Rev. W. Baker Witnesses: Mr & Mrs. Hurlbert and Mr. & Mrs. Coe
60Mr. Samuel Willard of Fairfield Married to Miss Mary A. Manley of Norway [probably 1844]Rev William Baker Witnesses: Mr. & Mrs. Willard
60Charles K. Johnson of Norway Married to Juliet N. Henderson of Norway January 23, 1845Rev. Wm Baker
61Archibald Nichols Married to Mary Dorman, both of Norway April 22, 1845Wm Baker Witness: Mrs. Baker
62Mr. Powers Green of South Bend, Indiana Married to Miss Emeline L. Norton of Norway April 5, 1846Rev. Wm Baker
63George Randall of Norway Married to Frances E. Crane of same place January 25, 1853Rev. C. Mape Witnesses: Mr. Brunnd, Miss Ross, & Miss C. Mapes
69Mary L. Coe of NorwayConfirmation
72John Bowen Root Married at Norway to Sarah Elizabeth English August 17, 1864Rev. J. K. Miller
75P. Estella NortonFuneral Died May 6th age 16, Buried at Norway May 7th, 1873
75Mary J. JohnsonFuneral Died June 9th Born in Norway Aug 30, 1846 Buried at Norway
75Mrs. Elizabeth H. EnglishFuneral Dec 27th Died at Norway age 58 years
77Frances Louise DuBois Married to John Dryden Henderson August 20th, 1874Rt. Rev. William C. Down
80Norway 15 July AD 1875 Sunday VII after Homily at the residence of David Smith, Maria (Randall) wife of D. Smith was baptized according to the one order of the church in the presence of Mrs. DuBois, Mrs. Fanny (D.) Henderson; Mr. Root & wife and othersCowan N. Gordon
80At the cemetery in Norway village I buried the body of Mrs. Maria (R.) Smith, wife of David Smith, having read the former part of the office at the home of Mr. Smith [1875] (Mr. Smith died August 23rd of Consumption)Conrad N. Goddard
80At Grace Church in Norway 3rd October AD 1875 Sunday the XIX after Trinity, Sarah Jessie, born 18 June 1865, Howard English, born 11 ? 1867, Hiram Eugen, born 21 April 1871, Grace Hurd, born December 15, 1872, four children of John B. Root and Sarah E. (English) his wife were baptized
81Helen Maria, daughter of Caleb R. Nichols and Abby Harris of Norway Married to Byron Comstock, son of Samuel and Sibil Cummings Comstock Thursday, December 2, 1875 at the house of Caleb R. Nichols, Norway Village Conrad N. Goddard Witnesses: Horace Nichols of Norway and Mrs. Marion D. Graves of Amsterdam, Montgomery Co., New York
82Sarah Maria Hurd, daughter of Abram Hurd and Elizabeth (Hurlbert) Hurd of Norway Married to James Plixon Rutledge of Canandaigna, Ontario Co., New York February 21, 1877 at the residence of Mrs. Elizabeth Hurd Edward Goddard Witnesses: John B. Root Esq. of Norway and George H. Hurlbert of Newport, Herkimer Co., New York
83Rebecca SissonFuneral Friday, June 22, 1877 burial in village cemetery at Norway, she died June 19,1877E. N. Goddard
83Sarah Jesse RootConfirmation July 19, 1877Rt. Rev. W. C. Doans
83Mrs. Elizabeth (Norton) ?[possibly Coe] Funeral Thursday October 4, 1877 in the old cemetery at Norway, 82nd year of age
84Mary VanDandenburgh, daughter of Wm and Susan (Mabor) Vandenburgh Funeral Wednesday November 7, 1877 she died Monday November 5, 1877 and was buried in the Village Cemetery at Norway Edward N. Goddard
84Infant son of James N. and Sarah M. (H.) Rutledge Funeral child died January 28, 1878 at age 12 weeks and was buried in the New Cemetery at Norway Edward N. Goddard
86List of Communicants Lent AD 1878 at Grace Church Norway, New York Mr. David DuBois, Mrs. David DuBois, Mrs. Helen (Nichols) Comstock, Mr. ? Hadcock, Mrs. Elizabeth Hadcock, Miss Elizabeth Hurd, Miss Emma Hurd, Mr. Lawrence La Rur, Mrs. Lawrence La Rur, Mr. John B. Root, Mrs. John B. Root, Miss S. Jessie Root, Mrs. S. (Hurd) Rutledge, Miss Hannah Sisson, Mrs. James R. Pullman, Mrs. Maria Randall, Mrs. F. Siuth?, Mrs. William Vandenburgh, Mr. Wilkinson (Paul's Bridge), Mrs. William Hadcock A note was written about Mr. & Mrs. John B. Root and Miss S. Jessie Root - These three removed to Northampton, Nobles Co., Minnesota, March 1878
89Rose Luther, daughter of Almon Luther born July 1865, Baptised Easter Day April 21, 1878Edward N. Goddard
90William Hadcock, warden of Grace Church Funeral April 4, 1879, he died April 2, 1879 in the 84th year buried in the cemetery at Norway
91Mr. David DuBois, senior warden of Grace Church Funeral July 4, 1880, he died July 2 1880
107List of persons Confirmed September 8 and 9th, 1831 at Norway Daniel Henderson, Allen Baker of Colebrook, Francis L. Nichols, Mr. Crain, Giles Sheldon, Mr. DuBois, Sarah DuBois, Mr. Gordineer, Mrs. Crain, Melinda A. Norton, Frances R. Mason, Almira Sheldon. All from Norway unless noted.
108List of persons Confirmed May 18, 1836 Mrs. Coe, Miss Elisabeth Tillinghast, Miss Eliza Nichols, H. Nichols, Miss Nancy Corp, Mr. Isaac Corp, Miss Tillingbaugh, Emeline Norton. All from Norway
110List of persons Confirmed August 25, 1838 Jacob Duboise, Epaphris Smith, Hannah Smith, Robert English sick age 85, Catherine Willoughby, Pheby Dix, Thuron Sherwood.
111List of persons Confirmed May 29th, 1841 Elizabeth Maria Hurd, Roxana Corpe, Frances Ann Lowerre, Thomas Manley, Esq.
111List of persons Confirmed May 23, 1844 Miss Frances Crane, Mrs. Maria Randal, Mrs. Maria Henderson, Miss Paulina Smith - at the Falls
112Miss Gertrude WillardConfirmed September 23, 1846
112List of persons Confirmed August 13 and 14, 1853 Mrs. Eliza Sophia Booth, and Mrs. Susan M. Bandenburgh
112List of persons Confirmed August 29, 1854 Mrs. Carolina Sophia Hanady, Miss Rebecca Sisson, and Miss Hannah Sissson
113List of persons Confirmed August 3, 1862 Mrs. Lucy M. Neely, Mr. Richard ?[possibly Ourth], and Mr. Henry Tillinghast
113List of persons Confirmed March 11, 1869 Samuel F. Collins, Mrs. Catherine Collins, Mrs. Jane R. Pullman, and Miss Emily Maria Ayres
114List of persons Confirmed Friday October 29, 1869 Miss Helen Maria Nichols, Miss Mary Jane Nichols, Miss Frances Louisa Du Bois, and Miss Elizabeth Charlotte Hadcock
115Horace Nichols Confirmed October 15, 1897W. C. Doane
122Anna (Coppernoll) Hadcock, born at Stone Arabia, Montgomery Co., New York May 28, 1795Funeral Nov. 3, 1887, died at Norway Oct 31, 1887 and buried at cemetery in Norway, deceased husband's name William Hadcock, both were communicants of church
135Baptism January 29, 1872 at the home of Mrs. Abram Hurd Charles Summer, Emeline Tompkins, Caroline George, and George & Mary, children of Joseph ?[posssibly Mabdy] and his wife
135Lilly June and Stella Grant, children of John & Hellen Smith of Norway Baptism January 26, 1873
136List of Communicants at Norway, August, 1854 by Edward Mapes. Mr. Samuel C. Henderson, David DuBois, Ira Manly, Isaac Corp, Joseph Crane, Abram Hurd, Mr. Wilkinson residing in North Woods, Mrs. Wilkinson, Mrs. Caleb Nichols, Mrs. Isaac Corp, Mrs. David DuBois, Mrs. Abram Hurd, Mrs. Benj. Hurd, Mrs. Ira Manly, Mrs. Ira Coe, Mrs. J. C. Crane, Mrs. Elisha Randall, Mrs. Francis E. Randall formerly Miss Crane, Mrs. Maybee, Mrs. Vanderburgh residing in town of Russia, Mrs. Boone, Mrs. Caroline S. Kanady August 8, 1856, Miss Rebecca Sisson, Miss Hannah Sisson, Miss Mary Jane Coe December 25, 1854
139List of Communicants at Norway December 1848 [notes like deceased were added in a different hand] Mrs. Manly - deceased, Daniel C. Henderson, Abram Hurd, Ira Manly, Mrs. James Horton - deceased, Isaac Corp, Mrs. Caleb Nichols, Joseph C. Crane, Mrs. Margaret M. Madny - deceased, David DuBoise, Mrs. Isaac Corp, Mrs. D. Duboise, Mrs. Benj Hurd, M. M. Wells, Mrs. Abm Hurd, Mrs. Maybee, Mrs. Ira Manly, Mrs. Ira Coe, Mrs. Rachel English, Mrs. Francis E. Crane - married, Mrs. Crane, Mrs. Elisha D. Randall, Mr. Wilkinson & Mrs. Wilinson - Noblesborrogh, Mrs. Avery - residing at Salsbury, Bandenburgh, Booth
141List of Communicants at Norway September 21, 1845 Mr. J. Corpe, Mrs. Corpe, Mr. Du Boise, Mrs. Du Boise, Mr. Crane, Mrs. Crane, Miss Florans, Mr. Maybee - left the church, Mr. Manley ?, Mr. J. Manley, Mrs. Manley, Mrs. Henderson, Mrs. Dryden Henderson, Mr. A. Hurd, Mrs. A. Hurd, Mr. B. Hurd, Mr. Coe, Mr. Norton, Miss Norton ?, Mrs. Avery - Residing in Salisbury, Mrs. Lowrrie - removed, Mrs. M. Randall, Mrs. Willard - removed to Newport, Mr. ? & Mrs. ? - Poland, Mr. Sherwood - Newport, Mr. A. Nichols.
1846 - Mr. & Mrs. Wilkinson - Nobleborough.
1847 - Miss Gertrude Willard, Mrs. ? - Newport, Miss Hull - Newport, Mrs. English, Mr. English.
144 Norway 1841 Mr. Corpe, Mrs. Cope - dead, Mr. Duboise, Mrs. Duboise, Mr. Crane, Mrs. Crane, Mrs. Maybee - left the church, Mrs. Manly - removed, Mr. Pasons - removed, Mr. Manly Esqr., Mr. Henderson, Mr. A. Hurd, Mrs. A. Hurd, Mrs. B. Hurd, Mrs. Coe, Mrs. Norton, Miss Norton, Mrs. Avery, Mrs. J. Duboise - dead, Mrs. Willoughby - dead, Mrs. Norton Junr Deceased, Mrs. Lowerrie, Mrs. Maria Henderson, Mrs. Maria Randall, Miss Frances Crane, Mrs. Willard - added from Holland Patent, Mr. Ira Manly, Mrs. Ira Manly
150List of Communicants of the Episcopal Church Norway Mrs. English, Mrs. Manly - wife of John Manly, Mrs. Mabee - widow, Mrs. Fosburgh, Mr. Fosburgh - became a comm May 1831, Mrs. Carpenter - wife of Arnold C. became a comm. May 1831, Mrs. Tillebough - became comm. May 1831, Giles Sheldon - baptism Jan 30, 1851 removed, Mrs. Crain - became a communicant May 1831, Mrs. Gardineer - became a communicant May 1831, Allen Baker - Baptised May 29, 1831, Mrs. Tillinghast, Mr. Parsons, Mr. Nichols - removed July 31, 1831 at Norway, Mrs. F. L. Mason - removed July 31, 1831, Mrs. Nichols - Removed became comm July 1831, David Henderson, Mr. Crain, Mr. Dubois, Sarah DuBois, Melinda A. Norton, Almira Sheldon. Those who became comm in 1832 Elizabeth Nicholls and Elizabeth Corp. Confirmed Sept 1831 By the Right Rev B. T. ?
151List of Com of the Ep Ch Norway
1832 Catherine Willoughby
1833 Mrs. Dix and Arnold Hurd - removed
1836 Isaac Corp, Nancy Corp, Emeline Norton, H. Nichols, Elizabeth Tillinghast
1837 March 26 Epaphas Smith - formerly belonging to the Presbyterians
September 24, 1837 Hannah Smith (his wife) formerly belonging to the Presbyterians

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