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Reunion At Norway

Herkimer Citizen, Tuesday, June 27, 1905

The Descendants of Nathaniel Salisbury Meet in Annual Reunion at Norway Village -
A Babe of Six months and a Venerable Lady of 96 Years Among Those Present.

The third annual reunion of the descendants of Nathaniel Salisbury was held at Norway Saturday, Jun 24th.

Nathaniel Salisbury was one of the pioneer settlers of the town of Norway. He was born at Swansea, Mass., March 24, 1772. In 1803 he located at what is known as "Dairy Hill" in Norway and became one of the most successful dairymen of the town, famed far and near for his butter and cheese production. He remained at Dairy Hill for forty years and then moved to Norway village where he died April 6, 1866, leaving surviving six children, thirty-eight grand children, fifty-four great grand children and three great great grand children. A genealogy of the Salisbury family recently issued gives the names and address of 216 living descendants of Nathaniel Salisbury.

Nathaniel Salisbury

Both the oldest and youngest descendants of Mr. Salisbury were present at Saturday's reunion, the oldest in the person of Mrs. Eliza Ferris of Prospect, N.Y., who was 96 years of age the 19th of the present month, and who is the last surviving child of Nathaniel Salisbury. The youngest being the sweet little six months old baby, Manzie Katherine, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Talcott of Prospect.

Seventy-three registered at Saturday's reunion and it was a day of great enjoyment for all. At 1pm a bounteous and very excellent dinner was served under the direction of Mrs. E. J. Western of Herkimer and Mrs. Elton Hopson of Dolgeville. There was so much to eat that it took nearly two hours for this part of the program.

The business meeting was presided over by Bowen B. Moon of Russia, president of the Association. After a very complete report of last year's reunion had been read by the secretary, Mrs. Emma Salisbury Spencer of Dolgeville, officers for the coming year were elected as follows: President, Jackson Smith, Herkimer; Vice President, Howard Spencer, Dolgeville; Treasurer, Nathaniel S. Brockett, Manheim; Secretary, Mrs. Emma Salisbury Spencer, Dolgeville; historian, Miss Anna Candace, Brockett, Little Falls; banquet committee for 1906, Mrs. John G. Fenner, Poland, Mrs. John E. Prindle, Russia and Mrs. V.A. DeVolt of Trenton Falls.

It was voted to hold next year's reunion at Norway in the month of June, the exact day to be fixed by the president and officers of the Association. At the literary feast the Salisbury hymn was sung with Miles Moore as leader, Mrs. John Forrest sang a solo very sweetly. Remarks referring particularly to the early history of the Salisbury family were made by B.B. Moon, E.H. Knight [who also gave a history of his trip to the St. Louis Exposition and other western points], Mrs. S. Maria Morgan, A. T. Smith, Miles Moore, Howard Spencer, Z.B. Smith, W.A. DeVolt, Jackson Smith and others.

These gatherings bring together once a year relatives who are widely scattered, who find pleasure and profit in getting together and having a day to visit and renew the acquaintances of youth. So successful have they proven that they will be continued for all time.

Those present Saturday were: Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Smith, Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Service, Mr. and Mrs. Z.B. Smith, A.T. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Western and son Mark, Herkimer; Susie C. Lane, Earl Lane, Grant; Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Knights, Mr. and Mrs. Lucius Knights, Ethel Knights, B.B. Moon, Mr. and Mrs. Miles Moore, Fred Moore, Chas. Knights, Mr. and Mrs. John E. Prindle, Marion and Spencer W. Prindle, Mr. and Mrs. John Forrest, Frank M. Brown, Russia; Mrs. Eliza Ann Ferris, Mrs. C.L. Talcott, Miss Reba Talcott, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Talcott and daughter, Prospect; Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Morey and son, Utica; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence D. Smith, Mrs. J.E. Crumby, Newport; Mr. and Mrs. J.G. Fenner, Gerald and Mary Fenner, Mrs. Francis Ferris Buck, Miss H. Gudride Buck, W. S. Burt, Poland; Mr. and Mrs. Howard Spencer, Phebe Spencer, Clara Spencer, Mr. and Mrs. Elton Hopson, Harry Hopson, Edwin S. Hopson, Dolgeville; Mrs. S. Maria Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. DeVolt and son Harold, Trenton Falls; Mr. and Mrs. N.S. Brockett, Miss Anna Candace Brockett, Manheim; Mrs. H.S. Williams, Cleveland, Ohio; Mr. and Mrs. David Smith, Mrs. E.C. Ives, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Morse, Mrs S.H. Ackley, Mr. and Mrs. Alison D. Morse, Norway.

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