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This is an index to the pioneer family biographies that were usually in each edition of "Norway Tidings". This index does NOT cover any of the marriage notices, obituaries, or articles in Norway Tidings. The name of the family or person is followed in parentheses by the page number if you manually number Norway Tidings (there are no consecutive page numbers). This is followed by the volume, issue number, page, and date of the issue.

BARNES Family (136) Vol.3 No.7 P.4 July 1889
BENJAMIN Family (60) Vol.1 No.12 P.4 December 1887
BLY Family (108) Vol.2 No.12 P.4 December 1888
BRAYTON Family (36) Vol.1 No.9 P.4 September 1887
BRONSON Family (64) Vol.2 No.1 P.4 January 1888
BULLOCK Family (80) Vol.2 No.5 P.4 May 1888
BURWELL Family (128) Vol.3 No.5 P.4 May 1889
CADMAN Family (28) Vol.1 No.7 P.4 July 1887
COE Family (116) Vol.3 No.2 P.4 February 1889
COOK, GEO.W. & WM.H. (20) Vol.1 No.5 P.4 May 1887
COPPERNOLL Family (156) Vol.3 No.12 P.4 December 1889
CRANDALL Family (176) Vol.4 No.5 P.4 May 1890
CROCKER, BENJAMIN (36) Vol.1 No.9 P.4 September 1887
DAVIS, JOSEPH Family (56) Vol.1 No.11 P.4 November 1887
DODGE Family (192) Vol.4 No.9 P.4 September 1890
DUBOIS Family (188) Vol.4 No.8 P.4 August 1890
FERRIS Family (169) Vol.4 No.4 P.1 April 1890
GAGE Family (52) Vol.1 No.10 P.4 October 1887
GARDNER, JOHN (104) Vol.2 No.11 P.4 November 1888
HADCOCK Family (152) Vol.3 No.11 P.4 November 1889
HEMINGWAY Family (189) Vol.4 No.9 P.1 September 1890
HENDERSON Family (4) Vol.1 No.1 P.4 January 1887
HINE Family (132) Vol.3 No.6 P.4 June 1889
HINMAN Family (144) Vol.3 No.9 P.4 September 1889
HINMAN Family Part Two (153) Vol.3 No.12 P.1 December 1889
HURD, EBENEZER (88) Vol.2 No.7 P.4 July 1888
IVES Family (120) Vol.3 No.3 P.4 March 1889
JACKSON Family (36) Vol.1 No.9 P.4 September 1887
JACKSON, WILLIAM & Family (200) Vol.4 No.11 P.4 November 1890
JOHNSON, TIMOTHY Family (196) Vol.4 No.10 P.4 October 1890
HORTON, LUTHER (203) Vol.4 No.12 P.3 December 1890
MANLEY, JOHN Family (8) Vol.1 No.2 P.4 February 1887
MANLEY, THOMAS Family (11) Vol.1 No.3 P.3 March 1887
MASON, FREDERICK (164) Vol.4 No.2 P.4 February 1890
NORTON, NATHANIEL (76) Vol.2 No.4 P.4 April 1888
POTTER Family (32) Vol.1 No.8 P.4 August 1887
POTTER, ANGEL (104) Vol.2 No.11 P.4 November 1888
RANDALL Family (203) Vol.4 No.12 P.3 December 1890
RATHBUN Family (156) Vol.3 No.12 P.4 December 1889
REYNOLDS Family (68) Vol.2 No.2 P.4 February 1888
ROSS Family (16) Vol.1 No.4 P.4 April 1887
RULAND, RICHARD (124) Vol.3 No.4 P.4 April 1889
SALISBURY Family (180) Vol.4 No.6 P.4 June 1890
SHELDON Family (112) Vol.3 No.1 P.4 January 1889
SHELDON, PAUL (36) Vol.1 No.9 P.4 September 1887
SHERMAN Family (92) Vol.2 No.9 P.4 August 1888
SISSON, RICHARD (124) Vol.3 No.4 P.4 April 1889
SMITH, DAVID (72) Vol.2 No.3 P.4 March 1888
SMITH, JARED Family (140) Vol.3 No.8 P.4 August 1889
SMITH, SETH & Family (160) Vol.4 No.1 P.4 January 1890
SMITH, TIMOTHY Family (148) Vol.3 No.10 P.4 October 1889
SMITHS, THE -19 Smith Families in Norway (202) Vol.4 No.12 P.2 December 1890
TILLINGHAST, HENRY (23) Vol.1 No.6 P.3 June 1887
TILLINGHAST NOTES (200) Vol.4 No.11 P.4 November 1890
TOMPKINS Family (184) Vol.4 No.7 P.4 July 1890
TUTTLE, DANIEL (100) Vol.2 No.10 P.4 October 1888
WILLOUGHBY Family (204) Vol.4 No.12 P.4 December 1890
WRIGHT, JOCK (84) Vol.2 No.6 P.4 June 1888

The Norway Tidings Index was made and offered to us by Paula Pitts. [Email address is from 1999, and we don't have a more recent address.]

Paula tells us:

"I'm researching my mother's paternal family, the Bly's. It was supposed to be a simple project to type up my mother's partially finished description of Job Bly and his descendants. My son and daughter in-law started sending me information from the fantastic resources in DC and now I have a full time big deal project.

Benjamin Bly was born in England, it is believed. The first trace of him is his marriage in Kent Co., Rhode Island to Joanna Carr. They lived most of the time in Voluntown, CT. They had five sons and one daughter. Four of the sons came to Norway. For over a hundred years, Blys were in Herkimer Co. They intermarried with the Comstocks, Service, Vedder, Legg, Pullman , Nichols, and other families.

I have gotten SO much help from other people that I just want to share what I can. The web has sent many wonderful people my way and hopefully I have been able to send as much information as I have received. The New golden rule of web genealogy!"

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