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Adams, Daniel S.Sep 10, 1831
Austin, Benjamin Feb 1, 1831
Babbet, J. Oct 29, 1831
Benchley, W.S. 1886
Bennett, Albert Feb 6,1886
Brownell, Mrs. Sarah Wilson May 6, 1931
Brown, Laura Nov 4, 1831
Brown, Mrs. Sally Oct 14, 1831
Brown, William Sep 21, 1831
Bullock, Dyer D. Dec 15, 1886
Bullock, Dyer D. Dec 15, 1831
Bunnell, Elizabeth Jul 14, 1831
Burch, Almira Mar 5, 1831
Burt, Susan Jane Sep 1, 1831
Corbette, E. Nov 1, 1831
Cramer, Bridget Feb 22, 1831
DeVoe, Mrs. Deborah May 2, 1831
DeVoe, Mrs. D. I. Jan 8, 1915
DeVoe, Wallace G . ?????
Dutcher, Lucinda Apr 3, 1831
Dygert (Son of John B) Jan 16, 1831
Dygert, Harvey Apr 28, 1831
Garrison, Mrs. Issac ?????
Hall, Merton N. Dec 25, 1831
Hammond, Stephen Dec 2, 1847
Harvey, Benjamin Mar 18, 1847
Hilton, Henry Augustus Nov 2, 1831
Holmes, Roswell Jan 17, 1831
Hooker, Charlotte Mar 4, 1831
Ives, Jason S. Mar 14, 1831
Johnson, John J. Aug 28, 1918
Klock, Mrs. A. Van Allen 1920
Lansing, Mrs. Laura Mar 6, 1831
McLaughlin, Bridget Feb 10, 1831
Munson, Horace M. Dec 17, 1803
Nellis, Margaretha Jul 28, 1778
Potter, Mrs. Elizabeth Mar 19, 1831
Robins, Mrs. Sarah M. Mar 10, 1911
Root, Mary Mar 29, 1831
Sanger, Richard W. Jan 1,1831
Scott, John May 20, 1831
Seaman, Sylvanus Aug 9, 1893
Seeber, Benton May 15, 1912
Seeber, Byron 1928
Seeber, Daniel Nov 23, 1896
Seeber, Myra Benton Nov 7, 1904
Shaut, Elmo E. Aug 22, 1889
Smith, Amy Apr 10, 1831
Snell DeVoe, Maria Dec 16, 1923
Stellar, Mrs. Charles 1930
Stetson, Lucinda Apr 3, 1831
Tufts, Mary Bond Aug 29, 1831
Underwood, Alzina Sep 10, 1831
Van Allen, Alexander Aug 29, 1911
Van Allen, Alida Diamond Dec 6, 1900
Van Allen, Archibald Sep 14, 1881
Van Allen, Catherine Sep 3, 1849
Van Allen, Cordelia 1941
Van Allen, Emery J. 1864
Van Allen, George F. 1898
Van Allen, Hiram Jun 30, 1893
Van Allen, Jacob Feb 19, 1885
Van Allen, John D. Dec 29, 1904
Van Allen, Mrs. Catherine Sep 1905
Van Allen, Truman Sep 3, 1849
Vrooman, Cora Feb 22, 1831
Wendover, Daniel 1886
Wert, Dorcas Yost Nov 30, 1925
Whipple, Eleazer Oct 23,1830
Whitbeck, Mrs. Margaret Jul 9, 1912
Whitlock, Jacob Apr 15, 1904
Willard, Mrs. Olive W. May 29, 1831
Williams, Henry Apr 28, 1831
Willoughby, Amos C. Jul 6, 1886
Willoughby, Amos C. Jul 6, 1831
Wilson, Fred May 27, 1905
Wilson, Ira May 28, 1901
Wilson, Mrs. Jacob Dec 26, 1876
Wilson, Mrs. Rachel 1915
Wilson, Mrs. Sadie ?????
Wilson, William H. May 28, 1905
Wilson, William H. Apr 22, 1932
Wilson, Winfield ?????
Young, Mrs. Mary J. Van Allen 1917

12/29/97  From Steven Seeber, whose ancestors followed their California dream:

Byron Seeber

Daniel Seeber, born Canajoharie area 3-29-1817; died 11-23-1896 Sonora, Ca.
Source: Tuolumne County Ca. Records.

Wife: Myra (Benton) Seeber, born: 1-25-1821 at Ames, N.Y; died 11-7-1904 at Oakdale, Ca.
Source: local newspaper

Son: Benton Seeber, born 1842 N.Y.; died 5-15-1912 at Quartz, Ca.
Source: Tuolumne County records

Son: Byron Seeber, born 1846 at Theresa, Jefferson Co. N.Y.; died 1928 Oakdale, CA
Source: Family Bible

Byron Seeber, photo approx. 1915 - 1925. Son of Daniel and Myra Seeber, originally from the Canajoharie area. The family migrated to Sonora, CA in 1855 from Watertown, NY.

12/27/97  From Chris DeVoe:

The Utica Daily Press from Dec. 12, 1923 includes this obituary:

Mrs. Maria Snell Devoe, 99, Active Until Death
In Preparation for Coming Event - Ancestors First Settlers

Ft. Plain, Dec. 16 [1923] -- Mrs. Maria Snell Devoe, 99, widow of Daniel A. Devoe, died Saturday morning at the home of her son, ex-County Treasurer Daniel I. Devoe, Lydius Street. Had she lived until January 11, 1924, she would have been 100 years of age. Mrs. Devoe was the oldest resident of this town and she was greatly respected and had many friends and acquaintances. She had been in her usual health and the end came peacefully. She retained all of her faculties until the end and was able to converse on events of the present time. She was born in the town of Danube, near the hamlet of Ford's Bush, and was a daughter of the late Conrad and Margaret Snell. She had always resided in this section [of the state]. She had knitted articles for Christmas for her children and grandchildren. She came of a family of pioneer stock, dating back to before the Revolutionary War, her ancestors being of the first settlers of this section. The survivors are one son, Daniel I. Devoe; three daughters, Mrs. Frank W. Bauder of this place, Mrs. Schuyler Duryea of Everett, Wash., and Mrs. Charlotte N. Zoller of West Union, Ia.; 10 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren. It was the general wish of the people in this place that Mrs. Devoe could have lived to round out 100 years.

My great-grandfather's death is reported as follows by the Utica Press (again, I believe) on 3/24/98:

Fatality in Herkimer County
Wallace G. DeVoe, a Well Known Farm-
er, Living Near Jordanville, Entered
His Burning House to Save Some
Effects and Never Returned -- His Wife
a Sister of Hon. W. A. Matteson of Utica

A distressing fatality ocurred Wednesday morning near Jordanville, in the southern part of Herkimer County. On a farm about two miles from the village lived Wallace G. DeVoe, with his wife and two sons, Floyd, 16, and Glen [sic], aged 19.

Between 2 and 3 a.m., the family was awakened by smoke and found that a serious conflagration had begun in the house. Efforts to check the progress of the flames proved futile. They appeared to have originated from the chimney and spread with great rapidity. The members of the family worked diligently to save as much as they could of the household, and succeeded in removing a considerable quantity before the flames reached them.

Desiring to save some articles that had been left upstairs, Mr. DeVoe entered the burning house at a point in the progress of the conflagration that rendered it a perilous undertaking. He was seen to enter and go upstairs, but he never was seen alive again. With the first suspicion that he had been lost, efforts were made to reach him, but without success. When the flames had exhausted themselves the body of Mr. DeVoe was found in the ruins. His tragic death occasions sincere regret in the entire community. Mr. DeVoe was about 60 years old. He was born on the farm and had passed all his days there. He was a man of exemplary character and deserved the high esteem in which he was held. Beside his wife and two sons he leaves a brother, Daniel DeVoe, of Ft. Plain, and a sister residing in Ilion. Mrs. DeVoe is a sister of Hon. William A. Matteson of Utica. He was apprised of the catastrophe yesterday morning, but having a case before the court, was unable to leave. He will start for Jordanville early this morning to render his sister such assistance as may be in his power.

12/30/97  Obituaries of members of the Wilson Family, Part 1. Contributed by Paul Russell, this first set of obits covers the extended family of William H. Wilson of Johnstown, formerly of the town of Mohawk. Part 2 covers Wilsons elsewhere in the Mohawk Valley region.

Sent "In Memory of E.E.":

From a St Johnsville, N.Y. newspaper clipping for Wednesday, Aug. 28, 1918 issue, actual newspaper unknown, this obituary:


Man Who Gave Life In Vain Effort To Save Little
Mildred Horning Was Spanish War Veteran

In our account of the double drowning at Mindenville little was known of the Fonda man who lost his life in the heroic effort to save Mildred Horning.

It developed that his name was Sergeant John J. Johnson a retired Spanish war veteran possessing two medals for service in the Phillipines and the Boxer uprising in China. He was on the retired list and was not in the service having been declined by the government. The Fonda Democrat gives the following account of his career:

Sergeant Johnson began his military career in 1891, and served his country 22 years, four years of which was in the Phillipines and he also saw service in the China Boxer uprising. These services brought him double time on retirement and he was also awarded two medals of which he was very proud. He was retired as a first sergeant of the 14th infantry about four years ago.

Since his return to his home in Fonda, he had been active in training the Boy Scouts and the Blue Birds, and when our country entered the world war he immediately offered his services for active duty, but as men of his age have not as yet been needed, he was not called to service.

Sergeant Johnson was 43 years old and made his home with his sister, Mrs. Charles Horning of Caughnawaga. He is also survived by four sisters, Mrs. Charles Horning of Fonda, Mrs. William MacLaughlin and Mrs. John Horning of Gloversville; Mrs. James Smith, Utica; and one brother, Oliver Horning, Fonda; also several nieces and nephews. The funeral was held at 10:30 o'clock, the Rev. E. J. Cummings officiating and Henry Kelly, J. H. Lynch, James Portley and W. F. Saunderson serving as bearers. The interment was made in the family plot in Caughnawaga cemetery.

(Note: The brother Oliver Horning was probably named Oliver Johnson.)

From Chris DeVoe:

The Utica Daily Press from Jan. 9, 1915 includes this obituary:

Mrs. D. I. Devoe of Ft. Plain
Death of Prominent Woman

Wife of Former County Treasurer
Dies at Her Home in Late After-
noon -- Was Greatly Interested in
Religious Work and Held in High
Esteem in Village -- Born in Van
Hornesville 54 Years Ago
Ft. Plain, Jan. 8 -- At five minutes to five o'clock this afternoon occurred the death of Mrs. Agnes Devoe wife of ex-(Montgomery) county Treasurer Daniel I. Devoe, aged 54 years. Mrs. Devoe was the oldest daughter of the late Joseph and Cornelia Van Horne Shumway and was born at Van Hornesville, Herkimer County. She married Mr. Devoe in 1882, and for the past 29 years has been one of the prominent resident [sic] of Ft. Plain, and when in good health was active in the social and religious work. She was a devoted member of the Universalist Church and took great interest in the work of that denomination. For the past year Mrs. Devoe has been a sufferer from poor health caused from heart trouble. For the past few months her condition had been more or less serious and for several weeks had been cared for by a trained nurse. Mrs. Devoe had a large acquaintance with whom she was popular. She is survived by her husband, one daughter, Ethel, one sister, Mrs. John Farley of White Plains, and one brother, Walter F. Shumway (her husband's ex-business partner), druggist, of this village. The funeral will be held at her home on Lydius Street, Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Rev. L. J. Richards of Stoughton, Mass., a former pastor, will officiate.

Chris DeVoe is interested in learning anything about Daniel's date of death or his second wife, Lillian Adrian Failing (daughter of Adam L. and Rachel (Smith) Failing) (married 6/3/16). She was also a Snell descendant.

From Bob Petrie:

Mrs. Sarah M Robbins Had Lived in Herkimer County 86 Years

Frankfort, March 10, 1911--Mrs. Sarah M. Robbins died of bronchial pneumonia recently at the home of her son-in-law, H. T. Dodge, of the town of Schuyler. Mrs. Robbins fell a short time ago and broke her right hip. Later she was taken with bronchial trouble, which terminated in bronchial pneumonia. She was unable to resist the attack of the disease on account of her advanced years.

Mrs Robbins was 86 years old. She was born in 1824 in the town of Schuyler being the daughter of Samuel Barber. Mr. Barber was one of the first settlers of the town of Schuyler, coming there with his mother from Rhode Island when he was but 12 years old. His father had bargained for the property but died before the time came for him to leave Rhode Island. Nevertheless, Mrs. Barber came on with her family as planned, there being two boys and six girls in all.

The deceased was married to Baker Robbins, of Schuyler, in 1849. Mr. Robbins died in 1886 and since then Mrs. Robbins had lived with her daughter, Mrs. Dodge. She was a highly venerated resident of the vicinity, noted for her devout Christian character, and the friends who mourn her death are legion. The relatives who survive are one daughter, Mrs. H. T. Dodge, of East Schuyler; two sons, Samuel M., of Portland, Oregon, and Alvin L., of East Schuyler, and two sisters, Mrs. Esther Gaiter, of West Schuyler, and Mrs. Eleanor Morey, of West Frankfort.

Sarah M. Barber Robbins was a maternal great-great grandmother of Bob Petrie, New Hartford NY, who submitted this obituary.

This interesting item about long-lived Revolutionary War veteran Benjamin Harvey was sent to us by Beverly Balch Price.

BENJAMIN HARVEY, a minister and Revolutionary War Veteran, was born ca. 1735 either near Albany or Sharon, CT. He served in the Charlotte County Militia in Massachusetts and in New York. Later he moved to Herkimer County where he served as a licensed circuit preacher (as a Baptist and as a Methodist). At age 100, he traveled briefly with a circus to enable reaching a larger audience for his preaching. (His family took a dim view of this). The Circuit Steward's Book (M.E.Church) of Litchfield, Herkimer County notes that on July 28, 1839, Harvey at age 104 had his license renewed. At age 111, he lectured on Biblical Literature at the Old Trinity Church on Wall Street in New York City. The admission to these lectures was 2 or 3 cents. Upon return home via packet boat on the Hudson and the Mohawk Rivers, he walked 5 miles to his son's home near Frankfort Center. His health declined that winter resulting in his death at age 112 on March 18, 1847. His funeral was held at the Ferguson Road Church (now gone) with burial in the cemetery nearby. A gravestone marks his final resting place. His passing was noted in several publications including this flowery tribute in the April 1st Mohawk Courier:

"Another Veteran Gone ! - Again we have been called to follow to the silent tomb another of our Revolutionary sires: Perhaps the oldest one that survived the struggle for our glorious independence. Benjamin Harvey departed this life, at Frankfort, on Thursday the 18th inst. at the advanced age of 112 years, at the age of one hundred he seemed as young as a man of sixty. He has for about 40 years served under the blood stained banner of the cross. He continued to preach until but a short time before his death. Peace to his ashes. Soon we shall hear the death knell sound for the last time, as the last of the worthies of those times which tried men's souls shall go hence to be here no more."

I know of no Harvey descendants in this area but the various Balch & Morehouse families in Oneida County are descended from Ben Harvey. -- Beverly (Balch) Price

From Kathleen McLaughlin:

The 1778 death register for the Lutheran Church at the River (Mohawk Valley, NY) Item 6 reads "July 28, was laid at rest Margaretha NELLIS, wife of Heinrick Nelles at the River, left behind 7 sons and 1 daughter, that are all still minors; [she] had numbered 36 years 8 months in this miserable world."

From the "Charles City Intelligencer", April 16, 1904:

WHITBECK- Died at the home of his son-in-law, W. L. Martin, in Charles City, Iowa, April 15, 1904, Mr. Jacob Whitbeck, aged 84 years, 3 months and 7 days. Deceased was born in Montgomery county N. Y., January 20, 1820. He received a common school education in the schools of Albany county, N. Y. In 1840 he was united in marriage to Miss Margaret Fero. Their early married life was spent in York state. In 1856 they moved with their family to the then wilds of Iowa, coming to Floyd County. Mr. Whitbeck's was the first house completed in the village of Floyd. He gave largely of his time and money in building the Methodist church at that place, helping to haul the lumber used in its construction from McGregor.

In his early life Mr. Whitbeck became a christian, uniting with the M.E. church in which church he retained his membership till called to the larger fellowship of the church above.

In 1883 Mr. Whitbeck moved to Charles City, where he resided until his death. To Mr. and Mrs. Whitbeck were born ten children, six of whom with the bereaved wife remain to mourn the death of a kind and loving husband and father. He was a man of strictest truthfulness and integrity, and in his opinions was ever firm and staunch, because they were formed after giving all matters under question careful consideration. Uncle Jakey Whitbeck, as he became to be familiarly known, will long be remembered as a man in all that goes to make up the best type of manhood.

The funeral was held at the home of Mr. Martin on Sunday afternoon, the services being conducted by Rev. F. P. Shaffer, pastor of the Methodist church of Charles City, and was attended by a large number of friends and relatives. Interment was made at Oakwood cemetery, Floyd.

From the "Charles City Intelligencer", July 9, 1912:

Mrs. Margaret Whitbeck Born In Schenectady, New York, In 1825.

The funeral of one of Floyd county's oldest residents, Mrs. Margaret Whitbeck, was held Sunday afternoon from the home of her daughter, Mrs. Lib Martin, on west Clark street. The Rev. G. W. Burch, pastor of the Christian church, had charge of the services and music was furnished by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Taylor, accompanied by Miss Marie Howland. Messrs. William Holbrook, H. C. Baldwin, L. P. Minar, Otis Haven, Carl Merckel and John Greenlee acted as pall bearers, and interment was at Oakwood cemetery, Floyd. Margaret Fero was born near Schenectady, N. Y., Sept. 11, 1825. At the age of 16 she was united in marriage to Jacob Whitbeck of Montgomery, county, N. Y., and there they established a home. Thirteen years later they moved to Rockford, Ill., but the call of the west was loud in their ears and after a few years of Illinois life they decided to journey to Iowa, so packing their household goods on a wagon they, with their little ones, started overland for that, then distant place.

July 4, 1856, they landed in Charles City, which consisted at that time of a few scattered buildings. Six weeks later Mr. Whitbeck purchased a tract of land near Floyd and moved his family to that place where they resided until 1883 when too old to farm longer they once more returned to this city. Eight years ago Mr. Whitbeck was called to the beyond and since that time Mrs. Whitbeck has made her home with her daughters, Mrs. Lib Martin and Mrs. G. B. Duncan of Kewanee, Ill., it being at the home of the latter that she passed away, July 3, at the age of 87 years. Mrs. Whitbeck was the mother of ten children, four of whom are left to mourn her death. Mrs. Lib Martin of this city, Mrs. Duncan, Kewanee, Ill., Will J., Homestead, Ga. and Charles of Council Bluffs. One sister, Mrs. William Hyde also survives. Mrs. Whitbeck has been from early womanhood a consistant christian and was at the time of her death a member of the M. E. church of this city.

A kind neighbor, a faithful wife and loving mother, has gone to her reward.

Obituaries submitted by Janet Whitbeck Neal, Council Bluffs, Iowa, great-great granddaughter. At the time of the 1850 census, Jacob and Margaret were living in the town of Root. Five of their children were born in New York, probably Montgomery County. Five of their ten children are buried with them at the Oakwood Cemetery in Floyd, Iowa.

HAMMOND, Stephen

"Died, In German Flats, on the 16th, lamented by a very numerous family and many friends, Mr. Stephen Hammond, aged about 85 years. Reared in Rhode Island, while beleaguered by a powerful foe, Mr. H. enlisted early in our embryo navy, and did good service in hazardous attempt to guard from foreign depredation his native coast. Soon after the Revolution, he emigrated to this then thinly inhabited region, and bore his full proportion towards its settlement as father of twenty-six children. An impressive funeral discourse was given by the Rev. S. Ottman, on the 19th, from Eel.1.2.- Com."

This obituary was copied from the "Mohawk Courier" newspaper dated Dec. 2, 1847. Stephen Hammond was the gggg-grandfather of Dan Goetz, whose mother is a Hammond.

Obituaries of Hiram Van Allen and his sons Alexander Van Allen and John D. Van Allen, former residents of Manheim and pioneers of Joliet, Illinois. Contributed by Paul Horvath, ggg-grandson of Hiram and gg-grandson of Alexander Van Allen. Also included are obits of Jacobus Van Allen and Catherine Van Allen.

"Sylvanus Seaman, one of the oldest settlers in Carlinville, died suddenly in this city yesterday. Mr. Seaman was in his 87th year, and was born in Fairfield, Herkimer County, New York. He had been a resident of this city for fifty-two years. He came to this state when most of it was a wilderness. The deceased was an old stage coach driver and drove one of the stages in this county when Joe Howell was postmaster. Mr. Seaman was always found on hand to defend his country having served in the Mexican and Civil Wars. The deceased leaves six children, all of whom reside in this city. The funeral services will take place from the residence tomorrow afternoon at 2 p.m. under the auspices of the G.A.R. Post. Dr. J.B. Wolfe will officiate."

This obituary was copied from the "Macoupin County Enquirer" newspaper dated August 9, 1893. He died on Tuesday, August 8, 1893. Sylvanus was born about 1806 and lived in Carlinville, Illinois later in his life. He was married to Nancy McWain in Macoupin County, IL. They were the parents of Mary Elizabeth, Wm. "James", Millie, Lewis, George Riley, Samuel, and Lavinia who all resided in Carlinville, IL. Any info on this family of Sylvanus SEAMAN will be appreciated. Marilyn Trover Galvan

7/2/97: A contribution from Mr. Stanley Shaut. Newspaper unknown, but heading is "Perryville", which is in Madison County. Elmer E. Shaut was born April 14, 1862 to Winslow (Winston) and Martha Louise (House) Shaut of the Town of Danube, Herkimer County. Elmer was a brother of Stanley's grandfather, Charles M. Shaut. Further info about who the Hills were would be greatly appreciated.

"Aug. 22, 1889 - Elmer E. Shaut died at the residence of his mother-in-law Mrs. N. B. Hill in this village, Tuesday morning, in the 28th year of his age. Deceased was a resident of Little Falls, from whence he came to Perryville a few days ago to stay for a time at Mrs. Hill's with his wife. Before leaving home he felt unwell, and after reaching here he was prostrated with typhoid fever, combined with pneumonia. He was born in Newville, Herkimer Co., April 14, 1862, and had been engaged in business in Little Falls for about five years. Besides his wife and infant child he is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Winslow Shaut, of Utica, and five brothers. He was all that an affectionate and indulgent husband could be, and it is inexpressibly sad that death should carry him off in the spring time of life. Mrs. Shaut, one of our most highly esteemed young ladies, has the heart-felt sympathy of all our people. But recently called upon to mourn the death of her father, she is doubly afflicted in the death of her husband. May she receive comfort from above in this, her dark hour of bereavement."

This list of records of death occurring in 1831 was abstracted from the "Gospel Advocate" Vol. 11, originally published in 1831. The larger list, including people from other areas of central New York State, was included in "Early Settlers of New York State: Their Ancestors and Descendants, Volume 1", pp. 168 - 171, by Janet Wethy Foley. I have also included deaths from nearby places which would have once been included in the historic Montgomery County. The contemporary county is noted in parentheses.

ADAMS, Daniel S., Sept. 10, Columbia, Herkimer County, 28 yr (Herkimer Co.)
BROWN, Laura, Dau. of James, Nov. 4, Columbia, 28 yr. Formerly Windsor, Conn. (Herkimer Co.)
BROWN, Mrs. Sally, w. of Issac N., dau. of Daniel DODGE, Oct. 14, Russia (Herkimer Co.)
BURT, Susan Jane, dau. of Asahel and Anna, Sept. 1, Frankfort, 13 mo (Herkimer Co.)
DEVOE, Mrs. Deborah, w. of Dr. William H., May 2, Caughnawago (sp), 47 yr (Montgomery Co.)
DYGERT, son of John B., Jan. 16, Frankfort, 17 mo (Herkimer Co.)
DYGERT, Harvey, son of John B., Apr. 28, Frankfort, 14 yr (Herkimer Co.)
MUNSON, Horace Wm., Dec. 17, 1803, Salisbury, 29 yr (Herkimer Co.)
POTTER, Mrs. Elizabeth, w. of David, Mar. 19, Salisbury, 68 yr (Herkimer Co.)
SCOTT, John, son of Eleazer, May 20, Herkimer, 4 yr (Herkimer Co.)
UNDERWOOD, Alzina, w. of Edgar, Sept. 10, 21 yr. Funeral in Litchfield. Leaves husband and infant. (Herkimer Co.)
WILLARD, Henry, son of Silas, Apr. 28, Newport, 2 yr (Herkimer Co.)
WILLARD, Olive, w. of Silas, dau. of Henry ELLISON, May 29, 25 yr. Left an infant. (Herkimer Co.) WILSON, Robert, June 5, German Flats. Left widow and children. (Montgomery Co.)

Deaths from areas close to present-day Herkimer or Montgomery Counties:

AUSTIN, Benj., Feb. 9, Paris, left widow and two children, 60 yr (Oneida Co.)
BABBET, Mr. J., Oct. 29, Paris, 75 yr (Oneida Co.)
BROWN, William, oldest son of Samuel and Mary of Utica, late of England, d. at Detroit, Mich., Sept. 21, 22 yr (Oneida Co.)
BURCH, Almira, dau. of L.D. and Laura, Mar. 5, Sangerfield, 2 yr (Oneida Co.)
CORBETT, E., soldier of Revolution, in action at Bunker Hill and Quebec, Nov. 1, Bridewater, a Quaker, 79 yr (Oneida Co.; should read Bridgewater)
HILTON, Henry Augustus, eldest son of Robert, Nov. 2, Detroit, Mich., 4 yr. Recently of Utica. (Oneida Co.)
HOLMES, Roswell, Jan. 17, Sanquoit, 29 yr (should read Saquoit, Oneida Co.)
HOOKER, Charlotte, w. of col. James, Mar. 4, Utica, 42 yr (Oneida Co.)
LANSING, Mrs. Laura, w. of Rev. D.C., Mar. 6, Utica, 37 yr (Oneida Co.)
SANGER, Richard W., son of late Rev. Sanger of Bridgewater, Jan. 1, Clinton, 53 yr (Oneida Co.)
STETSON, Lucinda, dau. of Joel and Tryphena, Apr. 3, Sangerfield, 15 yr (Oneida Co.)
TUFTS, Mary Bond, 2nd dau. of Samuel, Aug. 29, Remsen, 17 yr (Oneida Co.)
WHIPPLE, Eleazer, Oct. 23, 1830, Richfield, 41 yr. Left wife and children. (Otsego Co.)

Deaths in Norway (Herkimer County) During the Year 1886. From "Norway Tidings" Vol. 1, No. 1, January 1887:

Feb. 6th: Albert Bennett, aged 13 years
Feb. 10th: Bridget McLaughlin, aged 80 years
Feb. 22nd: Cora Vrooman, aged 4 years
Feb. 22nd: Bridget Cramer, aged 13 years
Mch. 14th: Jason S. Ives, aged 63 years
Mch. 29th: Mary Root, aged 46 years
Apl. 3rd: Lucinda Dutcher, aged 48 years
Apl. 10th: Amy Smith, aged 97 years, one month and 10 days
July 14th: Elizabeth Bunnell, aged 54 years
Dec. 25th: Merton N. Hall, aged 23 years

Mrs. Amy Smith was the oldest person ever known in town.

The names of the following persons, who died during the year, will be remembered by many of our distant readers:

In Newport, Wm. S. Benchley, aged about 90 years.

In Ohio, Daniel Wendover, David O. Wendover, and Samuel Gibson.

In Hannibal, Mo., July 6th, Amos C. Willoughby, aged 84 years, 5 mos. and 15 days.

In Norwich, N.Y. Dec. 15, Dyer D. Bullock

Lots more obits on the Obits Bulletin Board Part 2.

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