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What more can we say about this section? Obituaries not only name relatives and relationships, but often tell vivid stories of people's lives. Please send in your collected Herkimer or Montgomery Counties related obits. Put "OBIT" in the subject heading of your email and name the source of the obit if known. The obits do not have to be long but can be short notices.

Ambridge, James Feb 23, 1897
Appleyard, Mrs. Isabella Feb 26, 1897
Avery, Grace Rose Apr 9, 1922
Bargerm, David Mar 1907
Bauder, Benjamin Jun 1901
Benedict, John Nov 23, 1871
Bennett, Emmet M. Aug 1911
Billings, Alvin Lyman 1947
Booth, Joseph Feb 26, 1897
Bowers, Frank Mar 8 1916
Braman, Mrs. Sarah Feb 26, 1870
Brockett, Charles Edward Jun 9, 1897
Brockett, Clinton Feb 1, 1898
Brockway, Reed Jan 1907
Brown, Emma E. Dec 14, 1870
Brown, Leonard Jul 1881
Burton, Ira Aug 3, 1897
Byington, Mrs. Eliza Jun 19, 1900
Carter, Charles R. Nov 11, 1917
Casey, Michael Aug 19, 1911
Chittenden, Mrs. Nancy Jane Feb 18, 1904
Clemmons, Charles Nov 11, 1917
Conklin, Mrs. James Jul 1, 1870
Cool, Guy Nov 11, 1917
Countryman, Frank L. Jan 13, 1922
Crane, T. H. Benton Mar 11, 1908
Cummings, Mrs. Daniel Jan 14, 1896
Dockstader, Henry D. Sep 1882
Dover, Joseph Mar 18, 1910
Dubgman, Lorenzo Dow May 4, 1918
Duesler, Jeanette L. Nov 17, 1917
Durant, George Aug 20, 1911
Enslow, Earl Jul 7, 1897
Esser, Mrs. Charlotte Dec 9, 1887
Failing, George H. Jun 28, 1914
Fero, Alie Nov 1887
Fisher, Burton G. Jul 17, 1950
Fisher, Mrs. Lucinda May 23, 1945
Flanders, Daniel O. Nov 1914
Folts, Jennie Grace Feb 1942
Garlock, Alvin Apr 5, 1912
Getman, Oliver Morgan 1922
Getry, Frank Dec 2, 1897
Goodbread, Clark ?????
Goodrich, Charles D. Aug 1918
Graham, Henry H. Jan 28, 1977
Hall, Henry Mar 15, 1910
Haslehurst, Peter Sep 19, 1882
Hastings, Charles (child of Henry Hastings) Oct 1879
Hastings, Minnie (child of Henry Hastings) Oct 1879
Hastings, Nellie (child of Henry Hastings) Oct 1879
Heffron, Mrs. James Mar 1907
Helmer, Anna E. Mar 31, 1899
Hilts, Philo 1914
Hitchcock, Margaret D. Nov 18, 1917
Hoban, Mrs. Mary Nov 11, 1917
Hoffman, John Jun 1897
Hoffman, John H. Dec 11, 1914
Hopkinson, Mrs. William J. Apr 8, 1906
Horigan, Mrs. John J. Jul 30, 1915
Hughes, Robert Jun 17, 1901
Hunt, James T. Mar 20, 1897
Hunt, M.D., Harvey Jun 8, 1870
Hurley, Edward Nov 11, 1917
Illig, Mrs. Barbara Feb 1922
Ingham, Mrs. Jessie M. Feb 24, 1897
Jewell, Sarah B. Jun 1946
Johnson, Mrs. Emma C. Jun 17, 1870
Jones, Carl E. Aug 24, 1980
Jones, Elizabeth May 30, 1870
Jones, Jr., Jonathan May 1869
Jones, Mrs. Carl Sep 24, 1955
Jones, Mrs. Mercy A. Jul 16, 1902
Kane, Mr. Apr 1869
Kaples, Abram Sep 6, 1907
Lamanna, Beverly Oakes Hazlett Graham Mar 21, 1980
Lee, J. R. Jun 1, 1892
Marshall, Charles Feb 28, 1870
McClement, Robert Mar 1916
McClumpha, William May 1869
McNamee, Mrs. John Aug 1918
McNeil, Henry Feb 28, 1897
Meding, Mrs. C. B. Oct 19, 1914
Mills, Mrs. Hiram Jan 16, 1910
Miner, Mrs. Matilda Jun 12, 1887
Moon, Mrs. Harriet B. May 18, 1903
Morey, Mrs. Celia Apr 24, 1918
Morrison, Mrs, Laura B. (Fisher) Dec 27, 1975
Mower, Fanny Jul 1, 1906
Murphy, John Mar 8, 1916
Nestle, Mrs. Stephen May 15, 1904
Nox, Mrs. William Jan 23, 1892
O'Brien, Margaret Angeline May 19, 1903
O'Connor, John Mar 22, 1897
O'Hara, Edward May 15, 1904
O'Heron, Margaret Jun 27, 1914
Ostrum, Anna Dec 11, 1910
Palmer, Joseph Mar 3, 1907
Palmer, Mrs. Margaret Gray Feb 1, 1907
Parese, Marion Oct 14, 1917
Parkhurst, James W. Feb 24, 1870
Parmer, Arthur W. Jan 22, 1987
Parmer, Helen M. Sep 3, 2003
Petrie, Asa Jun 6?, 1875
Petrie, Eugene Dec 1910
Petrie, Mrs. Ellen M. Aug 20, 1911
Phillips, Mrs. Sarah Aug 4, 1897
Porter, Marie Jun 10, 1900
Potter, Margaret 1908
Putman, James Mar 21, 1910
Putman, Mrs. Anna Katherine Apr 24, 1918
Quackenbush, John Feb 22, 1897
Reynolds, Dr. Clarence P. Feb 1897
Rice, Mrs. James Mar 1980
Rickard, Charles H. Apr 1918
Ridley, Martin Nov 3, 1914
Robbins, Harvey Feb 1904
Roof, James A. Apr 23, 1918
Sanderson, Pvt. William E. Apr 1918
Sart, Adelia Katherine Mar 20, 1910
Scanlon, Mrs. Michael Feb 23, 1897
Schoolcraft, William O. Oct 30, 1908
Secoy, Mrs. Catherine Jun 1910
Sehr, Michael Dec 11, 1910
Shanahan, Mrs. Ellen Oct 27, 1897
Shelp, Lemuel Woodworth Aug 19, 1911
Shuland, John Jul 7, 1897
Small, Charlotte M. 1899
Smith, C. W. May 2, 1888
Smith, Ella Jul 27, 1872
Smith, Mrs. Judah Nov 22, 1871
Snell, Fanny Oct 3, 1897
Snyder, Victor Feb 22, 1908
Sorenson, Anna M. Jun 1946
Spraker, Helena Aug 10, 1862
Staring, Charles Mar 20, 1910
Stauring, Henry A. Jul 1, 1906
Sterling, Albert A. Feb 1904
Sterling, Luther P. Dec 9, 1902
Sterling, William Dec 14, 1894
Stevens, Mrs. W. D. Nov 17, 1904
Stillman, Lydia M. Feb 10, 1870
Stoddard, Mrs. Catherine Jun 9, 1897
Strobel, Mrs. Nealie Mar 25, 1897
Suits, Dr. Peter L. Apr 21, 1921
Teskow, Charles 1914
Thompson, Alice Jan 2, 1870
Timmerman, Ira May 14, 1904
Van Buren, Carl Frank Apr 14, 1995
Van Buren, Hiram May 5, 1919
Van Buren, Mrs. Florence Mar 1, 1977
Van Dewater, Annie Feb 20, 1897
Van Dyke, Mary E. 1915
Van Dyke, Mrs. Emily A. Feb 26, 1897
Van Evera, Charles R. Sep 3, 1894
Varney, M.D., Alfred E. Feb 24, 1870
Vielhauer, William Feb 1, 1916
Vincent, James Mar 20, 1910
Vosburgh, Peter Feb 22, 1908
Walrad, John A. Aug 1900
Walrath, May Jan 1905
Warren, J. Eugene ?????
Weldon, Sherman Feb 1893
Weller, Mrs. A. A. Mar 10, 1907
Willoughby, Ralph David Jun 1920
Willoughby, William VanZandt Mar 13, 1907
Winne, Mrs. Nancy Jan 11, 1870
Witherstine, Dr., H. H. ?????

new 12/18/07  Ralph D. and William V.A. Willoughby's obits were contributed by Lisa Slaski!

"I'm trying to dig up some "dirt" on this fella'! The executors of his estate brought some sort of suit against the executors of my great-grandfather's estate and Daniel F. Strobel. So far it seems as though there was some contest over the amount of money due the heirs from business dealings that my great-grandfather and Strobel had with him. I've seen two business names in which the 3 are associated: The Vermont Products Company in which all 3 were among the original directors and the company of Willoughby, Richards and Strobel (I have no idea what they did)! Anyway, I found his obit and that for his father and thought they'd be nice for our site. Ralph appears to have been quite the businessman, running in the same circle as my great-grandfather and Strobel."

From the Herald Dispatch, 21 Jun 1920 (Utica NY)

Ralph D. Willoughby

Prominent in Business Life for Many Years - A Valued Citizen

Poland, June 21, - The death of Ralph David Willoughby occurred after a brief illness. Mr. Willoughby was the son of William V. and Martha Terry Willoughby and was born at Cold Brook, June 9?, 1863. For many years he was treasurer and manager of the Hinckley Mercantile Company. He was also president of the Newport Electric Light & Power Co., president of the Vermont Products Company, president of the Poland Cemetery Association, director of the Citizens National Bank of Poland.

Mr. Willoughby was a strong Republican and greatly interested in Herkimer County politics. For some time Committee. Although frequently urged, he would never accept an office himself. He was an active member of the Barca class of the Poland Baptist Church. He was a man of exceptional business ability and genial disposition and was popular and highly esteemed.

Mr. Willoughby married June 13?, 1890, Miss Milly Brayton of this village. They had one son, who died in infancy. Besides his wife he is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Cora A. Prentiss and Miss Elizabeth Willoughby of Poland; one brother, Alfred C. Willoughby of Gloversville; two nieces, Miss Margorie L. Willoughby of Gloversville and Mrs. Verna Blue of Barneveld, and five nephews, Herbert B. Read of New York, Ralph W. Read of Poland, S. Roy, E. Harold and H. Lyndon Prentiss of Poland.

From the Herald Dispatch, Herald Dispatch, 14 Mar 1907 (Utica NY)

Poland, March 14. - William Van Zandt Willoughby died at his home here yesterday. Mr. Willoughby was born on a farm near this village December 16?, 1826, being over 90 years of age. He was the son of Lewis and Nancy King Willoughby, formerly of Connecticut and a relative of Dr. Willoughby of Newport, who at one time was at the head of the Medical Institute at Fairfield. Nearly all his four score years were spent in Poland and Cold Brook, where he was in business, excepting about three years, when he had a meat market at Holland Patent. When 22 years of age he married Miss Martha Minerva Terry of Cold Brook. Of their family of eight children, five are now living, Mrs. Cora Prentiss and Ralph Willoughby of Hinckley, Alfred Curtiss Willoughby of Gloversville and Carlton and Lizzie Willoughby of Poland. He also leaves seven grand children, Ray, Harold and Linden Prentiss of Hinckley; Margory Willoughby of Gloversville and Herbert, Ralph and Verna Read of Poland, who have the sympathy of a large circle of friends in the community. The funeral will be held to-morrow.

new 12/18/07   The following group of obituaries was contributed by Judy Morgan !

January 23, 1987 Mohawk, NY, newspaper unknown

Arthur Parmer

MOHAWK---Arthur W. Parmer, 69, of 19 Michigan St, died Thursday, Jan 22, 1987 in Mohawk Valley General Hospital, Ilion. He was born Nov 25, 1917 in West Winfield, the son of Arthur and Hattie Laymon Parmer. He married the former Helen Wiegand in Newport on February 24, 1945. He was a veteran of World War II, having served with Troop-D-87th Cavalry and received the Purple Heart. He was employed for many years by the Standard Desk Company as a saw operator, retiring in 1975.

Besides his wife, Helen, he is also survived by his daughter Mrs. Nancy Farrington, Ilion, his son, Arthur Jr, Berlin, Germany, a sister Mrs. Cora Nightingale, N. Fort Myers, Florida, two brothers, William, Baldwinsville, and Floyd, Ilion, two grandsons and several nieces and nephews. Funeral services will be conducted at 11 a.m. Tuesday from the Murphy Funeral Home, Mohawk with Rev. Noni Porter, officiating. Burial will be in Mountain View Memorial Gardens, town of Little Falls in the Spring. Friends may call from 10 a.m. to time of service Tuesday.

From the Herkimer Evening Telegram, Sept 5, 2003, Herkimer NY

Helen M. (Wiegand) Parmer

HERKIMER - Helen M. Parmer, 81, of 690 W. German St., Herkimer, passed away Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2003, at the Valley Health Services with her loving family by her side. She was born April 7, 1922, in Schuyler, the daughter of the late Raymond and Mary (Quinn) Wiegand. Helen was educated in Schuyler rural schools and lived most of her life in the Mohawk area. She worked as a private duty health care aide. Her marriage to Arthur Parmer took place in February of 1945. Mr. Parmer passed away in 1987. Helen was last employed as an aide at the Middleville Rest Home. For many years she worked as a private duty health care aide. Mrs. Parmer was of the Catholic faith. She was a former member of the Salvation Army Home League in Herkimer. Survivors include a son, Arthur W. Parmer and wife Dale of Little Falls; a daughter, Nancy Ostering and husband Walter of St. Johnsville; three grandchildren, Arthur Parmer and girlfriend Laura Kapala and Patrick Parmer and Shawn Ostering; two sisters, Marie Lindsay of Newport and Beverly Murdock and husband Stanley of Frankfort; a brother-in-law, Floyd Parmer and wife Lillian of Ilion and several nieces and nephews. She was predeceased by a sister, Reta Wiegand, and a brother, Joseph Wiegand.

Funeral services will be held Saturday, Sept. 6, at 11 a.m. from the Smith-Woody and Enea Funeral Home, 9 Center St., St. Johnsville. Interment will follow at Mountain View Memorial Gardens, town of Little Falls. Friends and relatives may call at the funeral home Saturday morning from 10 a.m. until the time of the services. The family would like to express a special thank you to Valley Health Services and the friends and staff of two east extension for their care and compassion shown to Helen during her stay.

From the Evening Telegram, May 23,1945, Herkimer, NY

Mrs Lucinda Fisher Dies, Life Resident of Area

Mrs. Lucinda Fisher, 74, of 422 N. Prospect St., died today in Memorial hospital where she had been a patient since April 24. She was born Feb 13, 1871, in East Herkimer, daughter of William and Lucinda Witherstine Palmer, moving to Herkimer as a girl. She was married here Aug 28, 1895 to Berton D. Fisher, who survives. Following her marriage, they moved to Fort Herkimer, where they resided for 15 years. They had since made their home in the same house on Prospect St. Mrs. Fisher was a member of the Methodist church. She was formerly employed by Leon Saltsman and Burt O. Lee in a dry goods store here.

Also surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Carl Jones, who resided at home, and Mrs. Earl Miller, Hartwick Seminary. The funeral will be at 2 p.m. Wednesday from the home, with the Rev. Fred G. Cotnam of the First Methodist church officiating and burial in Oak Hill Cemetery.

From the Evening Telegram, July 18, 1950, Herkimer, NY

Burton G. Fisher, 82, died yesterday in his home, 422 Prospect St., after a long illness. He was born Aug 16, 1867, the son of Charles and Esther VanBuren Fisher. He received his education in Fort Herkimer schools. He married Lucinda Palmer on Aug 28, 1895. She died several years ago.

For several years, Mr. Fisher operated a farm. He was also employed as a teamster for construction projects on the old Erie Canal. When the couple came to Herkimer in 1918, he was employed by Frank Heyer on building and construction work. His work in the village included drawing stone for the First National Bank Building and also moving the old Herkimer Cemetery from Myers Park to its present location on Oak Hill. He was last employed by Marvin Kittle, Mohawk, in a greenhouse. He retired in 1947 because of poor health.

Mr. Fisher was a member of the Royal Arcanium for 50 years and attended the old Fort Herkimer church before it was closed. He leaves two daughters, Mrs. Reba Miller, Hartwick Seminary, and Mrs. Carl Jones, Herkimer, and several grandchildren, great-grandchildren, cousins and a niece. The funeral will be at 2 p.m. Wednesday from his late home. The Rev. Fred G. Cotnam, pastor of the First Methodist Church will officiate. Interment will be in Oak Hill Cemetery.

From the Utica Observer Dispatch, September 25,1955, Utica, NY

Jessie Fisher Jones

HERKIMER---------Mrs. Carl Jones, 53, died Sept 24, 1955 at her home 422 Prospect St., after a long illness. Jessie Fisher was born Nov 9, 1901, in Fort Herkimer, a daughter of Burton G. and Lucinda Palmer Fisher. She had been a resident of Herkimer for 40 years. She attended Herkimer schools and was married to Carl Jones on March 6, 1920, in her home. Mrs. Jones was a past officer of Myrtle Chapter, OES, a member of Crown Court, Order of Amaranth, a past president of the Auxiliary of Herkimer Post 39, American Legion, a member of the Legion Auxillary's Past President's Parley, a member of the Methodist Church and the Vral Philathea Class of the church.

Surviving besides her husband are a daughter, Mrs. Wilbur C. Howard, Ilion, two sons, Eldred, Indianapolis, Ind., and Verl, Los Angeles, Calif., a sister Mrs. Earl Miller, Hartwick Seminary, and several nieces and nephews. The funeral will be at 1:30 today from her home with the Rev. Fred G. Cotman, pastor of the Methodist Church, officiating. Burial will be in Oak Hill Cemetery.

From the Utica Observer Dispatch, August 25, 1980, Utica, NY

EAST HERKIMER------ Carl E. Jones, 82, of Main St, died Sunday in Herkimer Memorial Hospital. He had been employed by Remington Arms, retiring in 1963. He is survived by his wife, the former Ola Jones Brunett. The funeral will be at 11 a.m. Wednesday in Grace Episcopal Church, Mohawk. Calling hours 2-4 and 7-9 Tuesday at the Fenner Funeral Home, 115 Court St., Herkimer. Memorials may be sent to the Heart Fund.

From the Sanford Herald, December 29,1975, Sanford, Florida

Mrs Laura B. (Fisher) Morrison, 83, of 2600 Hiawatha Ave., Sanford, died Saturday night. She was born in Herkimer, NY, and came to Sanford in 1938. She was a member of First Presbyterian Church, Sanford Garden Club, Sanford Woman's Club and an honorary life member of the Women of the Presbyterian Church.

Survivors include a son, Dr. Jack Morrison, daughter, Mrs. A.B. McRaney, Sanford, four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Graveside services will be held Tuesday at 11 a.m. in Oaklawn Memorial Park. Brisson Funeral Home in charge of arrangements.

From the Herkimer Telegram, Jan 29, 1977, Herkimer, NY

Henry H. Graham, 68, of King St, was found dead yesterday in his home. Melvin G. Applegate Herkimer County Coroner ruled death from natural causes. He was born June 22, 1908 in Lakewear, Florida., son of Henry and Minnie Manzer Graham and came to Herkimer over 60 years ago. He attended Herkimer schools and was employed by Remington Arms Company retiring in 1973. A World War 11 veteran he was also a member of the Remington Arms 25 year club and of the Herkimer Free Methodist Church.

He leaves a step son William J. Hazlett, of Ilion,, a daughter Mrs. Gary ( Beverly) Manganaro, North Merrick, Long Island and five grandchildren. The funeral will be 10 AM Monday from the Fenner Funeral Home with burial in the spring in Mountain View Memorial Gardens in the Town of Little Falls. Calling hours are 2-4 and 7-9 tomorrow. Memorial gifts may be made to the Free Methodist Church Memorial Fund.

3/22/1980 Rindge, New Hampshire, newspaper unknown

Beverly Oakes Hazlett Graham Lamanna, 57, of Rindge, N.H. a former Herkimer Co. resident, died March 21 at Henry Heywood Memorial Hospital. She was born May 7, 1922 in Winchendon, Mass., the daughter of John L. and Mabel G. (Dickey) Oakes and lived in Rindge for the past six years, moving there from Herkimer. She was the wife of Rocco J. Lamanna. Mrs Lamanna was an assembler at the Simplex Time Recorder Company for several years. She was a member of Monadnock Park Association, the American Association of Retired Persons, and was a former member of the Rebekahs.

Besides her husband, she is survived by a son, William J. Hazlett of Ilion, a daughter, Mrs. Beverly A. Manganaro of Deer Park, a step-brother, Bud Dickey of Springfield, Mass, and five grandchildren. Funeral services were held at 2 p.m. March 24 from the Fletcher Funeral Home, Winchendon, Mass., with Rev. Warren H. May officiating. Interment was in Hillside Cemetery, Rindge. Bearers were William J. Hazlett III, John Hazlett, both of Ilion, James L. Oakes, Raymond I. Patch, Russell Patch, and Rickey F. Patch, all members of the family.

new 12/16/07   Hiram Van Buren's obit was contributed by Judy Morgan !

From the Evening Times, Herkimer, NY May 6, 1919.

Middleville Farmer a Suicide

Hiram Van Buren, son of Tobias and Dolly (Dingman) VanBuren, hanged himself from a rafter in a barn at a small farm near the county home in Middleville yesterday afternoon. His body was found by his wife when she went to the barn to call him to supper. Mr Van Buren was 65 years old. He had been in despondent spirits for some time past and last fall, after strangely disappearing from his home, was found in the town of Schuyler. He is survived by his wife and a son Frank.

new 12/16/07   Mrs. Florence Van Buren's obit was graciously contributed by Judy Morgan !

From the Herkimer Evening Telegram, Wednesday, March 2, 1977, Herkimer, NY.

MOHAWK----Mrs Florence Van Buren, 86, a resident of the Mohawk Homestead, died yesterday in the Mohawk Homestead Infirmary, after a long illness. She was born on Feb. 8, 1891, in Salisbury Center, the daughter of Henry and Louise Belger Hartman. On Nov. 18, 1914, she was married to Frank Van Buren in Herkimer. Mr Van Buren died in 1958. She had been employed at one time as a nursing assistant. She was a Methodist. Mrs Van Buren has been a resident of the home since 1966. She formerly lived in Newport.

She is survived by one son, Carl, of Haywood, Calif., two brothers, Floyd Hartman of Cold Brook and Ralph Hartman, of Newport, one sister, Mrs Della Broat of Salisbury, three grandsons, four great-grandchildren, and several nieces, nephews and cousins. The funeral will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday at the Mohawk Homestead with the Rev. William Wilbur, Methodist minister, officiating. Burial will be this spring in Middleville Cemetery. Calling hours are Friday, 2-4 and 7-8:30 p.m. at the Mohawk Homestead. Memorials may be made to a charity of one's choice. Arrangements are by the Fenner Funeral Home.

new 12/16/07   Carl Frank VanBuren's obit was sent in by Judy Morgan !

From the Auburn Journal, Auburn, Placer Co, Calif, Thursday, April 20, 1995, page A5/4.

Carl Frank VanBuren died April 14 at a local hospital. Mr VanBuren was a native of Newport, Herkimer Co, NY, born Aug 25, 1916. He worked as an aircraft mechanic for Delta Airlines for 35 years. He served in the U.S. Army from 1942 to 1946 with the 6th Bomb Squadron.

Survivors include his sons, Bruce and Robert, both of Fremont, and Donald of Cupertino; six grandchildren, and a special friend Marie Larson of Auburn. A memorial service will be held at 5 p.m. Sunday at the First United Methodist Church in Fremont. Memorial contributions may be made to the American Cancer Society.

new 12/16/07   Lorenzo Dow Dingman's obituary was contributed by Judy Morgan !

From The Cuba City News Herald, May 18, 1918, Georgetown, Wisconsin. Born in Montgomery Co, NY.

Lorenzo Dow Dingman was born in Ames, Montgomery Co, NY Sept 11, 1841, and died in the village of Georgetown in Grant Co, Wisc, May 4, 1918, being 76 years, 7 months, and 13 days old. When quite a young man he came west and nearly fifty years ago he came to this vicinity and has lived here ever since. He took an active part in everything that tendered to the betterment of the community. He was a member of the M.E. church for nearly a half century and was a constant attendant. He took a deep interest in the Sunday School and it was a pleasure to him to be with his Sunday School class every Sunday. He gave liberally to its support, and kept open house for the entertaining of all ministers who preached the gospel of love and the ultimate salvation of souls. He was married to Mrs. Nancy Louthain, Dec 1, 1869. To them were born four children, all of them were present at his bedside at the time of his death. Together with his grief stricken wife and one step-son, they are left to mourne a devoted husband and a loving father. They will miss him, his friends and neighbors will miss his familiar form and face. He was a great reader of both modern and ancient history, and possessed a memory equalled by only a few. He was conversant with the events of the past, and was deeply interested in the present world war, and was anxious to live to witness the close of the present struggle for a world-wide liberty to all mankind, but the all-wise God had willed it otherwise.

L.D. Dingman, our brother, friend and neighbor, whose inanimate body, in the midst of this turmoil of war and the visisitudes? of life, lie so peaceful, quiet and serene, unconscious and unmindful of the flight of time, during life had many traits of character worthy of emulation. He would at any time of the day or night fly to the relief of anyone in distress or want. He was ever ready with his hand or purse, to help the worthy poor, or a worthy cause, to the full extent of his ability. The funeral services were held at Georgetown Tuesday afternoon, Rev. H.A. Waste officiating. May he rest in peace.

Card Of Thanks

We wish to express our thanks for the kindness of our many friends and neighbors during the sickness and death of our beloved husband and father; also for the beautiful flowers furnished by the M.E. Sunday School and friends. Mrs L.D. Dingman and Children.

new 12/16/07   The Western Argus, August 8, 1832 (Lyons NY).

Glen.- At the Montgomery co. poor-house in this town on the 11th inst., a foreigner, brought there from the Erie canal, near Fultonville, died of cholera. From that time to the 24th, it is stated in the Johnstown Herald, the paupers continued healthy, when one sickened and died of cholera, at the house of his son. Three others had died of the disease on the 31st. On the 29th, Mr. Jameison (sic), who lived on a farm adjoining that on which the poor-house stands, died of cholera.

new 12/16/07   From the Christian Advocate, January 12, 1871 (Auburn NY).

MISS EMMA E. BROWN, daughter of Rev. J. A. and E. A. Brown, died at Brocketts Bridge, Dec. 14th, 1870, in the 18th year of her age.

Emma was a bright and cheerful spirit, embalming her memory in the hearts of all who knew her. She had left devoted parents and loved ones, to look with tearful eyes for a re-union in that land where death never comes. May the loving brother and remaining sister seek a blessed immortality in the mansion above.
Utica, Dec. 26, 1870. A. Gregg

new 12/16/07   The Broadalbin Herald, November 2, 1908.


William O. Schoolcraft, aged 61, died suddenly at midnight Friday at his home in Tribes Hill. He is survived by two brothers, Alexander, of Tribes Hill, and John, of Fonda; also by two sisters, Miss Kate Schoolcraft of Tribes Hill and Cynthia Lessner of Fultonville.

new 12/16/07   Utica Herald-Dispatch, April 23, 1921.


Victim of Auto Accident at Tribes
Hhill Passed Away in Am-
sterdam Hospital.

St. Johnsville, April 23.- Dr. Peter L. Suits of Tribes Hill died Thursday at the City Hospital in Amsterdam of injuries received in an automobile accident at Tribes Hill January 19. The carriage in which Dr. Suits was driving with his brother, John Jacob Suits, was struck and overturned by an automobile driven by Ivan T. Burney of Little Falls. The automobile skidded, the rear of the car striking the carriage, upsetting it and tearing off one of the wheels and throwing Dr. Suits and his brother to the ground with great force. Dr. Suits was born at East Stone Arabia in the town of Palatine March 9, 1845. His education was obtained at the common schools, Fairfield Academy, and he graduated from the Albany Medical College in the spring of 1879. He located at Tribes Hill the same year, where he has since practiced. In 1872 he married Lydia A. Rogers of St. Johnsville. Some years following her death he married, in 1895, Miss Anna Putman of Tribes Hill, who survives him.

new 12/16/07   Utica Semi-Weekly Herald, October 29, 1897.

Amsterdam, Oct. 27.- Mrs. Ellen Shanahan, widow of the late Hon. James Shanahan, died at her home in Tribes Hill about 3 o'clock this afternoon, aged 62(?) years. Mrs. Shanahan's death was due to an abscess of the kidneys, the termination of a long standing trouble. Not until recently was her condition considered serious, but her decline during the past few days had been rapid. At noon to-day she became unconscious, after which her demise was momentariliy expected. Mrs. Shanahan's maiden name was Ellen Malloy. She was a daughter of James and Ellen Malloy of Ann Arbor, Mich., where she was married to Mr. Shanahan in October, 1854. The following year they removed to Tribes Hill, where Mr. Shanahan died March 12 last. Mrs. Shanahan is survied by seven children. Mrs. D. H. Lewis of Tribes Hill, Mrs. John E. Ashe of Fonda, Mrs. Thomas F. Kyne of Gloversville, James Shanahan, jr., of Tribes Hill, Postmaster Edward J. Shanahan of this city and John T. and James B. Shanahan of Gloversville.

new 12/16/07   Utica Weekly Herald, September 4, 1894.

Charles R. Van Evera, a wealthy and highly respected farmer of Canajoharie, died yesterday on the old homestead, where he was born 61 years ago. He was ill only a few days, having been in the village on Monday. A large portion of his farm was devoted to the cultivation of hops. Mr. Van Evera is survived by his wife, one daughter, Mrs. H. Clay Seeber, and three brothers, J. P. Van Evera of Passaic Bridge, N. J., Stewart Van Evera of Oneida, and Peter Van Evera of Canajoharie.

new 12/16/07   The Broadalbin Herald, February 27, 1908.


Peter Vosburgh, an old and well known resident of Tribes Hill, died at his home in that village Saturday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock of general debility. He was 92 years old, and had been ill but two weeks, being confined to his bed for a week. He is survived by one sister, Mrs. Anderson, of Tribes Hill, and two brothers, Jesse Vosburgh of Tribes Hill, and Louis Vosburgh of Watertown. The deceased was a wagon-maker by trade, he having followed that avocation for a number of years. He was born in the vicinity of Tribes Hill and had been a resident of that village since he was 12 years of age. The funeral was held from the Tribes Hill church Monday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, Rev. Dean officiating. Interment was in Pine Grove cemetery.


Victor Snyder died at the home of his parents in Ilion, Saturday morning. He had been ill for about six weeks with typhoid fever, which caused his death. He was twenty-three years old. Mr. Snyder, who spent about two years in Johnstown, was esteemed highly by all who knew him.

While in Johnstown he made many friends and was employed by Millard Christman. He is survived by his mother and three sisters, Mabel and Louise Snyder, of Ilion, and Mrs. George Prindle, of Jersey City, and two brothers, Earl and William of Ilion.

new 12/16/07   From the Utica Morning Herald, October 31, 1879.

Tribes' Hill, Oct. 30.-

Three little children of Henry Hastings, of Hagaman's Mills, Charles, Nellie and Minnie, have died of diphtheria within eleven days.

new 12/16/07   From the Utica Morning Herald, January 19, 1892.

Amsterdam, Jan. 18.

Mrs. William Nox of Hagaman's Mills died Saturday of pneumonia. She was 76 years of age and was a sister of the late Colonel John Stewart of this city. The funeral occurred this afternoon.

The coroner's jury rendered a verdict that Mrs. James Cullings of the town of Florida, who was found dead in bed recently, died of apoplexy.

new 12/16/07   The Broadalbin Herald, March 19, 1908.


T. H. Benton Crane, veteran banker of Amsterdam, died March 11. Mr. Crane was sixty-six years of age, having been born on January 10. 1842, in Cranesville, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Crane. He was educated in the public schools and the secured employment with the New York Central railroad, which position he held for eight years. For a time he was employed as clerk in a grocery store at Cranesville, but in 1873 he entered the employ of the First National bank, of Amsterdam. He was first engaged as teller in 1890 was made cashier of that institution succeeding David Cady upon his death, which position he has since held. In August, 1861, Mr. Crane was married to Miss Mary E. Ostrom of Amsterdam by whom he is survived. Besides his wife, Mr. Crane leaves three children, David Cady Crane, Ruth E. Crane and James Benton Crane, a sister, Mrs. William Bolster, of Albany, and a nephew, Frank Bolster.

Mr. Crane was a member of Artisan lodge, No. 84, F. & A. M., and was a trustee of the Emmanuel Presbyterian church of his home city.

new 12/16/07   Utica Weekly Herald, July 9, 1897.

Montgomery County.

Amsmterdam, July 7.- John Shuland, a farm hand, was found dead in the hay field on the Wooster farm on the river road, near Cranesville, about 2 o'clock this afternoon by his wife, who, becoming frightened by her husband's mysterious disappearance, set out in search of him. Shuland was se en leaving the field, where he had been mowing with a scythe, about 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon, but he didn't return home. It is supposed that he suffered a sunstroke a nd assistance not being at hand he died from the effects. It is possible, however, that he was struck by lightning, as a thunder storm occurred about the time that he was seen leaving the field. Coroner Rulison is investigating the case. Shuland was 39 years of age, and leave a wife and one child. He was an industrious young man and generally esteemed.

Ilion, July 7. (Special.) - Earl Enslow, son of Horace Enslow of Shulltown(?), died this morning at 6:30, as a result of an injury to his foot. About a week ago while playing he stepped on a nail, the usual remedies for slight accidents of this kind were applied, but it did not heal, and finally such serious symptoms appeared as to make it necessary to call a physician, since which time Dr. Draper has been in attendance, and everything had been done to try and save the boy's life. He was a bright boy, nine years of age, and a general favorite among his playmates. His remains will be taken to Dugway, Oswego county, Friday morning for interment.

new 12/16/07   the Syracuse Daily Journal, June 2, 1892.

Killed in a Shooting Gallery.

Utica, N. Y., June 2.- At Fort Plain last evening, J. R. Lee of Cranesville was shot by Alfred Scaplehorn. The former conducts a shooting gallery and Scaplehorn, while picking up a rifle, with the intention of firing at the target, discharged the piece, the ball entering Lee's eye. Lee died instantly.

new 12/16/07   Utica Morning Herald, June 8, 1876.

The daughter of Mrs. Newkirk, who was drowned with her mother at Fort Hunter, Sunday, has not yet been recovered.

new 12/16/07   Utica Morning Herald, February 1, 1898.


Clinton Brockett, one of the old and respected residents of this village, died this morning of paralysis. Deceased was one of the pioneer residents, and it was from his worthy family that the place was formerly named Brocketts Bridge. Besides his widow, he is survived by three brothers.

new 12/16/07   The Christian Advocate, August 12, 1875 (Auburn NY).

ASA PETRIE, died at Brocketts Bridge, Herkimer Co., N. Y., June 6(?), 1875.

Bro. Petrie's name is worthy a record among those who overcame through the blood of the lamb. Less than three years ago he was saved from sin and a drunkard's grave, under the labors of Rev. J. V. Ferguson, and to the time of his death grew in grace. His death was peaceful and triumphant. A wife and son are pressing on to meet him in heaven.
M. R. Webster.

new 12/16/07   Utica Weekly Herald, November 28, 1871.

At the residence of her son, P. M. Smith, at East Schuyler,, N. Y., Nov. 22, 1871, Mrs. Judah Smith, aged 94 years.

At the Railroad House, on the Deerfield road, Nov. 23, 1871, JOHN BENEDICT, of Little Falls, aged 28 years.

new 12/16/07   the Utica Observer, July 3, 1906.

JOHNSON- In East Schuyler, N. Y., July 1, 1906, Fanny Mower, wife of Herman L. Johnson, in her 41st/61st year.

STAURING- In Herkimer, N. Y., July 1, 1906, Henry A. Stauring, aged 71 years.

new 12/16/07   the Utica Observer, November 19, 1917.


DUESLER- Jeanette L. Duesler of Gravesville, N. Y., Saturday, Nov. 17, 1917. Funeral at the convenience of the family.

HITCHCOCK- Entered into rest, at East Schuyler, N. Y., Sunday Nov. 18, 1917, Margaret D., daughter of Caroline and the late James Hitchcock, in her 82d(?) year. Notice of funeral hereafter.

new 12/16/07   Utica Weekly Herald, December 18, 1894.

Frankfort, Dec. 18.- (Special.)- William Sterling, who was killed on the Central railroad last Friday night, was a son of Luther P. Sterling and always lived in East Schuyler and followed farming for a livelihood. Mr. Sterling had been delivering hay to this village during the day and went home about 3 o'clock. He returned to Frankfort on foot about dark, walking the distance of over three miles. On his way he stopped at the house of his father, who resides between his son's home and this village. His father urged him not to go, as he had no business in town, but he insisted on going and started out. He was seen in the village by several, who noticed that he had been drinking and was under the influence of liquor. He started for home on foot about 7:05(?) and half an hour later was killed. He was 41 years of age and leaves, besides his parents, a wife and six children. The funeral will be held from the East Schuyler church Tuesday at 2 o'clock.

new 12/16/07   Utica Weekly Herald, August 6, 1872.


- The residents of the village of Amsterdam are complaining sadly of the filthy condition of the streets. The rate of mortality and cases of sickness for the past two or three weeks has been far above the average. The majority of the deaths has been from fevers, and there are at present a large number of cases in the village.

At Amsterdam, Saturday, the 27th, two girls, while walking upon the railroad track, became so engaged in conversation that they did not notice the approach of a train, although the engineer both blew the whistle and rang the bell, until the engine was close at hand. Then one of the girls managed to get out of the way while the other, named Ella Smith, was struck by the engine and instantly killed. The coroner's jury, after a careful and thorough examination, returned a verdict exonerating the engineer from all blame.

A three-year-old child of John Hayes, of Fonda, died from drinking whisky, a few days ago.

Also, from the Utica Daily Observer, July 30, 1872, front page:

A child of John Hayes, of Fonda, aged three years, was left alone at home by its parents a few days since. The child got hold of a bottle of whisky and drank the contents. Death ensued soon after.

new 12/16/07   Utica Weekly Herald, March 29, 1870.

Herkimer County.

The accidental burning of Mrs. James Rice, which we noticed a week or two since, has terminated fatally.

new 12/16/07   Utica Weekly Herald, June 14, 1870.

In Mohawk, Herkimer county, Wednesday morning, June 8, at 11 o'clock, HARVEY HUNT, M. D., formerly of Utica.

In North Gage, May 30, of consumption, ELIZABETH JONES, aged 29 years.

new 12/16/07   Utica Weekly Herald, March 1, 1870.

Of consumption, in Newport, February 10th, 1870, Miss LYDIA M., daughter of Nathaniel Stillman, Esq., aged 20 years.

The deceased was taken sick July 4th, 18--, and bore with Christian fortitude and patience, seven long months of suffering, and then, in the bright morning of life, calmly extended her hand to the urn, and drew o ut her lot from among the lots assigned to humanity. She was universally respected, yet those who knew her best, lover her most; which is eulogy enough.

Rest, Lydia rest, thy work is done,
THey cares are o'er, they race is run;
Sweet be thy repose in mercy ___,
Rest, Lydia rest, in yon bright ___.

In Newport, Herkimer county, N. Y., February 24th, JAMES W., son of H. A. and M. Parkhurst, aged 26 yers.

In Middleville, Herkimer county, February 24, 1870, ALFRED E. VARNEY, M. D.

new 12/16/07   Utica Weekly Herald, March 8, 1870.

In North Litchfield, Herkimer county, Feb. 28th, Mr. CHARLES MARSHALL, aged 72 years.

In Minden, February 26, 1870, Mrs. SARAH BRAMAN,(?) aged 87 years.

new 12/16/07   Utica Weekly Herald, June 21, 1870.

Suddenly, at Gravesville, Herkimer county, June 17, EMMA C., wife of H. I. Johnson, and only daughter of Solon and Ana E. Hubbard, aged 23 years, 5 months and 7 days.

From Gravesville Cemetery (Town of Russia) 2003 reading:
Johnson, Emma C., died 6/17/1870, aged 23 years, 5 months & 7 days; "Wife of Herman Johnson and daughter of Solon and Ann Hubbard"

new 12/16/07   Utica Weekly Herald, January 18, 1870.

Entered into rest, January 11, 1870, at Palatine Bridge, NANCY, wife of C. W. Winne, Esq., mother of Mrs. Dr. C. J. Fox, of Utica.

In Ilion, January 2d, ALICE, daughter of Kate E. Thompson, music teacher, aged 10 years.

new 12/16/07   Utica Weekly Herald, July 5, 1870.

Mrs. James Conklin, of Ilion, committed suicide on Friday afternoon, by hanging. It is supposed that she committed the deed while laboring under an attack of temporary insanity. The necessary investigation as instituted in regard to the matter.

new 12/16/07   Utica Weekly Herald, May 4, 1869.

SUICIDE BY DROWNING. - A correspondent writes that on Friday last Mr. WILLIAM Mc CLUMPHA, a farmer in Florida, Montgomery county, left his house early in the morning and not returning the apprehensions of his family were excited, and search being made, his body was found in the afternoon in an unused well near his dwelling. Mr. McC. was 58 years of age, in easy circumstances, of very even temperament, and being under no embarassment, pecuniary or otherwise, an excellent citizen, a consistent christian, the act was evidently the result of a temporary aberration of mind, caused by an illness of some weeks.

DEATH OF AN ONEIDA COUNTY MAN IN NEVADA. - WILLIAM S. EVANS, of Gold HIll, Nevada, writes to friends in this city that Mr. JONATHAN JONES, Jr., formerly of Remsen, was among the victims in the great fire in Yellow Jacket and Crown Point Mines. His body was recovered on the 8th and buried on the 9th of April.

new 12/16/07   Utica Weekly Herald, April 27, 1869.

The body of Mr. Kane, of Finck's Basin, Little Falls, who was last seen in that village the day before election, was found in the canal on Tuesday. In the pockets were a whisky bottle and a small amount of money.

new 12/16/07  The Utica Observer-Dispatch, unknown date, 1924.

Dr. Witherstine
Instantly KIlled;
Herkimer Native

Herkmer, October 3.- Dr. H. H. Witherstine, 73 years old, a native of Herkimer, was instantly killed in an accident, believed to have been with an automobile, according to a telegram received by his sister, Mrs. D. C. Wood. Particulars of the death were not given in the brief message.

May of the older residents of Herkimer will remember Dr. Witherstine as a young man who lived in Herkimer over half a century ago. He was born in Snell's Bush, the son of the late David and Margaret Witherstine. After leaving the farm he spent several years in this village where he attended school. Upon completion of his studies here he went to Rush Medical College, Chicago, Ill., where he received his medical degree.

Soon after his graduation he was married to Miss Amelia Hatfield of Rochester, Minn., where they went to live and he to practice. He became on eof the leading citizens of that place. Frequently he had visited in Herkimer.

He is survived by his wife and two sons, Dr. William Witherstine of Grand Forks, N. D., and Glenn Witherstine, editor of the Rochester Bulletin; also two sisters, Mrs. D. C. Wood of this village and Mrs. Jacob Small of East Herkimer. Another son, Vernon, died in a southern training camp during the World War.

new 12/16/07   Utica Herald-Dispatch, May 16, 1904, page 5.


Prosperous Farmer of Manheim Suc-
cumbs to a Stroke of Paralysis

Little Falls, May 16.- A sterling citizen and a staunch farmer of Manheim passed from earth Saturday evening in the death of Ira Timmerman. Paralysis was the cause. Deceased was born in the town of Manheim, April 26, 1828, and had always been a life long resident of that community. Farming had been his chief vocation in life and he was highly successful. He was also interested in other lines. He erected the hotel at Timmerman's Four Corners which still bears his name and which he and his son conducted for a time. He was assessor and held other offices representing the Republican party, of which he was a staunch member. He was a son of Peter Timmerman and Lany (Garlock) Timmerman, pioneer settlers of that section. He was the father of nine children, seven of whom are living, three sons, George of Little Falls, Lester of St. Johnsville, Jerry of Snell's Bush, and four daughters, Mrs. Ella Ingersoll of Albany, Mrs. Ida Robinson of Utica, Mrs. William Feeter and Laura Timmerman of Snell's Bush. The funeral will be held from the late home Tuesday at 1 p. m., the Rev. R. J. Van Deusen officiating. Interment will be made in Snell's Bush Cemetery.


Death of Mrs. Stephen Nestle at Age of 68

Canajoharie, May 14.- Mrs. Stephen Nestle died at her home in Palatine Bridge Sunday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. She has 68 years of age and had been a resident of Palatine for many years. She was a member of St. Mark's Lutheran Church of this village and a devoted Christian. Her funeral will be held Wednesday afternoon at 1 o'clock, the Rev. William M. Baum, D. D., officiating. The deceased is survived by two daughters, Misses Christie and Emma Nestle.


Edward O'Hara Had Been a Great
Sufferer for a Long Time

Herkimer, May 16.- At the Emergency Hospital yesterday occurred the death of Edward O'Hara as a result of an operation. He had been a great sufferer and had undergone several operations. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John O'Hara of Lake street and is also survived by a sister, Miss Mary, and a brother, Maynard. The funeral will be held to-morrow at 10 o'clock from St. Francis de Sales's Church, the Rev. James Halpin officiating.

new 12/16/07   Richfield Springs Mercury, July 20, 1922

The body of Oliver Morgan Getman of Fonda, 62 years old, a farm hand, missing since July 4, was found Saturday night about 8:30 o'clock, in the Mohawk river just below the bridge on the Fultonville side by Seward Putman of Fonda. Coroner Otis X. Bouton of Fultonville, who took charge of the case, was unable to render a verdict as to the exact cause of the death, as it was impossible to perform an autopsy on account of the decomposed state of the body. The burial permit reads: "Found drowned, verdict open."

new 12/16/07   Utica Herald-Dispatch, April 10, 1922

Miss Grace R. Avery

At her home in the town of Frankfort at 4:30 o'clock Sunday morning occurred the death of Miss Grace Rose Avery, following a week's illness with pneumonia.

The deceased was born in Litchfield, May 19, 1867, and had always lived in this section. She attended the Ilion schools and graduated from the Ilion High School and is a member of the Ilion High School Alumni Association, also a member of the Ilion Grange, the Pomona Grange of Herkimer and the Litchfield Cemetery Association. She was a woman highly respected and her death will be heard with deep regret. She is survived by her mother, Mrs. Nancy L. Avery, and one brother, Sheridan L. Avery. The funeral service will be held Wednesday at 1:30 and burial will be made at Kinne's Cemetery.

new 12/16/07   Utica Herald-Dispatch, January 14, 1922


Frank L. Countryman Passed
Away in Hospital

Canajoharie, Jan. 14.- The many friends of Frank L. Countryman were saddened to hear of his untimely death, which occurred yesterday at St. Mary's Hospital, Amsterdam. Last Sunday he was taken to the hospital and an operation performed. He seemed to be improving but Thursday became worse and a second operation was performed and it was seen then that his chances of recovery were doubtful. His relatives were summoned and were with him when he breathed his last. He was born at Nelliston October 6, 1888, but had spent nearly all his life here and was very well known. For the past 15 years he had been employed as barber at the shop of Fred Schrader and that he will be sadly missed there as well as generally in the village is certain. He was a young man of friendly, generous disposition, always ready and willing to do a favor. He was a member of the Gillam Hose Company and an energetic fireman. He also belonged to the Loyal Order of Moose and had served as sergeant in the old Company D, New York Guard, formerly located here. He is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Countryman, widow, Mrs. Elizabeth Countryman; one daughter, Margaret, and a stepbrother, Charles Pauley of this village. The remains were brought here for burial.

Note: From his World War I Draft Registration Card, dated June 5, 1917: Frank Litner Countryman, age 28, residing at 52 Moyer St., Canajoharie, N.Y., born October 6, 1888 in Canajoharie. Occupation barber, employed by Fred Schrader. Married, name of spouse not stated.

new 12/16/07   Utica Herald-Dispatch, February 10, 1922, page 21


Mrs. Barbara Illig

The funeral of Mrs. Barbara Illig was held privately from the family residence 369 West Main street yesterday afternoon at two o'clock. The Rev. L. R. Benson officiated at the services. Many beautiful tributes were received from friends, relatives and neighbors. The bearers were Fred Fear, Harold Fear, Fred Illig, Frank Illig, George Kaymen, and Verne Greene. The body was placed in the Richardson Memorial chapel and in the spring interment will be made at Fort Plain.

new 11/7/07   Emma Dingman Willsey Hopkinson's obituary was contributed by Judy Morgan!

Obit - South Columbia, Herkimer Co, NY, April 30, 1906

Mrs William J. Hopkinson (Emma/Emmer Dingman) Passes Away After Few Hours' Illness

Death has removed one who until recently bid fair to attain extreme old age, but Bright's disease fastened itself upon her, and in spite of vigorous medical treatment the certain result came quickly. Sunday afternoon, while conversing with her husband and friends, Emma Dingman, wife of William J. Hopkinson, became unconscious about 2:20 o'clock. Her children immediately wired of her condition, but she passed beyond at 7 p.m. before the nearest could reach her bedside.

She was one of a large family of brothers and sisters, and was born at Hartwick, June 3, 1844, where she passed her early life. She married Charles Willsey, and has a daughter, Mrs Glendora Skinner, of this town. Mr. Willsey died, and later she became the wife of W.J. Hopkinson, and three of their children survive her. Olin J., who has a position in New York, and the Misses Mabel and Alice, who are teaching in their mother's native town, and who reached their saddened home later in the evening. Funeral services will be held at her late home Wednesday at 1 p.m.

new 11/7/07  From the Utica Weekly Herald, March 2, 1897

Rockton, Feb. 28.- Friday, at her home in this place, occurred the death of Mrs. Emily A. Van Dyke, widow of the late Marcus W. Cliybe (?), aged 75 years. She is survived by three daughters and one son, Charlotte, Mary and William of Rockton, and Mrs. John C. Chalmers of Ann Arbor, Mich.

Fonda, Feb. 28.- Information has been received by relatives at Fonda of the death of Joseph Booth, which occurred Friday afternoon at Beloit, Wis., where he had been stopping for some time past. He had been in feeble health for a number of years past,, having suffered several strokes of paralysis. Mr. Booth was in the 67th year of his age, Altho the greater portion of his life was passed in the Mohawk Valley, he was for some time located in South America, where he had business interests. The deceased as a member of the masonic order, and was held in high esteem by a wide circle of friends.

new 11/1/07  Utica Semi-Weekly Herald, March 26, 1897

South Trenton.

The death of Nealie, wife of James S. Strobel, occurred at her home Thursday morning at 10 o'clock, after a long illness. She was born in the town of Ohio, Herkimer county, in 1839, and her maiden name was Quackenbush. All who knew her held her in high esteem. Her untimely death will cause great bereavement in the community. Besides her husband she is survived by one daughter. Interment will be made at Union church cemetery.

new 11/1/07  Utica Herald-Dispatch, August 21, 1911


Died Yesterday Morning.

At her home on Benedict avenue yesterday morning occurred the death of Mrs. Ellen M. Petrie after a prolonged illness. She was born in Herkimer, October 5(?), 1847, and had lived in Ilion about 45 years. She was a member of the M. E. Church. She is survived by three sisters, Mrs. Samuel Golden, Ilion, Mrs. Andrew Hilts and Mrs. Mary Bassett, of Herkimer; two brothers, William E. Lane and Charles F. Lane, Herkimer, and three children, Ira F. Petrie of Ilion, Mrs. Carrie M. Petrie of Little Falls and Mrs. George F. Worthington of Schenectady. The funeral, which will be private, will be held from the Richardson Memorial Chapel Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 and will be conducted by the Rev. W. M. Caldwell of Frankfort.

Emmet M. Bennett.

The death of Emmet M. Bennett, a former resident of this village, occurred at his home at Derby, Conn. Death was caused by a paralytic stroke. He was well known in typewriter circles, having represented the Remington company in many places. For the past few months he has be en treasurer and one of the incorporators of the Typewriter Press Company of Buffalo, who having outgrown their plant there, are building a larger one at Derby and it is thought that the rush of work brought on the shock. He is survived by his wife, his mother, Mrs. R. R. Bennett of Railroad street, this village, and three brothers, Frank of Derby, Conn., Arthur and Fred of Ilion. The remains were taken to Aberdeen, Ind., for burial.


Lemuel W. Shelp.

Lemuel Woodworth Shelp, aged 60 years, a life-long resident of the town of Glen, who has a number of relatives in this vicinity, died Saturday in the Albany City Hospital of cancer of the stomach. He was taken to the hospital on Tuesday last, but his disease was so far advanced that an operation was not performed. He was too ill to return home and had only to remain at the hospital for a few days before overtaken by death. The deceased is survived by a widow; two daughters, Mrs. Lloyd Morford and Miss Nellie Shelp; two sisters, Mrs. Jacob Dievendorf of Currytown and Mrs. Edgar Van Horne of Fonda, and two brothers, Nelson of Amsterdam, and Wilson of Fultonville. The funeral was held at 2:30 this afternoon. Burial at Fultonville.



Death of Well Known Herkimer
Couonty Man.

Herkimer, Aug. 21.- The death of Michael Casey occurred Saturday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. James H. Walrad, in North Bellinger street, following a short illness from the debilities incident to age. Mr. Casey was 76 years of age and a native of Ireland, when he, in early youth, came to the United States and established residence at Little Falls, maintaining it until three years ago, when he came to Herkimer to reside with his daughter, Mrs. Walrad, who survives, besides another daughter, Mrs. John Reddy of this village and two sisters, Mrs. Bridget Griffin and Mrs. Anna Hayes, both of Rome.

The funeral will be held at 10 o'clock to-morrow morning from St. Francis de Sales's Church, the Rev. P. F. Harrigan officiating and the remains will be taken to Utica for interment at St. Agnes's Cemetery.





Lad Was Watching a Motor Boat
When He Lost His Balance.

Frankfort, Aug. 21.- Yesterday about 1:45 o'clock George Durant, the 9-year-old son of Frank Durant, was drowned at the lock in this village. A motorboat owned by a party in Ilion was being locked through and the lad was watching it when he lost his balance and fell into the lock. No one saw him, but he was soon missed, and friends began a search. George Murine, a cousin of the lade, took a pike pole and began poking about just below the gates of the lock when the pole came in contact with the body. With the assistance of James Deluke and William Torbit he succeeded in recovering the body, but life was extinct. The body was taken to the undertaking rooms of Holdrige & Getman, and Coroner Getman notified of the accident. The lad was a bright little fellow and the parents have the sympathy of the community in their sad affliction. The funeral will be held from SS. Peter and Paul's Church to-morrow morning at 10 o'clock.

new 11/1/07  Utica Herald-Dispatch, December 12, 1910

Little Falls.

The remains of Eugene Petrie were brought to this city yesterday afternoon and were taken to his late home in Danube. Mr. Petrie died in Lowville at the home of his cousin, Morgan Petrie. He was ill for some time with tuberculosis. He was 43(?) yars of age. The funeral will be held from his late home to-morrow at 12 o'clock, the Rev. Mr. Cooper will officiate. Burial will be in Fairview Cemetery.


The funeral of Michael Sehr, who died at a Utica hospital, was held yesterday afternoon from his late home on First avenue at 1:30, and from SS. Peter and Paul's Church at 2 o'clock, where the Rev. Father Wallace conducted a prayer service. The German Club of this village attended in a body and a quartette from its members sang a number of selections. Members of the club also acted as bearers. Burial was made in Mt. Olivet Cemetery.


Funeral of the 3-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Horan was held Saturday. The Rev. Father Windbiel of Ilion officiated. Interment was made in St. Agnes's Cemetery. Undertaker J. A. Laird conducted the funeral.


Beautiful Rustic Monument.

One of the finest rustic monuments in this section has just been completed by Alexander Jarvis & co. of this village. The monument is to be erected on the Van Gumster and Kittams lot in Armory Hill Cemetery. The monument is __ x __ at the base and stands over ___ high. The name Van Gumster is raised on the front of the die in six-inch half round letters in an elliptical panel with square and compass cut in relief above panels. The opposite side osf the die has same finish with the name Kittams raised. The monument is of Barre granite and will weight about twelve tons. This will make the third Van Gumster monument erected by this firm this year. The three brothers, Henry, John and James Van Gumster, will each have handsome Barre granite monuments erected to his memory.

Yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Hosford, south of this village, occurred the death of Miss Anna Ostrum. The funeral will be held Thursday at 12:30 from the house and 1 o'clock from the chapel. R. F. Winne will officiate. Burial will be made at Herkimer.

Mrs. T. J. McCann was called to Troy to attend the funeral of a relative.

new 11/1/07  Utica Herald-Dispatch, March 21, 1910



Many Mourn Death of Highly Es-
teemed Citizen - A Funeral.

Frankfort, March 21.- At his home on Litchfield street yesterday morning about 7 o'clock occurred the death of Charles Staring, aged 75 years and 4 months. The deceased was the son of Nicholas and Mary Staring, deceased, and was born in this town, where his whole life had been spent with the exception of one year, when he was in the South, having enlisted in the One Hundred and Twenty-first Regiment of New York State Volunteers. He served as second lieutenant. After serving one year he was brought home ill and in a precarious condition and was not able to return. From that time he had suffered from heart trouble. During the past six months much sorrow has fallen to the lot of the family. Last July his oldest daughter came home from Syracuse, where she was taking a course in a training school for nurses, and tuberculosis developed, causing her death. Three weeks ago she died. Last fall occurred the death of a beloved little grand-son. During the recent flood Mr. Staring took cold in his efforts to keep the furnace fire going, which the water was nearly up to the fire box. He had previously injured his leg, blood poisoning having developed from that difficulty.

Forty-eight years ago the deceased married Miss Catharine Grants of this village, who survives, as does also one daughter, Mrs. Howard Allen. Besides there is one brother, Isaac, who lives on the old homestead just west of this village, and two sisters, Mrs. Mary Philo of Washington Mills and Mrs. Roselle Woodhull of Utica Two grandchildren also survive. Mr. Staring was a man in every sense of the word. He was respected for his integrity, honesty and uprightness of character. A kind and obliging neighbor, and of a genial disposition, he was always welcome in any circle. He had held the office of president of the village and also other positions of trust. He was a member of Olive Branch Lodge, No. 40, F. & A. M., of the order of Odd Fellows and of Post Frank Mann, G. A. R The funeral will be held from his late home Tuesday afternoon at 2:30. The organizations named will be present in a body. The Odd Fellows are requested to meet this evening at 8 o'clock to perfect arrangements for attending the funeral. The Masonic service will be used at the cemetery.

Funeral of Henry Hall.

The funeral of Henry Hall, who died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Alvira Shaul, in Litchfield last Tuesday, was held from the homeon Saturday and the remains brought to this village for interment. The Rev. W. M. Caldwell of the Methodist Church officiated. Mr. Hall was 74 years old. He had been a life long resident of the town and was highly respected. He had suffered from heart trouble for sometime, but as confined to his bed _____. ___ by his wife, two daughters, Mrs. Albert Van Nort of this village and Mrs. Shaul, one adopted son, James Hall of Little Falls; one half-sister, Mrs. James Alexander of this village, and two half-brothers, George Denslow of Schuyler and Willard Denslow of this village.


The funeral of J. Eugene Warren will be held from his home on East Main street to-morrow afternoon at 2 o'clock.

Joseph, the four-month-old son of Joseph Dover, died at St. Joseph's Home in Utica, Friday. The funeral was held from White's undertaking parlors Saturday. The child's mother died only four weeks ago.

Little Falls.


James Vincent Remembered
Many Early Incidents.

Little Falls, March 21.- James Vincent, an aged and respected resident of this city, died yesterday afternoon at his home on West Main street of a complication of diseases, incident to old age. Mr. Vincent was born in the old Sheppard house on German street in July, 1826. He recalled many early incidents in the history of Little Falls and remembered seeing the first train come through here. He also recalled the fact that the first Erie Canal ran where the dry dock is located, south of the present canal, and that part of the river ran south of Moss Island. Mr. Vincent was one of the oldest residents of the city. Besides the widow, there survive three sons, Frank and Edward of this city, and James of New Hartford; also five half-brothers, Isaac of Newark, N. J., William of Jordanville and George of Bath, Ami of Newark, N. J., and John of this city; also one half-sister, Mrs. John E. Quackenbush of this city. The funeral will be held from the late home to-morrow afternoon at 2 o'clock.

Mrs. William Sart of Canajoharie and
James Putman of Palatine Fade

Canajoharie. March 21.- Adelia Katherine Sart, wife of William Sart, died at 12:14(?) "Sunday morning at their home on Otsego street. The deceased was 63(?) years of age and had been suffering for the past two months with an abscess in the head. Mrs. Sart was born in Cherry Valley, but for the past 30(?) years had resided in the town of Canajoharie. She is survived by her husband, who has been blind for a number of years, four sons, Charles and Arthur of this village, Chauncey of Pennsylvania, and Melvin E. of Rochester; one daughter, Mrs. Esther Magrage of Philadelphia, Pa. The funeral will be held on Tuesday at 2 p. m. from the home. The Rev. C. M. Sturgess, pastor of the Methodist Church, will officiate. The remains will be placed in the Arkell Memorial Chapel in Canajoharie Falls Cemetery.

James Putman died at 2:30(?) o'clock this morning at his home in Palatine. He had been sick for some time with B right's disease and for the past five weeks confined to his bed. Mr. Putman was born 66 years ago in the town of Root, and 42 years ago married Ellen Gray of Ephratah. For many ears he had been a resident of Palatine and was well and favorably known. He was a painter by trade and had done a large amount of contract work in that line in the locality, where he had long resided. The deceased is survived by his widow and three daughters, Mrs. John Schwabrow of Pittsburg, Pa., Mrs. Robert Kilmer(?) of Palatine Bridge, and Miss Alvina Putman of Palatine. The funeral will be held on Thursday at 11 a. m. from the house. The Rev. W. M. ____ D. D., pastor of St. Mark's Lutheran Church, will officiate.

new 11/1/07  Utica Herald-Dispatch, March 9, 1916


Many here learn with regret of the death in Deerfield of Robert McClement, who was for 16 years a resident of this town. He was employed by the continental Tool Company, was a member of the Methodist Church and a man who won the respect and esteem of all who met him. He is survived by this wife and six children and also leaves six brothers. He had (sic) in poor health two years from an injury to his spine and had been in a serious condition six months. The family have the sympathy of many friends here.

St. Johnsville

His Death Occurred at Home of His
Daughter Yesterday.

St. Johnsville, March 9.- John Murphy, aged 67 years, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. William Shannon, on Averill street, Wednesday morning at 7 o'clock, after a brief illness of pneumonia. Mr. Murphy had been a resident of St. Johnsville for about one year. He is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Shannon, and one son, Bernard of this village. The funeral will be held at 9 o'clock on Friday morning at his late home and at 9:30 o'clock from St. Patrick's Church. The Rev. J. L. Morrissey will officiate. The body will be taken to Manchester, Conn., for interment.

Twin sons, that were born to Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Bello on Saturday, March 4, died at their home on Ann street yesterday of pneumonia.

Fort Plain.


Death Yesterday of One of Villages
Oldest Residents.

Fort Plain, March 9.- Frank Bowers, one of the oldest residents of this village, died yesterday afternoon, at 2:30 o'clock at his home on Douglass street after an illness of two weeks. Mr. Bowers was born in Germany over 89 years ago and came to this country when a young man and had since lived in Fort Plain. In politics the deceased was a staunch Democrat and had served his party as collector. He was a member of the local Baptist Church. Besides his widow the deceased is survived by two sons, Frank Bowers of Buffalo and Henry Bowers of Florence, Mass.; one daughter, Mrs. C. E. Strong of Enfield, Mass.; also 10 grandchildren and six greatgrandchildren. The funeral services will be held from the Catharine Nellis Memorial Chapel Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock, the Rev. Thomas F. Watkins, pastor of the local Baptist Church, officiating. The remains will be placed in the chapel vault and the interment will later be made in the Fort Plain Cemetery. Mrs. Bowers is seriously ill and slight hopes are expressed for her recovery.

new 11/1/07  Utica Herald-Dispatch, August 15, 1918


Funeral of Mrs. McNamee.

The funeral of Mrs. John McNamee was held at 9:30 yesterday morning from the Church of the Announciation (sic). The Rev. Father Gilloon officiated at the requiem high mass, during which the hymns were sung by Mrs. Earl Crim.

The bearers were Thomas Moynehan, James McDermott, Michael Butler and Joseph O'Neil.

Interment was made at St. Agnes Cemetery, Utica.

Fort Plain.

The funeral of Charles D. Goodrich was held from the home of his daughter, Mrs. Benjamin Gurtshaw, this afternoon at 1 o'clock, the Rev. Rudolph Krauch, pastor of St. Paul's Lutheran Church officiating. The interment was made in the Freybush (sic) Cemetery. The deceased was 92(?) years of age and death was due to a complication of diseases, and occurred on Tuesday. He is survived by four daughters, Mrs. John Engel, Mrs. Fred Hoffman, Mrs. Louis Luft and Mrs. Benjamin Gurtshaw; also 12 grandchildren and 23 great-grand children.

new 11/1/07  Utica Herald-Dispatch, June 29, 1914

Little Falls.

George H. Failing died at his home in the Failing Block yesterday afternoon of Bright's disease, after an illness of over a year. Mr. Failing was born at Fort Plain October 8, 1843, being a son of the late Philip Failing of Frey's Bush. He had lived in this city for about 30 years, being engaged in the bakery business here, then at Herkimer and later at Fort Plain. The deceased was a member of the Universalist Church. He was a conscientious, honorable man, to whom many friends were attracted by his pleasing personality. The relatives surviving are two brothers, Robert of Fly Creek and John P. of Fort Plain; and three sisters, Mrs. Chauncey Moyer and Miss Violette Failing of Frey's Bush and Mrs. Charles Button of Fort Plain.

Miss Margaret O'Heron, aged 28, died Saturday evening at the home of her mother, Mrs. Johanna O'Heron, on Hancock street, after an extended illness. She had livled here about two years, coming to this city from her home town, Norway. She was a young woman of admirable character, who was loved by her many friends. She is survived by a sister, Mrs. John Gilligan of Newport, and by five brothers James, Daniel and Edward P. O'Heron of this city, John of Norway and Patrick of Dolgeville. Funeral services will be held from St. Mary's Church to-morrow morning, and the remains will be taken to Newport for interment.

new 11/1/07  Utica Herald-Dispatch, April 25, 1918.


James A. Roof

James A. Roof passed away Tuesday night at his niece's home, Mrs. William Sitterly, 217(?) Eastern avenue following an illness from paralysis. He was 68 years old and had been a resident of Herkimer for five years and enjoyed the esteem of all. He had been employed at the Gem(?) Mill previous to his last illness. He is survived by a son, George Roof, and a brother, Augustus Roof. Prayer service will be conducted at 1:30 to-morrow afternoon by the Rev. F. O. Hokerk and the remains will be taken to Fort Plain for interment, deceased being a former resident of that place.

St. Johnsville


Parents Were Among Pioneer Settlers
of Ephratah - Mother of Clar-
ence E. Morey of Utica.

St. Johnsville, April 25.- Mrs. Celia Morey, widow of Frank Morey, died last night after an illness of weeks. She had been in feeble health for some time but had retained her interest in current events. The funeral will be held on Washington street Saturday at 2 p.m. and interment will be made in the village cemetery.

Mrs. Morey was a daughter of Israel Underwood, a pioneer settler of Ephratah, and was bon June 26, 1848. In June, 1867, she married Frank Morey, who died in 1906/8(?) She had lived here since 1874, having removed from Little Falls. She leavs one son, Clarence E. Morey of Utica; one sister, Mrs. Amanda Ryphenburg of Tivoli, and one brother, Edward Underwood of Washington, D. C., and two grand-children, Frank R. Morey of Dartmouth College and Nat B. Morey of Utica.

Mrs. Anna K. Putman.

Mrs. Anna Katherine Putman, widow of Effingham Putman, passed away Wednesday afternoon at the home of her nephew, Attorney G. C. Butler at West St. Johnsville, after an illness of six weeks at the age of 84 years. Mrs. Putman was a woman of education and refinement. She was a member of the Second Presbyterian Church of Amsterdam, where she had always resided until four years ago when she came to live with Mr. Butler and his family. Several other nieces and nephews survive. The funeral will be announced later.


Private William Sanderson Was
Found to Have Been Be-
yond Draft Age.

Canagoharie, April 25.- A telegram this morning from Camp Upton, L.I., announced the death of Private William E. Sanderson of this place. He was taken ill last week with pneumonia. His condition became so critical that his wife was summoned on Sunday. She left accompanied by her father, E. P. Fox. They were taken to Amsterdam by auto and caught a fast train to New York.

Private Sanderson came here a few yeas ago from Syracuse and was employed by Arkell & Smith as an artist in their designing department. A short time before he was drafted he was married to Miss Marylyn Fox. He was a native of England and after he had reached camp it was found by dates received from that country, that he was beyond draft age. He was a member of Hamilton Lodge, No. 79, F. & A. M. His remains will be brought here for burial.


The funeral of the late Charles H. Rickard to be held Saturday afternoon will be attended by Masonic honors. Hamilton Lodge, No. 79, F. & A. M., of which the deceased was a member, will attend in a body. Worshipful Master J. J. Lyons will convene the lodge in special communication at 1:30 sharp, and all members are urged to be present.


William Jones Returns to His Home
at Fort Johnson.

St. Johnsville, April 25.- William Jones of Amsterdam, a former employe of the New York Central Railroad, who enlisted with a Canadian regiment September 16, 1914, and who was supposed to have been killed, returned to his home in Fort Johnson the other day. Several months ago his wife received a check from the Canadian Government marked "pension," instead of the usual check for his pay. This, coupled with the fact that she had not had a letter from her husband for a longer time than usually elapsed between his letters, led to the belief that he was dead.

new 10/27/07  Miscellaneous Herkimer County Obituaries contributed by Carol Grainger.

new 10/27/07   Found by Lisa Slaski in the Broadalbin Herald (Fulton County NY)!

Broadalbin Herald
4 Jun 1908
Mrs. Margaret Potter

Mrs. Margaret Potter, aged 86 years, wife of John K. Potter, died Friday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock at her home, No. 6 Jackson street, Amsterdam. Eleven weeks ago the deceased fell and broke her hip and this together with her advanced age was a contributing cause to her death. Mrs. Potter was born in the town of Amsterdam, and had never had a residence outside of Montgomery county. She had resided in Amsterdam for the past successive fifty four years and was one of the oldest residents of the city. In 1843, in the month of January she was married to Mr. Potter, her demise closing a period of married life extending over sixty-five years. She was a member of the First Baptist church of Amsterdam, and had been an earnest worker in the church all her life.

Mrs. Potter is survived by her husband, two daughters, Mrs. T. Emmett Allen and Mrs. Philip Playford, of Amsterdam, and two sons, Oscar K. Potter of Amsterdam and J. M. Potter of Johnstown. She is also survived by many grandchildren.

The funeral was held from the house on Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock, Rev. A. E. Knapp officiating. The interment was in Green Hill cemetery.

Utica Morning Herald, December 3, 1897

Frank Getry.

The death of Frank Getry occurred at his home, NO. 141 Eagle street, yesterday, aged 29 years. He had been sick only a few days with pneumonia. Mr. Getry was born in Herkimer, but had been a resident of Utica nearly all his life. He was a member of the cigarmakers' union. There survive a wife and two daughters, Laretta and Clara, two sisters, Mrs. Jacob Hoppel of Schuyler and Mrs. John Heck of this city, also five brothers, Martin, William and Walter of Utica, Alexander of Columbus and George of Dolgevile.

Utica Daily Union, June 10, 1897



Yesterday morning occurred the death of Charles Edward Brockett, for 32 years a resident of this city. Deceased was born in Salisbury, Herkimer County, 69 years ago. When he was 16 years old he went to Westmoreland and learned the trade of carpenter. Afterward he removed to Oriskany, but has lived in this city since the war.

As a carpenter he worked for eight years for C. Diefenbacher and later for Edmund Richards. He was a prominent member of the Carpenters' Union and at one time a member of the Odd Fellows' Lodge here.

He was for many years a resident of the fourth ward. He was a Democrat in politics, but never held office. Mr. Brockett's wife was formerly Anna Foote Norentt(?) of Lee, Mass., who, with four children, survive. They are Charles and William, who live in Utica, Mrs. Andrew McCarthy of Utica, and Mrs. William Beal of Bridgewater.


At his home in Canajoharie, on Tuesday, occurred the death of John Hoffman in his 83d year. He was a native of Germany. He was a stonemason by occupation, and while working at that business in 1872 he was injured and since that time had not been able to do any work. He was a well-known and highly respected resident.

The survivors are one son, Henry Hoffman of Cobleskill, and six daughters, Mrs. Anna Stoddard of Dolgeville, Mrs. Margaret Scharff of Brooklyn, Mrs. Minott Whitehead and Mrs. Mary Chismore of Ilion, Mrs. Louise amon of Utica, and Mrs. Elizabeth Fraser of Dobbs Ferry. The funeral was held from his late home to-day at 2 P. M.

Utica Semi-Weekly Herald, March 26, 1897

Canajoharie, March 23.- John O'Connor, an old and much respected resident of this village, died at his home here last evening of pneumonia, with which he had ben ill about one week. He was 60 years of age, and a brother of George O'Connor of Fort Plain.

Herkimer, March 25.

James T. Hunt, a former resident of this village was accidentally killed while at work on the bridge which crosses the Harlem river at Fourth avenue, New York city, on Saturday evening last. Hunt was working with several other men when a Central-Hudson south-bound rain rushed upon the bridge and before he could get out of the way he was struck by the locomotive and hurled against an iron pillar and instantly killed. Hunt was 32 years old and was married to Miss Bertha E. Rathbone of this village in December 1899_(?). Soon after their marriage the couple removed to New York city, their home being at No. 58 East 120th street. Besides the widow, one child survives. The remains were interred in Greenwood cemetery.

Utica Weekly Herald, March 2, 1897

Herkimer, March 1.

Henry McNeil, an old and respected resident of this village, died at his home on Washington street yesterday afternoon at the age of 79 yares. His nearest surviving relatives are two brothers, Guilford McNeil of Cold Brook and Calvin McNeil of Cicero, Onondaga county.

Amsterdam, Feb. 28.

Mrs. Isabella Appleyard, widow of the late Robert Appleyard, died Friday night of general debility, aged 73 years, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. James Smith. Mrs. Appleyard was born in Bradford, England, and had been a resident of America for half a century, of which time she passed about 30 years in Amsterdam. Mrs. Appleyard is survived by two children, Richard Appleyard and Mrs. James Smith, both of this city.

Utica Morning Herald, October 4, 1897

Miss Fanny Snell, one of Herkimer's well known and highly esteemed ladies, died at her home on Main street shortly after noon yesterday, from peritonitis, at the age of 33 years. Miss Snell is survived by her mother, Mrs. Harriet Snell; two sisters, Mrs. Horace Churchill and Mrs. Henry W. Eysaman of Little FAlls; and one brother, Charles Snell of this town. The funeral will be attended from the Reformed church Tuesday at 2 p. m. and the remains will be taken to Little Falls for interment.

Utica Daily Union, June 9, 1897, page 5.

Death of Mrs. Catharine Stoddard

Ilion, June 9.- Mrs. Catharine Stoddard was found dead in bed this morning at her home in Canal street. She retired as usual last evening, but had been complaining some time of not feeling well. Death was caused by heart trouble. She was born in Seneca Falls 68 years ago, and had resided in Ilion for 33 years. Four sons, John Richardson and Arthur Stoddard of Ilion, George and Willard Stoddard of Dolgeville, two daughters, Carrie Stoddard of Ilion and Mrs. Bron of Jersey City, survive her

Utica Daily Union, July 12, 1897

Ilion, July 12 The funeral of the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Willoughby was held from their home this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock.

Utica Semi-Weekly Herald, February 26, 1897

Little Falls, Feb. 23.- John Quackenbush died at his home on Second street lastl night of paralysis. Yesterday afternoon he was engaged filing a saw at his home when he was stricken. He was found lying on the floor of the basement by his daughter soon after the stroke. Deceased was born in Mindenville in 1826. Thirty years ago he commenced making wagons in this city. He was one of the oldest business men of the town and was universally respected by all the residents. He is survived by a widow and two daughters.

Little Falls, Feb. 24.- Mrs. Jessie M. Ingham died at her home on Church street, in this city, this morning. Deceased was 34 years of age, and a highly respected lady. A few days ago her husband died.

Mrs. Michael Scanlon died at her home on the P. W. Casler farm in the town of Little Falls, last night of pneumonia. Deceased was 70 years of age.

Note: from our listings of Old St. Mary's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Little Falls, NY: Scanlon, Ann Mulvehill, 1826-1897, Hus. Michael

Ilion, Feb. 25.- Annie, wife of Harold H. Van Dewater, died very suddenly Monday night: at her home, in her 20th year. In company with her mother she was on her way that evening to attend a lecture in the opera house. When near the hall she complained of not feeling as well as usual, and decided to return, her mother attending the lecture. On her way home she noticed a man acting suspiciously and becoming convinced that he was following her, became very much excited and retraced her steps to the store of Sherman Jennings where she met her father who accompanied her to his home on West Street, where she manifested alarming symptoms, resulting in convulsions, etc. Her husband was ___ and she was conveyed to her home in a carriage where a ___ ___ and succeeding convulsions resulted in death within a few hours.

Fort Plain, Feb. 25.

The funeral of Dr. Clarence P. Reynolds of this place, who died in New York city, aged 27 years, was held from the home of his brother in Amsterdam this afternoon. Dr. Reynolds settled in Fort Plain in 1895 and shortly afterward was married to Miss Carrie Hawley of Baldwinsville.

Canajoharie, Feb. 24.- Tuesday morning at his home in this place died James Ambridge, aged 79(?) years. For over 60 years he had lived in this vicinity. His wife died last August. He is survived by seven children.

new 10/1/07   The death notice of Helena Spraker Winne of Palatine Bridge, NY was contributed by Barb Gese!

Transcribed from:
The New York Times
Aug. 13, 1862

From the Death Notices:

WINNE. -- At Palatine Bridge, N. Y., on Sunday afternoon, Aug. 10, HELENA SPRAKER, wife of RICHARD WINNE, of New-York, and daughter of LIVINGSTON SPRAKER, Esq.

new 9/29/07   From the Utica Weekly Herald, September 19, 1882.

West Winfield, Sept. 18.- Peter Haslehurst, late postmaster at this place, died Tuesday night, after a long period of suffering, from heart disease. The deceased was born in Stockport, England, in 1817, and removed early to this section, where he became widely known. For nearly thirty-two years he had been justice of the peace, in which position his genial manners and staunch integrity won for him a large share of legal business, as well as universal respect. During this service, his judgment only once suffered reversal on appeal. As a republican he was prominent in county affairs, a firm supporter of his party at its best, and enjoyed the post-office here for more than a score of years. His departure creates a vacancy that will not be readily filled. He leaves a widow and two children, A. W. Haslehurst, of Mohawk, and Mrs. Leigh R. Hunt, of West Winfield.

Sept. 18.

Henry D. Dockstader, aged 92, has died at his residence, in this village.

new 9/29/07   From the Utica Semi-Weekly Herald, Friday, August 6, 1897.

Aug. 3.

Ira Burton, a life long resident of West Schuyler, died at his home in that place this morning, aged 62 years. Mr. Burton knew no home but Schuyler, where he was born, and had always taken ann active interest in whatever was for the benefit of his native town. Two sisters survive. He was a son of the late Hiram Burton.

LIttle Falls
Aug. 4

Mrs. Sarah Phillips of this city died this morning at the Utica State hospital, and the remains were brought here on the afternoon train. Deceased was 61 years old and is survived by her husband, William Phillips, and the following children: Mrs. John Dempster, Miss Etta, Clinton, Wesley, Fred, Arthur and William.

new 9/29/07   From the Richfield Springs Mercury, November 10, 1887.

Fort Plain.

Alie Fero was buried last Tuesday.

new 9/29/07   From the Utica Herald Dispatch, December 10, 1902.

Little Falls.

Mrs. Charlotte Esser.

Mrs. Charlotte, wife of William H. Esser, died at her home in Albany street yesterday afternoon of consumption. She was 33 years of age and came to this city from Poughkeepsie only a few years ago. Mr. Esser has the sympathy of the community in his bereavement. The funeral was held from the residence this morning at 11 o'clock, Rev. C. S. Richardson officiating. The remains were taken to Poughkeepsie for interment.


Frankfoart, Dec. 10.- In the death of Luther P. Sterling, which occurred at his home in East Schuyler, about a mile from this village, yesterday, the community loses one of its oldest residents. His age was 85 years, and during nearly all of that time he has resided very near where he died. He was a man of good judgement, thoughtful of those about him, and believed in the principles taught by the golden rule. He leaves surviving a widow and one son, Charles, who resides with his parents. The funeral services will be held from his late residence Thursday at 3 o'clock, the Rev. John Brill officiating.

new 9/29/07   From the Utica Herald Dispatch, May 20, 1903, page 5.


Death of Mrs. O'Brien.

Margaret Angeline O'Brien, age __4 years and 6 months, died at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O'Brien, No. 3 Gansevoort place, last night. Her remains will be taken to the family's former home in Florence to-morrow for burial.

Mrs. Harriet B. Moon.

Cold Brook, May 20.- Mrs. Harriet B. Moon, an aged resident of this village, dropped dead Monday evening, under tragic circumstances. She was the widow of Cameron Moon. She left the home of her daughter, Mrs. A. B. Coonradt, late in the afternoon to go to the cemetery for the purpose of placing flowers on the grave of her late husband. When it became dark she did not return home and her relatives became alarmed as to her w hereabouts. Her relatives went to the Cemetery and found her lying dead on a grave adjoining that of her husband's. It is supposed that she was stricken with heart disease while in the act of placing flowers on the grave of her husband and fell back on the adjoining grave dead. She was over 80 years of age. Coroner Williams of Newport decided an inquest unnecessary.

new 9/29/07   From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, December 12, 1914.



Esteemed Resident Victim of Apoplexy

Canajoharie, Dec. 12.- John H. Hoffman, a well known resident of this village, died very suddenly last evening at h is home on Robinson street. Mr. Hoffman was feeling as well as usual and ate his supper with the family. After finishing his meal he went into the kitchen and sat down in a chair beside the kitchen stove. The light was not turned on in the kitchen, and upon hearing a peculiar noise the daughter went out there and found her father in distress. Dr. F. E. Simmons was hastily called, but Mr. Hoffman only breathed a few times after the physician arrived, he having been stricken with a fatal stroke of apoplexy. Mr. Hoffman was born in Buffalo December 27, 1842, but came to Canajoharie to live when only a child, and has since been a resident here. From the time the West Shore Railroad was opened until two year ago, when he was retired on a pension, he served as baggage man at the depot in this village. Since that time he had been employed at the Beech-Nut plant. He was a good-natured and obliging man and faithful in the discharge of his duties. The deceased is survived by his widow, who was formerly Maria Ambridge of this village; two daughters, Mrs. L. N. Vibbard and Mrs. Jerome Martini of this village; two sons, George of Johnstown and James of this village, and several grandchildren. The funeral will be held on Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the home. The Rev. W. M. Baum, D. D., pastor of St. Mark's Lutheran Church, will preach the sermon. The funeral will be in the Canajoharie Falls Cemetery.


The burial of Charles Teskow, who died in Boston, was made in the Mohawk Cemetery Thursday afternoon. The Little Falls Commandery of Knights Templar accompanied the body to the grave and assisted in the final rites. The Rev. L. R. Benson of Ilion had charge of the services. The deceased was born in Mohawk.


The committal service over the remains of Mrs. C. B. Meding of New York City were conducted Wednesday morning at the Devendorf Cemetery in the town of Florida, Montgomery County, by the Rev. J. R. Kyle, D. D., of the First Reformed Church of Amsterdam. Mrs. Meding's death occurred October 19, at Am_taur, Punjab, India, where she had accompanied her husband, Dr. C. B. Meding, who had been perfecting his study of the removal of unripe cataracts under an English surgeon. This was their second trip to India. Previous to its removal to this country the body was cremated in Bombay. Mrs. Meding was a member of Holy Trinity Church of One Hundred and Twenty-second street and Lenox avenue, New York City, where a memorial service was held by the rector, the Rev. H. P. Nichols, D. D. She was well known in this village. Mrs. Leah A. Devendorf and John C. Devendorf of this village attended the service.


The funeral of the late Philo Hilts was held yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the home of his son, Alden E. Hilts, in Bellinger avenue. The Rev. G. L. Powell officiated and interment was made in Oak Hill Cemetery.

new 9/29/07   From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, Wednesday, November 4, 1914.



Suffered Stroke Early Last Month.

Frankfort, Nov. 4.- At the home of his sister, Mrs. Thomas Clark of Palmer street, yesterday morning occurred the death of Martin Ridley. He had been ill several months and on October 4, suffered a shock from which he suffered until his death. He was born in Pennsylvania, June 10, 1860 and a part of his life was spent there. He came here from Richfield Springs and has resided with his sister since coming here, having never married. He was a comparative stranger to the people of the village but was well liked by all who knew him. He is survived by his father Thomas Ridley who resides here, one brother, Fred Ridley of Dover, Del., and the sister. The funeral will be held from the home of Mrs. Clark to-morrow afternoon at 2 o'clock.


Funeral of Daniel O. Flanders Will Be
Held Thursday.

St. Johnsville, Nov. 4.- The funeral of Daniel O. Flanders will be held on Thursday morning at 11 o'clock from his residence in Danube and from the Lutheran Church in Minden at 12 n., the Rev. Dr. B. E. Fake officiating. Interment will be made in Prospect View Cemetery.

new 9/29/07   From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, November 12, 1917, page 11.



Had Been Accepted for Service in Army

Little Falls, Nov. 12.- Edward Hurley, son of the late Edward Hurley, was found dead at his home on Gansevoort street early last evening, when his mother went to his room to arouse him from sleep. He had gone to his room in the afternoon, seemingly in good health, to take a nap. He did not arise at the supper hour and his mother went to his room and, receiving no response to her call, became alarmed and summoned Dr. Eveleth, who pronounced him dead, heart failure being the cause. Coroner Smith was also called. Mr. Hurley had been called into the National Army, having been recently accepted into the service by the local exemption board and was preparing to leave with the next increment. He is survived by his mother and two sisters, Miss Helen F. Hurley, teacher in the public schools, and Mrs. George Dalcy/Daley(?) of Oneonta.



Fatal Attack of Pneumonia, Following
Operation For Appendicitis.

Dolgeville, Nov. 12.- Guy Cool, aged 22, died early yesterday at the Little Falls Hospital. A few days ago he underwent an operation for appendicitis, which was followed later by pneumonia. The young man was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cool of North Main street and, prior to coming to this village, had resided in Stratford. He was highly regarded by his many friends, possessing winning and worthy attributes of character. Surviving are the parents and several brothers and sisters. The funeral is to be held at 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon from the late home, and burial will be made here.



Esteemed Resident of Mindenville
Died Early Yesterday Morning.

St. Johnsville, Nov. 12.- Charles R. Carter, aged 67 years, a respected resident of Mindenville, died at his home in Mindenville yesterday morning at 1 o'clock, after a long illness. Mr. Carter was born in the town of Minden and had always lived there. By occupation he was a blacksmith, but had lived a retired life for the past few years. Mr. Carter was a member of the St. Johnsville Lodge, No. 611, F. & A. M. H e is survived by his wife; one sister, Mrs. Alice Liner of Bridgeport, Conn., and several nieces and nephews. The funeral will be held on Wednesday afternoon at 1 o'clock from his late home, with the Rev. H. W. McCrone of the Grace Christian Church of St. Johnsville officiating. The interment will be made on (sic) Prospect View Cemetery in the village.

Charles Clemmens, aged 85 years, who was a veteran of the Civil War, died last night at the home of John Sawson [Lawson] in Oppenheim. He had no near relatives. The funeral will be held at 12 n. on Wednesday in the school building at Oppenheim, and the interment will be made in the Clemmens Cemetery.


Mrs. Mary Hoban

Mrs. Mary Hoban, widow of James Hoban, died about 8 o'clock last evening at the home of her son, John Hoban, on Montgomery street. Mrs. Hoban had been ill for about a week and death was due to hemorrhage of the brain. The deceased was born in Ireland 7__ (?)years ago. For many years she was a resident of the town of Canajoharie (living in the country) and for the past several years had resided in this village. She was a member of SS. Peter and Paul's Catholic Church, belonging to its altar society,and was a kind-hearted and respected woman.

Mrs. Hoban is survived by two daughters, Miss Mary Hoban of this village, and Mrs. P. J. Gannon of Syracuse, and one son, John Hoban of this village. The funeral will be held on Thursday at 10 a. m. at SS. Peter and Paul's Church. The Rev. James Bloomey will officiate. Interment will be made in the Catholic Cemetery.

new 9/29/07   From the Utica Morning Herald, July 14, 1881.

Frankfort, July 14.- While on his way from Utica this evening, at about 7, L. B. Durse discovered the dead body of Leonard Brown, an aged and respected citizen of this place. It was lying near the road and about two and a half miles west of the village. Mr. Brown left home this morning in his usual health, calling upon friends during the day. His wife had heard nothing from his since his departure until informed of his death to-night. He was about 75. An inquest will be held to-morrow morning by the coroner. The immediate cause of death is supposed to be heart disease. It was a most trying moment for the aged wife when t he body was brought to the house.

new 9/29/07   From the Richfield Springs Mercury, date unknown

In the death of Clark Goodbread, Mindenvillle loses one of its best young men. It was just recently that Mr. Goodbread visited Starkville friends, he being a nephew of Frank Suits.

new 9/29/07   From the Richfield Springs Mercury, May 3, 1888.

Tuesday's Herkimer Citizen says: As we go to press we hear the sad news of the death of C. W. Smith, one of our leading merchants. Mr. Smith has been quite sick for two weeks but his case was not thought by his relatives and friends to be the cuase of immediate danger, but at his age, 68 years and having been a hard working man for years his constitution was not sufficient to bear the ordeal of a racking sickness. He died yesterday afternoon and his funeral will be held Saturday at 2 P. M. at his residence.

new 9/28/07   From the Richfield Springs Mercury, January 16, 1896.


Cummings - In Little Falls, Jan. 14, Mrs. Daniel Cummings aged about 48 years.

new 9/28/07   From the Utica Sunday Journal, July 20, 1902.

JONES - Mrs. Mercy A. Jones died at her home in Amsterdam Tuesday, July 16, or heart failure, aged 74 years. She is survived by one son, John B. Jones of Amsterdam, and four sisters, Mrs. Nancy Young of Albany, Mrs. Rebecca Goodier of West Winfield, Mrs. Sarah Brown of Cassville, and Mrs. Merinda Denison of Wataga, Ill.

new 9/28/07   From the Utica Sunday Journal, June 23, 1901.

BAUDER- Benjamin Bauder, who died at his home, No. _10 West Onondaga street, Syracuse, last week, was born at Stark, Herkimer county, July 26, 1826. He had lived in Syracuse about 20 years. He was a prominent Mason, having been a member of the Utica Commandery for many years.

HUGHES- Robert Hughes of West Frankfort, who died June 17, was born at Bodfari, North Wales, 66 years ago. He is survived by his wife, two daughters, Mrs. L. H. Jones of Utica and Mrs. H. H. Hughes of West Frankfort, and one sister in Rhyl, North Wales.

BYINGTON- Mrs. Eliza Byington, who died at her home in Clayville, Friday, would have been 98 years of age the 20th/29th? of this month. She was born in Rocky Hill, Conn., in 1803, and when very young moved to New Hartford. About 1821 she was married to Nelson Byington, who died two years later. She was one of the last witnesses to the laying of the corner stone of the Episcopal Church at New Hartford. She removed to Clayville nine years ago.

Note: the above death notice was abstracted because of her remarkable age and having remained a widow almost 80 years! Eliza Byington is listed in the 1900 census of Clayville, Town of Paris, Oneida County as a widow, age 97, born June 1813, no children ever. A boarder in the household of Mary E. Chapman, Mrs. Byington was born CT and parents born same state. In the 1880 census of Utica, she was residing on Washington St. in the home of Wm. H. and Mary E. Chapman, as aunt of Mr. Chapman. In 1870 she was residing in New Hartford NY in the household of Gates W. Chapman, age 60, and his wife Almira. Eliza was said to be an invalid with personal estate of $1,000. In 1860 she was residing in Kirkland, Oneida County, in the household of Patty Marsh (age 59). Both she and Mrs. Marsh were born CT. Next to Mrs. Byington's entry the words "sister & boarder" are crossed off. In 1850 Elisa Byington age 44 was residing in New Hartford, with Elnora Robbins age 30. Next door was the household of Gates Chapman, age 40, and wife Almira. In 1840 Eliza is listed as head of household in the town of New Hartford with one female age 20-30 and one female age 30-40. Gates W. Chapman resides next door.

The well-known Oneida County history book Our County and Its People, by Daniel E. Wager, 1896, has this to say about the Chapman family to whom she remained close after her husband Nelson Byington's decease:

CHAPMAN, W. H., was born in New Hartford, N. Y., April 19, 1844, son of Gates W. and Elmira (Robbins) Chapman. In 1861, at the age of seventeen, he enlisted in Co. B, 121st N. Y. Vols., and served in the Sixth Army Corps, participating in all the battles in which his regiment was engaged up to Fredericksburg, where he was terribly wounded in seven places by bullets and shell. He was two years in the hospital, and was honorably discharged at the close of the war. In 1891 Messrs. W. H. & E. T. Chapman opened the Cottage Hotel at Clayville, which they have since successfully conducted. January 2, 1867, Mr. Chapman married Mary E. Johnston. He is a member of the G. A. R., Chadwicks Post, and in politics a staunch Republican. (p. 273)

My curiosity was certainly piqued about a woman who could marry young and live as a widow for close to 80 years, at a time when few women could support themselves alone. Was her maiden name Chapman? Rocky Hill is in the town of Wethersfield, Hartford County. I looked all over ancestry.com and through search engines and it seems that no one is looking for this Chapman family or Byington family. The IGI has an entry for Gates Warren Chapman (3 Aug 1801 - 12 Feb 1877, said to be the son of Deacon Warren Chapman and Hannah Gates), and his marriage to Almira A. Robbins on 8 Mar 1830 at Hartford CT. This is the same couple as resided in Oneida Co. but the birth year is 10 years off from that of two censuses. I can't find any information on line about Deacon Warren Chapman to determine if Gates W. and Eliza were siblings or otherwise related, nor evidence of the existence of Nelson Byington. On ancestry.com I did find a lineage for a Deacon Worthy Chapman b. 1785, who married a Hannah Gates b. 1788, location East Haddam, Middlesex County CT, and who together had a son named Worthy Gates Chapman b. 1808 in Ohio. The Waterville Times Obituary Index on the Oneida County GenWeb page has this: CHAPMAN Almira A., New Hartford, age 80, d.o.d. 8/14/1888, date of publication, 8/17/1888.

new 9/28/07   From the Richfield Springs Mercury, June 16, 1887.


Mrs. Matilda Miner was born in the town of Warren on the 25th day of March, 1834, died on the 12th of June, 1887, at the residence of her son, Mr. Frank Miner in Monticello.

Mrs. Miner has been ailing since last fall, but no apprehension was felt of any immediate danger. Recently she was taken worse and after severe suffering the end suddenly came and her work was done. She was much respected by her neighbors and tenderly loved by her children, brothers and sisters, several of whom were present at the funeral. She was a good woman and will be sadly missed from the family circle and by her friends and neighbors generally. The esteem in which she was held was shown by the large and sympathizing audience present at the funeral service which was held at the Baptist church, conducted by Rev. J. L. Humphrey, of Richfield Springs.

new 9/28/07   From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, October 15, 1917.


Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale Parese Suffer Loss of Child

Dolgeville, Oct. 15.- Marion Parese, the 2-months-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale Parese of Winton avenue, died suddenly yesterday morning. Coroner Smith was called from Little Falls, and he ascribed the death to a___ pneumonia. the parents and several brothers and sisters survive. Interment was made this afternoon in St. Joseph's Cemetery.

new 9/28/07   From the Utica Sunday Tribune, Friday, June 15, 1900, page 10.

St. Johnsville

Marie Porter, wife of Edwin C. Knight, editor of the St. Johnsville Enterprise, died at her residence here Wednesday at 4 a. m., aged 41 years, 11 months and 25 days. For several years she had suffered from a cancerous affection, and for some months had been confined to ther bed. She is survived by three children, Albert Manley, Anna Marguerete and Eunice M., the last an infant of less than two years; also by her mother, Mrs. Caroline Porter, and a brother, Herman? B. Porter, each of this village. The funeral was held at St. John's Reformed Church, of which organization she was a devoted and consistent member.

Note: the 1900 census of St. Johnsville, Montgomery, New York shows the following: Edwin Knight age 45, Maria Knight age 41 (married 17 years, 5 children, 3 living), A. Manley Knight age 15, Anna M. Knight age 6, Eunice M. Knight age 1 8/12, and mother-in-law Caroline Porter, age 76 (widow, 7 children, 2 living). Mr. Knight was born in Canada, his parents born England, he arrived in the U.S. in 1886, and he was a printer and publisher. The census sheet was dated June 11, 1900, 2 days before Mrs. Knight passed away on Wednesday, June 13.

new 9/28/07   From the Richford Springs Mercury, February 9, 1893.

Sherman Weldon, a bachelor, 85 years old, was frozen to death on the road between Charleston and Rural Grove, N. Y.

new 9/28/07   Fromthe Journal and Republican, June 2, 1910 (Lowville, Lewis County, NY)

Mrs. Catherine Secoy

Andrew Secoy, of this village, was called to Fonda last week by the sudden death of his mother, Mrs. Catherine Secoy. Mrs. Secoy went to Fonda about two weeks ago to visit her son, J. A. Secoy, and had been in her usual good health up to the time of her death. Mrs. Secoy's maiden name was Catherine Holenbeck, and she was born in Schoharie, N. Y., July 12, 1818, and passed her girlhood at that place. After her marriage to Jesse E. Secoy they removed to Rural Grove, N. Y., where they resided until the death of her husband twenty-six years ago, when she came to Port Leyden and made her home with her son, Andrew Secoy, and family. Mrs. Secoy was a member of the Christian church at Rural Grove, and was a conscientious Christian woman, beloved by all who knew her. She will be greatly missed in our village, where she was familiarly known by all as "Grandma" Secoy. She is survived by three children, Mrs. Gerry Lennebecker, of Carlisle, N. Y.; Andrew Secoy, of this village, and Jesse A. Secoy, of Fonda; also eight grand-children and eight great-grand-children. The funeral was held Thursday at 10 a. m. at Fonda, and interment was madme at Argusville, N. Y., where her husband and two sons are also buried.

new 9/28/07   From the Watertown Daily Times, April 5, 1912. Mr. Garlock was born in Herkimer County.



(Special to The Times.)

Clayton April 5.- News was received here this morning of the death of Alvin Garlock, aged 65 years, which occurred in the City hospital at Ogdensburg, this morning, following an operation. His death had been expected for some time.

Mr. Garlock was taken to the Ogdensburg hospital about two weeks ago for an operation for a bunion on the foot. Following the operation gangrene set in and this was the cause of his death.

Mr. Garlock was born in Danube, N. Y., 65 years ago, a son of the late Daniel and Almira Garlock. He married Miss Addie Holliday, who died in 1885. Mr. Garlock was a farmer by occupation and was well known in this s ction. He was a member of the Clayton grange and was a Mason. He was also a member of the Craftsmen's club of this place.

He is survived by four sons, George, Jay, Lester and Charles Garlock, and one daughter, Mrs. Orra Hotis, all of Clayton.

The body will arrive here this evening.

new 9/16/07   From the Richfield Springs Mercury, September 7, 1907.

Abram Kaples died at his home on Green street, Mohawk, Sunday morning at 9 o'clock, aged 84 years. He had lived in Mohawk 40 years and was a skilled carpenter. He was boss carpenter on this section of the Erie canal for 24 years, and was connected in that capacity with John F. Hosch, deceased, for many years. He was a quiet, unassuming man, and a good citizen. Besides his widow he leaves five sons, Millard and Frank of Mohawk, Charles Kaples of Utica, James of Herkimer and Olcott of Richfield Springs, and two daughters, Mrs. Oscar Ackler of Ilion and Mrs. Horace Doxstater of Mohawk and one brother, Riley Kaples of Mohawk.

new 9/16/07   From The Utica Observer, Friday, March 31, 1899.

Herkimer, March 31.

Anna E., the six-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John P. Helmer, died at the home of her parents in Mill Yard this morning. She was taken ill about two weeks ago and diphtheria set in, from which she was unable to recover. The afflicted parents will have the sympathy of the entire community in their bereavement.

new 9/16/07   From The Utica Observer, Saturday, July 31, 1915, page 14.

Mrs. John J. Horigan.

The death of Martha E., wife of John J. Horigan, occured Thursday at 7:30 o'clock, at the family home, 1132 Seymour Ave. She suffered a stroke of paralysis six weeks ago and had been confined to her bed for the last four weeks.

Mrs. Horigan was born in Winfield 44 years ago and she was educated there. Her marriage to Mr. Horigan took place in West Winfield 10 years ago and he survives her, with three daughters, Minnetta, Louise and Regina, all of this city; three brothers, Frank Orr of Ilion, John Orr of Winfield and Edward Orr of West Winfield; also a sister, Mrs. John Murphy of West Winfield

Mrs. Horigan came to this city six years ago and her home had since been here. She had been a devoted member and regular attendant nof the Church of St. Francis de Sales. Her good character and neighborly disposition had endeared her to many people, and all will feel sorrow because of her death.

new 9/16/07  From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, Saturday, February 5, 1916, page 12.

Herkimer, Feb. 5.

The funeral of William Vielhauer will be held Sunday afternoon from the family home in South Washington street, the Rev. J. Howard Brinckerhoof officiating. The remains will be placed in the vault at Oak Hill Cemetery.

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