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Ackler, Delia Enslow 19 June 1903
Ackler, Mary Christman Manning18 Sep 1924
Ackler, Minnie M. 10 June 1947
Bacher, Jacob M. 9 Dec 1918
Ball, infant son May 1900
Bangs, Mrs. JuliaDec 1934
Barnes, Luther Mar 1847
Barton, Elizabeth 18 Sep 1891
Bellinger, Philip 13 Oct 1894
Benson, Eva May 5 Dec 1913
Bishop, Mrs. Arthur 24 April 1898
Bishton, Albert H. 8 Oct 1918
Bishton, Sarah J. 9 Sep 1917
Bloodough, Mrs. Frank15 Dec 1934
Bowen, Elizabeth Clingen 21 Dec 1889
Brayton, Mrs. William P.13 Dec 1934
Bresenheim, Thomas 21 April 1898
Bridenstein, Alonzo July 1879
Burns, Mary Hanlon 17 April 1898
Butterworth, Isaac 9 June 1947
Campbell, Alexander Mar 1920
Casler, Florence 27 Aug 1903
Casler, Nellie 1920
Clackner, Bailey 3 Feb 1910
Coffin, Edward C. 20 Dec 1889
Cole, Martha Bauder 20 Aug 1906
Conners, children 4 May 1886
Corman, William H. 8 Aug 1931
Cristman, Jacob W. 1922
Daniels, Ira 10 July 1905
Darling, Edward E. 12 Sep 1898
Decker, Emma 20 Dec 1935
DeLong, Frank 1913
Dowd, Patrick F. 4 June 1907
Doxtater, Sarah C. Jones 18 Dec 1889
Eagan, Katherine Casey13 Dec 1909
Edwards, Mrs. Samuel F. 1905
Eldridge, David 24 Mar 1919
Etherton, William 31 Mar 1891
Farrington, Mrs. Jerome 3 Jan 1910
Faville, Asa 3 Dec 1889
Faville, Elijah 9 Dec 1889
Finger, Andrew V. 5 Feb 1910
Flynn, Julia 29 Mar 1920
Ford, infant boy8 Sep 1889
Ford, Delavan C. 1925
Freeman, Abigail 5 Apr 1830
Garlock, Dr. William Delano15 Dec 1934
Gearhardt, Theresa Rapp 19 June 1903
Gierman, John C. 3 June 1907
Goodrich, Mary Agnes Delay 10 Aug 1931
Green, George L. 26 Mar 1920
Gross, John M. 1906
Gunn, Henry D. Sep 1919
Halpin, Mr. M. 23 April 1898
Hammond, Edith 4 June 1907
Hammond, Etta 30 May 1907
Harred, Priscilla Drain 2 Oct 1877
Heath, Lillian 24 April 1898
Helmer, Elizabeth Nov 1889
Hilton, Fannie 1907
Hilts, Ezra Nov 23 1908
Hogg, William 1913
Hoppe, Carl J. 14 Sep 1919
House, infant girl Dec 1889
Johnson, Frederick 7 July 1905
Jones, Julia B. Utter Aug 1931
Joslin, Silas Melville April 1898
Kelleher, Catherine Meaney 4 Dec 1931
Kelly, Laura Empsall 8 Aug 1931
Kilham, Susan M[inerva]. 21 May 1925
Klein, Lizzie 5 Dec 1913
Lankton, Dolly Ann Seckner Green 8 Jun 1905
Lewis, Wright Aug 1903
Manning, infant boy "Georgie"10 Sep 1889
Manning, George W. 1922
Marshall, Rebecca 28 Oct 1893
Marsland, Maud Skinner 13 Sep 1898
McCoy, William Francis 9 July 1905
McDonough, infant boy 7 Aug 1931
Mitchell, Senior 21 Dec 1935
Mix, Mrs. Samuel April 1898
Mocri, infant girl Nov 1908
Morgan, Andrew Doolittle14 Dec 1934
Morse, Charles H. 20 April 1898
Nolan, James L. 20 Dec 1958
O'Brien, Edward April 1898
O'Connell, Catherine Aug 1931
O'Toole, Thomas 4 Dec 1931
Osterhout, Abbie SillimanDec 1909
Palmer, Mrs. Jeremiah April 1898
Paul, Lena 18 Dec 1889
Perry, Lany Elizabeth Mar 1920
Petrie, Josephine May 1900
Petrie, Julia May 1900
Piper, Ruby 10 Mar 1910
Powers, Thomas E. 1 Dec 1906
Roberts, Reba 1905
Roland, Mrs. John, Jr. April 1898
Ross, Susan J. (Mrs. Delevan) 20 Mar 1904
Ruddy, Henry 10 Sep 1919
Sannicks, Bertram 2 Aug 1931
Schermerhorn, Nettie Lawyer 15 Dec 1934
Schmidt, Maude Nagle 8 June 1947
Schnelle, Carrie E. 10 June 1947
Shaw, Mrs. J.R. June 1903
Shedd, Mrs. O. B. 9 Sep 1902
Skinner, Samuel W. 13 Sep 1919
Slade, Benton 28 Dec 1897
Smith, Jennie May April 1898
Smith, Nathan 27 Mar 1886
Spear, Thomas L. 16 May 1900
Steele, A. B. 1913
Stephenson, George D. 10 June 1947
Stout, Edwin 4 Apr 1892
Sullivan, Bessie Hart 19 Aug 1906
Tallman, Harry C. Nov. 1908
Thiel, infant child 20 April 1898
Thorpe, Edna Clare 2 Sep 1889
Trosselt, Ida May 19 June 1918
Tucker, Samuel 13 Aug 1895
Van Gumster, James 8 Feb 1910
Vannais, Gertrude 21 April 1913
Vannais, John C. 4 Mar 1929
Vincent, Sarah A.2 Jan 1898
Wallace, Hilton H.6 Oct 1936
Walrath, Rufus 1898
West, Lucinda 1 Apr 1847
Williams, Mrs. Robert 1908
Wood, Frank I. 18 Mar 1895
Woodworth, Orrin C. Dec 1889

new 11/27/16   From the Mohawk Valley Register, Fort Plain NY, unknown date ca. late July 1879

Alonzo Bridenstein, of Mohawk, fell from a wagon a few days ago and died from the effects of his injuries on Tuesday. He was at one time proprietor of the Johnson House at Fonda, and later of the Hinchman House at Little Falls. He was a brother in-law of D. C. Johnson, of Fonda.

new 11/27/16   From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, Monday evening, December 3, 1906, page 8



Little Falls, Dec. 3- John M. Gross, a resident of this city for almost his entire lifetime, is dead in Syracuse. The above information was received by Chief of Police James J. Long in a telegram from Undertaker McCarthy of that city. No particulars are given further than Chief Long is asked to notify his sister at Inghams Mills. She is Mrs. Frances Snell.

The passing of John M. Gross is the closing of a life which has been fraught with many ups and downs. He was about 65 years of age and for a period of years has been nearly blind. He was a cabinet maker by trade and for many years ran a shop at the corner of West Main and Third streets, the site chosen for the new postoffice building. When this site was sold to the Government he removed the building to No. 45 West Main street. Here he engaged in the liquor business but later went to Syracuse. During his troubles when his eyesight began to fail, Mr. Gross despaired of life and once tried to commit suicide. Later he was committed to the State Hospital for a time. After that he returned to this city. [NOTE: in the 1900 census of Little Falls, cabinet maker John M. Gross was age 51, b. Oct. 1848. In the 1892 NYS census Little Falls, cabinet maker John Gross was said to be age 45.]




When About to Retire at Midnight
Saturday He Suffered an Attack of
Heart Disease and Expired.

Thomas E. Powers

Ilion, Dec. 3- Thomas E. Powers died very suddenly at his home on North Third avenue at midnight Saturday. Death was caused by heart trouble, superinduced by an acute attack of stomach trouble. Death occurred while he was preparing to retire.

The deceased was 62 years of age and had resided in this village for 30 years. He worked in the polishing department of the Typewriter Works, being one of the 15-year men.

Mr. Powers was a veteran of the Civil War, participating in 22 battles, besides several skirmishes, and was an honored member of Chismore Post, No. 116 G.A.R. He attended the annual meeting Saturday evening and was elected junior vice commander of the order. His army record was a most honorable one, he having enlisted when a young man in Company E, One Hundred and First N.Y. Volunteer Infantry, October 1, 1861, in which he was detailed as a bugler. He participated in battles before Richmond, the Seven Days' battles, in the Wilderness, Malvern Hill and Second Bull Run. His regiment was consolidated with the Thirty-seventh Infantry at Gettysburg and consolidated with the Fortieth Infantry, New York, May __, 1863, taking part in the engagements at Calesford Mine Run, Wilderness, Spottsylvania and Swift Creek. He was taken prisoner and confined in Libby, Andersonville, and Southern prisons for seven months. He was exchanged and returned to his company at Petersburg and was present at the closing of the war.

He was a member of Ave Maria Church and the societies connected with the church, the Holy Name Society, the Legion of the Sacred Heart and the C.M>B.A. He is survived by his wife, two sons, John and Ambrose, and two daughters, Margaret and Alice. Also five brothers, Sylvester and Nicholas of Utica, and Edward A., John F. and W.C., and one sister, Mrs. P. Froteschi (?) of this village. The funeral will be held from Ave Maria Church at 10 o'clock Wednesday morning. The members of the G.A.R. will have charge.

new 11/27/16   From The Morning Herald, Gloversville & Johnstown NY, Monday, December 23, 1935, page 10


Funeral of Ex-Assessor Set
for Tomorrow at 2 P.M.

Little Falls - Ex-Assessor Senior Mitchell, 79, of 9 Webster street, died Saturday afternoon at his home. He had been ill for the past few years with uremic poisoning.

He was born December 22, 1856, being the son of the late Jeremiah [and] Isabel Senior Mitchell (sic). He moved here with his parents, and when young, learned the trade of a carpenter and millwright. He was a Republican in politics and served as tax collector in the old village of Little Falls. Under the city form of government he served three terms as assessor. He was an attendant at the Episcopal church and a member of the Carpenters' union.

He is survived by his wife who was Jennie May House of this city, to whom he was married on December 28, 1885, and by one son, Harold S. Mitchell of Chicago. The funeral will be held from the home at 2 tomorrow, Rev. Titus officiating, and interment will be in Church street cemetery. [NOTE: the marriage date is in error. They were married in 1889.]


News of the death of Miss Emma Decker, a former resident, has been received here. She died at a sanatorium at Jacksonville, Ill. She was an R. N., and practiced her profession in New York City. She was taken ill on a visit to Jacksonville and died of complications.

She was a daughter of the late Nicholas and Catherine Decker. She is survived by one brother, George, and one sister, Gertrude, both of Fort Plain. The remains will be brought here and the funeral will be held from the Newill funeral home on Alexander street at 2 this afternoon, with interment in Church street cemetery. [NOTE: her findagrave listing in Church Street Cemetery, Little Falls NY, gives her dates as August 23, 1862 - December 20, 1935, and her parents' names as Nicholas and Mary Catherine Freely Decker.]

new 11/27/16   From The Sacramento Union (California), Monday, September 10, 1917, page 7


BISHTON - In this city, September 9, 1917, Sarah J., loving wife of Frederick Bishton, mother of Mrs. Fannie Bussey of Sacramento, Mrs. L. C. Reuning of New Orleans, Charles, Harry, Fred and Albert Bishton of Ilion, N. Y.; sister of Mrs. Anna Simpson of Ilion, N. Y., a native of England, aged 69 years. Remains at the residence of Arthur D. Fenton, 1237 Eye street. Notice of funeral later. [NOTE: Sarah J. Bishton is buried at the Odd Fellows Lawn Cemetery and Mausoleum, Sacramento, CA. The dates viewable on the photo of her stone are May 15, 1848 - September 9, 1917. Her husband Frederick's dates on his separate matching stone are May 4, 1842 - November 9, 1923.]

The local obituary of her son Albert:

Utica Herald-Dispatch, Tuesday evening, October 8, 1918


Spanish Influenza Claimed Popular Young Man as Victim -
Native of Utica


Ilion, Oct. 8- Albert Hilton Bishton, one of the most highly regarded and popular young men of this village died at his home, 31 South Third avenue, at 3:20 o'clock this morning, death being caused by influenza from which he had been ill since a week ago last Saturday. The deceased was born in Utica January 14, 1888, and for 22 years had lived in this village. He was a member of the Baptist Church and was also a member of the Ilion Fish and Game Club which organization he was at all times deeply interested. He was employed at the plant of the Remington Typewriter works as an inspector.

Surviving are his wife who was formerly Florence Clark, one daughter, Jeanette, aged six years; father, Fred Bishton of Sacramento, Cal., and three brothers, Charles, Fred and Harry of Herkimer, and two sisters, Mrs. F. E. Busey of Sacramento, Cal., and Mrs. Louis Reuning of New Orleans, La. In the death of Mr. Bishton, Ilion loses a young man of worth and one who was among the type of citizens that are held in the sincerest respect.

The funeral of Albert H. Bishton will be held privately Thursday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, the Rev. D. W. Lyman officiating. [NOTE: Albert H. Bishton rests in Armory Hill Cemetery in Ilion NY.]

The local obituary of her sister Fannie:

Ilion Citizen, November 7, 1907, page 5

One of the saddest events of the year is the death of Mrs. Fannie E. Hilton of Topatello, Idaho, who died at Glenwood Springs, Col. Mrs. Hilton had been ill about a year and a half and spent that time in Ilion. Last Wednesday night with her husband, and Mrs. F. E. Bussey, she started for her home in Idaho and died on the journey. Her remains will be brought to Ilion. She leaves two sisters, Mrs. Frederick Bishton and Mrs. Anna Holland and one brother, Thomas Simpson. [NOTE: Mrs. Hilton is listed in Armory Hill Cemetery as Fanny Hilton, 1853-1907.]

new 11/27/16   From The Evening Times, Little Falls NY, September 16, 1898

Edward Darling's Funeral.

Dolgeville, Sept. 16- Dolgeville paid a last fitting tribute to the memory of Edward Darling this afternoon. Darling is the young United States soldier who died at Camp Wikoff Wednesday of fever contracted at Santiago. Business was practically suspended and all the townspeople turned out to the funeral. The funeral cortege was the largest ever seen in this village and the M. E. church was not large enough to hold the crowd. A large American flag covered the casket. The officiating clergymen were the Revs. V. E. Tomlinson of Little Falls, Allen of Dolgeville and Van Valkenburg of Oppenheim. The latter preached an eloquent sermon. The interment took place in the White School cemetery in Salisbury. [NOTE: Edward is listed on findagrave in Dolgeville Cemetery. His name on the stone is Edward E. Darling, with dates June 29, 1876 Salisbury NY - September 12, 1898. His stone also states that he was a Spanish-American War veteran, and member of Co. F 7th U.S. Infantry. The site coordinators don't know what cemetery White School Cemetery refers to.]

new 11/27/16   From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, Tuesday evening, March 30, 1920, page 16


George L. Green, at one time a resident of this village, died a few days ago at Sarasota, Fla., where he had been spending the winter. He lived in this village in the early seventies. Later he became connected with the Muser Brothers, lace importers and remained in their employ for 25 years. His home was in Springfield, Mass. The deceased was a brother of the late Daniel Green, whose name is borne by the Daniel Green Felt Shoe Company. He is survived by his wife, by a brother W. R. Green, and by a sister, Miss Elizabeth Green of Canastota. The remains were brought to Springfield for interment, being met at New York by James A. Green and J. J. Ingraham of this vilage. [NOTE: Mr. Green's name is on the large Samuel Comstock family monument at Oak Grove Cemetery, Springsfield MA. Mr. Green's dates are Feb. 25, 1850 - Mar. 26, 1920. His wife Mary A. Comstock Green passed away in 1938.]

The funeral of Alexander Campbell was held this morning from St. Joseph's Church. Mr. Campbell died at Stratford, following an extended illness. He was formerly a resident of this village, removing to Stratford a few years ago. Besides his wife, he is survived by several brothers and sisters, residing in the vicinity of Albany. The deceased was a man of genial disposition, highly regarded by all his friends.

new 11/24/16   From The Richfield Springs Mercury, Thursday, May 6, 1886

Herkimer County.

Scarlet fever prevails among the children in the northern part of the county, and we hear of numerous deaths from that cause. Two children of Jeremiah Conners, of Eatonville, died from it on Tuesday.

new 11/24/16   From The Richfield Springs Mercury, Thursday, April 1, 1886

Herkimer county.

Nathan Smith, a farmer of the town of Schuyler, was killed Saturday while assisting in moving a barn. [NOTE: Mr. Smith was interred in Oak Hill Cemetery, Herkimer NY. His findagrave listing includes a long interesting obituary describing how the accident happened and the details of his injuries. A group of neighbors were moving a small house, not a barn. His wife was Laura Folts, daughter of Allen Folts.] The photo of his stone reads:

Mar. 27, 1886
Aged 46 Yrs 1 mo.
& 17 ds.

new 11/24/16   From the Ilion Sentinel, Thursday, July 12, 1947, page 4


Mrs. Carrie E. Schnelle, of 418 Otsego St., widow of Charles Schnelle, died June 10, 1947, after a long illness.

Mrs. Schnelle was born in Marcy April 12, 1887, a daughter of Seward and Carrie Peckman Kunkle. She had resided in Ilion for more than 40 years, and was a member of St. Augustine's Church.

She was a past grand of the Ilion Rebekah Lodge, a member of the Amaranth, and of the Auxiliary of Col. Vroman Post, Spanish War Veterans.

Surviving are one son, Emmett, Ilion; one sister, Mrs. Albert Fairbrother, Utica; two brothers, Earl Kunkle, Camden and Alton Kunkle, utica and several nieces and nephews.


Isaac Butterworth, 84, of 15 Newton St., died June 9, 1947, in his home.

Born in England, he came to America on his wedding trip following his marriage to Ada Kirk on April 16, 1884. He had been in the business of carriage-maker and painter, and for 61 years had been a member of the Baptist Church.

He is survived by three daughters, Phebe, Mrs. Elsie Rowlands and Mrs. Edith Hagen; a son, Wright; four grandsons, one great-grandson, and a great-grand-daughter, all of Ilion.

Private funeral services are being conducted today with Rev. F. W. Ainslie officiating. Interment will be in Armory Hill Cemetery.


Mrs. Minnie M. Ackler, 78, W. Main St., died June 10, 1947 in Ilion Hospital following a long illness.

Born Dec. 15, 1868 in the town of German Flatts, she was a daughter of DeWitt and Delia Ackley Culver. She was married to Frank Ackler June 23, 1923.

She had resided here for the last thirty years and was a member of the Methodist Church and the Rebekah Lodge. She was also a member of the WBA Society in Herkimer.

Surviving are her husband; one son, Ayers Stoddard, Dayton, Ohio; one sister, Mrs. Fred Wachtman and one brother, Clark Culver, both of Ilion.

The funeral will be from the Whiter Funeral Home at 2 p.m. Friday with Rev. Leonard Peale officiating. Burial will be in Armory Hill Cemetery.


George D. Stephenson, 60 West St., died June 10, 1947, in Ilion Hospital following a brief illness.

Born March 21, 1887, in Whitesboro, he was a son of George and Grace Green Stephenson. He was married to Lida DeLand in Rome 37 years ago.

He was a filer in Plant 2, Remington Rand, and had lived in Ilion for the last three years, coming from Utica.

He was a member of the First Presbyterian Church, Utica.

Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Charlotte Wilcox, Boonville; Mrs. Lois Smith, Utica; two sisters, Mrs. Albert S. Rodell, Ilion; Miss Maude Stephenson, Ilion; two brothers, Robert Stephenson, Utica, and Lean (sic?) Stephenson, Ilion; three grandchildren and several nieces and nephews.

The funeral wil be held at 2 p.m. Friday in the Applegate Funeral Home, the Rev. Leonard Peale officiating.


Mrs. Maude Nagle Schmidt, 74, active Ilion citizen for many years, died June 8, 1947, in her home, 21 Bellevue Ave., afer a long illness.

She was born in Fort Herkimer on Dec. 9, 1873, the daughter of John and Cornelia Palmer Nagle. She was educated in Ilion schools, and in 1895 she was married to the late Wilhelm A. Schmidt at Ilion, who died two years ago.

Mrs. Schmidt was always interested in political affairs and was the first woman chairman of the Herkimer County Republican Committee.

She was a charter member of the Mohawk Valley Chapter, DAR; a charter member of Oliver Hazard Perry Chapter, Daughters of 1812, and a vice-regent of the latter organization at the time of her death.

She also was a charter member of the Ilion Historical Club and was honored by that organization last year for her faithful service. During the World War I, Mrs. Schmidt was chairman of one of the local Red Cross units.

Mrs. Schmidt was a member of the Sulgrove Manor Society of England and of the New Century Club of Utica. In 1945 she received a citation in New York City for her work for the Herkimer County Tubercular Association. Recently she was elected regent of the General Nicholas Herkimer Chapter, DAR. She was a member of the Church of the Annunciation and one of the founders of the PTA unit and the Catholic Daughters of that church.

She is survived by a daughter Mrs. Muriel Cornelia Zoller, wife of Supreme Court Justice Abram Zoller, Herkimer.

Funeral services were conducted at 9 a.m. Wednesday from the late home and at 9:30 from the Church of the Annunciation. Interment was in Armory Hill Cemetery.

new 11/24/16   From The Register, Fort Plain NY, October 12, 1877


DRAIN - In Newville, Oct. 2d, Priscilla Drain, wife of David Harred, aged 51 years, 9 months and 25 days.

new 11/24/16   From the Ilion Citizen, Thursday, September 18 1919, front page

Death of Samuel W. Skinner

Samuel W. Skinner, long and well known in Ilion, died Sept. 13 after a long decline in health. He was born at Westmoreland, N.H., September 3, 1840, and had been a resident of Ilion for 55 years, coming here in 1864. His first work was in the Springfield Armory in 1862, and for a time he was inspector of arms at Hartford, Conn., after which he was engaged as contractor for fire arms in New York City.

Under E. Remington & Sons he worked under contract in the gun barrel department; later he was employed in the type department of the Remington Typewriter Works, but retired from active business in 1914.

In the early 60's Mr. Skinner affiliated himself with Masonry in Ilion Lodge, No. 591, F. & A.M. He was a charter member of Iroquois Chapter, R. A.M. In 1872 he was made a Knight Templar in the Utica Commandery. Two years later he joined the Syracuse Consistory, Scottish Right Masons. He was a past master of Ilion lodge, past master of Iroquois Chapter and a 32d degree Mason. He was a member of the Methodist Church and had served on the official board.

In 1867 he married Lydia B. Pelton, who died a few years ago. He is survived by four children, Mrs. R. B. Redway, Ilion; Mrs. Avery S. Wright, Oswego; C. B. Skinner, Schenectady; and Mrs. Leroy Brown, Vineland, N.J.; one sister, Mrs. E. S. Beckwith of Brooklyn and six grandchildren.

The funeral was held Tuesday afternoon from the home of Dr. and Mrs. R. B. Redway and was conducted by Rev. H. W. Bennett. The Masons had charge of the service at the grave.

Death of Carl J. Hoppe

The death of Carl J. Hoppe, a former Ilionite, occurred Sept. 14 at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Mabel Nichols on the Bellinger farm north of Herkimer, at the age of 59 years. He had been in failing health for some time. Following his long residence here he moved to Syracuse, where he lived for 19 years.

He is survived by his daughter, at whose home he died, and one son Edward Hoppe, a corporal in the U.S. Army, now doing service on the Rhine in Germany; a sister, Mrs. Minnie Reiser of Benedict avenue, Ilion; a nephew, Charles Reiser of Ilion, and a niece, Miss Ada Martindale of Syracuse; also five grandchildren.

The funeral was held Wednesday afternoon from the home of his sister Mrs. Charles Reiser and was private.

Death of Henry Ruddy

Sept. 10 at North Chelmsford, Mass., occured the death of Henry Ruddy, a former resident who left Ilion about 20 years ago. During his residence in Ilion he followed his trade as a die sinker and for some time was engaged in the retail cigar business on First street in the store now occupied by Raymond Burke.

He was affiliated with Ilion Lodge 400, I.O.O.F. and Damon Lodge, 125 K. of P., and was a former member of the old No. 1 Hose Company. His wife died in 1893. He is survived by three sons, Fremont T. Ruddy of Ilion, William of Beverly, Mass., and Harry of Jamestown, also two daughters, Mrs. John Hays of Los Angeles, Cal., and Mrs. Clarence Senn of New Haven, Conn.

new 11/24/16   From the Ilion Citizen, Thursday, February 10, 1910

Death of James Van Gumster

Ilion learns with sincere regret of the death of James Van Gumster, Feb. 8. Mr. Van Gumster has been in failing health for some time, but Jan. 22, he slipped and fell at No. 2 engine house where he had gone to pay his taxes and the shock sustained a fractured hip which with the resulting shock hastened his death. He was an upright and respected citizen and was highly regarded by all who knew him.

Mr. Van Gumster was born in Zwollen, Holland, Sept. 1, 1842, and came to this country with his parents when seven years of age and settled in Troy. He afterward lived in Syracuse and in 1852 came to Ilion. In this village he was in the employ of the Remington Arms Company over 30 years until six years ago, when he retired. For many years he had the position of contractor in the barrel department. In politics he was a Republican and during the past six years had been a member of the street board. He was also a member of the Exempt Firman (sic) of Syracuse and was affiliated with Ilion Lodge, No. 591, F. and A.M. He was a devout member of St. Augustine's church and at one time held the office of vestryman. The deceased enjoyed a large acquaintance. His life was always a busy one, filled with deeds and works which will live in memory for years to come and was a citizen who will be much missed. In 1866 he was married to Anna Poyser, who survives, also two sisters, Mrs. William Hunter of Ilion and Mrs. A. M. Bullard of Syracuse. During the last five years he lost his two brothers, John and Henry Van Gumster. The funeral will be held on Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Rev. H. E. Pike will officiate. The funeral will be in charge of Ilion Lodge, No. 591, F. and A.M., who will meet at the Masonic Temple at 1 p.m.


Feb. 8- It is with sincere regret we record the death of Andrew Finger. He sustained a shock several weeks ago, and has been in a helpless condition until Saturday morning at 4:30. He was nearly 78 years old. He was a kind neighbor, of cheerful disposition and will be greatly missed in the community. Sympathy is extended to the bereaved family. The funeral was held from his late home Tuesday.

Death of A. V. Finger

The death of A. V. Finger occurred at his home at Miller's Mills Saturday morning. He had been in failing health for several months. Deceased was 78 years old and is survived by his wife, a brother Wilbur and a sister Mrs. Crawford Miller [NOTE: he rests in Millers Mills Cemetery].

new 11/24/16   From the Ilion Citizen, Thursday, June 6, 1907, front page

Death of Patrick Dowd

At St. Luke's hospital, June 4, occurred the death of Patrick F. Dowd. Mr. Dowd had been in ill health for some time and last Wednesdsay was taken to the hospital for treatment for rheumatism. He was 67 years of age and was an employee of the Remington Arms Company. He was an Exempt Fireman, being a member of the old No. 1 Company. Mr. Dowd is survived by a widow and three children, one son, John, and two daughters, Mrs. Thomas McCann of East Main, (Mrs.) Geo. Stockberger and Theresa Dowd, and three sisters, Mrs. Thos. McCannof East Main street Ilion, Miss Jane Dowd of Troy and Bridget Dowd of Frankfort. The remains were brought to Ilion Tuesday and the funeral will be held from Ave Maria church Thursday morning.

Death of John C. Gierman

At the state Hospital in Utica, June 3, occurred the death of John C. Gierman, aged 76. A week ago Mr. Gierman attempted to take his life at his home on South Third avenue by shooting himself twice with a 22 calibre revolver. The shots were not in vital parts, but the doctors were unsuccessful in locating the bullets by probing. A few days afterward Mr. Gierman was committed to the State Hospital in Utica. For many years he had been employed in the Remington Armory and at one time conducted a grocery store in his residence on West Hill. The remains were brought to his home Monday by Undertaker H. F. Slanson of Utica. He is survived by three sons, Carl and John C. Gierman jr., of this village and William Gierman of St. Joseph, Mo., and one daughter Mrs. Albert Oberlin of New York City. The funeral was held from his late residence Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Rev. Harlow Skeel conducted the service.

Mrs. Etta Hammond

At the home of her son, Eugene Hammond, May 30, occured the death of Mrs. Etta Hammond, widow of Edwin Hammond, after an illness of over three months. Death was caused by cancer of the stomach. Mrs. Hammond was born in Middleville, in 1859. She was married in 1876 to Edwin Hammond, who died five years ago. She is survived by six children, three sons, Eugene of Ilion, Irving of Syracuse and Edward of Herkimer; and three daughters, Mrs. Wm. Cassidy of Little Falls, Mora and Elsie of Ilion. Mrs. Hammond was a member of the Baptist church. The funeral was held from her late residence Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock, Rev. A. S. Brown (nothing else; white space indicates possible printer's error)

Death of Mrs. Morgan Hammond

Tuesday, June 4, at her home on East Canal street, occurred the death of Mrs. Edith Hammond, wife of Morgan Hammond, aged 53 years. Mrs. Hammond was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ashby and was born at Eden, Northampton, England. She is survived by her husband and five children, one daughter, Anna, and four sons, Harry, Floyd, Bert and Earl of this village. The funeral will be held Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Rev. A. S. Brown will have charge of the service.

new 11/24/16   From the Herkimer Citizen, Tuesday, June 13, 1905, page 2

During the funeral services of Mrs. Samuel F. Edwards at the Methodist church at Frankfort Center, Sunday afternoon the flooring gave way, carrying with it a large part of the funeral party seated in the body of the church. A stampede was avoided only by the coolness on the part of a few present. A supporting timber had so rotted that it broke with the weight and carried the flooring about five feet. After the people had quited (sic) the Rev. Mr. Nichols continued with the services in the unaffected part of the church.

Mrs. D. A. Lankton died at 2 a.m. Wednesday at her home, 13 English street, after an illness of six months. Mrs. Lankton was 82 years old; her husband, Elon Lankton, died two years ago last winter. Her maiden name was Seckner. Her first husband being Stephen F. Green of German Flatts. She came from Turin, Lewis county, to Ilion thirty years ago and has been a member of the Methodist church over sixty years, but on account of poor health has not been a regular attendant for some time. She is survived by one son Byron E. Green of Ilion; two sisters, Mrs. Amanda Campbell of Whitesboro and Mrs. Jas. Vincent of Ilion. The funeral will be held at 2 p.m. Friday at the house and 2:30 at the Methodist church. [NOTE: She rests in Oak Hill Cemetery, Herkimer NY. A funeral notice from the Utica Herald-Dispatch is posted on her findagrave listing. Elon Lankton's 1903 obit posted on findagrave says that his second wife was Dolly Ann Seckner of Ilion. Mr. Lankton rests with his first wife, Mary Tripp, in Gravesville Cemetery.]


June 8- The remains of Miss Reba Roberts, of Rochester, formerly of South Ilion, reached this place Monday evening May 21st. A prayer service was held at the home of Mrs. Mary Allen in Rochester. Reba was 13 years of age and of a bright and amiable disposition which won many friends for her. The floral tributes were very beautiful showing the high esteem in which she was held by her schoolmates and friends. She is survived by her mother, Mrs. Fannie Roberts, and two sisters, Vera and Lora all of South Ilion. The funeral was held from the home of her mother, Rev. A. I. Brice officiating. Interment was made in Armory Hill cemetery.{NOTE: Reba is listed in findagrave's Armory Hill Cemetery interments as "Rebecca Roberts." But a clear photo of the monument names her as Reba. The stone belongs to "Fannie A. Humphreville, Wife of I. Curtis Roberts," with Reba's name inscribed underneath. Her dates on the stone are 1892-1905.]

new 11/24/16   From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, Monday evening, December 13, 1909



Esteemed Woman Passed Away Suddenly This Morning

Ilion, December 1_ - The sudden death of Mrs. Sanford Osterhout, a most estimable resident of this section, occurred at her home on the Barringer road at 9 o'clock this morning. For some time past she had suffered from rheumatism, but her illness had not confined her to her bed. This morning before her husband left to do some work outside she complained of feeling unwell. Her condition was not considered serious, however, but shortly after she expired, before help could reach her------. A woman who had been aiding her in her work was in another room when Mrs. Osterhout passed away. Heart trouble was the immediate cause of death.

The deceased was born at Frankfort Hill 68 years ago and her maiden name was Abbie Silliman. She was married in 1870. She is survived by her husband and two daughters, Mary of Syracuse and Kate, a teacher in the Ilion schools, and by one brother, Gould Silliman of Trenton Falls. The deceased was highly esteemed by all who knew her.

[Abbie Osterhout, 1841 - 1909, Armory Hill Cemetery Ilion]
[Sanford Osterhout, 1846 - 1914, Armory Hill Cemetery Ilion]


Death of Little Falls Woman Causes General and Sincere Regret

Little Falls, Dec. 13- Mrs. Charles Eagan died this morning after a long illness. She was born in England in 1851 and her maiden name was Miss Katherine Casey. She was married New Year's eve, 1870, her wedding being the first nuptial event in St. Mary's Church. She is survived by her husband and one son Charles, and by three brothers, William and James of Utica and John of Cohoes. The deceased was gifted as a vocalist and had been heard with pleasure in church in various parts of the Mohawk Valley. She was a woman who was held in the highest esteem by all who knew her and her death causes sincerest regret.

new 11/24/16   This issue of the Ilion Citizen contained notices of the sad deaths of three infants.

From the Ilion Citizen, Friday, September 13, 1889, page 8

North Columbia, Sept. 10
The little one-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Mannings died last Tuesday. Though but weak and frail during his short life, the fond parents had great hopes of this one as this is the third one of their babies that have thus died.

George Manning is listed in the Columbia section of the 1888-89 Herkimer Co. directory, as is an Abraham Manning. George W. Manning, age 55, and wife Mary, 49, are listed in the 1900 of Columbia, as well as the 1910, 1915, 1920 censuses. This is a very sad case, as in 1900 Mary says they'd been married 34 years, had had 3 children, and none were living. The Utica Weekly Herald, January January 9, 1866, page 5, had this announcement:

In Columbia, January 1st, by the same [Rev. L. Bolton]. Mr. GEORGE W. MANNING and Miss MARY CHRISTMAN, both of Columbia.

The Utica Observer-Dispatch, Friday, November 3, 1922, page 28
Dennison's Corners, Nov. 3- The funeral of George W. Manning was held from his late home Wednesday afternoon, the Rev. E. D. Ridgeway officiating. Interment was made at North Columbia.

Mary Christman Manning passed away 2 years later, in September 1924, but for a brief few months was remarried to her husband George's brother-in-law, Henry Philo Ackler.

The Utica Observer-Dispatch, Saturday, September 20, 1924, page 8
Mrs. Mary Ackler Dies at Columbia Center

Columbia Center, Sept. 20- The death of Mrs. Mary Christman Manning, wife of H[enry]. Philo Ackler, occurred at her home near Columbia Center Thursday. Mrs. Ackler was born in Columbia, December 6, 1850, daughter of William and Dorothy Bell Christman.

Mrs. Ackler was married twice, her first husband being George W. Manning. Besides her husband she leaves a sister, Mrs. Merton W. Brown; three stepchildren, Mrs. Libble Doolittle, Ralph Ackler and Mrs. Glen Hoyer. The funeral will be held at the home at 2 p.m. Sunday.

Findagrave has a clear photo of an ornate monument at North Columbia Cemetery with the names of "G.W. Manning," his wife "Mary Cristman," and their three infant children, Willie, Mellie and Georgie. Georgie is the child of the 1889 death notice, and the last born of the three children. Findagrave also has a clear photo of H. Philo Ackler's and his first wife Mary Manning's joint monument at North Columbia Cemetery. Interestingly, Philo's first wife Mary Mannning passed away in 1924, the same year that his second wife Mary Christman Manning passed away. Newspaper mentions about Mary Manning Ackler's family's concern for her health and sympathy towards their loss indicate that she passed away in March 1924.

Philo had a brief period as a widower, as the following indicates that he remarried to his former sister-in-law less than two months after his first wife's passing:

Mr. and Mrs. Philo Ackler, the newest bride and groom in town, were guests early in the week of Mr. and Mrs. Orville House. [Richfield Springs Mercury,Thursday, May 29, 1924, front page]

NOTE: Philo Ackler was the widower brother-in-law of George W. Manning, having first been married to George's sister Mary Manning (1841-1924) in 1874. Philo was widowed three times. About a year and a week after second wife Mary Christman Manning's (1850-1924) passing, Philo Ackler (1855-1947) married a third woman named Mary - Mary Jane Brewer Getman, widow of Damon Getman. Mary Brewer Getman Ackler (1858-1943) was laid to rest in Oak Hill Cemetery, Herkimer NY (perhaps with or near her first husband?) An undated obituary from the Utica Observer said that she had married H. Philo Ackler and passed away at home in Columbia Center on November 16, 1943.

Columbia Center
At the home of her son, Richard Getman, Mrs. Mary Getman became the bride of H. Philo Ackler Saturday. The bride's gown was panel blue silk canton crepe with cream lace trimmings. Both bride and groom have been lifelong residents of this town. After an extended honeymoon they will be at home to their many friends at their home, formerly known as the Manning farm. [Utica Daily Press, Wednesday, September 30, 1925]

In the 1930 census, Philo Ackler resided on Manning Road, Town of Columbia. In 1940 he resided on Ackler Road.

Cedarville, Sept. 12
Died Sept. 2d, 1889, Edna Clare, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Thorpe, aged five months. Funeral services were held from the house, the 4th, Rev. Mr. Compton of Columbia officiating. Mr. and Mrs. Thorpe wish to publicly express their sincere thanks to Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Sibel and Mrs. B. E. Davis for their kind assistance and sympathy rendered during the long illness and at the death of their little one, and also to all those who so kindly donated beautiful flowers for the occasion. May they all, when the dark angel enters their homes find as kind friends to lighten the gloom. "For as ye have done it unto the least of these ye have done it unto me."

Mohawk Cemetery
THORP, Edna C., 1889 - 1889
THORP, John J., 1848 - 1925, Wf. Ella A. Young
THORP, Mabel J., 1883 - 1897

Mohawk, Sept. 13
The infant son of Dell Ford died Sunday of cholera infantum. The funeral was held Tuesday, Rev. J. D. Corby officiating.

The unnamed little boy was likely the son of the Delavan C. Ford (1862 - 1925), who rests in Mohawk Cemetery. No listing for a Ford child who died in 1889 on our cemetery listing or on findagrave.

Utica Daily Press, Saturday, November 7, 1925

Mohawk, Nov. 6
The funeral of Delavan C. Ford will be privately held from his late home in West Main Street, Monday afternoon. Interment will be made in the Mohawk Cemetery.

new 11/16/16   From the Utica Daily Times, unknown date ca. February 6, 1910


Bailey Clackner Passes Away After a
Long Illness - Only 17 Years Old.

Fort Plain Feb. 4 - The death of Bailey Clackner occured at the home of his parents on Canal street last night, between the hours of 11 and 12, at the age of 17 years. The young man, bright and thorough in everything that he undertook has been in ill health for a number of years and for the past two years had been battling against difficulties which, with all of his courage and the best of medical assistance and care, he was unable to cope with. One year ago he passed with his mother and grandfather, Charles Bailey, in the South, with hopes that he might regain health. The trip was of great benefit to him, for he had been much stronger and better since that time until a few weeks ago, when he was taken with hemorrhages. Saturday morning there was evidence of a turn for the better, giving his relatives considerable encouragement. A sudden turn Saturday night for the worse was more than his strength could with stand and life went out a short time later. His parents, by whom he is survived, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Clackner, have the heartfelt sympathy of this community in their hour of bereavement. The remains will be taken to Little Falls to-morrow, where the funeral will be held and where interment will be made. [NOTE: in the 1910 census of Little Falls, Bailey C. Clackner, age 7, born October 1892, resided with his parents Charles and Emma Clackner. In the 1910 census, his parents resided in Fort Plain NY. Sadly, from what Emma reported to census takers, Bailey appears to have been the couple's only child. Bailey's paternal grandfather was Luther F. Clackner, b. Schenectady NY.]

new 11/16/16   From the Utica Daily Press, Monday, August 10, 1931, page 13

Former Frankfort Resident Is Dead.

Frankfort, Aug. 9- A card from Mrs. Sannicks to Mamie Puzzillo today made known the death and burial of her husband, Bertram Sannicks, last week at Louisville, Ky. Death was the result of an accident.

Mr. Sannicks was 45(?), a n___ (illegible) barber, and well known in the community. Two years ago he left for Michigan. He leaves, besides his wife, one son, Schuyler Sannicks, both of New Jersey.

Bertram Sannicks's grandfather, Alonzo Schuyler, located here shortly after the Civil War had freed his kin from bondage, he having left the South some time previous. He conducted a barber shop here until his death, more than 10 years ago, when his son, Bertram, took over the business and conducted it until two years ago, when he felt the urge to travel. [NOTE: information abstracted from his Kentucky death certificate - Bertram Sannicks, age 44 years 9 months and 21 days, race "colored," occupation barber, was born in Frankfort NY on November 9, 1896, and died August 2, 1931 in the city hospital, Louisville, Jefferson Co., Kentucky. His father was Wilford Sannicks, birthplace unknown, and mother was Georgie Anna Schuyler, born Utica NY. He was severely injured in an auto accident on July 27, 1931, his serious injuries including compound fractures of his ankle resulting in gas gangrene (in the days before antibiotics).]


Ilion, Aug. 9- Mrs. Anthony Kelly, 64, died at her home at North Ilion, Saturday at 3 p.m., following a lingering illness.

She was born in Detroit, Mich., March --, 1867, and had lived in Ilion practically all her life.

Laura Empsall was married to Mr. Kelly July 9, 1912. She was a member of the Church of the Annunciation.

She is survived by her husband; a stepson, Grover Kelly, West Springfield, Mass.; six brothers, William, James, Charles, Shirley, Arthur and Albert, all of Ilion; one sister, Mrs. Charles Dickson, Ilion; one nephew, William Dickson; a niece, Mrs. Douglass Barger, Ilion.

The funeral will be held Tuesday from the home at 2 and 3:30 at the Church of the Annunciation, with interment in Oak Hill Cemetery, Herkimer.

Mrs. Henry Goodrich of Ilion Succumbs

Ilion, Aug. 9- Mary Agnes Delay, 71, wife of Henry Goodrich, __ Arlington Avenue, passed away at the Ilion Hospital today. She had been ill for some stime with a complication of diseases. Her husband and all the children were at her bedside as she passed away.

She was born in La Fargeville, February 22(?), 1860, and had lived in Ilion over 50 years.

She is survived by her husband, two daughters, Mrs. Frank Bettner of Utica and Mrs. LeRoy Bogardus of Ilion; two sons, former Sheriff Charles H. Goodrich of Herkimer and Edward B. Goodrich of Syracuse; one sister, Mrs. Margaret Kehoe, New York City, and five grandchildren.

The funeral of Mrs. Henry Goodrich will be held privately from the home, 15(?) Arlington Avenue, Wednesdsay at 3:30 p.m. Friends may call Tuesday afternoon and evening.

Ilion, Aug. 9- Mr. and Mrs. Eugene McDonough, 140 East North Street, have the sympathy of their friends in the death of their infant son, which occurred at the Ilion Hospital, Friday night.


Mohawk, Aug. 9- The funeral of William H. Corman, 72, who passed away Saturday morning at his home in Michigan Avenue, this village, will be held Monday afternoon at 2. Rev. A. E. Legg of the Herkimer M. E. Church will officiate.

He was born in Galesburg, Ia., a son of William and Elizabeth Corman, and on July 31, 1886, he married Jennie Frandstaff, who died five years ago.

He leaves four daughters, Mrs. Frank Frentzman of Fort Plain, Mrs. James Flannigan of Long Beach, Calif., Mrs. Pierce Yates and Miss Lelia Corman of Mohawk; and four sons, Harry of Herkimer, Lee, Lynn and Roy of this village.


Herkimer, Aug. 9- The funeral of Mrs. Julia B. Jones, 81, who passed away recently at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Fred Newman, 16 South Bellinger Street, was held from that place Saturday afternoon and Rev. C.E. Nichols of Herkimer officiated.

Mrs. Jones had been an invalid for 26 years.

She was born in Unadilla Forks, April 23(?), 1850, a daughter of the late Jacob and Catherine Moore Utter of that village.

She resided with her daughter for nearly 15 years.

Mrs. Jones leaves these children: Mrs. Fred Newman, Mrs. Pliny Rockwell, Miss Ida Jones, Herkimer; Mrs. Henry Hadcock, Ilion; Mrs. W. Helmer and Roger Jones, Prospect; LaVerne and Frank Jones, Poland; Mrs. Arthur Brewster, Weedsport; Mrs. S. (?) A. Rockwell, Perryville; Mrs. Edgar Adams, Santa Barbara, Calif.; Mrs. Jules(?) Reed, Little Falls; Mrs. James Garry, Waterville; and Mrs. Gertrude Hanley, Syracuse; two brothers, E. B. Utter, Poland [NOTE: that's only one brother]; and one sister, Mrs. Flora Dopp, Table Rock, Neb.; 35 grandchildren and 17(?) great grandchildren. [NOTE: Julia Utter Jones and her Civil War veteran husband William Jones both rest in Pine Grove Cemetery, Poland NY. Her siblings' descendants settled throughout the U.S. Her father, Jacob Sherrill Utter, rests in New Forest Cemetery, Utica NY; his interesting obit is posted on findagrave.


Herkimer, Aug. 9- The funeral of Mrs. Catherine O'Connell will be held Monday at noon from St. Francis de Sales Church. The bearers will be John Enright, Daniel Riley, Bernard Helmer, Ralph Cress, Marvin Rasbach, and Michael Murphy.

new 11/16/16   From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, Saturday evening, June 29, 1918, page 10>

Ilion, June 29 -

Was Estimable Young Woman

The death of Mrs. Ida May Trosselt occurred this morning at 7:15 o'clock, following an illness of several months' duration. Deceased was born in this village May 12, 1894, and had always resided here. She was married three years ago. She was a young woman who was most highly regarded and her death causes profound sorrow to all who knew her. Surviving are her husband and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Marhaver, and three brothers, Irving, Arleigh and Raymond. The funeral will be held privately Monday afternoon.

new 11/16/16   From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, Wednesday evening February 12, 1908

The body of Mrs. Robert Williams was brought from Gray in charge of Undertaker Whiter last evening and was placed in the vault at Armory Hill Cemetery.

new 11/16/16   From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, Monday evening, March 24, 1919, page 13

Little Falls


David Eldridge died at his home on the State road between here and Herkimer yesterday. Ten days ago Mr. Eldridge had a stroke and a severe illness has followed. He was 53 years old and is survived by his wife.

[David C. Eldridge, 1865-1919, Rural Park Cemetery, Ingham Mills Station, Herkimer County NY]

new 11/16/16   From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, Tuesday evening, March 30, 1920, page 16


Died at Daughter's House

The death of Mrs. Julia Flynn, widow of Patrick Flynn, occurred at 12:15 yesterday afternoon at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Nellie Byer, 50 West Canal street. She was 54 years of age and came here from Toledo, O., five years ago. She is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Edward Gorman of Toledo, O. and Mrs. Julia Wiggins and Mrs. Nellie Byer of this village; six grandchildren and two great grandchildren. The funeral will be held from the home of her daughter, Mrs. Wiggins, at 102 West North street, Wednesday at 8 a.m. and from the Church of the Annunciation at 8:30 a.m. The remains will be taken to Fulton for burial.

Inquest in Death of Mrs. Casler

Coroner Dr. E. B. Manion will start the inquest to-night in the death of Mrs. Nellie Casler, who was killed by a trolley car a few weeks ago. The inquest will be held at the town clerk's office at Mohawk.


Mrs. Lany Elizabeth Perry, widow of Sanford A. Perry, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Morris Marriott, in South Washington street, from an illness resulting from paralysis sustained about two weeks ago. Mrs. Perry was born September 12, 1842, in Jacksonburg, her parents having been the late Isaac and Catharine Hilts Casler. September 22, 1859, she was married to her late husband, whose death occurred October 1_(?), 1911, and practically all her life was spent in Herkimer with the exception of nine years at Evans Mills, Jefferson County. She was a member of the Reformed Church and was one of Herkimer's older residents and was a woman of kind Christian character and neighborly traits and beloved by all who knew her. The funeral was held at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon from the house, the Rev. W. Dumont Conlin officiating. Interment was made in Oak Hill Cemetery. Miss Marriott is the only near survivor.

new 11/16/16   From The Ilion News, Thursday, January 6, 1910, page 9

Mrs. Jerome Farrington

At her home in North Ilion Monday evening occcurred the death of Mrs. Jerome Farrington after an illness of over a year. The deceased was born in Sheffield, England, in 1856. Several years ago she took up her residence in Ilion later moving to Utica, where she resided several years and won a reputation in musical circles. Two years ago she returned to this village, where she had since resided. She is survived by her husband and one sister, Mrs. George Clive of this village. The funeral was strictly private and was held Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Burial being made in Oak Hill Cemetery, Herkimer.

new 11/16/16   From the Ilion Citizen, Thursday, September 11, 1919, page 8


Sept. 10
- Henry D. Gunn died in the Ilion hospital where he was operated upon for appendicitis.

Card of Thanks.
We desire to thank our friends for the many acts of kindness extended during the illness and at the time of the death of our husband and father.

Elsewhere in the paper:

From the Ilion Citizen, Thursday, September 11, 1919, page 4

North Columbia-

The funeral of Henry D. Gunn was held Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. from his home in this place and at 2 o'clock from the North Columbia church. Rev. E. D. Ridgeway officiated.

new 11/16/16   From the Utica Observer, Tuesday, April 1, 1913, page 3

Funeral of Hon. A. B. Steele.

Herkimer, April 1- The funeral of Hon. A. B. Steele was largely attended this afternoon from his late residence in North Main street, at 2 o'clock and from the Baptist Church at 2:30, Rev. E. Scott Farley officiating. The funeral was in charge of Little Falls Commandery, Knights Templars, and was attended in a body by the Masons of this village, the Herkimer County Bar Association, the Fort Dayton Hose Company, the Down and Out Club, the Mohawk Valley Chapter, S.A.R. The honorary pall bearers were selected from the trustees of the Baptist Church and were E. L. Jackson, G. G. Theobald, C. H. Moyer, __. __.(?) Sharpe, Dr. E. C. Kein and W. A. Owens. The active bearers were members of Little Falls Commandery. The floral tributes were profuse and beautiful. Interment was made in Oak Hill Cemetery.

new 11/16/16   From the Watertown Daily Times, Friday afternoon, May 22, 1925, page 3


Ilion, May 22- Susan M. Kilham died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Menzo D. Angell, early Thursday afternoon, after an illness of four weeks caused from a broken hip. She was born in West Turin, Lewis County, September 30, 1830, and had she lived until September 30 would have celebrated her 95th birthday.

Mrs. Kilham, whose maiden name was Susan M. Kentner, was a real daughter of 1812 and belonged to Oliver Hazard Perry Chapter, her father having done garrison duty at Sackets Harbor during that war. Her husband, Doten H. Kilham, died at Turin in 1889. She was a member of the Methodist church at Turin, which place had always been her home until 14 years ago, when she came to Ilion to live.

She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. James B. Whittlesey of Utica and Mrs. Menzo D. Angell of Ilion; also two grandsons, Leonard D. Whittlesey of Flint, Mich., and James G. Whittlesey of Baltimore, Md.

The funeral services will be held Sunday at 2 p.m. from her late home, 132 West street, conducted by Rev. L. R. Benson and Rev. A. B. Corbin. Burial will be made in Armory Hill Cemetery. [NOTE: In the 1880 census of the village of Turin, Lewis County NY, Doton Kilham, age 53, resided with his wife Susan, age 49, and daughter Mamie, age 17.]

new 11/16/16   From the Ilion Citizen, Thursday, December 3, 1908

A Native of Herkimer.

At Cape Vincent, New York, November 23rd, occurred the death of Ezra Hilts.

Mr. Hilts was born in the village of Herkimer, November 3, 1839. His ancestors on his father's side were among the early settlers of the Mohawk Valley. On his mother's side they were settlers in Connecticut early in the 17th century. Both sides of the house contributed soldiers to the Revolutionary War. It is authentically related that the great grandfather of the deceased was taken prisoner by the British and with other prisoners of war was starved to death on a prison ship.

At the outbreak of the Civil War Mr. Hilts enlisted in Battery D, First New York Light Artillery.

On May 5, 1862, in a hard fought battle with the Confederates, Mr. Hilts with others volunteered to go into the hottest of the fight and man the guns deserted by the regulars who had been beaten back by the torrent of lead from the enemy's guns. He went and leaped into the place of an officer in charge of the cannon who had been shot down beside him. In this battle, while thus engaged, he lost his arm.

After being mustered out of the army he taught in the village school at Stone Mills. Later he studied law at the Albany Law School, after graduating was admitted to the bar in May 1869. He entered the law office of Hammond & Winslow, then among the leading lawyers of Watertown. Removing to Cape Vincent he opened a law office. Here he remained for the rest of his life.

Twice he was elected justice of the peace and for three terms justice of session. He was appointed postmaster of Cape Vincent and he remained in office seven years. In 1900 he was census enumerator for Cape Vincent. Later in the same year he was called to take charge of the postoffice at Thousand Island Park. In 1895 he was appointed deputy collector and inspector of customs at Alexandria Bay. In 1903 he was transferred to Round Island and Westminster Park where through the summers he retained office until his death.

Mr. Hilts is survived by two daughters, Miss Carrie, teacher of Latin in Cortland High School, and Miss Abbie, a student at Syracuse University.

Herkimer Department

- Harry C., the four-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Tallman, died Wednesday afternoon at the home of his parents in Eureka avenue, of diphtheria. Besides the parents, a brother and sister, survive. The funeral was private and held Thursday afternoon. Interment was made at Oak Hill cemetery. Rev. E. V. Stevens officiated.

Herkimer Department

- The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mocri of William street, died Friday morning. The funeral was held Saturday with burial in Calvary cemetery. [NOTE: surname should probably be Macri.]

new 11/16/16   From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, March 23, 1904


Funeral of Mrs. Delavan Ross Held
From Her Late Home This Afternoon

Ilion, March 23- The Rev. M. G. Seymour and the Rev. D. F. Pierce of Watertown conducted the services of the funeral of Mrs. Delavan Ross, which were held from her late residence at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon. The services were largely attended, the members of Eastern Star Chapter, No. 82 O.E.S., of which she was a member, attending in a body.

The floral offerings were numerous and included a star from the members of the Easter Star Chapter, No. 82, O.E.S., a garland of hyacinths from the D.A.R., a basket of carnations from the members of the Social Union, a cluster of roses from the Helping Hand Society, a basket of roses from the Ladies' Aid Society of the Methodist Church, a cluster of carnations from the members of Tau Chapter of the Theta Phil. Society.

A quartette, composed of the following singers, sang several selections: LeRoy Brown, M. D. Angell, Mrs. Henry Joy and Mrs. Charles Barnes. The bearers were S.T. Russell, Charles Harter, S. W. Skinner, J. R. Pelton, James Whitfield and L B. Walrath. Burial was made in Armory Hill Cemetery.

NOTE: the 1900 census of Town of German Flatts, village of Ilion, lists dry goods merchant Delavan A. Ross, age 52, wife Susan J. Ross, age 51, and son Don Ross, age 16. The clearly chiseled names and dates on their monument in Armory Hill Cemetery read:

Died MAR. 14, 1904
AGED 59 Years

His Wife
Died Mar. 20, 1904
Aged 57 Years

new 11/16/16   From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, August 27, 1903, page 5


Her Death Occurred After an Operation

Little Falls, Aug. 27.- Mrs. Florence Casler, wife of Charles Casler of Church street, died at the hospital last night. The deceased underwent an operation yesterday afternoon. She was 33 years of age and besides her husband is survived by four children. The funeral will be held from her late home to-morrow afternoon at 3 o'clock, the Rev. Mr. Torry officiating. Interment will be made in Church Street Cemetery.

Herkimer, Aug. 27- The funeral of Wright Lewis was held at the County House yesterday afternoon.

new 11/16/16   From the Utica Daily Press, December 4, 1931


Little Falls, Dec. 3- Mrs. Catherine Meaney Kelleher, 67, wife of Alderman Denis Kelleher, Ward Street, died early this morning at their home, after a short illness.

The deceased was a native of Ireland coming to this country about 40 years ago and was born in 1864.

The survivors besides her husband, are seven stepchildren, Mrs. Francis Daly, Herkimer; Mrs. Ernest Coppernoll, Fort Plain; Mrs. Fred Reiman, Margaret and Denis Kelleher, Little Falls; John of Girard, Ohio, and Thomas Kelleher, Fort Plain; a sister, Mrs. Helen Claffey, Geneva. Also a number of nieces and nephews.

The funeral will be held Saturday morning at 9:30 from St. Mary's Church.

new 11/16/16   From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, December 9, 1918

Little Falls.


Jacob M. Bacher

Jacob M. Bacher died at his home on Petrie street yesterday morning at 9 o'clock. Mr. Bacher had been ill for about two years suffering from complications. He was born in Albany 62/63(?) years ago. For years he was connected with different dry goods stores, being employed as a carpet layer. His wife, who was Miss Carrie Fredericks, survives, also his mother, two brothers, George of this city, and Daniel of Syracuse; five sisters, Mrs. Joseph Seal of Albany, Mrs. Ellen George of Burnside, Conn., Mrs. William Cristman of East Herkimer, Mrs. W. C. Mack of Ilion and Mrs. Louis Patterson of Dolgeville. The funeral arrangements will be announced later.

new 11/16/16   From the Utica Herald-Dispatch, December 6, 1913


Son Follows Father in Death

Word was received here this morning from New York of the death of William Hogg, who was a few days ago overcome with gas. His father was buried Thursday afternoon. The sympathy of the entire community will be extended the family in their double affliction. The body of the young man, who was 26 years of age, will arrive here to-night and will be taken in charge by Undertaker Angell. [Village of Ilion Cemetery - HOGG, William, 1886 - 1913]

Death of Eva Benson

At 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Benson, at 245 East Clark street, occurred the death of Eva May Benson. The deceased was born at Winsted, Conn., seven years ago. She is survived by her parents, four sisters, Mrs. Altmen, May, Evelyn and Clara Benson of Ilion, and one brother, Harry of Newark, N.J. The funeral will be held Sunday at 2 p. m. The Rev. L.R. Benson will officiate.

Ilion, Dec. 6.- At the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Emil Klein of Elm street, at 11:30 o'clock last night occurred the death of Lizzie Klein, after a long illness, during which she had been a patient sufferer. Death was caused by a complication of diseases. She was born in this village November 16(?), 18__(?), and had always made this village her home. She was a member and faithful attendant of the Presbyterian church. She is survived by her parents and one brother, William Klein of Jersey City. [Village of Ilion Cemetery - KLEIN, Lizzie, 1878-1913]

Frankfort - Many friends here are regretting the serious illness of Mr. DeLong of Ilion, a brother of Frank DeLong, whose funeral will be held to-morrow. The brother is seriously ill of pneumonia and it is thought that he contracted it in caring for the brother who died. Dr. Ford of Utica was called in counsel this morning. [Village of Ilion Cemetery - DELONG, Frank, 1868 - 1913]

new 11/16/16   From the Utica Weekly Herald, August 13, 1895

Little Falls, Aug. 9. - [Special] - Samuel Tucker, an old veteran, died here to-day. He was a well known character and had a good war record.

new 11/16/16   From the Utica Weekly Herald, March 31, 1891


AMSTERDAM, March 24. [special.]

Shortly after noon to-day William Etherton of Starkville committed suicide at a Nelliston hotel, by shooting himself in the head with a revolver. The reason of Etherton's committing suicide was, that he was confronted by a crime, he having forged the name of Sanford Johnson of Starkville to a check of $100 and drew the money from the Farmers' and Mechanics' bank of Fort Plain. Etherton arrived at Fort Plain early this morning, and went at once to the bank and drew the money. Soon afterwards Mr. Johnson reached Fort Plain and on going to the bank the officials informed him concerning the check and he pronounced the signature a forgery. The officials of the bank at once started out in pursuit of the forger, and he was found at Branker's hotel at Nelliston. The officials asked him to go up stairs in the hotel. He consented to do so and walked ahead of his captors. Just as soon as Etherton entered the room he pulled a revolver from his pocket and fired a bullet through his head. He died in a few minutes. On the dead man's person was found a little over $20 in money, three gold watches and some letters which had been written to him by females. A coroner took charge of the remains, and will hold an inquest to-morrow. Etherton, it is supposed, spent some of the money for the gold watches. He was a farm laborer, and is said to have been a good workman.

new 11/16/16   From the Utica Morning Herald, September 18, 1891, page 8

Elizabeth Barton, an aged resident of this county, died quite suddenly to-day at the residence of Hon. J. D. Henderson, where she had lived for several years. She was 83 years old, and the daughter of Dr. Anthony Barton, who formerly resided in the town of Fairfield near what is now known as Barton Hill, an elevated spot near Fairfield village. The funeral will be held Saturday.

new 11/16/16   From The Paoli News, October 17, 1894, Vol. XX, Issue 12

Found in back mail from 9/28/2008! A belated thank you goes to contributor Cathy Beard! This obituary appeared in "Orange Peelings", Vol. XXVI, Issue 3, for July, August, September 2008. "I subscribe to the Orange Peelings published by the Orange County (Indiana) Genealogical Society (Paoli, Indiana). Please find attached a page from the latest publication as it relates to Herkimer County, NY. I thought it might be of interest!"

The Paoli News, October 17, 1894, Vol. XX, Issue 12

Philip Bellinger - The citizens of Paoli were shocked to learn of the death of Philip Bellinger, congestion of the stomach was the cause while sitting in his chair at 5 A. M. in the morning of Saturday, October 13 in his 59th year.

He was born in Herkimer County New York. Came to Indiana in the 1850's did business in the northern part of the State, later coming to Orange County. On December 1, 1868 he married Jane Hudelson and had 1 child Carrie. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church.

new 11/16/16   From The Richfield Springs Mercury, Thursday, April 7, 1892

West Winfield

Edwin Stout died on Monday, April 4th. It will be remembered that in last week's issue we announced that Mr. Stout had been stricken with paralysis, from which stroke he never recovered. He leaves a wife, who at the present time is an invalid; and two sisters, who have the heartfelt sympathy of all in this the hour of bereavement.

new 11/16/16   From The Richfield Springs Mercury, Thursday, March 23, 1895


Died, Monday, March 18, Frank I., wife of Perry A. Wood and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Paine, aged 31 years. She leaves an infant son. The funeral services will be held at her fathers residence Thursday at 12 o'clock, Dr. Lord officiating. Words fail to express the utter desolation of the home from which she was taken and a large circle of friends sympathize with the husband, parents, uncle and brother who mourn her loss.

new 11/16/16   From The Richfield Springs Mercury, Thursday, November 9, 1893


Mrs. Rebecca Marshall, wife of Mr. Thomas Marshall, of Warren, N.Y., died at their home in Little Lakes, October 28, 1893. Mrs. Marshall was sixty-seven years, two months and 4 days old. Her maiden name was Hudson. She was born in Springfield, N.Y., August 24, 1826. She was married to Mr. Thomas Marshall, July 11, 1847. She united with the Baptist church at Springfield Centre near forty years ago. Of late years, since moving into Little Lakes village, her usual habit has been to attend the service at the Methodist church near her residence, and from that service she was never absent when able to attend. Every ordinance of God's house, was to her a priceless legacy. She was a thoughtful student of books and events; a woman of broad intelligence, strong convictions and deep piety; a devoted wife; a deeply affectionate mother; a useful neighbor, beloved by all who knew her, as was evinced by the large congregation that gathered at her funeral, which was attended at the church at Little Lakes, Monday October 30th.

By her request the writer officiated at her funeral, assisted by the pastor of the Baptist church, of which she was a member, using hymns which she had selected before her death.

Her last days were brightened by new and marvelous display of her Savior's presence that illuminated her tedious sickness; and expelled all gloom from the hour of dying. She filled a large place in the community and filled it acceptably, and is missed and mourned by wide circle of relatives and friends. She leaves a husband one son (sic) who deeply mourn her loss. A good woman has left us for a better country.

new 11/16/16   From The Daily Press, Utica NY, December 4, 1931


Body is Discovered in Car at Garage in Rear of Home

West Winfield, Dec. 3.- Thomas O'Toole, 33, was found dead in his car in the garage in back of his home today by his mother, Mrs. Miles O'Toole.

Coroner Smith, Little Falls, was called and he ordered an autopsy, which was taken by Dr. J. H. Van Buren, this village, and Dr. E. P. Whitford, Bridgewater. They said carbon monoxide from the car caused death.

Thomas O'Toole was born in West Winfield July 12, 1898, a son of the late Miles O'Toole and Mrs. Margaret Burns O'Toole. He received his education in the local High School. He was a member of St. Joseph Church and the Knights of Columbus.

Besides his mother, he leaves a brother, Frank O'Toole, Cleveland, Ohio.

new 1/5/16   From The Utica Observer-Dispatch, Friday, November 3, 1922, page 28

The remains of Jacob W. Cristman, who died at the home of his nephew in Frankfort, was brought here for burial.

new 1/5/16   From The Daily Press, Utica NY, Monday, Dec. 12, 1958

James Nolan, Printer, Dies in Mohawk

Mohawk- James L. Nolan, 82, died Dec. 20, 1958, in the Hyde Nursing Home after a long illness.

Mr. Nolan was born Dec. 12, 1876, in Utica son of Lewis and Catherine McManus Nolan. He married Cora Vanais on July 4, 1905, in Middleville. Mrs. Nolan died in 1948. He was a member of the Church of the Blessed Sacrament.

Mr. Nolan lived in Mohawk most of his life and began as a printer in 1913. Later he became associated with Charles Prince. In April of 1946 he and Ronald Robotham started the printing shop that now bears the name of Robotham & Nolan.

In 1898 he served as a corporal with the 135th Separate Company, National Guard during the Spanish American War.

Mr. Nolan was a charter member of the Mohawk Fish and Game club and was a director of the old National Mohawk Valley Bank.

He will be remembered as chairman of Mohawk 100th anniversary, "Home Coming of the Mohawk," in 1936. He also was active in other civic affairs.

He leaves one cousin, Albert Spicer, Jacksonville, Fla.

The funeral will be at the Graves Funeral Home, 48 E. Main St. at 9 a.m. tomorrow and at 9:30 from the Church of the Blessed Sacrament, where a solemn requiem high Mass will be offered by the Rev. James E. Brennock, pastor. Burial in Calvary Cemetery, Herkimer.

Utica Daily Press, Monday, March 12, 1910
Herkimer's Socialist Paper.

Herkimer, March 12 - Herkimer County has a Socialist paper. It is known as the Herkimer County Socialist, is published at Mohawk every Saturday and its editor is James L. Nolan. The first issue made its appearance Saturday.

new 1/5/16   From the Daily Sentinel, Rome NY, Tuesday evening, March 5, 1929, page 3

Dies at Mohawk.

Mohawk, March 5- John C. Vannais, 74, deputy sheriff, and former resident of Middleville, died late yesterday at the home of his daughter after an illness of several months. He leaves three daughters, Mrs. James L. Nolan, with whom he lived, Mrs. J. B. Halpin and Mrs. John P. Dunn of Herkimer, and two brothers, Edward W. and William A. of Auburn.

new 1/5/16   From the Utica Daily Press, Monday morning, April 21, 1913


Death Occurs in Syracuse - Was Well Known in Herkimer.

Herkimer, April 20- Miss Gertrude Vannais, aged 22 years, died this morning at 6 o'clock at the home of her sister, Mrs. James L. Nolan, in Syracuse, tuberculosis being the cause. Miss Vannais was a frequent visitor in Herkimer and had many friends here, who will regret to learn of her untimely demise. She is survived by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Vannais of Middleville, and three sisters, Mrs. Bryan Halpin of this village, Miss Alice Vannais of Hilldale and the sister above named. The remains will be brought to this village and in charge of Funeral Director John Campbell will be taken to Middleville on the 12:20 o'clock train. The funeral will be held Wednesday at 10 a.m. from the Church of the Assumption. Rev. William White officiating. Burial at Newport.

new 1/5/16   From the Utica Daily Press, Monday, March 12, 1910

Mohawk, March 12- Miss Ruby Piper, aged 20 years, daughter of Earl S. Piper, died at the home of her uncle, Edwin Devoe, at 3 o'clock Saturday morning. Miss Piper was a resident of Syracuse and came here as it was thought by her physician there that a change might be beneficial. She was born in Herkimer. She was an estimable young lady and had many friends. The funeral will be held Monday at 2 p.m. from Mr. Devoe's residence. She is survived by her father and one brother, Carl Piper. Interment will be made in Oak Hill Cemetery.

new 1/5/16   From the Herkimer Citizen, Tuesday, July 11, 1905



Found Hanging in his barn-
Had Not Recovered from Injuries Received Two Months Ago.

Frederick Johson, a well known resident, who resided with his son-in-law, Lewis Rice, at Cedarville, committed suicide by hanging himself in the barn, between six and seven o'clock Friday morning. Mr. Johnson was quite severely injured by being thrown from a wagon about two months ago, and had not fully recovered his health. He was an industrious citizen, much respected by all who knew him. Deceased was 67 years old and is survived by two sons, Frederick and Augustus, and also three daughters, two of whom reside in Syracuse.

At his home in Ilion Monday occurred the death of Ira Daniels. Mr. Daniels' wife was a Herkimer lady, Miss Susie Winnie.

Death of William McCoy.

William Francis McCoy, aged 30 years, died Sunday at the home of his brother, Alexander McCoy on Eastern avenue. The deceased was stricken three years ago last February, the stroke being caused by the bursting of a blood vessel. About a year ago he had a second stroke, and since that time has continued to grow worse. He was born in Albany, and came to this village from Fort Plain six years ago. He was a member of the Fort Dayton Steamer Company of this village and popular with all who knew him. He is survived by his mother, Mrs. Elizabeth McCoy, and two brothers, Alexander and Alston McCoy. The funeral will be held Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, conducted by Rev. W. C. Prout.

new 1/5/16   From the Journal and Courier, Little Falls, Tuesday, Sept. 20, 1898


The sudden death of Mrs. Marsland occurred Tuesday. Deceased was 28 years of age and leaves a husband and a daughter aged two years. The funeral was held Thursday, Rev. R. E. King officiating.

NOTE: this is Mrs. Marsland. The year of birth on the transcribed reading is in error. Her findagrave listing has a photo of her stone and a moving, more detailed obit from the Ilion Citizen of Sept. 26, 1898.

Village of Ilion Cemetery - from County Historical Society's list
MARSLAND, Maud Skinner, 1861-1898, Hus. William

Armory Hill Cemetery - from Findagrave
Maud Skinner Marsland, Oct. 12, 1869 - Sep. 13, 1898

new11/17/15   from The Ilion Citizen, Friday, November 22, 1889, front page

Jordanville, Nov. 20

Miss Elizabeth Helmer died in Syracuse at the home of her sister, Mrs. Rev. G. W. Becker and was brought here for interment. The funeral services were held at her brother's Henry Helmer, Wednesday, Nov. 20.

new11/17/15   from the The Journal & Courier, Little Falls, NY, Dec. 24, 1889


The funeral of Mrs. Sarah Doxtater, took place last Friday afternoon, at the residence of Israel Seeber. Mrs. Doxtater was the daughter of John B. Jones, a former resident of this place. In 1869 she removed with her husband, John A. Doxtater, from Newville to Sterling, Cayuga county, where they resided until Mr. Doxtater's death, in 1883. Since October 1889 she had made it her home with her sister, Mrs. Seeber. Rev. L. J. Dean, of Little Falls, officiated at the funeral, after which the remains were taken to Sterling, for interment.


A telegram announcing the death on Thursday last, at San Diego, Cal., of Orrin C. Woodworth, was received here Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Woodworth left here to join her husband in California some weeks ago, and thus was fortunately able to be present to smooth the dying pillow. Much sympathy is felt for the widow in her bereavement.


In Rochester, N.Y., Dec. 3, 1889, Asa Faville, aged 87 years.

Deceased was born in Herkimer county, N.Y., July 28, 1801. He was next to the youngest of a family of twelve children. Ten of this number lived till past 70 years. Mr. Faville removed to Wisconsin in 1845. Possessing many virtues, he was highly respected, and for nearly 70 years he had been a member of the M. E. church. On the day he died he appeared in usual health till about 8:30 in the evening, when he complained of feeling unwell and sank rapidly and died in about half an hour. His remains were taken to Lake Mills, Wisconsin, for interment.

In Lake Mills, Wisconsin, Dec. 9, 1889, Elijah Faville, aged 73 years.

Deceased was born in Manheim, this county, in 1816. He was a cousin of Henry and Rush Faville, of Dolgeville. He was the fifth child of John Faville and Elizabeth Guile. The family consisted of six brothers and six sisters, of whom but three survive. He was a nephew of Asa Faville, whose death is recorded above. He went to Wisconsin in 1844. He died quite suddenly of heart disease. Mr. Faville was a devoted christian and a man highly respected by all who knew him.

At Little Falls, N.Y., Dec. 21st, 1889, Elizabeth, wife of Asa Bowen, aged 41 years.

Deceased was the daughter of the late Joseph Clingen and was possessed of many virtues. She was an especially devoted wife and mother, her whole life seeming to be wrapped up in the care of her family. Two daughters, Sarah and Florence, are, by her death, deprived of the care and companionship of a faithful land loving mother. Three weeks ago she was stricken with typhoid fever, at a time when she was quite exhausted by the care of her daughter, Florence, who had just recovered from the same disease. A very wide circle of friends mourn her death and express sincerest sympathy with the beloved family. Funeral services will be held at her late residence this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock and Rev. C. S. Richardson will officiate.

In North Ilion, Dec. 20, 1889, Edward C. Coffin, aged 77 years, 9 months and 3 days.

In Little Falls, Dec. 18, 1889, of diphtheria, Miss Lena Paul, aged 8 years, 6 months.

In Newville, Dec. 18, 1889, of consumption, Mrs. Sarah C. Dockstater, aged 48 years.


The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. House died Sunday morning.

from the Utica Herald-Dispatch, Saturday evening, June 20, 1903


Resided in Little Falls About Fifty Years

Little Falls, June 20- Mrs. Theresa Rapp Gearhardt, relict of the late Nicholas Gearhardt, died suddenly at her home in West Main street last evening about 8:10 o'clock. Heart trouble was the cause of death and her illness lasted but a few minutes. Mrs. Gearhardt's death follows closely that of her husband, which occurred April 12. Deceased was born in Germany 71 years ago. In 1849 she came to this country and for a few years resided in Herkimer. She had been a resident of this city for about fifty years and through her Christian character and kind disposition she gained the respect of the community. She is survived by two sons, Nicholas of Milwaukee and Edward of this city, also three daughters, Mrs. John Rabenstein and Mrs. Leonard Mars of Utica, and Miss Mary Elizabeth of this city. The funeral will be held from her late home at 9 o'clock Tuesday morning and from St. Mary's Church at 9:30. Interment will be made in St. Mary's Cemetery.

Death of Mrs. Ackler

Mrs. Delia Enslow, wife of Charles W. Ackler, died at her home in South Ilion yesterday afternoon, aged 47 years. She had been ailing for some time and death resulted from consumption and heart trouble. She was burn in Dugway, Oswego county, in 1856. She has been a resident of this village for the past 23 years. She was married at Albion in 1880(?) and is survived by her husband and one brother, H. F. Enslow, of Dugway. The funeral will be held from her home at 1 o'clock to-morrow afternoon.



Death of the Wife of a Former Pastor of the Baptist Church.

Frankfort, June 20- Word was received here this morning announcing the death of Mrs. Shaw, wife of the Rev. J. R. Shaw, formerly pastor of the Baptist Church in this village. Her death occurred at Knowlesville, where her husband is pastor of the Baptist Church, on Thursday, and the funeral services and interment will be had at Trumansburg to-day.

from the Richfield Springs Mercury, May 31, 1900, front page


The remains of Josephine Petrie, daughter of the late Frederick Petrie and granddaughter of Joseph Petrie, aged ten years, were brought here from Mohawk and the funeral was held from the church at eleven o'clock on Sunday, Rev. Burge conducting the service. Interment in the new cemetery. Sympathy is extended to the family. It is seldom two such sad events occur in one family on the same day, as the burial of this little child and that of her great-grandmother.

Friends and neighbors united with numerous relatives on Sunday afternoon to pay the last tribute of respect to all that was mortal of Mrs. Julia Petrie, relict of the late Frederick Petrie. The funeral was held at the home of her son, Menzo Petrie, with whom she had spent the last few months of her life, Rev. S. M. Cooke officiating. She is survived by her daughter, Mrs. Adsitt, of Richfield Springs, and her sons, Joseph, Menzo and William. Her extreme age and physical vigor were remarkable. Mrs. Petrie was a daughter of Teunis Vrooman, of Schoharie county, one of the early settlers of that county. Her ancestry traces back to Adam Vrooman of Vrooman's land, to whom was granted Aug. 26, 1714, a tract of land consisting of 1100 acres. His tract was after ward found to contain 1400 acres. Vrooman's land Indian deeds are still extant, one of which is dated Aug. 22, 1711.


Mrs. M. M. Belshaw and Mrs. Wolcott were in Cullen, Sunday, to attend the funeral of Mrs. Julia Petrie.


The remains of the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Will Ball have been removed by the sexton to the new lot recently purchased by Mr. Ball in another part of the cemetery.


The sad news was received here of the death of Thomas L. Spear, who died at the home of his mother in South Framingham, Mass., Wednesday, May 16th, after a short illness. The funeral was held Friday, May 18th at his late home and interment at the family plot, Forst Hill. Mr. Spear was well-known in this place, he being a frequent visitor at the home of his sister, Mrs. Abram H. Smith.

from The Journal and Courier, Little Falls NY, unknown date in late April 1898


The funeral of Mrs. Samuel Mix was held at the M. E. church at this place. She had been a patient sufferer for some time. She leaves a husband and two children.


Mrs. John Roland, jr., died at her home, Thursday evening, of consumption, aged 33 years. A husband and three children survive. The funeral was held from the Catholic church, Saturday.

HEATH- At the home of her parents in Fulton, N. Y., of consumption, April 24, 1898, Mrs. Lillian Heath, of Little Falls, relict of the late Thurber Heath, aged 20(?) years.

Interment at Fulton tomorrow.

BURNS- In Seattle, Washington, April 17, 1898, Mrs. Michael Burns, formerly Miss Mary Hanlon, of Little Falls, aged 33 years.

BISHOP- In Little Falls, April 24, 1898, of injuries sustained by falling from a bicycle, Mrs. Arthur Bishop, of John street.

Funeral at 10:30 a. m. tomorrow, from the residence of James Johnson, on John street, Rev. F. D. Leete officiating.

BRESENHEIM- In Little Falls, at his home on John street, April 21, 1898, Thomas Bresenheim, aged 77 years.



Jessie May Smith, daughter of Morgan Smith, of Shells Bush, died at her home about four miles from this village on Thursday morning, aged 18 years, of quick consumption. She was an attendant of the Reformed church, and was very popular. Her father and one brother survive. The funeral was held Saturday morning at 11 o'clock from the home, the Rev. J. G. Gebhard, officiated. Burial was at Oak Hill.

M. Halpin, father of Rev. J. H. Halpin, Miss Mary Halpin and Mrs. George J. Rich, of this village, died at his home in Deposit, N. Y., Friday, April 23d. The funeral will be held today. Father Halpin and Miss Halpin left Friday, Mrs. Rich Saturday.

The remains of Mrs. Jeremiah Palmer were brought to this village last Friday from Brooklyn, N. Y., where she died Wednesday morning. She was the sister of Mrs. M. H. Prescott, of Mary street. The funeral was held from the residence Friday at 2 p. m., Rev. J. W. Carter, of the Universalist church, officiating. The remains were taken to Mohawk for interment. Mr. and Mrs. Palmer were former residents, leaving here in 1845.

Charles H. Morse, aged 49 years, 11 months and 13 days, died at his home on Washington street, Wednesday, April 20th. His death was from shock. He leaves a wife and several children. The funeral was held from the late residence Friday at 2 p.m. Rev. Wm. C. Prout, officiating. Interment at Oak Hill.

The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thiel, of Steele street, died Wednesday morning, April 20th. The funeral was held Friday at 1 p.m., Rev. J. G. Gebhard, officiating. Interment at Oak Hill.


Another sudden death occurred Sunday, when about 1:30 in the afternoon Silas Melville Joslin died at his home some two miles south of this village. Mr. Joslin was down to town Saturday, and in the evening complained of ill health, but felt more comfortable Sunday morning. He was about the house the fore part of the day, and was lying down in the sitting room when his son discovered him in a dying condition. The deceased had suffered from heart disease for nearly a year, which was the cause of his death. His sudden death is a great blow to his family, and they have the sympathy of a wide circle of friends. His widow and two children, Clarence and Raymond, survive. The funeral services will be held from his late residence, Wednesday, at 12 o'clock, Rev. Daniel Ballou, officiating.


Edward O'Brien, aged 85/86(?) years, died Wednesday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Edward Flint. He came to this country in 1852/1862(?) and formerly lived at Clinton, N. Y., where his remains were interred.

from the Northern Christian Advocate, unknown date in April 1847

LUCINDA, wife of Solomon West, and daughter of Rev. Samuel Fish, died in Salisbury, Herkimer Co., N.Y., on the 1st of April, in the 81st year of her age.

She was born in Connecticut, professed religion in her 20th year, moved to the Royal Grant about 54 years ago, and subsequently to Manheim, where she connected herself with the M.E. Church, in which she continued a faithful member for about 26 years. I visited her the day previous to her exit. Her mind was serene- her confidence unshaken in God. She said she was not afraid to die. Early the next morning, she,

"Fearless passed death's iron gate,
And felt no terrors as she passed."

LUTHER BARNES died in Salisbury, Herkimer Co., N.Y., March 30(?), in the 79th year of his age.

He was a native of Massachusetts, and about 50 years since, moved to Norway, and then to Salisbury, where he closed his earthly pilgrimage, in sure and certain hope of a blissful immortality. Father Barnes was converted to God under the pious labors of brethren Wilson and Cummings, on Herkimer circuit, about 40(?) years since, and joined the M.E. Church, in which he continued an acceptable and worthy member till death. The writer visited him a few days previous to his last illness. He spoke of heaven, as his long sought home, and of a good hope, through grace, of eternal life. His health has been feeble for the last year. His last sickness was of short duration, about five days. His sufferings were at times severe, but borne with perfect resignation. His end was peace. He had buried two wives, and by his request was placed by the side of his first, in NOrway. Five children survive him, and numerous friends, by whom he was universally beloved.

Lasselville, Aril 6, 1847.

from The Evangelical Magazine and Gospel Advocate, Volume I [New Series], Saturday, April 17, 1830, page 128 (Utica, N.Y)


In German Flatts, Herkimer co. on the 5th inst. of a lingering illness, Mrs. ABIGAIL FREEMAN, wife of Peleg Freeman, aged 64.

from the Journal and Courier, Tuesday, Dec. 6, 1898, Little Falls NY

St. Johnsville.

The statement in the Journal and Courier last week that the late Rufus Walrath, of Little Falls, was a native of Minden, was erroneous. Mr. Walrath was a native of the Wagner neighborhood, Danube, where his father, the late John Walrath, for many years owned and conducted a steam saw-mill, farm and cheese factory. The two former enterprises are still conducted by Mr. Herman Walrath. The Senior Walrath served several terms in Danube as justice of the peace and assessor.

from the Utica Observer-Dispatch, Sunday, December 16, 1934

Mrs. Frank Bloodough

Dolgeville - Following an extended illness which was caused by a complication of diseases, Mrs. Frank Bloodough passed away yesterday, December 15, 1934, at her home in North Main Street.

All of her life was spent in this neighborhood. She was born Sept. 5(?), 18--, on what is now known as the Servidone farm, a short distance west of this village, and was a daughter of the late Alexander and Emma Steele Bloodough. She was married June 30, 1904 to Mr. Bloodough.

She was a member of the Universalist Church. The husband is the only survivor.

[NOTE: similarly-worded obit in the Utica Daily Press, Monday, December 17, 1934. Funeral was scheduled for Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. at the Universalist Church.]

Funeral of Mrs. Brayton

Herkimer - The funeral of Mrs. William P. Brayton of Park Place took place yesterday afternoon at Christ Church at 2.

The Rev. L. Curtis Denney of Morris, former rector of Christ Church, assisted by the Rev. Gordon L. Kidd. Interment was in Oak Hill Cemetery.

Bearers were Douglas Clarke and Chauncey Day, Syracuse, Edwin C. Pelton, Ernest Robinson, John Curtis, Herkimer, and Edward E. Brown, Bay Shore, L. I.

[NOTE: per findagrave listing, her maiden name was Florence Riche. May 3, 1860 - Dec. 13, 1934.]

from the Utica Daily Press, Monday, December 17, 1934


Little Falls - Mrs. Julia Culler (?) Bangs, White Plains, a former resident, died last week at the home of her only son, Laurence Bangs. She was 90(?) years old and the widow of D. C. Bangs, who was in business here a number of years ago.


Former Medical Society Head Practice in Little Falls

For More Than Half Century

Was Member of International Medical Congress in 1887

Little Falls - Dr. William Delano Garlock, 79, the oldest physician in Herkimer County, died Saturday night at his home -- North Willia Street. He had been in ill health.

He was born in the town of Manheim April 2 (?), 1855, a son of Nelson and Catherine Youran Garlock. He was descended from the Palatines who came to this country from Germany in 1708-1710. He graduated from Little Falls Academy in 1871 and from Hungerford Collegiate Institute at Adams in 1874.

He determined to become a physician and took a two years' course in laboratory work and dissection in Cornell University and then completed his medical studies in the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University, New York. He graduated in 1881 and since November of that year he had practiced his profession very successfully at Little Falls and vicinity.

Since 1882 he had been a member of Herkimer County Medical Society, which he served as president in 1890. Since 1886 he had been a member of New York State Medical Association and in 1892 he was president of its first branch. In 1887 he was a member of the International Medical Congress.

Dr. Garlock was a member of the Masonic Order and also of the Order of Elks. In political belief he was Democratic, and he had long been a member of the Presbyterian Church.

November 22(?), 1881, Dr. Garlock married Gertrude Bidleman of Manheim, who died in January 1922. He leaves three children, Attorney Morgan B. Garlock, Bronxville; Louis G., wife of George H. Jones, and Miss Gertrude K. Garlock, both of Little Falls.

The funeral will be held from the home Tuesday afternoon at 2. Rev. J. Harold Thomson, pastor of the Presbyterian Church, officiating.


Little Falls - Nettie Lawyer Schermerhorn, 53, died at her home, 376 West Main Street, Saturday night, following a three years' illness from complications.

She was born at Davenport, Md., daughter of John and Emma Ball(?) Lawyer. She married Irving Schermerhorn, who died some years ago. She was a member of the local Methodist Church

She leaves one daughter, Mrs. Alvia Null, Little Falls; one son, William H. Schermerhorn, Glens Falls; her mother, Utica; two sisters, Mrs. Edith Barry and Miss Anna Lawyer, Utica, and five grandchildren.

The funeral will be held Wednesday morning at 10 from the home of her daughter, 273 West Main Street, and at 10:30 from the Methodist Church.


MORGAN- Andrew Doolittle Morgan, aged 75(?) years, at his home, -- West Street, Ilion, Friday, December 14, 1934.

Funeral today (Monday) at 2. Rev. L. R. Benson officiating. Interment in Armory Hill Cemetery.

from the Utica Daily Press, Wednesday, October 7, 1936


Herkimer - Hilton H. Wallace, 60(?), died yesterday, Oct 6, 1936, at his home in Gouverneur following a heart attack.

He was a resident of Herkimer a quarter century ago and was active in civic affairs. He was a member of the Baptist Church and choir. The funeral will be held Thursday from Gouverneur where he was editor of the Tribune-Press.

from The Journal and Courier, Jan 11, 1898, Little Falls NY


- Died, at the residence of his son, Benton Slade, Litchfield, on Tuesday, Dec. 28, 1897, of general debility, Sewell Slade, aged 92 years. Mr. Slade was an old and respected citizen, and has been feeble for a long time. He leaves three daughters and one son. The funeral was held at his late residence. Interment at Mohawk.

Cold Brook

John Vincent and wife, of New York, Mrs. Dr. Morey of Remsen, and Mrs. J. Moon, of Newport, were in town last week to attend the funeral of their aunt, Miss Sarah A. Vincent, who died at the advanced age of 82 years, January 2nd. The funeral services were held from the Methodist Episcopal church. The pastor Rev. F. K. Pierce officiated.

from the Amsterdam Evening Recorder, Saturday September 13, 1902

St. Johnsville

Sept. 13- About 25 ladies, representing Maquaea chapter, O.E.S., the Chautauqua circle, the Reading club and the Ladies' Missionary society of the Reformed church, attended the funeral of Mrs. O. B. Shedd at Salisbury Centre yesterday, the E. S. ritual being used at the services. The floral tributes taken by the several delegations were many and beautiful.

Trouble over Mrs. Shedd's Body

A curious situation develops in relation to the remains of Mrs. O. B. Shedd, who committed suicide in Salisbury Tuesday night, says the Little Falls Times. They are in possession of Dr. Shedd's relatives at that place, but the kin of the deceased have made an effort to secure possession of the body, objecting to its cremation, and desiring to have it interred in Little Falls. W. M. Strough, nephew of Dr. Shedd, has charge of the funeral arrangements, and in behalf of the husband's family purposes carrying out the wishes of the deceased. He states that he has papers from the husband authorizing him to act. The remains were accordingly brought down by train Thursday on their way to the Troy cemetery, despite the wife's relatives having forbidden it. They are understood to be on the way to Little Falls with a rig, but the train has beaten them out, and the body is proceeding toward Troy on the Central.

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