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A while ago I decided to research the Bennett family of Ohio, NY, as they are one of the earliest settlers of our town. In the end I did not find enough information to piece together all of the Bennett families in the 1850 census together into one big family (although I am sure that they are all related). However, I did find enough to put together a family biography for this immediate family group. If any Bennett family researchers would like to add to or dispute the facts that I present here, I'd love to hear from you, but I am not related to this family myself. - Lisa K. Slaski.


Descendants of Henry Bennett, jr.

1.  "Capt." Henry Bennett was born about 1786 and died 17 Sep 1856 (69 yrs). He is buried in Hurricane Cemetery, town of Norway, Herkimer County, NY. He was married twice. His second wife was Mary Ann [last name unknown]. She was born about 1812 and died 1 Apr 1884 (age 67). She's buried in Bull Hill cemetery, town of Ohio, Herkimer County, NY.

Mary Ann apparently married again to a Mr. Manning as her name appearing on pension papers for son Jason (deceased) as mother was Mary A. Manning. Also, in 1870 she's living as a domestic with son Linus in the town of Ohio. However, in the 1880 census she had reverted back to Bennett for her last name. She is also listed on the 1883 pensioners roll as a mother with name "Mary A. Manning".

It's likely that this Henry Bennett's father was also named Henry Bennett, as in the 1820 census he's listed as a "jr." and has an older male living in the household (older than 45). The 1810 census lists:

Henry Bennett:
1 male of 10 and less than 16
1 male of 16 and less than 26
1 male of 45 or older
2 females of 16 and less than 26
1 female of 45 or older

The only other Bennett in town is Joshua who is of 26 and less than 45 and has 2 male children less than 10.

According to son, Benjamin F. Bennett's, obituary, there were 7 children from Henry's first marriage and 6 from his second marriage to Mary Ann. It lists the following as his half siblings: Joseph, Mrs. Alson Persons, Rouse (deceased) and Alexander (deceased) and lists all 5 of his brothers: Jason (died in CW), Francis (died in CW), James (died in CW), Linus and Lafayett. Thus 3 children are "missing" in this account.

"Capt." Henry Bennett had the following children by his first wife:

1.1.  Male child born between 1815 and 1820, possibly Alexander Bennett, who is known to be a son of Henry's from his first wife. Alexander studied medicine and died of consumption.

1.2.  Male child born between 1815 and 1820.

1.3.  Rouse Bennett was born about 1820-3 as he was age 17 as a prisoner during the Patriot War (1838-1840). He was also a Civil War veteran. He's not found in the town of Ohio census records. However, he is likely the same Rouse R. Bennett, born in NY, age 50, physician, living in the village of Tomah, Monroe County, WI on the 1870 census. This Rouse was a Civil War vet and served as a surgeon with company F, 51st Wisconsin Infantry. His wife was Jessie [last name unknown] who was born about 1840 and had children Walter A, born about 1865, and Eva B., born about 1872. Jessie is a widow in the 1880 census in Tomah, Monroe, WI. It may be that this Rouse Bennett is the same as R. Bennett, physician of Cold Brook from the "The New York Mercantile Union Business Directory, 1850-51," S. French, L.C. & H.L. Pratt, 1850

1.4.  Adaline Bennett was born about 1824. She married Alson Persons, who was born about 1822 in MA. They are found in the town of Ohio, Herkimer county, NY in 1850; town of Ridgeville, Monroe county, WI in 1860; town of Adrian, Monroe county, WI in 1870; town of Rush Lake, Otter Tail county, MN in 1880.

Alson and Adaline had the following children:
1.4.1.  Susan Persons, born about 1842 (not found with Alson in 1860 census)
1.4.2.  George H. Persons, born about 1847
1.4.3.  Adaline M. Persons ("Ada"), born about 1853 in NY
1.4.4.  Ida Persons, born about 1855 in NY (not found with Alson in 1870 census)
1.4.5.  Emery L. Persons, born about 1866 in WI

1.5.  Male child born between 1825 and 1830.

Could this be John D. Bennett of the town of Ohio? This John Bennett was born about 1825 had a wife Martha A. [last name unknown], born about 1828 and children: Hannah, b. abt 1849 - not in 1860 census, Alexander, b. abt 1850, Lydia, b. abt 1855 (not in 1860 census but is in 1870 census and 1880), Ella A, b. abt 1853 (not in 1880 census), Jacob A., b. abt 1862, George L., b. abt 1866, John E., b. abt 1869, Charles, b. abt 1875

1.6.  Male child born between 1825 and 1830.

This is likely the Joseph Bennett who was born about 1829 in NY and listed in the 1880 census a house or two after Alson Persons in the MN census.

1.7.  One child unknown sex or age.

Children of Henry Bennett and Mary A. [last name unknown]:

1.8.  Francis Bennett was born about 1835. He was a Civil War soldier serving in the 152nd NY Inf. and died in the war. He married Lucina [last name unknown] who was born about 1839.

Military Service Record:
  • Enlisted as a Corporal on 08 August 1862 at the age of 26
  • Enlisted in Company B, 152nd Infantry Regiment New York on 14 October 1862.
  • Died of disease Company B, 152nd Infantry Regiment New York on 09 October 1863 in Hampton, VA.
  • Francis and Lucina had the following child:
    1.8.1.  Lucina Bennett, born abt 1858.

    1.9.  Benjamin Franklin Bennett was born about 1837 and died 22 Jan 1890. He was a Civil War veteran having served in the 34th NY Inf.. His widow, Mary R. Bennett, filed 13 June 1890 for a pension. He married Mary [last name unknown] who was born about 1836.

    Military Service Record:
  • Enlisted as a Private on 01 May 1861 at the age of 23
  • Enlisted in Company C, 34th Infantry Regiment New York on 15 June 1861.
  • Mustered out Company C, 34th Infantry Regiment New York on 30 June 1863 in Albany, NY

    From "Norway Tidings," February 1890
    by courtesy of Helen Wheatley, town of Norway Historian

    In Little Falls, Jan. 22, 1890, Benjamin Franklin Bennett, aged fifty-two years. His was a sad and probably criminal closing out of life. He and a neighbor, Geo. Grower, went from their homes on Bull Hill in the town of Ohio the day previous, with loads of lumber which they sold for cash, and in the evening visited several disreputable resorts, spent part of their money, became intoxicated, and late in the night separated. Bennett was found the next morning on the West Shore R.R. track his body completely cut in two. He was quite well known in the north part of the county as "Duck" Bennett, and in the main was a quiet, well-disposed man, good neighbor and seldom drank to excess. He leaves a wife, one married daughter and numerous relatives to mourn his untimely fate. No money was found on his person and there is strong suspicion that he was murdered, his money taken and his body placed on the track. The deceased was a son of Capt. Henry Bennett, a pioneer settler of Ohio and one of a family of thirteen children, seven of the number being half brothers and sisters of whom two, Joseph and Mrs. Alson Persons survive and reside in Minnesota. Two of his half brothers, now dead, will be remembered by our older readers, Rouse who was engaged in the "patriot war" of 1838 and also the civil war, and Alexander, an estimable young man who studied medicine and died of consumption. Benjamin F. enlisted in the old 34th in 1861, and served faithfully his term of enlistment. Three of his brothers, Jason, Francis and James died in the union army. Two brothers, Linus and Lafayett survive. The funeral at Gray drew together an immense concourse who listened to an affecting and impressive sermon by Rev. A. Hand. The remains were interred in Fairview cemetery. We learn that Mrs. Bennett has begun proceedings under the civil damage act against the owners of the premises where her husband obtained liquor. They deserve punishment to the full extent of the law.
  • Benjamin and Mary had the following children:
    1.9.1.  Eunice Bennett, born about 1862
    1.9.2.  Alice Bennett, born about 1865

    1.10.  Jason H. Bennett was born about 1838 and died 21 Dec 1861 in Washington, D.C. while serving in the Civil War in the 34th NY Inf. His mother filed for a pension benefit on 14 Dec 1898. Her name was listed as M. A. Manning.

    Military Service Record:
  • Enlisted as a Private on 01 May 1861 at the age of 21
  • Enlisted in Company C, 34th Infantry Regiment New York on 15 June 1861.
  • Died of disease Company C, 34th Infantry Regiment New York on 18 December 1861 in Camp McClellan, MD
  • 1.11.  James Bennett was born about 1841 and died in the Civil War. He died 6 May 1862 in Yorktown, Isle of Wight Co., VA (possibly married Frances Comstock 6 Oct 1860 in Ohio, Herkimer, NY)

    Military Service Record:
  • Enlisted as a Private on 28 November 1861 at the age of 20
  • Enlisted in Company D, 81st Infantry Regiment New York on 21 December 1861.
  • Died of disease Company D, 81st Infantry Regiment New York on 06 May 1862 in Yorktown, VA
  • 1.12.  Linus Bennett was born about 1844 and died 11 Jun 1919, age 73 and is buried in Hurricane cemetery, town of Norway, Herkimer county, NY. He married Louisa [last name unknown] who was born about 1854.

    1.13.  Lafayette Bennett was born about 1847. He was living with Lydia and Aaron Hodge in 1880 in the town of Ohio, Herkimer county, NY.


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