Coppernoll Family Bible
town of Ohio, Herkimer county, NY

The following bible record was graciously
donated by Sandra Buckle.

Sandra is the "Bible Editor" for the Ozar'Kin which is a quarterly periodical for her local genealogical society in Springfield, MO. She tries to locate bibles that have a Southwest Missouri connection for her publication. Some of her purchases have no connection to her local area, as in the case for this one. In this case she found that some of the family members are buried in the Ohio cemetery in our county and offered the transcription to us! Thank you Sandra!

Edited by Sandra Buckle

Specializing in Missouri Records

Sandra Buckle
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The Coppernoll Family Bible was published in 1825 in New York. The binding and spine are loose but intact. The front and back covers are stained and scuffed. The leather has pealed off of the hard cover in several places. The Bible definitely shows 182 years of "wear and tear". Inside, the pages are extremely brittle and several are loose. The family information is recorded between the Old and New Testaments on pages with the heading "Family Record" which are divided into two columns. This Bible was recently purchased on eBay from a collector in Nebraska. He indicates that he obtained the Bible at an estate auction near Plattsmouth, Nebraska several years ago.

Below is the information transcribed from the Bible.


George A. Coppernoll was married to Mary Laning March 30th 1807

Elizabeth Coppernoll was married to Rufus Smith October 25, 1827

Maria Coppernoll was married to Thomas Pell Jr. [last name might be Hill or Fell] February 17th 1829

Lany Coppernoll was married to Wm M Ash July 26th 1832

William Coppernoll was married to Deprey Ash October 11th 1832

James M. Coppernoll was married to [first name illegible] Thorp March 14th 1844

Samuel Coppernoll was married to Susannah S. Waterbury November 27th 1845

BIRTHS (first page):

George A. Coppernoll was born November 18th 1786
Mary Laning was born December 25th 1788

January 7th 1808 was our Daughter Elizabeth born
November 15th 1809 was our Daughter Maria born
June 20th 1812 was our Son William born
November 28th 1814 was our Daughter Lany born
July 4th 1817 was our Son James Monroe born
December 28th 1819 was our Son Adam born
September 5th 1822 was our Son Samuel born
August 30th 1825 was our Daughter Nancy Ann born
May 23rd 1827 was our Son George Washington born

BIRTHS: (second page)

Adam Coppernoll born August 6th 1754
Elizabeth VanSice born August 5th 1759


Nancy Ann died June 29th 1826

Adam died July 5th 1834

Maria died Nov 1st 1847

George W. Coppernoll died October 30th 1857 aged 30 years 5 months and 7 days

G.A. Coppernoll died Nov 4th 1859 Age 72-11-16

Mary wife of George A. Coppernoll Died October 13th 1865 Aged 76 years 9 months and 18 days.

James A. Coppernoll died Feb 17th 1874 aged 56 years 7 months and 13 days

Elizabeth wife and Consort of Adam Coppernoll Died September 21st 1825 Aged 66 years 1 month + 16 days

Adam Coppernoll Died August 17th 1826 Aged 72 years + 11 days.

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Notes from Lisa Slaski

Several online sources state that George A. Coppernoll's parents were Adam Coppernoll and Elizabeth VanSice sited on the second page of births above.

Adam Coppernoll was a Revolutionary War soldier and was severely wounded in the war leaving him a cripple. By 1809 he was residing in Herkimer county. His pension record states that he died 17 Aug 1826 and he is said to be buried in an unmarked grave in the town of Norway from one source and in a cemetery in Stone Arabia in another source.

Furthermore it appears that George A. Coppernoll may have been a soldier in the War of 1812 (no proof - just a suspicion at this point).

The family is living in the town of Ohio early on where both George and his son, William, were active in the town government. Of the children: those that died young were Adam (age 14) and Nancy Ann (age 10 months). James was one of the first trustees of the M. E. Church in Ohio City; William was also a state assemblyman and may have moved to Ontario, Canada. Samuel moved to Port Sanilac, MI where he died on 26 Dec 1885 and James moved to Brooklyn, NY where he died on 17 Feb 1874. Maria appears to have married Thomas Fell, a physician who resided in Rome in 1850. William R. Ash and family appear to have moved to Muncie, Ind. between 1882 and 1892.

Found Newspaper Article:

Utica Weekly Herald, 4 May 1869
Herkimer County
Mr. William Coppernoll, of Grant, met severe loss by the recent freshet. On the 21st, his grist mill on the Black creek was carried away by the water. The damage is estimated at from $9,000, to $3,000.

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