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Town of Ohio

14 Jan 2006 Update includes: all news from 1882, 1893, 1902, 1903, 2003, and the article of 20 Jan 1891.


Source: The Herkimer Democrat," Herkimer, NY, 15 Feb 1882

Mrs. Patrick Wallace has received a back pension of $1,800, with $8 per month for life. She lost a son in the war of 1861.


Source: The "Boonville Herald," Boonville, N.Y., Thursday, 17 Jul 1890

Ohio, July 16 - Christopher Dagenkolb hurt his foot badly one day last week.

George Strobel has been visiting parents and friends here.

Messrs. Howe and Marsh were in town last week organizing Sabbath schools.

Mrs. Jennie Gaundu and little daughter of Brooklyn are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Snyder.

Miss Randa Bunce is improving very slowly.

Rev. J. V. Ferguson preached a very interesting sermon to a large congregation of old friends here Sunday.

John Johnson and wife of Indiana are visiting old friends in town.

Mrs. Laney Ash has sold her old homestead to Lewis Amel.

Mrs. Charles Collins and two children of Little Falls are visiting at Mrs. M. R. McIntosh's.

Leanor Bros. of Lacona, N.Y., have contracted to furnish J. B. McIntosh with 500,000 feet of hardwood lumber.

At the taking of the census ten years ago the population of the town of Ohio was 961. The present enumeration gives the population of 860 a decreas of 101.

Source: The "Boonville Herald," Boonville, N.Y., Thursday, 7 Aug 1890

Ohio, Aug 6 - Rev. J. F. Clark and family, and Rev. Geo. Wood and family have started for a vacation in the Adirondacks for a few weeks.

Nathan Perry was hurt quite badly last week but is able to be at work again.

G. C. Perry spent Sunday with his parents and family.

Fred McIntosh held his school picnic July 30.

A quiet wedding occured at the M. E. parsonage on Sunday, July 27, the parties being T. E. Curtis and Miss Mary Fisher, both of Ohio.

The Ohio grange has about fifty charter members.

Albert Abeel is suffering from an attack of rheumatism.

Geo. W. DeLong is doing the carpenter work on a club house formerly known as the old Flansburg house. The club consists of 25 members. The repairing being done is handsome both inside and out.


Source: From a 20 Jan 1891 local newspaper clipping

  • W.J. Curtis of Schenectady was in town last week.
  • Nettie Bussey has finished her term of school on "Bull Hill."
  • Nettie Bussey will go to Watertown this week to attend school.
  • Paul Hamm is very sick, with small hopes, if any, of his recovery.
  • Mrs. Bert Conklin is keeping house for her brother, George Cummings.
  • Mrs. Asa Egelston, sick with consumption for a number of years, is failing.
  • Mrs. Olive Hemstreet has finished her school and gone to Albany, where her husband is employed.
  • Mrs. Mary R. McIntosh is the happy recipient of a fine new six octave organ for a birthday present from her husband.
  • R. McVoy and wife of St. Johnsville are making a sad visit here, on account of Mrs. McVoy's father, who is very low.
  • The Death of Gen. Spinner recalls an incident of his youth, related by Mrs. Sophia Campbell of Grant, N.Y., an intelligent old lady, and now in her ninetieth year. Cominie Spinner, the general's father, was a frequent caller at her father's house, who lived near Cedarville. On one occasion young Spinner accompanied his father, who as usual stopped at Mrs. Campbell's father's for dinner. When the meal was ready Francis was out door, and was called to come in and eat his dinner. The old lady says that Francies was very bashful, and with all their coaxing could not persuade him to come in, but he embraced the opportunity when all were in the house to go home, which he did, alone and afoot. She don't know whether on this occasion Francis was spared the rod or not; but in his case it is evident that bashfulness was no barrier to greatness.


Source: The "Boonville Herald," Boonville, N.Y., Thursday, 3 Dec 1891

Ohio, Dec. 2 - Mrs. Samuel Gibson and her daughter Ida have moved into the mill house, and her son Burr an dwife have moved into the farmhouse she just vacated.

The funeral of Mrs. George Potter of Wilmurt was held at Ohio on Sunday, November 22, Rev. J. F. Clark preaching the funeral sermon. She had been a patient sufferer for a number of weeks. She leaves a husband and four children to mourn their loss. Mr. Potter wishes to thank his many friends who kindly assisted in caring for his wife during her sickness and burial.

Please allow your correspondent to change an error in The Herald of two weeks ago, which stated that Walter Ashman was in town. It should have read, Miss Ada Rands and her husband of Indiana. She was a daughter of Joseph Rands, formerly of Iowa. She is visiting friends and relatives in town and her grandfather, Mr. Ashman, at Cold Brook.

Adam Sickles and son of Utica have been spending a few days with Lewis Snyder and Mr. Somers.

It is rumored that Jerome Somers has purchased the farm owned by his father.

Albert Abeel does not improve as much as his many friends could wish, his advanced age being rather against his recovery.

Howard Carpenter of Russia and Miss Anna Judson of the Fish Pond hotel were united in marriage at the M. E. parsonage in Ohio by Rev. J. T. Clark, Friday, November 27. Congratulations.

There will be a donation and dance at the Grange hall, Ohio, December 10, for the benefit of the Lutheran church.

Source: The "Boonville Herald," Boonville, N.Y., Thursday, 24 Dec 1891

Ohio, Dec. 23 - Miss Mamie Williams of Propsect closed a very successful term of school in Lyons district December 11.

Mrs. Ira Bullock, who has been spending the summer at Prospect [illegible] Northwood, returned last week.

The young people made a surprise party for Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Farber and family last Wednesday night.

Mrs. Robert Williams and son of Bardwelltown were visiting at Charles Cave's last week.

Charlie Strobel, formerly of this town, but at the present working in a mill, had the misfortune to get his hand so badly sawed that amputation was necessary. It is thought he cannot recover.

Frank Fisher and his sister Emma are at home from Oswego, and Anna from Fairfield to stay through the holidays.

Albert Abeel died at his home in this town on Friday morning, being nearly seventy seven years of age. He had been sick for several months, although able to walk around the house only the day before he died. He was born in Catskill and came to this country with his parents when he was a young man. There were seven children, four boys and three girls. Only three survive him, two brothers and one sister living in Colorado. He leaves a widow, two sons and one daughter, Edgar of Gravesville, James and Mrs. Gilbert Johnson of Ohio. Deceased had been a member of the Presbyterian church for a great many years and held offices in town a great part of his life. He had been justice of the peace and supervisor several terms and postmaster for many years. He was of an open hearted and generous disposition, being kind to the poor and a great helper in the church. He will be greatly missed in the community. His funeral was held on Sunday. Rev. J. T. Clark officiated, assisted by Rev. O. C. Auringer of Northwood. The family have the sympathy of the entire community.


Source: The "Herkimer Democrat," Herkimer, NY, 29 Mar 1893

-- Wm. Harvey has a new boarder. It is a boy.
-- Burt Conover has moved his family to Grant again.
-- Quite a number from Ohio attended the revival meeting last Sunday night at Grant.
-- Mrs. Amelia Hagadorn and daughter, of Prospect, are visiting at Samuel Colwell's.
-- Rev. McChesney, of Grant, gave us a very interesting sermon at the M. E. Church last Sunday.
-- Howard Daley's child is not expected to live at this writing. It is attended by Dr. Kelly of Gray.
-- John Nellis, who has been attending school at Cold Brook for the past winter, commenced teaching school last MOnday in the Bunce District.
-- Sunday, April 2nd, being Easter, Rev. H L. Hastings will preach a special sermon at the M. E. Church at the usual hour. Subject: "Lessons on Easter." There will be appropriate music and decorations.

Source: The "Herkimer Democrat," Herkimer, NY, 5 Apr 1893

-- Henry Ash has moved into town.
-- Samuel Cave has tapped his sugar bush.
-- George Simpson is visiting at Ervin Smith's.
-- Deacons are in great demand; five calve buyers in one day.
-- Where is our commissioner and path-master? Our roads are impassible.
-- Those on the sick list are Lewis Amel and his son George and Charles Richer.
-- Jerry Barhydt and wife, of Gloversville, are visiting at Mrs. Barhydt's father's.
-- James P. Nellis has bought the land where the cheese factory stands of Widow Hamm.
-- Mr. and Mrs. Britton, who have been visiting at Mrs. Britton's father's have returned to Dolgeville.


Source: The "Herkimer Democrat," Herkimer, NY, 1 Jan 1902

T. B. Radley met with a serious accident. A timber dropped on his foot, relieving him of a to-nail [sic].

A. Cristman has a large log job.

G. R. Turner was called to Dolgeville to attend the funeral of his brother David.

E. Hemstreet expects to move in his new house by Christmas.

Brooks and Snyder are erecting a shanty on their log job.

Lester Gibson, Esq., is in the Adirondacks, cooking for the Turner log job.

S. Oelmer, from Dakota is visiting friends in Ohio.

J. K. Nellis met with an accident. His wagon loaded with lumber on the gulf road, the road being covered with ice, caused the wagon to slide around and tip over, doing much damage.

There was a large crowd at the Christmas tree at Ohio.

Tom Burns of this town and Miss Susan Rickard of Morehouseville were married Wednesday at Wells, Hamilton county. Congratulations.

Miss Hattie M. Wells of Capron spent Christmas with her parents.

A party will be held in Lawson Hall, Wednesday evening January 1st 1902.

Mrs. Aris Wheeler is quite sick with the grippe.

Rumers of a wedding soon.

Mrs. Anna Edwards has returned home after spending two weeks with her parents at Cold Brook.

The party which was held at Flansburg House Christmas evening was a success and all reported a fine time.

Miss Nella Tompkins who has been working at the Edwards Hotel has returned to her home in Grant.

John A. Wells after spending the past year in Vermont has returned home.

Orin Strobel is working for A. Cristman in the woods.

U. D. Strobel has received a civil service appointment at Utica.

Source: The "Herkimer Democrat," Herkimer, NY, 8 Jan 1902

The telephone is at Ohio now.

Logs are commencing to arrive at the Surmers saw mill.

E. Hempstreet expects to move into his new house soon.

T. B. Bradley has recovered from an injury received in his saw mill.

More snow is hoped for in Ohio as there is not enough in the woods for log drawing.

D. C. Strobel was in Herkimer this week.

Source: The "Herkimer Democrat," Herkimer, NY, 12 Feb 1902

M. Turner has completed his log job for M. Cristman.

Willard Rank is sick with Eczema.

Mr. Hollady is on the sick list. Recovery is hoped for by all.

A. Cristman has commenced hauling his logs.

Mr. I. Quackenbush is working at Trenton Falls.

Charles Heidel has closed a successful term of school.

Mr. Orin Strobel, who has been on the sick list, is improving.

Mr. S. M. Mix is residing with O. H. Strobel for the present.

D. C. Strobel and daughter were at South Trenton last week.

Source: The "Herkimer Democrat," Herkimer, NY, 26 Feb 1902

Mr. Robert Richard of Ohio city is on the sick list.

A large share of A. Cristman's logs have arrived at his mill.

Mr. and Mrs. George Harvey are the happy parents of a pair of twins.

The bears are getting so thick that the inhabitants of this town can get up almost any morning and shake hands with them and bid them good morning.

No more snow is hoped for in Ohio at present.

The auction that was held at Geo. Mehner's was largely attended and the things sold well.

Business in Ohio is booming.

There is a large number of logs at the Summer's mill.

Roads are excellent in the woods.

Eugene Snyder, while working at the Cristman saw mill unloading logs had the misfortune to break a rib.

O. H. Strobel, who has been on the sick list has recovered enough under the skill of Dr. Petrie, as to accept a position as stationary engineer in the saw mill of A. Cristman.

Source: The "Herkimer Democrat," Herkimer, NY, 9 Apr 1902

Supervisor James Hanes' father died lately being 94 years of age.

Wm. Somers has been making improvements in his saw mill.

Henry Schlicher has a litter of 18 pigs.

Jas. Abeel has purchased a new black horse to match his, also a buggy and harness.

M. E. Abeel of Utica is in town.

Deputy Forrester Orin Strobel has been called to Forestport to look after the state preserves.

D. C. Strobel will make a addition to his barn in the spring.

Source: The "Herkimer Democrat," Herkimer, NY, 29 Apr 1902

Mrs. A Emery one of our oldest residents died recently.

A. Cristman is running his saw mill with a full force of men.

Mr. Wm. Somers is running his mill full blast.

The members of the North Star Grange are multiplying very fast.

Oscar Richer is moving the handsome residence of ex-Judge Schlicher to his home for a summer kitchen.

The Ohio Grange will give a free supper May 10.

Mr. Fred Wagener had the misfortune to cut his hand while trying to cut the dew-claws off from a calf.

H. Schlicher was unlucky enough to lose three of his register calves. [The following under Old Forge}

It is expected that the boats will begin making regular trips on Saturday. Theodore Seeber has had charge of making repairs to the boats that have been necessary and the boats are now in first class condition.

The recent proposition to work the roads by the money system was carried by a decided majority.

S. Cohen, the enterprising hardware dealer and plumber, has the foundation laid for a large business block. John Sprague has had the contract for building the foundation.

Old forge has a new steam laundry in operation, as Fred Rivett started up the laundry which he has recently equipped with the latest and best facilities. Our people are appreciating his enterprise by extending a liberal patronage to him.

O. H. Strobel Esq. has ploughed up a large proportion of his farm and has purchased a fine diary of high bred stock, the probabilities are that he will cause the butter and cheese market to be very low this season.

Source: The "Herkimer Democrat," Herkimer, NY, 21 May 1902

Robert Richards died May 17. The funeral services were held at the Ohio City church.

The meeting held by the Presbyterian minister from Northwood in District No. 1 was largely attended.

The farmers in Ohio have been purchasing Canada ashes to a certain extent.

Mr. Charles Hite saw four very fine deer from his dooryard the other morning when he got up.

Farmers in Ohio have their spring work nearly finished.

Mr. John Hemstreet had a very hard time fighting a fire which caught in his sugar bush recently.

Mr. Joseph Perkins has been lucky enough to catch some large fish already this season, and the probabilities are that he will catch some weighting more than 5-3/4 lbs.

Eugene Hemstreet has been making further improvements in his house. D. C. Strobel the eminent mason, did the plastering for him.

Mrs. P. Bronstrater is at Ilion Caring for her son George who is ill with measles.

D. C. Strobel had a very nice registered yearling heifer eaten up by the fearful furious bears.

Source: The "Herkimer Democrat," Herkimer, NY, 18 Jun 1902

Fred Richer and family have been visiting relatives in Ohio.

Mrs. Herpy an old resident of this town is seriously ill.

Mr. Ed Wells is on the sick list.

H. Quackenbush remains about the same.

George Sarway has been visiting relatives in town.

Bear hunters are getting so in the Adirondacks that they kill bears with hoofs on, as D. C. Strobel has found the heifer which he missed some time ago, dead.

Ex Com. William C. Somers has gone to New York city to welcome the coming of Crown Prince of Siam.

Alex Cristman has purchased a fine team of Sol Carnahan weighing 1400 a piece.

Ex-Judge Samuel W. H. Schlicher, esq. can be seen driving a fine horse.

Too much rain for Ohio.

Charles Lamphere has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. S. Schlicher.

An ice cream supper was given by the North Star Grange, June 12, and three new members received degrees.

Source: The "Herkimer Democrat," Herkimer, NY, 30 Jul 1902

P. Branstrater has been making recent improvements on his residence. Architect C. Dagenkolb is doing the work.

R. Rank had a horse kicked very badly while in pasture with its mate.

The social which was held at D. C. Strobel's was a perfect success, a large sum being realized.

Farmers are well along with their haying in Ohio.

Major Frinkle has been making improvements on his ranch barn by erecting an electric semi-automatic gang hay fork.

George Schlicker has moved in town.

Miss May Berry is the guest of Miss E. Hemstreet.

Source: The "Herkimer Democrat," Herkimer, NY 24 Sep 1902

A. J. Strobel from Oklahoma, visited relatives in this vicinity, recently.

Wm. C. Somers is repairing his mill dam. The work is visited daily by sight seekers from all corners of the globe.

A picnic was given for the Sunday school children Sept. 20. It was held in the Turner park.

The donation which was held at Ohio recently, was largely attended, and a large sum was obtained.

There was a dance at Ohio Sept. 17, 1902.

A Grand ball will be held at Johnson's hall, Ohio. Sept. 24. All are invited.


Source: The "Herkimer Democrat," Herkimer, NY, 20 May 1903

The family of William Russell of Mohawk came to their new home on Tuesday of last week.

Miss Dora Dagenkolb of Cold Brook spent Saturday and Sunday with her parents here.

The friends of Mrs. Minnie Tigart gave her a birthday surprise on Thursday evening. All report a pleasant time.

Miss Nellie Dagenkolb has gone to work for Mrs. J. Richter.

Mrs. P. Flansburg of Fairfield visited at her home on Sunday.

John Blower who has been living in J. Frinkle's house since last fall has moved in Oscar Richter's house.

Mr. and Mrs. George Harvey and son Ross were guests of Mrs. Harvey's parents, Sunday.

Sherriff Strobel and family spent Saturday and Sunday with Mr. Strobel's mother.

Our new pastor Rev. Lewis, preached his first sermon at Turner's School House, Sunday evening. A large congregation greeted him.

Report says that wedding bells are soon to ring in this vicinity.

Mr. and Mrs. P. Wallace gave a birthday party in honor of their grand daughter Ines Flansburg, on Wednesday of last week. The children report a very pleasant time.

Thursday evening occured the death of Mrs. Abbie Amesbury. She had been ill nearly six months, and gradually grew weaker until finally she suffered a shock which resulted in death. Her funeral was held from the house at 2 o'clock, Sunday interment at Newport.

Source: The "Herkimer Democrat," Herkimer, NY, 20 May 1903

Rev. J. R. Clark, a former pastor, was a welcome caller in town on Thursday last.

Our new pastor, rev. Lewis preached his first sermon at Ohio, Sunday evening.

Mrs. Mary Shaft, a former resident, was buried at Ohio Saturday. The funeral was held at Grant, Rev. Fulton, our former pastor, officiating.

The funeral of Grandma Flansburg was held at Ohio last Friday. She was an old resident of Wilmurt being nearly 94 years old. [it's possible that the Wilmurt entry about her death read 94 years too... the typescript is difficult to read]

Miss Florence Harvey was the guest of her grand-parents, Mr. and Mrs. George R. Turner Friday evening last.

There is an epidemic of colds among the children in this section, and some are quite sick.

Mrs. E. Cristman and daughter who have been quite ill are convalescent, and able to sit up.

Owing to a break in the machinery the mill of E. Cristman, has not been running for a few days.


Source: The "St. Petersburg Times," St. Petersburg, Fla., Jul 13, 2003. pg. 9:


WEAVER, SHIRLEY W., 73, died Friday, July 11, 2003 in New Port Richey, FL
born in Ohio, NY.
Came to New Port Richey in 1967 from McDonough, NY.
Survivors include a son, four daughters, two sisters and a brother [all named in article - son's surname is Eccleston, brother's surname is Weaver]

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