Bridges Spanning West Canada Creek
in the Towns of Ohio and Wilmurt

The West Canada Creek flows across the northern region of the town of Ohio from east to west, flowing into the Hinckley Reservoir on the west side. So far, I have found 4 bridges that cross the creek within Ohio twp and what used to be Wilmurt twp. In researching the area, sometimes having the coloquial name of a bridge can be beneficial, as many times various documents will state a particular bridge name without stating its location. So, keeping this in mind, I have tried to put down in writing what I have learned of these 4 bridges and hope that someone out there can add to my information! - Lisa Slaski

1) The Harvey Bridge: located on Harvey Bridge Rd, a little south of this road's juncture with rt 365, about 2 miles west of rt 365's juncture with rt 8. This bridge was originally called the McIntosh Bridge.

2) The Conklin-Flansburg Bridge: located on Rt 8, just south of it's juncture with Rt 365. This bridge was originally called the Conklin Bridge and sometimes called the Flansburg Bridge.

3) The High Falls Bridge (or High Bridge): located on Gray-Wilmurt road just south of it's juncture with Rt 8. This bridge was originally called the Hinckley Bridge apparently because Gardner Hinckley built a house near this bridge in 1842. In the 1890s William and John M. Richard rented and then purchased an "up and down sawmill" from the Hinckley family and the bridge came to be known as the Richards Bridge. Today it is usually referred to as the Jones Bridge or the High Falls Bridge. One reference states that it was named after William Wright who built the bridge over High Falls when he was Highway Commissioner.

4) The bridge at Nobleboro (may have another name today): located on Rt 8, at Nobleboro, about 1 mile west of the Hamilton/Herkimer county line. This bridge is named the "old bridge" on an old map of the town of Wilmurt, and apparently wasn't in use at the time.

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