1889-90 Herkimer County Directory
Ohio Twp

1889-90 Herkimer County Directory, transcribed by Lisa Slaski, Ohio and Webb/Wilmurt Twps editor. A copy of this directory is held at the Herkimer County Historical Society.

1889-90 Herkimer County Directory, Ohio Twp
(Name / farmer # or occupation / P.O.)
Adams, George 29 Gray
Abeel, Albert 89 Ohio
Abeel, James 103 Ohio
Allen, D. F. 273 Ohio
Allen, Gardner 38 Ohio
Anglemier, S. 50 Ohio
Ash, Alfred 75 Gray
Ash, Henry 84 Ohio
Ash, Wesley 80 Ohio
Ash, Mrs. William R. 75 Ohio
Ashman, R. H. 200 Ohio
Baley, Sylvester 49 Ohio
Barhite, Jasper 178 Gray
Barhite, Pary 340 Gray
Barrup, Peter 127 Gray
Belcher, Daniel 100 Gray
Bellinger, John 124 Ohio
Bennett, Caroline 4 Gray
Bennett, Linas 10 Gray
Bennett, Martha 4 Gray
Bergan, John 10 Gray
Bly, Alfred 70 Gray
Bly, D. L. 197 Gray
Bly, Henry 1-1/2 Gray
Bordwell, Adelbert 59 Ohio
Bossfield, R. 50 Ohio
Boyce, John 62 Ohio
Brondstatter, Philip 191 Gray
Brooks, Fred 55 Ohio
Brown, James F. carpenter Gray
Brown, John 1-1/4 Gray
Bullock, C. A. blacksmith Gray
Bullock, W. W. blacksmith Gray
Bunce, Alanson 227 Ohio
Bunce, Madison 145 Ohio
Burke, William laborer Gray
Bussing, R. B. 104 Ohio
Case, Wilbur 240 Gray
Cave, Charles 149-1/2 Cold Brook
Cave, Samuel 332-1/2 Cold Brook
Cerceran, Catharine 19 Gray
Clark, Delos 79 Ohio
Clark, Rev. J. F.   Ohio
Comstalk, Edwin 2-1/2 Gray
Comstalk, Elisha 180 Gray
Comstalk, Henry 147 Gray
Comstalk, Orin 42 Gray
Comstalk, Samuel 170 Gray
Comstalk, Samuel, jr. 50 Gray
Congdon, Robert carpenter Gray
Conklin, B. J. 100 Gray
Conover, Lambert 290 Ohio
Cristman, Augustus 50 Gray
Cristman, A. & Son saw mill Ohio
Cristman, James carpenter Ohio
Cummings, James saw mill  Ohio
Cummings, John & George 325 Ohio
Cummings, William 241 Ohio
Curtis, V. E. 175 Ohio
Dagenkalb, Christopher 49 Ohio
Dagenkolb, John 50 Ohio
Daley, Winard 63 Ohio
Davenport, Isaack 63 Ohio
Davis, Frank 98 Gray
Davis, Romain 50 Gray
Davis, William 106 Gray
Delong, George carpenter Ohio
Du Bois, James farmer Gray
Du Bois, S. N. Postmaster Gray
Eggleston, Asa 110 Ohio
Emery, David 10 Ohio
Emery, John 145 Ohio
Evans, Griff 134 Wilmurt
Farber, Christopher 142 Gray
Figert, Mrs. Charles 48 Ohio
Figert, John 79 Ohio
Fisher, Henry 259 Cold Brook
Fisher, John Adam 383 Ohio
Fitch, John H. 686 Cold Brook
Fitch, John 274 Ohio
Flansburg, Cornelius 130 Ohio
Flansburg, John 100 Ohio
Francisco, John laborer Gray
Frinkel, Joseph 205 Ohio
Gibson, John saw mill Gray
Gibson, Samuel 509 Gray
Grower, G. W. 5 Gray
Hacket, Michael farmer Gray
Hall, B. C. hotel Gray
Hall, Lafayette 150 Gray
Hall, Mrs. D. F. 1/4 Gray
Hall, Warren 111 Gray
Hamn, Lewis Justice of the Peace Ohio
Hamn, Paul 76 Ohio
Hane, James 52 Ohio
Hane, Peter 80 Ohio
Harden, John laborer Gray
Harvey, George 94 Ohio
Hawley, Patrick 35 Ohio
Heidel, Christopher 150 Ohio
Heidel, Fred 105 Ohio
Hemstreet, John 145 Ohio
Hemstreet, Samuel 55 Ohio
Herpy, John 145 Ohio
Herpy, Mrs. John 45 Ohio
Hiney, Henry 100 Ohio
Hinold, John 123 Ohio
Hodg, Aaron 50 Gray
Hodg, A. B. 75 Gray
Hodg, James 102 Gray
Hodg, Ira 52 Gray
Hodg, Jesse 10 Gray
Hodge, Warren laborer Gray
Hover, John 238 Gray
Johnson, Fred carpetner Gray
Johnson, G. J. 271 Ohio
Johnson, Ira 70 Gray
Johnson, Mrs. Ira 13 Gray
Lawton, Samuel farmer Gray
Lawton, William 50 Gray
Keller, Christopher 85 Ohio
Kelley, E. E. physician Gray
Kleaulagle, Michael 75 Cold Brook
Luke, Louisa 83 Cold Brook
Luke, Rudolph 220 Cold Brook
Luther, Ira 16 Gray
Magraw, John 147 Gray
Max, John 60 Ohio
McIntosh, John 107 Ohio
Miller, Aaron 120 Gray
Miller, Fred blacksmith Ohio
Mix, Samuel 69 Gray
Murray, E. C. 100 Gray
Nellis, James K. general mdse. Ohio
Onderkirk, Firman 50 Gray
Peabody, Mrs. Joseph 100 Gray
Petric, Jeremiah 50-1/2 Gray
Perkins, Joseph 303 Gray
Poppel, Margaret 54 Ohio
Quackenbush, Jarles and Ira 152 Ohio
Quackenbush, S. S. 92 Ohio
Radley, T. B. 100 Gray
Rank, Catharine 60 Ohio
Rank, Henry 145 Ohio
Read, George general mdse. Gray
Resse, Louis 25 Ohio
Richards, Roberts 162 Gray
Richer, Charles 90 Ohio
Rising, Conradt 60 Ohio
Rising, Louis 64 Ohio
Roods, Ranson 150 Ohio
Samers, William C. town clerk Ohio
Santmeir, Charles 193 Gray
Schleicher, Henry 100 Ohio
Service, William H. 64 Gray
Simpson, George 117 Ohio
Sleigh, Christina 50 Ohio
Smith, Irvin 186 Ohio
Snell, Joseph L. 200 Ohio
Snyder, Eugene farmer Gray
Snyder, John 425 Ohio
Snyder, Louis 290 Ohio
Snyder, Mrs. L. 243 Ohio
Somers, George F. 100 Gray
Somers, Henry 64 Ohio
Somers & Schleicher saw mill Ohio
Sperl, Henry 90 Gray
Sullivan, John general mdse. Ohio
Strobel, D. C. 150 Ohio
Strobel, Mrs. George 162 Ohio
Strobel, Henry 49 Ohio
Thompkins, Charles farmer Gray
Tompkins, Frank 108 Gray
Tompkins, Lester 33 Gray
Tompkins, Stephen mason Gray
Turner, George R. 266 Ohio
Underwood, Elisha 75 Gray
Vedder, Hannah 88 Gray
Venton, John 84 Gray
Venvost, Daniel 75 Gray
Wagner, Lewis 155 Ohio
Wallace, Charles and Chris. 143 Ohio
Wallace, Peter 105 Ohio
Welch, James 133 Ohio
Wells, Edward 80 Ohio
Wendover, Charles 60 Gray
Wendover, Mrs. D. O. 43 Gray
Wendover, Willis 140 Gray
Western, Samuel 25 Gray
Williams, Thomas 53 Gray
Wood, Charles O. 202 Gray
Wood, Elias 65 Gray
Wood, John S. 62 Gray



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