1896 Herkimer County Directory
Ohio Twp

1896 Herkimer County Directory, transcribed by Lisa Slaski, Ohio and Webb/Wilmurt Twps editor. A copy of this directory is held at the Herkimer County Historical Society.

Town Clerk -- Baily BLY, Gray
Supervisor -- E. E. KELLEY, Gray


James HANE, Ohio
Stephen Tompkins, Gray
Lewis J. HANN, Ohio


1896 Herkimer County Directory; Ohio
name occupation post office
Abeel, James merchant Ohio
Allen, David farmer Ohio
Allen, G. T.  farmer Ohio
Amel, Lewis laborer Ohio
Angelmire, Anthony laborer Ohio
Ash, Alfred farmer Ohio
Bailey, Levi laborer Gray
Barhyte, Perry farmer Gray
Belcher, Elmer laborer Gray
Belcher, Jerry farmer Gray
Belcher, Lewis laborer Gray
Bennet, Lewis laborer Gray
Bly, Bailey laborer, also town clerk Gray
Bly, Henry farmer Gray
Boardwell, Adelbert farmer Ohio
Boardwell, Elias retired Ohio
Boss, Henry laborer Gray
Bostfield, George laborer Ohio
Boyce, George laborer Ohio
Boyce, John farmer Ohio
Bronstrater, Charles laborer Gray
Bronstrater, Philip retired farmer Gray
Bronstrater, Philip Jr. farmer Gray
Brooks, Fred farmer Ohio
Bullock, C. A. blacksmith Gray
Bullock, George blacksmith Gray
Bullock, W. W. retired blacksmith Gray
Bunce, Madison farmer Ohio
Cave, John farmer Ohio
Cave, Samuel farmer Ohio
Christman, Alexander saw mill and mfg. Ohio
Christman, Augustus farmer Ohio
Christman, James carpenter Ohio
Christman, Marsh carpenter Ohio
Colwell, Samuel farmer Ohio
Comstock, Edward farmer Gray
Comstock, Elisha farmer Gray
Comstock, Henry farmer Gray
Comstock, Tock faremer Gray
Conklin, Aurey laborer Ohio
Courtney, V. laborer Gray
Cummings, George farmer Ohio
Cummings, John farmer Ohio
Cummings, William farmer Ohio
Curtis, T. E. cheesemaker Ohio
Daggenkolb, Christopher farmer Ohio
Daggenkolb, John farmer Ohio
Daley, Howard farmer Ohio
Danoch, John laborer Gray
Davenport, Isaac farmer Ohio
Davis, Adelbert laborer Gray
Davis, Frank farmer Gray
Davis, William laborer Gray
Dolley, George laborer Ohio
Farber, Christopher farmer Gray
Ferguson, Benjamin laborer Ohio
Ferguson, Calvin farmer Ohio
Figert, August farmer Ohio
Firth, Frank laborer Ohio
Firth, George laborer Gray
Fisher, Charles farmer Ohio
Fisher, Frank J. farmer Ohio
Fisher, Frank laborer Ohio
Fisher, George laborer Ohio
Fisher, Henry farmer Ohio
Fisher, Henry J. farmer Ohio
Fisher, John C. farmer Ohio
Fisher, John H. farmer Ohio
Fitch, George farmer Ohio
Fitch, John farmer Ohio
Fitzgerald, Richard laborer Ohio
Flansburg, Cornelius farmer Ohio
Flansburg, John farmer Ohio
Francisco, Jason laborer Gray
Frinkle, John mason Ohio
Frinkle, Joseph farmer Ohio
Gibson, Elmer farmer Gray
Gibson, John farmer Gray
Gibson, Lester laborer Gray
Gibson, William farmer Gray
Gray, George laborer Gray
Hafer, John farmer Gray
Hall, Alonzo farmer Gray
Hane, Charles law student Herkimer
Hane, James farmer, also justice of the peace Ohio
Hane, Peter, Sr. retired Ohio
Hann, Louis J. mason, also justice of the peace Ohio
Harvey, George farmer Ohio
Hass, Herman farmer Gray
Heidel, Charles teacher Ohio
Heidel, Christopher farmer Ohio
Heidel, Edward farmer Ohio
Heidel, Frederick farmer Ohio
Heinold, John farmer Ohio
Hemstreet, John farmer Ohio
Hemstreet, Samuel retired Ohio
Henry, Frank laborer Gray
Hess, Rudolph farmer Gray
Hodge, Ira farmer Gray
Hodge, Oscar farmer Gray
Hodge, Warren farmer Gray
Johnson, Gilbert J.   Ohio
Kase, Fred laborer Gray
Kase, L. A. H. farmer Gray
Kase, Wilbur farmer Gray
Kelley, E. E. physician, also supervisor Gray
Kelly, William laborer Gray
Kohler, Christopher farmer Ohio
Kohler, Christopher, Jr. laborer Ohio
Laird, Eli carpenter Ohio
Lawton, Truman farmer gray
Luther, Willard laborer Gray
Manning, E. farmer Gray
Max, John farmer Ohio
McGraw, John farmer Gray
McIntosh, John farmer Ohio
Miller, Aaron farmer Gray
Miller, Edward laborer Gray
Miller, Fred farmer Gray
Miller, William laborer Gray
Milts, Fred farmer Gray
Mix, Albert laborer Ohio
Mix, Samuel farmer Gray
Nelli, James, Jr. cheese maker Ohio
Newman, Edward farmer Gray
Newman, George laborer Gray
Newman, James farmer Gray
Newman, John laborer Gray
Onderkirk, Firman farmer Gray
Pullman, Smith farmer Ohio
Quackenbush, Charles farmer Ohio
Quackenbush, Ira farmer Ohio
Quackenbush, Simon farmer Ohio
Radley, Burr farmer Ohio
Rank, Henry farmer Ohio
Rank, Lewis farmer Gray
Reinhart, Lewis farmer Gray
Richards, Robert retired Ohio
Richardson, James laborer Gray
Richer, Charles farmer Gray
Rising, George farmer Ohio
Rising, Lewis farmer Ohio
Santmire, Charles farmer Ohio
Santmire, Charles, Jr. farmer Ohio
Schleicher, George laborer Ohio
Schleicher, Henry farmer Ohio
Shufelt, Ed laborer Ohio
Snell, J. L.  farmer Ohio
Snyder, Charles farmer Ohio
Snyder, George farmer Ohio
Snyder, Henry farmer Ohio
Snyder, John farmer Ohio
Snyder, Lewis farmer Ohio
Sommers, Fred laborer Ohio
Sommers, Jerome farmer Ohio
Sommers, William saw mill Ohio
Stanley, Jerome laborer Gray
Stanley, Robert laborer Gray
Stanley, Sylvester laborer Gray
Stroebel, D. C. farmer Ohio
Stroebel, Henry carpenter Ohio
Sullivan, John merchant Gray
Tanner, George laborer Gray
Theobald, G. G. merchant, also justice of the peace Gray
Tompkins, Fred laborer Gray
Tompkins, Thad laborer Gray
Tompkins, Stephen justice of the peace Gray
Turner, George farmer Ohio
Turner, Millard laborer Ohio
Underwood, Frank laborer Gray
VanVose, Daniel farmer Gray
Vanvose, George farmer Gray
Vedder, William farmer Gray
Wagner, Lewis farmer  Ohio
Waite, Hiram farmer Ohio
Wallace, Peter farmer Ohio
Warner, William   Gray
Wells, edward farmer Ohio
Wheeler, Rudolph farmer Gray
Wilbur, Egbert laborer Ohio
Williams, Thomas   Gray
Windover, Charles farmer Gray
Wood, Arthur laborer Gray
Wood, Clarence   Gray
Wood, Elias farmer Gray
Wood, Elmer   Gray
Wood, Frederick laborer Gray
Wood, John farmer Gray
Wood, Marcus farmer Gray



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