Family Sketches of Ohio
Herkimer County, NY

Many counties of NY state had county histories published between the years of 1860 and 1900. Within many of these works are "family sketches". The list below are sketches of families for the township of Ohio that were found within the references provided. This list also contains references for those people living elsewhere who were born or lived for a time in Ohio Twp. If they reside in other townships of Herkimer or Montgomery counties, look under the respective township for further information. For those outside of these counties, a brief abstract and reference is provided.

Furthermore, family sketches provided by individuals whose ancestors are known to have come from or lived in Ohio Twp are also provided in this listing. If you would like to contribute your own family sketch, the only requirements are that you know positively that the individual for whom you write about was born or lived in Ohio Twp, Herkimer Co., NY. Please send these sketches to Lisa Slaski, Ohio and Wilmurt/Webb sections editor.

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Family Sketches:

Albert ABEEL

ABEEL, Albert, was born in 1814 in Catskill, N.Y., and located in Ohio in 1839. He was married in 1841 to Mary SNYDER, who was born in 1818. They have four children. Mr. ABEEL has served his town as supervisor for eleven terms, and justice of the peace twelve years, and the United States as postmaster at Ohio for eight years. He is a merchant and farmer. [ref #3, pg 276, also see Jonah Snyder's sketch, this town]


ABEEL, J. W., Ohio, was born December 7, 1855, in Ohio, NY. His father was Albert, a son of David ABEEL, a native of Greene county, born in 1795. The wife of David ABEEL was Gertrude MYERS, and they had four sons and two daughters. Mr. ABEEL came to Ohio, where he died in 1844, and his wife in 1867 at the age of sixty-five years. Albert ABEEL was born in Greene county in 1812 and came to Ohio with his parents. September 16, 1841, he married Mary SNYDER, a native of Greene county born in 1820. She was a daughter of Jonas and Rhoda SNYDER. To Albert and his wife were born two sons and two daughters. He was a farmer and hotel proprietor, and for many years he also carried on the mercantile business. He was a Republican in politics, supervisor sixteen years, justice of peace twelve years and assessor a number of years. He died December 18, 1891, and his wife resides with J.W. The latter was reared on a farm and educated in the common schools and in Utica Business College. In 1890 he married Viola, daughter of Robert and Catherine RICHARDS, of Ohio. Mr. ABEEL is a farmer and continues his father's mercantile business. He is a Republican and was supervisor three years in succession. He is a member of Ohio Grange, No. 686, and is a supporter of the Methodist church. Jonas SNYDER came to Ohio and resided a short time, then went to Greene county, where his wife died. He then went to live with his daughter, and there died. They had one son and two daughters. Mr. SNYDER was in the war of 1812. [ref. #1, pg 149]

Robert Henry ASH

ASH, Robert Henry, physician and surgeon of 115 Main st., Canastota, N.Y., was born Aug. 20, 1857, in Ohio, Herkimer county, N.Y. He graduated from the college of physicians and surgeons of Buffalo and from the Hahnemann medical college of Chicago. He is now president of the board of trustees of Canastota and Port Leyden; and has been health office of the village of Wampsville, N.Y. [Herringshaw's American Blue-book of Biography, 1914]


BAILEY, Lewis, was born 17 December 1859 in Gray, Ohio twp. He was a lifelong resident of Gray. He is the son of Sylvester and Nancy BELLINGER BAILEY. He died at age 80 and is buried in Hurricane Cemetery (near Gray). He was survived by a son, John, and 2 sisters, Mrs. Celia DYGERT of Norway and Mrs. James INGERSOLL of Gray. [ref #6, obituary of Lewis Bailey on the GenConnect obits bulletin board for Herkimer Cty, posted 23 Aug 1999]


BAILEY, Levi, a native of Ohio twp, born in 1862, son of Sylvester and Nancy BELLINGER BAILEY. He died at age 72 at his home in the Dairy Hill section. Surviving were a brother, Lewis, of Norway and 2 sisters Mrs. Martha INGERSOLL of Cold Brook and Mrs. Celia DYGERT of Norway. [ref #6, obituary of Levi Bailey on the GenConnect obits bulletin board for Herkimer Cty, posted 23 Aug 1999]

Sylvester BAILEY

BAILEY, Sylvester, was born about 1812 in Lewis county, NY. He was a farmer. He married Nancy BELLINGER who was born about 1816 in Herkimer county, NY. They had the following children: 1) Freeman (b. abt 1844); 2) John (b. abt 1846); 3) Rebecca (b. abt 1848); 4) Louisa (b. abt 1849); 5) Martha (b. abt 1852), m. James Ingersoll; 6) Lewis (b. 17 Dec 1859); 6) Cela A. (b. abt 1861), m. Jadua Dygert; 7) Levi (b. abt 1862). [primarily from census records, including the 1875 NYS census]


BARHYDT, Adelle, was born 8 June 1879, in Ohio twp, a daughter of Perry and Emma BILLS BARHYDT. She married Fred SANTMIRE in Cold Brook and resided for over 20 years in Middleville and died 22 July 1961 in Middleville. At the time of her death they had 3 sons and 2 daughters still living, 10 grandchildren and 21 great-grandchildren. Her husband died several years prior to her death. [ref #6, obituary of Adra Santmire on the GenConnect obits bulletin board for Herkimer Cty, posted 3 Aug 1999]


BARHYDT, Perry, was born about 1846 in NY, a son of Adam and Dorcas BARHYDT. His father, Adam, was born 16 Mar 1815 and settled in Ohio, Herkimer, NY by 1855, where he died on 3 May 1886. Adam raised a family of 5 children: Perry (c1846-1912); John (c1850-?); Gilbert (c1852-?); Ethelene (c1857-?); and Jasper (1852-1893). Perry was married in 1870 to Emily BILLS. Emily was born at Gravesville on 4 Aug 1846, a daughter of Henry and Nancy SPERRY BILLS. Perry died on 7 Mar 1912; Emily died on 20 Sep 1930 in Cold Brook. They had the following children: Henry (b. 25 Dec 1870), Frank (b. abt 1873), Walter (b. abt 1874, d. 25 Jan 1876), Rowland (b. 4 Feb 1877), Adelle (b. 8 Jun 1879, m. Fred Santmier) [Census records and Emily's obituary from Lisa Slaski, 7/14/17].


BENNETT, Basilo, was born in France in 1809, and married in 1832 to Josephine GIRARD. He emigrated to Hamilton county, NY in 1833. He was elected justice of the peace in 1845, and in 1867 located in this town, where he was again elected justice of the peace, which office he still holds. His wife died in 1865 leaving him three children. [ref. #3, pg 276]

BENNETT, Basile and his wife emigrated first to NYC about 1833 and bought property in 1834 and 1836 in Morehouseville, Hamilton county. They settled in Morehouseville prior to the 1840 census. A large number of other natives of France also settled in Morehouseville in this same time-frame. In various census records he is listed as a farmer and/or blacksmith. Basile and Josephine had 2 known children: 1. Adell (b. 10 Apr 1836); 2. Anatol J. (b. abt Nov 1841). Adell married Eugene MAHEUX who ran a hotel for a time in the town of Salisbury, Herkimer county and then moved to Morehouseville to run the first hotel there. Anatol J. BENNETT married Mary Ann KREUZER and had two children: 1. Adell (b. about 1861) who married Frank DURWANGER and 2. Anna (b. Mar 1862) who never married. After Anatol's death Mary KREUZER BENNETT was married on 22 Jan 1865 to Adam WURSTER. Adam's family continued to reside with Basile for many years afterwards. Adam and Basile brought the family to the town of Ohio, Herkimer county, NY about 1866 and Basile lived there until at least 1880. Adam was a wheelwright and by about 1876 was residing in the NYC area, but his wife and children are listed with Basile in the 1880 census in the town of Ohio. It appears that the Mary and her children moved around 1882 to the NYC area to live with Adam. Perhaps this is the time-frame in which Basile died. No indication of Basile's death has yet been found (see the Hamilton county, NYGenWeb site for more info on Adam's family). [ref. #4, Lisa Slaski, 8/22/98, updated 10/22/05]


BENNETT,William, Norway, was born in Newport, July 23, 1834. His father was Hiram BENNETT, a son of Joshua BENNETT, who came from New England at an early date and settled in Ohio, where he died. Hiram BENNETT came with his father to Ohio and here his life was spent. He married Almira CHURCHILL, of Deerfield. She bore him six children. By his second wife, Lydia CAVENAUGH, he had five. The death of Mr. Bennett occurred in 1861 and that of his wife in 1891. William BENNETT married Emily I. WARNER, a native of Connecticut, by whom he has had six children, two of whom are living, Gary and Olie. Mr. BENNETT enlisted in the eighty-first N.Y.S.V. regiment, Co. C, in November, 1861, for three years; was taken prisoner at the battle of Drury's Bluff, May 16, 1864, taken to Andersonville prison and was paroled February 28, 1865, receiving his honorable discharge at Annapolis, May 16, 1865. Mr. BENNETT is a carpenter by trade and runs a saw-mill. He has spent most of his life in Ohio, but during the last eight years has resided in Norway. In 1884 he purchased the Black Creek Western mill. He is a Republican and has been clerk of Ohio three years. He and his wife are Methodists. [ref #1, pg 150]


BOYCE, John, Ohio, was born in Ohio March 10, 1858. His father was David BOYCE and he was a son of Henry BOYCE, whose father was Elias. Henry was born in Columbia county, where he lived and died. He was drafted in the war of 1812. His wife was Catharine ROWE, by whom he had two children. David BOYCE was born in Columbia county in 1818, was reared on a farm and has always followed farming. His wife was Betsey GARRISON, of Columbia county, and they had four sons and five daughters. Three of the sons were in the late war, Henry, David E. and George. Henry enlisted in the Eighty-first New York Volunteers, Company C, in 1861, serving a short time. David E. enlisted in the same company in 1862 and served until the close of the war. He was in Salisbury prison about one year, which caused his death in 1865. George enlisted in 1863 and served until the close of the war. He was wounded in one leg while doing picket duty. John BOYCE was reared on a farm and educated in the common schools. In 1889 he married Hattie WELLS, of Ohio, daughter of Charles and Rebecca WELLS, of Wilmurt, and they have two children. Mr. BOYCE has always been a farmer, and in politics is a Democrat. [ref #1, pg 156]

Charles B. BULLOCK

BULLOCK, Charles B., Ohio, was born in Norway, NY, June 13, 1835. His parents were Ira and Mary (HODGE) BULLOCK. (See biography of Augustus ODIT.[Russia Twp]) Charles V. was reared on a farm and educated in the common schools. He early learned the blacksmith trade, which he followed in Norway and Cold Brook fifteen years. In 1857, he married Mary C. HALL, a native of St. Johnsville, NY, and to them were born two daughters, Fannie, who married Samuel LAWTON, of Ohio, and has two daughters, Agnes and Myrl; they live at Cold Brook; and Emma. Emma resides with her parents. For the last twenty years Mr. BULLOCK has resided on a farm in Norway. He and his wife are members of the Baptist church of Norway. Mr. BULLOCK was drafted in the late war, but furnished a substitute. The parents of Mrs. BULLOCK were Dennis and Fannie HALL, who were early settlers of Gray, coming there from St. Johnsville, NY. They were the parents of four children. Mr. HALL was drum major in the Ninety-seventh New York Infantry and served three years. Mr. HALL was a furrier by trade. [ref #1, pg 16]

BULLOCK, Charles B., is a farmer and blacksmith, and was born in this town June 13th, 1835. He married in 1857, Mary C. HALL, who was born in 1837. They have two daughters, Fannie and Emma. His parents, Ira and Mary, were both born in Norway, N.Y., in 1813. Chauncey BULLOCK enlisted in Company C, 34th N.Y. infantry, was in the campaigns in Virginia and died in hospital at Harrison's Landing, July 29th, 1862. [ref #3, pg 276]


BURKE, Frank William was born 24 May 1887 in Carthage, NY and died in 1971. He and his brother Clint, came to the town of Ohio in 1916 from Glenfield. They lived just outside of Gray. Clint drowned in Bennets Pond. Frank married Jennie May HOLLOCK by 5 Jun 1917. She was born in 1886 and died in 1976. They had two sons: Charles T. (1918-1999) and Francis (b. abt 1922). Charles married Louise MUNGER. He was a veteran and he and his wife are also buried in Pardeeville cemetery. [census records, cemetery records (online) and "Ohio, New York; Sesquicentennial Celebration" (copy available at Herkimer County Historical Society]


CHRISTMAN, Alexander, was born Oct 1859 in NY. He was married to Rachel Elizabeth about 1881. She was born July 1863 in NY and is likely the daughter of Owen and Rachel ROBERTSON BICKFORD of the town of Russia. Alexander was the son of Augustus and Melissa HENRY CHRISTMAN. Augustus was the son of John CHRISTMAN. Alexander and Elizabeth had 8 children, 7 of whom were living in 1900: Leva M. (b. Feb 1883), William H. (b. Aug 1884), Charles Dewitt (b. 7 Aug 1889), Katie A. (b. May 1891), Laura M., (b. Aug 1894), Frank A. (b. Oct 1895), Clarence M. (b. Mar 1897). Alexander once owned 2,180 acres of land in the town of Ohio. He died in 1925. [see bio. of brother James A. CRISTMAN; census records, cemetery records (online) and "Ohio, New York; Sesquicentennial Celebration" (copy available at Herkimer County Historical Society]


COMSTOCK, Byron, Norway, was born in Ohio, Dec 24, 1848. Refer to the Norway Twp section. [ref #1, pg 163]


CONKLIN, Henry was the son of Samuel CONKLIN and Mary B. CURTIS. Samuel CONKLIN was the son of John CONKLIN and Ruth BARTO. John and Ruth had four children; John jr., Mary, Amy and Samuel. Samuel was born on Long Island 8 Jun 1791. On 7 Mar 1818 Samuel married Mary B. CURTIS. Mary was the daughter of Abiah CURTIS and Ruth CHEESMAN. Abiah and Ruth had seven children; Mary B. (b. 20 Aug 1801), Betsy, Lydia, Sebra Ann, Cheesman, Philander, and Henry. Samuel CONKLIN and Mary B. CURTIS had fifteen children; John (b. 15 Feb 1819), an infant son (b. spring of 1821 - died at six weeks old), Ruth (b. 6 Apr 1822), Abiah (b. 13 Dec 1823), twins Julius and Julia Ann (b. 21 Nov 1825), Samuel jr. (b. 4 Apr 1828), James (b. 4 Mar 1830), Henry (b. 7 May 1832), Mary Elizabeth (b. 4 Jan 1834, Casandana ("Cassie," b. 29 Dec 1835), Amy Catherine (b. 9 Sep 1838), Leonard Kinney (b. 1 Nov 1840, died age 6), Lydia (b. Mar 1843, died age 4) and Merinda ("Rinda," b. 29 Nov 1844). Samuel and Mary B. (CURTIS) CONKLIN moved to the town of Ohio in 1845 and were one of the first settlers of the area. In 1891 Henry CONKLIN wrote a memoirs of the first 30 years of his life entitled "Through Poverty's Vale; A Hardscrabble Boyhood in Upstate New York, 1832-1862," which gives a very detailed account of events, people and the way of life in the areas that his family lived during this period. It was edited and formally published in 1974 by Wendell Tripp. [Ref #11, pgs 1-16]


CONKLING, Jesse D., was born 11 June 1863, in Wilmurt and resided there on a farm for most of his life. He died, aged 73, and was survived by his wife, Anna McCUMBER, of Canada and a sister, Mrs. Edward JACQUAYS, of Salisbury Twp. [ref #6, obituary of Jesse D. Conkling on the Ancestry message board for Herkimer Cty, posted 23 Aug 1999]


CONKLING, Lorena, was born 29 July 1869, in Wilmurt twp, a daughter of Lemeul CONKLING. She was married on 17 Feb 1886 to Lewis BAILEY and resided in the town of Salisbury for about 20 years. She died in Middleville at the County Home Hostpital and was survived by a son, John BAILEY and two sisters, Mrs. Edward JACQUAYS of Salisbury and Mrs. Mary SEABY of Oppenheim. She is buried in Salisbury Cemetery. [ref #6, obituary of Mrs. Lorena Conkling Bailey on the Ancestry message board for Herkimer Cty, posted 23 Aug 1999 and "sylvester Bailey" query posted 27 Oct 1999]


CRISTMAN, James A., Ohio, was born in the town of Ohio, November 8, 1863. He is a farmer and carpenter and builder, and received his education in the district schools. January 1, 1891, he married Annie BICKFORD, daughter of Stephen and Elizabeth BICKFORD, of Russia. Mr. CRISTMAN is a Democrat, and has been highway commissioner. He is a member of the North Star Grange Number 686, of Ohio. James A. is a son of Augustus CRISTMAN, a son of John CRISTMAN. The latter was a native of Paine's Hollow, born in 1800 and died in 1868. His wife was Catharine CROUSE of Paine's Hollow, by whom he has thirteen children, two of who died in youth. His wife died in 1848, and he married Laavina (LAMPHER) BENNETT. Augustus CRISTMAN was a farmer and lumberman. In 1854 he married Malissa HENRY,daughter of Thomas HENRY. They had four children: Sarah L., Alexander, James A., and Marshall H. His wife died March 22, 1890. [ref #1, pg 34].


CURTIS, Mary E. married in 1887 to George H. BUNCE, residing in Herkimer [ref#1, page 12 of Family Sketches, see bio on George H. Bunce for further info]

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