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DAGENKOLB, John, was born 16 Nov 1837 in Sachgren, Germany, the son of "Godfreyd" and Catharine DAGENKOLB. He immigrated with his parents coming directly to Ohio, Herkimer Co., NY about 1846. He died in 1931. On 26 Dec 1861 he married Catherine HAMM. She was born 13 Jul 1841 in Limbach, Bavaria, a daughter of Paul and Margaret HAMM. She immigrated with her parents about 1846, but not on the same ship has her future husband. Her Grandfather Anton BRONDSTATTERdied amid ship while crossing the ocean. An aunt, Mrs. Jacob (Mary) ASHMAN also immigrated with the family. John and Catherine had the following children:  (1) Lewis, J. (d. 29 Oct 1882, age 19y, 7m, 17d); (2) Mary A., born abt 1866, (married JosephDROYER?); (3) John C., born abt 1868; (4) Minnie C. (1872-1961) married John F. FISHER (1869-1920); (5) William R. (1875-1960), m1. Grace DeLONG (d. 18 Dec 1908, age 30y 11m), m2. Kathrine M. (1881-1955). [ref #5, Ref #6, Ref #10]

Pierre Augustine DELAUNAY

DELAUNAY, Pierre Augustine, was born in Bolbec, Lesser Seine county, France, about 1770, and died 27 Dec 1844 in Ohio Twp. His first wife was Victorie Louise DUMONT. A Huguenot, he left France for the Caribbean island of Haiti and was living there during the disastrous slave revolt of 1793. He and his wife and daughter, Aimee, fled Haiti in the flotilla of ships that sailed to Chesapeake Bay. They lived in Baltimore, where they raised a family of five children: Aimee, Lewis, Louisa, Victorie, and Peter. All of the Baltimore children were baptized at St. Paul's Protestant Episcopal Church. His wife died during the Yellow Fever epidemic in Baltimore on 1 November 1819. The following year, Pierre married as his second wife Jane SAILLARD, on 27 May 1820. At some point, Pierre (or Peter LANNAY, as he now called himself) left Baltimore for New York City. Here he and his family ran, and possibly owned, the hotel "Pension Francais" on the corner of Broadway and Fulton Sts. From about 1825 until 1837. About 1838 Peter left New York City and retire to Ohio City, Herkimer County, NY. He may have been attracted to this area by Andrew MOREHOUSE, who advertised in the NYC newspapers for French families to relocate to neighboring Morehouse, Hamilton county. He lived here in Ohio with his third wife, Eugenie, until his death. It appears that Eugenie returned to NYC after his death. She died on 9 March 1856. [ref # 4, submitted by Ted Steele]

Arnold EMERY

EMERY, Arnold H., was born about 1816 in Montgomery county, NY. He married Anna who was born about 1812 in Montgomery county, NY. They had the following children: Elvira A. (b. abt 1844); Caroline/Polly (b. abt 1847); Amanda (b. abt 1849, m. Samuel Cave; Jerome/John (b. abt 1854). [from census records]


EMERY, John, Russia, was born in Ohio, November 23, 1824. Refer to Russia Town section. [ref #1, pg 42]

EMERY, John, is a farmer, and was born in this town in 1824, on the farm where he now resides. He was married September 26th, 1846, to Mary Ann CURTIS, who was born in Schoharie, N.Y., in 1828. he was a militia captain under Governor BOUCK, supervisor of his town in 1866 and 1867, and justice of the peace from 1867 to 1871. His father, Rowland EMERY, was born in 1786 in Charleston, N.Y., and was one of the pioneer settlers of this town. [ref #3, pg 276]

William P. ENOS

ENOS, William P., Herkimer, was born in the town of Ohio, March 30, 1830. Refer to Herkimer Town section [ref #1, pg 44]

Christopher FARBER

FARBER, Christopher, Ohio, was born in Germany, March 2, 1850, a son of John FARBER, who married Annie FISHER, a native of Germany, and to them were born five children. In 1874, Mr. FARBER came to Ohio, NY, where he lived until his death in 1885. His wife died in 1881. The father of John was Albert FARBER, a native of Germany. Christopher FARBER was reared on a farm in Germany and was seventeen years old when he and his brother John came to America. John Settled in Russia where he still resides and Christopher settled in Ohio, where he has since made his home. Subject was a poor boy when he came to America and worked on a farm by the month for six years. He then purchased the farm where he now resides. In 1875 he married Rachel HOFFMAN, a native of Ohio, born in 1851. Her parents were Peter and Sophia (HAFER) HOFFMAN, who reared eleven children. Mr. HOFFMAN and family reside at Washington Mills, NY. To Mr. FARBER and wife have been born four children: Albert E., Amelia A., Mary E., and Edward all of whom are living. Mr. FARBER is a Democrat. [ref #1, pgs 229-30]


FISHER, Henry, Ohio, was born in Germany in 1825. His parents were John and Barbara FISHER, who had five sons and two daughters. In 1847 Mr. FISHER and family came to America and settled in Ohio township, where he purchased sixty acres of land in the wilderness. On this he built a log house, in which he spent the remainder of his life. He was a Democrat, and he and his wife were Lutherans. He died in 1853 and his wife in 1872. Henry FISHER was twenty-two years old when he came to this country with his parents. He married Christina FISHER, a native of Germany, by whom he had five children, Nicholas, Charles, Rachael, Amelia, and Emily, all of whom are living. Mr. FISHER owns 269 acres of land, and keeps a large dairy. He is a Democrat, and he and his wife are members of the Lutheran church. He is one of the stockholders in the Poland union store. [ref #1, pg 44-5]

FISHER, Henry, was born in Germany in 1825, emigrated to Ohio in 1847, and was married in 1850 to Christina FISHER, of Saxony, Germany, who was born in 1823. They have six children. His father, Hanus, died in this town in 1859, and his mother, Barbara, in 1874. Mr. FISHER is a farmer by occupation. [ref #3, pg 276]


FISHER, John C., of Ohio, was born in Germany February 23, 1840, and was reared on a farm. In 1869 he came to America and first settled in Indiana. After residing there ten years he came to Herkimer county where he has since lived. He married in Germany Ona FARBER, a sister of Christopher FARBER, of Ohio Township. To Mr. FISHER and wife were born seven children: John F. (b. Oct 1869, d. 1 Sep 1920, m. abt 1892 to Minnie DAGENKOLB), Sophia (b. Jul 1871, m. George DITTMER), Henry (b. Jan 1875), Lewis (b. abt 1878), William (b. Feb 1880), Mary (b. abt 1883, m. Mr. NICHOLS) and Lillie (b. abt 1886, m. in 1907 to Lester D. MAHARDY). Mr. FISHER has 229 acres of land in Ohio Township and keeps a dairy. He is a Democrat in politics. [ref #1, pg 48, obituary of John F. Fisher and census records, other info on this site]


FISHER, John F., was born Oct 1869 in Indiana. He was married about 1892 to Minnie C. DAGENKOLB who was born Apr 1872 in NY. They had four daughters: Reba M. (b. Jul 1893), Florence A. (b. Dec 1894, d. 1910), Augusta M. (b. Mar 1896), Mary C. (b. Jul 1898), Katherine L. (b. 1904, d. 1966). John died 1 Sep 1920 of an accident in a paper mill at Carthage, NY. Minnie died in 1961. They are both buried in the German Settlement cemetery along with their daughters Florence and Katherine. [obituary]


FISHER, J[ohn]. H., Ohio, was born in Germany in 1827, a son of John and Barbara FISHER. He was reared on a farm and received a good common school education. At the age of twenty he came with his parents to this country, and in 1854 he married Rachel HAFER, a native of Germany, and they had eight children: Celia, May, Christina, Amelia, Caroline, Frank, Ann and Emma. In 1851 Mr. FISHER made a trip to California remaining three years. He is now one of the leading farmers of Herkimer county, and keeps one of the largest dairies. He is a Democrat in politics, and has been assessor twelve years, highway commissioner three years, and supervisor two terms. He and his wife are Lutherans. [ref #1, pg 251]

FISHER, John H., is a native of Germany. He was born May 27th, 1827 and came with his parents, five brothers and one sister, to this country in August, 1847. upon their arrival in New York the family were destitute of everything, except a little clothing and plenty of good health. John H. worked summers and went to school during the winter terms of common schools, until the spring of 1852, when he started for California on a sailing vessel. He left New York March 27th, and reached Cape Horn May 20th, where the vessel encountered severe gales, and was three times dismasted. They reached San Francisco August 14th, when Mr. FISHER started for the gold mines. He followed mining for two years and ten months, when he left California, reaching home May 27th, 1855. He came directly to Ohio and bought a farm of one hundred and seventy-six acres, and soon after another of seventy-six acres. He has kept adding to his acreage until he owns four hundred and eighty acres of farm land, upon which he keeps a large stock of dairy cows, besides a good number of young cattle and horses. He has lately erected new, neat and comfortable farm buildings, as shown in the accompanying sketch, and is one of the substantial men of the town. He was married March 20th, 1855, to Rachael HAFER, who was born in Germany, December 6th, 1834. His post office is Cold Brook. He has served his town as assessor for twelve years, commissioner of highways for three years and supervisor for two years. Mr. FISHER has a family of eight children, seven girls and one boy. [ref #3, pg 236]

Nicholas FISHER

FISHER, Nicholas, was born about 1806 and immigrated from Rodesgruen, Germany in 1841 to the US. By 1850 he is residing in the town of Ohio, but in 1853 he moved to Warsaw, NY. He married Dorothea Christina Schimmel and had the following children: 1. Johann Heinrich (b. 13 Oct 1830); 2. Johann Nicol (b. 4 Mar 1833); 3. Anna Elisabeth (b. 4 May 1835); 4. Eva Margaretha (29 Jun 1837); 5. Katharina Barbara (b. 16 Jun 1839); 6. Sophia Christina (b. 24 May 1841 - on the ocean voyage); 7. Christopher (20 May 1843); 8. John Andrew (b. 1 Jan 1846). Their daughter Anna Elisabeth married Lewis Wagner (see his biography). [ref: family research performed by Lisa Slaski]


FISHER, Rachel, daughter of Henry and Christina FISHER of Ohio Twp, married Daniel McARTHUR of Russia in 1876. Refer to Russia Town section. [ref #1, pg 73]

Bartholomew FLANSBURG

FLANSBURG, Bartholomew (1809 - 3 May 1882, born in Mayfield, Fulton Co., buried in Ohio cemetery), a farmer, resided in Ohio Twp. He was the son of Joseph FLANSBURG and Alida DODDS. Joseph's parents were Richard (Dirk) FLANSBURGH and Alidia Van Der WERKEN. Richard's parents were Joseph FLENSBURGH and Elisabeth FELING. Joseph's parents were Mattheus FLENSBURG and Maria Van ZANTEN. Mattheus' parents were Jan Jansen Van FLENSBURG and Margrietje Jaryken MARTENS. Bartholomew's wife was Angeline STEPHENS(1811-1903, buried in Ohio cemetery). They had the following children: Lucinda (age 20 in 1850 census), Francis A. (17 Dec 1830 - 1 Feb 1901, buried in Pardeeville cemetery), Cornelius (16 Jul 1834 - 1929, buried in Pardeeville cemetery), Philip J. (age 15 in 1850 census), John V. (born 15 May 1838 - 1924, buried in Pardeeville cemetery), Elizabeth (1841-1925, buried in Pardeeville cemetery) married Henry CONKLIN, Harriet (age 8 in 1850 census) married Philip JAMES of Russia Twp, Jeremiah (12 Dec 1844 - 22 Feb 1922, buried in Ohio cemetery), William (age 1 month in 1850 census) and one other daughter who wasn't listed in the 1850 census. [ref #6, compiled from the 1850 Federal Census, the Ohio and Pardeeville cemetery listings on this site, and ref #4, Herkimer Co. NY Query Forum original posting by Carole Jeffery, 21 Feb 99 and responses, including Bartholomew's ancestors from Darin Flansburg.]


FLANSBURG, Cornelius, Ohio, was born July 16, 1834, son of Bartholomew and Angeline FLANSBURG, and was educated in the common schools. In 1867 he married Elizabeth CUMMINGS, born October 4, 1848, a daughter of James and Margaret CUMMINGS of Ohio. Mr. CUMMINGS died July 25, 1885. His wife is still living at the age of seventy-two years. Subject and wife have two children, Olive A. and Jessie B. At twelve years of age Mr. FLANSBURG began working on a farm by the month. In 1858 he went to California for seven years, following lumbering and mining. He then returned to Ohio, and has since been a farmer. He is a Republican and has been assessor six years. He with his family attends the M. E. church. [ref #1, pg 46]


FLANSBURG, Francis, born in Ohio township, moved to Wilmurt township in 1851. Refer to Wilmurt township section. [ref #3, pg 237]


FLANSBURG, Harriet, a native of Ohio, NY, married Philip JAMES of Russia. Refer to Russia Twp section. [ref #1, pg 190-1]


FLANSBURG, Helen May was born May 16, 1879, at Wilmurt, died December 20 1956, in Prospect at her daughters home. Lowell Agustus ODIT born January 22, 1877 at White Lake died in Utica Hospital on June 11 1957, they were married on December 5 1898 in Prospect. Lowell Agustus Odit was the son of Amos Joseph and Susan Aretta Chase Odit of Hawkinsville, Forestport, area. [Information from Leatrice Doolen]


FLANSBURG, Jerry, Ohio, was born in Ohio, December 12, 1844. He is a son of Bartholomew and Angeline (STEPHENS) FLANSBURG, and was reared on a farm and educated in the public schools. July 29, 1862, he enlisted in the 152d NY Volunteers, Company B, and was discharged at Munson Hill, Va., in 1865. He served at the battles of the Wilderness, Spottsylvania, Min Run and North Anna River. At the latter place he was wounded in the right arm and taken to the hospital at Washington (Mt. Pleasant). After his recovery, by request he returned to his regiment, and at the close of the war returned to Ohio. In 1867 he married Mary J. POTTER, of Ohio, daughter of Chauncey and Margaret POTTER. January 12, 1876, Mr. FLANSBURG lost his wife, and he married second, Iola HESS, of Ohio, daughter of Adam and Helen J. HESS. By his first wife he had one son, Egbert; his second wife bore him three children, Helen M. and H. Lee and Mary. Mr. FLANSBURG is a Republican, has been supervisor one year, assessor nine years, justice of the peace one term, town clerk, collector and auditor. He is a member of the G. A. R., Helmer Post, at Herkimer, and he and his wife attend the M. E. church. [ref #1, pg 175, with correction sent in by Leatrice Doolen]

FLANSBURG, Jerry: Enlisted from Ohio, NY, July 29, 1862 as a private in Capt. Silas F. Beebel's Co. B, 152nd Regt. NY Vol. Inft. to serve three years. The Regt. under command of Col. J.E. Curtis served in the 1st Brig. 1st Div, 7th Corps., later in the 1 st Brig. 2nd Div. 2nd Corps, and participated in the Following battles: Siege of Suffolk, Va. April 20 to May 4, 1863, Mine Run Va. , Nov 26 - 29, 1863, Wilderness, Va., May 5 - 7, 1864, Spotsylvania, Va. , May 8 - 21, 1864, North Anna River, Va. May 22 -26, 1864, Hatcher's Run, Va., Feb. 5 -7, 1865, Petersburg Works, Va. , March 25, 1865, White Oak Ridge, Va., March 29 - 31, 1865 Fall of Petersburg, Va. April 2, 1865, Farmville, Va. , April 7, 1865, Appomattox, Va., April 9, 1865. Was wounded at North Anna River , May 24, 1864 in the right arm and right side by gunshot and taken to Mt. Pleasent Hospital, Washington, DC, transferred to David's Island, NY, There to Rochester, NY, remaining in all seven months, then rejoined the Regt. and served with it until honorably discharged, July 22, 1866 by reason of close of War. This picture of the Easel Graphed monument bearing the personal record of Jerry Flansburg was dedicated to his memory July 15, 1895 by his wife Iola E. Hess Flansburg.

The above record copied from a large picture of the Monument in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Odit, Prospect, NY, March 19, 1955.

This is a retyping of a page in my research given to me and originally typed by Wayne Morrison, of Ovid NY. I thought it might be interesting for the site. Jerry was born in the town of Ohio, son of Bartholmew and Angelina Stevens Flansburg. Iola Estella Hess was his 2nd wife , and the daughter of Adam and Helen Cummings Hess. Mrs. Lowell Odit was the daughter of Jerry and Iola, Helen Flansburg. As to where this large picture is now , don't know since Evelyn Flansburg died in 2000, it was hanging in her dinning room. [Information from Leatrice Doolen]


FLANSBURG, John V., Ohio, was born in Ohio, May 15, 1838. His father was Bartholomew, a son of Richard FLANSBURG of Revolutionary fame, who was a boatman from Albany to Fort Stanwix. Joseph FLANSBURG was a resident of Mayfield, Fulton county, and at an early day came to Russia, and afterwards went to Hasenclever Hills, Herkimer county, and spent the remainder of his days. He was in the war of 1812. Bartholomew FLANSBURG was born in Mayfield in 1809. He married Angeline STEPHENS, of Russia, by whom he had six sons and four daughters. In 1824 Mr. FLANSBURG came to Ohio and purchased a farm, where he lived and died May 3, 1882. He was a Whig and later a Republican. He and his wife were Methodists. The latter is now living with her son, Francis, in Wilmurt, at the age of eighty-two. John V. FLANSBURG was reared on a farm and educated in the common schools of Ohio, where he has always lived. In 1861 he enlisted in Company E., Ninety-seventh regiment, NY Volunteers, and was in service eighteen months. He was in the battles of Cedar Mountain, Rappahannock Station, Thoroughfare Gap and the Second Bull Run. At the latter battle he was wounded and held prisoner on the field eight days, when he made his escape and joined the hospital corps, where he remained from September 9, 1862, to January 30, 1863, being then discharged. At the close of the war he returned to his home in Ohio, and has since followed farming. October 17, 1868, he married Sarah E. CONKLIN, daughter of Henry S. and Annie (EDICK) CONKLIN, of Columbia county. Mr. CONKLIN and wife were early settlers of Ohio, where both died. Subject and wife have one child, Dean R. August 6, 1871, Mrs. FLANSBURG died, and February 19, 1874 he married second Ann CUMMING. She died September 29, 1877, and in 1878 he married Jane BOYCE of Saratoga, daughter of David and Elizabeth BOYCE. By his third marriage he has four children: Earl G., Edna A., Edith M. and Fred. Mr. FLANSBURG is a Republican. [ref #1, pg 147]


FLANSBURG, Lee Hess born May 12, 1889 in the T. of Wilmurt, died July 7, 1962 in T. of Ohio, I believe the part of Wilmurt they were born is now called Ohio, on Route 8. Lee married Bertha POTTER daughter of George and Jane Bellinger Potter. Bertha born in Ohio (on the site that was previously lived in by Evelyn Flansburg, her daughter) January 15 1887 died May 29, 1972 she married Lee Hess Flansburg on June 1, 1907 in the Town of Ohio. Besides Evelyn she had a son Carl Flansburg. [Information from Leatrice Doolen]

Mary Margaret FLANSBURG

FLANSBURG, Mary Margaret born March 22, 1894, in the town of Ohio and died November 8, 1987 in Boonville, Sunset Nursing home. Never married was a Teacher of Music on Long Island and in New Jersey and returned to Ohio when she retired. [Information from Leatrice Doolen]


FLANSBURG, Philip J., Ohio, a native of Ohio, was reared on a farm and educated in the public schools. He is a farmer by occupation and has always resided in Ohio. He is a son of Francis A. FLANSBURG, whose parents were Bartholomew and Angeline (STEPHENS) FLANSBURG. Francis A. was born in Ohio, December 17, 1830. From 1852 to 1855 he worked for Hinkley & Ballou. April 28, 1855, he married Casandana CONKLIN, of Duanesburg. Her parents were Samuel and Mary B. (CURTIS) CONKLIN, who were the parents of fourteen children. They came early to Schoharie county, in 1843 went to Ohio, and in 1862 moved to Attica, Wyoming county, where Mr. CONKLIN died November 19, 1882, and Mrs. CONKLIN, July 15, 1879. Francis A. FLANSBURG and wife had four sons and two daughters: Mary C., Charles G., Bertha F., Philip J., Albert E. and George F., all of whom are living. Mary G. is now Mrs. Charles WAGNER. Charles D. is a farmer at Erie, Pa. Bertha F. is the wife of John A. DOONAN, and resides in South Dakota. Philip J. resides in Wilmurt, and Albert E. is guide at Honalogue Lake. George F. lives at home. Mr. FLANSBURG has always been a farmer, except for three years spent at lumbering, and has held the offices of justice of the peace, poormaster, highway commissioner, clerk, constable and inspector of elections. [ref #1, pg 175]


FRANCE, Dr. H. A., Russia, was born in Ohio December 24th, 1834. Refer to Russia township section. [ref #3, pg 233-4]


GIBSON, Burr, Ohio, was born in Ohio, September 1, 1865. He is a son of Samuel and Susan GIBSON, whom we have mentioned elsewhere in this work. He was reared on a farm and educated in the public schools. In 1867 he married Addie CASE, a native of Ohio, and a daughter of George and Mary CASE, of Ohio. To Mr. GIBSON and wife two children have been born, Willie and Nora, both living. Mr. GIBSON is a farmer and Democrat. [ref #1, pg 181-2]


GIBSON, Samuel, is a farmer and lumberman. He was born in the county of Down, Ireland, in 1827; emigrated to America in 1832, and located in this town in 1839. He was married in 1856 to Susan RADLEY, who was born in 1832. They have nine children living. He has served his town as supervisor five terms, and justice of the peace one term. Samuel, died 15 Dec 1886, age 59y, 4m, 11d, and Susan died 18 Feb 1894, age 61y, 3m, 19d. The 1870 census lists Samuel as age 42, farmer, born in Ireland and his wife as age 35, born in NY along with the following 10 children: Ida (age 15), John (age 14), Lester (age 13), Marrion (age 11), Alice (age 6), Ch[arles?] (age 7), B[u]rr (age 5), Sidney (age 2), [Shawn?] (age 1 month) and Brien (age 1 month). [ref #3, pg 276, ref #f, 1870 census and Brondstatter cemetery listing elsewhere on this site]


GRAY, C.B., Ohio, was born in Norway, March 29, 1845, a son of Lathan, who was a son of Lathan GRAY, of Connecticut. The latter married Amy BROWN in 1791 and had seven daughters and two sons. Lathan, jr., was born in Lebanon, Conn., April 21, 1800. His wife was Julia A. PENDLETON, by whom he had two sons. In 1828 he went to Norway, where he spent the remainder of his life. He was a manufacturer of lumber and furniture. In 1831 Mrs. GRAY died and in 1836 he married Catherine, daughter of Benjamin and Sarah BENSLEY, early settlers of Newport. Mr. GRAY and wife had two sons and one daughter. Mr. GRAY's second wife died in 1855, and he married third, Mary A., daughter of Asa VICKERY, of Russia. Mr. GRAY was a Democrat and a Free Mason, and was supervisor. The village of Gray was named in his honor. He died in 1884 and his last wife died in 1890. Subject received a common school education. In October, 1890, he married Melissa E. FIGERT, daughter of William and Jane (ELSIE) BURBERRY, natives of England, who had eight children. In 1854 Mr. BURBERRY and wife came to America and settled in Ohio, NY, where Mrs. BURBERRY died on May 9, 1887. Mr. BURBERRY was a manufacturer of brick and tile, and died in Norway in 1870. The first husband of Mrs. GRAY was Charles FIGERT, a native of Ohio, by whom she had one child, Charlotta. Mr. FIGERT died November 10, 1887. In 1890 Mrs. FIGERT graduated from the Cortland Normal school. Mr. GRAY is a Democrat and has been supervisor three years. He is a member of Newport Lodge, No. 458, F. and A.M., of Little Falls, Commandery No. 26, Ilion Chapter, No. 236. [ref #1, pg 182]

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