Brief History of the
ME Church, Ohio, NY

Source:  This information is condensed from the "Brief History of Ohio Charge of the Methodist Episcopol Church, Ohio, NY. Charge located in both Herkimer and Hamilton Counties."  A copy of a handwritten document by Rev. F. H. Lewis - pastor 1903-08 and 1927-32, written in 1937 for the centennial of the Charge.  Copies of the full document can be obtained from the Morehouse Town Historian, Carol Ford, Hoffmeister, NY, 13353 (Hamilton County).

These pastors served the societies of Postville (now Grant), Ohio, Turner's, and Wilmurt all in Herkimer county and later Morehouseville in Hamilton county.  There is a tradition that there were both Methodist and Presbyterian services in Ohio and Wilmurt even before 1836.  Prior to 1841, the area would have been served by circuit riders.  The Ohio Charge was previously known as the Wilmurt circuit until 1856, then the Ohio mission for one pastorate and finally the Ohio charge.

The church lot in Ohio was purchased in 1847 from John and Martha Wood by the trustees of the Union Society of the Methodist and Presbyterians of the town of Ohio.  The trustees were Jeremiah G. Phillips, Roland Ewell, Reuben H. Wood, Jas. Copernoll and Gilbert Allen.  The church was built in 1848.  In 1852, the lot for the parsonage was again purchased from the Wood's by the Union Society and the parsonage was erected by the end of 1853.  A Methodist church at Grant was built during Rev. Benj. F. Wood's pastorate (1860-2).  During Rev. Joseph Harkness (1895-7) pastorate the spire and bell were added to the Ohio church; Eli Laird was the carpenter.  The Rev. J. E. Coons pastorate (1899) added four lighted windows.  He became the son-in-law of John McIntosh and later graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University.  Rev. Eveland (1922-4) founded Old Home Day and purchased new seats to the Ohio church and Rev. Dodge personally put together and installed the new seats with his father helping.

In 1855 in Morehouseville there was a Catholic church and a German Lutheran society.  A lot for a church building in Morehouseville was purchased in 1861 by the German Evangelical Association from Henry Herdon.  In 1866 the Catholic church was closed and the building was left derelict to slowly decay with no sign of it's existence today.  The Methodist Episcopal Church of Morehouseville was organized on July 4, 1881 with the Rev. Raslus O. Beebe, pastor of the Ohio Charge, as the presiding Elder at the formation meeting.  The first Methodist pastor to serve Morehouseville was Rev. Wm S. Chase (pastorate: 1868-70).  He was an evangelistic pastor as were many of the earlier pastors.  A statement by Rev. David Santmire who was one of his converts and became an evangelistic pastor follows:

"The pastor did not shun to declare the whole counsel of God.  Every doctrine was plainly set forth.  Repentance meant turning from sin, never to go back to it.  It is a condition of saving faith and that secures immediate salvation.  Without it, it is impossible to please God.  Jesus calls it being born again.  To gain it there must be immediate surrender."
In 1903, the author held services in Wilmurt at the Upper Wilmurt Schoolhouse, on the same trip as Morehouseville, every other Sunday at 2:30 p.m..  Grant and Turner's were served on opposing Sundays from Wilmurt and Morehouse and Ohio was served every Sunday, alternating between afternoons and evening services.  Turner's was only served for 8 months of the year.  Each society paid $100 annually, except Ohio that paid $150 plus janitor services.  There was a year round church school at Grant and part time one in Ohio City, the Reising District, Morehouseville and Wilmurt.  A full-time Jr. Epworth League existed at Ohio City and a part-time Epworth League at Turner's.
Rev. Franklin Hawkins 1841 Rev. Jas. F. Clark 1888-1891
Rev. Jas. H. Wilbur 1842 Rev. H. L. Hastings 1892
Rev. Alvin Robbins 1843 Rev. L. R. Grant 1893-1894
Rev. David Stone 1844-1845 Rev. Jas. Harkness 1895-1896
Rev. Darius Mason 1846-1847 Rev. M. E. Duesler 1897-1898
Rev. Thos. W. Thurston 1848-1849 Rev. J. E. Coons 1899
Rev. Thos. Mitchell 1850-1851 Rev. F. J. Fulton 1900-1902
Rev. S. C. Kinney 1852-1853 Rev. F. H. Lewis 1903-1908
Rev. Orra Squires 1854-1855 Rev. Geo. Merritt 1908-1911
Rev. Othniel Holmes 1856-1857 Rev. C. Dunbar 1911-1912
Rev. Waley P. Hall 1858-1859 Rev. Judson S. Washburn 1912-1914
Rev. Benj. F. Wood 1860-1861 Rev. Lawrence Heatherington 1914-1917
Rev. Sam'l Salisbury 1862-1863 Rev. M. G. Webster 1917-1918
Rev. Thos. K. Doty 1864 Rev. C. H. Bowman 1918-1920
Rev. Robt N. Barber 1865-1866 Rev. Ray Armstrong 1920-1922
Rev. Daniel Moose 1867 Rev. R. D. Eveland 1922-1924
Rev. Wm. S. Chase 1868-1870 Rev. Allen Dodge 1924-1925
Rev. Stephen De Lamatter 1871-1872 Rev. H. V. Boone 1925-1926
Rev. Allen Miller 1873-1874 Rev. C. H. Bowman 1926-Oct '27
Rev. Isaac Jenkins 1875-1880 Rev. F. H. Lewis Oct '27-1932
Rev. J. Free Beebe 1878-1880 Rev. W. G. Geeson 1932-Jul '33
Rev. Raslus O. Beebe 1881 Rev. N. J. Polney Jul '33-1934
Rev. Jas. R. Clark 1882-1884 Rev. Lyle B. Caldwell 1934-1937
Rev. Jno. N. Lattimer 1885-1887 Wm. A. Caldwell 1937 -

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