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Deed Records at Herkimer County Courthouse.

       Abraham VanVechten died January 6, 1837 at Catskill, County of Greene willing his property in the town of Ohio.  Information on this Will can be found listed in Book of Deeds number 52, at #233-234.  Another Deed listing was in book numbered 70, #485 for Abraham in the town of Ohio.

        Sarah VanVechten's will executed by John VanVechten town of Catskill lists property in the Town of Ohio in Book of Deeds numbered 40, #451.

        Teunis VanVechten from the City of Albany is noted in Deeds at the Herkimer County Courthouse to have owned considerable properties in the Town of Ohio and surrounding areas. In Book of Deeds numbered 70, #484 and dated May 15, 1856 is recorded the transaction of property from Christopher Hoffman. In Book of Deeds number 70, #88 the records show Teunis VanVechten from the City of Albany purchasing property in the Town of Ohio on May 15, 1856. Also, Teunis VanVechten is shown making another purchase of property in the town of Ohio on July 23, 1855, this is recorded in Book of Deeds Number 70, #89. In the town of Noble Borouogh township (Note: spelled this way in Deed Book) number 54, #227 is listed a property transfer from T. P. Ballou to Teunis and his wife Catherine VanVechten.
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