Herkimer County contributed many men and units to the War of the Rebellion and a great many sources are available to identify them. However for some reason there seems to be no mention of the men of this regiment from the town of Winfield in Herkimer County in the usual sources. Nor is anyone from their unit noted on the Winfield War Memorial monument. However, eighteen men from Hekimer County served in the 101st New York Volunteer Infantry in Company B. Sixteen were from the town of Winfield, one was from Mohawk, and the last man served from Ilion. To fill in this gap what follows is a complete list of the men of the 101st who served from Herkimer County. We hope your ancestors are among those listed. Robert Lorick, Contributing Editor, Herkimer/Montgomery Counties NYGenWeb.

The 101st New York Volunteer Infantry was organized between October 31, 1861 and March 7, 1862 in New York City and was commanded by Colonel Enrico Fardella until his resignation on July 8, 1862. Company 'B' was under command of Captain James F. O'Neil of Syracuse. Of the eighty two Officers and Men of Company B, eighteen were men of Herkimer County. The unit was mustered to serve for a period of three years. It was consolidated with the 37th New York Volunteers December 24, 1862 and its officers were mustered out of service at that time.

Company B 101ST New York Volunteer Infantry

Chase, Newell H.22Winfield
Clark, Adriel E.21Winfield
Colburn, Leonard B.23Winfield
Davis, Norman36Winfield
Dodge, Caleb M.21Winfield
Gimley, George20Winfield
Griffiths, John25Winfield
Hall, Bradley25Winfield
Hall, John22Winfield
Hughes, Reese38Winfield
Jones, Robert22Winfield
Kelly, James18Winfield
Kirk, Daniel E.18Mohawk
McCarthy, Joseph21Winfield
Tyson, Daniel E.18Winfield
Tyson, Emer20Winfield
Whitefield, Walter18Ilion
Yeomans, Thomas18Winfield

The information about this regiment comes from the Civil War rosters of Company B derived from "Muster Rolls of New York State Volunteers", Adjutant General's Office, S.N.Y, published by Comstock & Cassidy, Printers in 1864 in Albany, N.Y.

The Delaware County NY GenWeb site contains a listing of the companies of the 101st Volunteer Infantry that were organized in Delaware County. These were companies, A, D, E, F, G, and H. To view those companies follow the link below:

Delaware County's Men of the 101st

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