The 34th NY Volunteer Infantry

Roster of Members of Companies B, C, F, G and K

From "History of Herkimer County, New York" by F. W. Beers & Co., New York. 1879

"The following muster roll shows the membership of the Herkimer county companies of the 34th regiment on the 15th day of June, 1861. Company B was raised at Little Falls, Company C at Grayville, Companies F and G at Herkimer, and Company K at Brockett's Bridge."

The regimental officers were: Colonel William Ladu; Lieutenant-colonel James Suitor, Major Byron Lafflin, Quartermaster Nathan Easterbrook, Jr., Chaplain J.B. Van Petten, and Paymaster W.H. Wombaugh.


Captain Wells Sponable
First Lieutenant John Fralick
Ensign Irving Delos Clark
First Sergeant Lewis M. Clark
Sergeant William Orrin Beach
Sergeant Chauncy Petrie
Sergeant Wallace Zaper
Corporal Warren Van Allen
Corporal Adelbert Perry
Corporal Dennis Canaan
Corporal Edward Redner
Musician John Apple
Musician John Schemerhorn


William Allen
Stephen Andrew Ballard
William Henry Ballard
Valentine Bargo
Orrin Purse Barnes
Webster Bauder
Luther Sangdon Benedict
John Broramley
Hiram Burk
William Cady
George Cahoon
James Car
Jacob Casler
Charles Colony
John Henry Cole
Daniel Spencer Corbin
William Henry Coyaron
John Cuilar
Edward Davison
Oliver Perry Darling
Michael Degnan
Patrick Donohoe
Thomas Ferill
Philip Flangsburgh
Jesse Fort
George Fye
Matthew Genter
Thomas Gilligan
Jacob Green
Jerome Goodbread
Winfield Scott Guild
James Hamilton
John George Hamlin
Augustus Harthouse
James Peter Hurly
William Hurtson
Thomas Jones
Mathew Kennedy
John Loomis
Hiram Law
John Mansfield
Theodore Metcalf
Charles Miller
Michael Stephen O'Brien [See More Information at Bottom of Page!]
Timothy O'Brien
John Owens
Charles Lorenzo Parker
Sherman Justis Perry
William Henry Perry
Abram Quackenbush
Michael Richley
Archibald Dewitt Rickard
Lawrence Rooney
Michael Butter Ryan
Michael Savage
William Wake Sedgwick
Samuel Shell
Joseph Short
James Sage Snow
Martin Peter Starring
John Stuart
Samuel Tucker
Albert Terry
Victor Terry
Martin Timmerman
Lorenzo Vanderwalker
John Van Matten
Alonzo Voorhees
Thomas Woods
Charles Warden
Robert Whitlock
Homer Wraught
Van Buren Youngs


Captain Thomas Corcoran
Lieutenant Samuel P. Butler
Ensign William S. Burt
First Sergeant William Wallace
Sergeant Jacob Ashley
Sergeant S. S. Walter
Sergeant Charles B. Barton
Corporal Simon Loyd
Corporal Richard Manning
Corporal Harrison L. Banks
Corporal Joshua Sherwood
Musician William H. Corp
Musician John H. Guy


Dennis Allen
Hiram F. Austin
Asahel Bennett
Benjamin F. Bennett
Jason H. Bennett
Thomas Billings
Martin Boch
William Carey
James Chapel
Henry Comstock
John Conrad
John Crullis
John Cruthers
Luther Darling
George Dodson
John Doud
Jacob F. Doxtader
Cyrus Eldridge
Daniel Embody
Auberly Fetterly
S. Spencer France
Delos Gates
Ely Goff
John Hart
Orrin Haskel
Oscar E. Hayden
Martin B. Hayes
Christopher Heidle
Ira Hodge
John Hogan
Christopher Kahler
John H. Kerkner
Louis Lawton
Mark A. Lewis
William Lyde
David E. Maxfield
Patrick McGuire
William J. McLean
Henry Mills
William Mills
George Minard
Amos Morse
Thomas Murray
James Murray
William Nelson
Warren Page
Hayden Petrie
Charles L. Powers
John E. Rank
Charles A. Rathbone
William A. Salisbury
Daniel Scanlin
Peter Shepherd
Henry Smith
Edwin Snyder
James Starkin
John Starkin
Charles Strobel
Lewis Tarbel
Augustus Thrasher
William D. Thrasher
James H. Todd
Alpheus Tompkins
William H. Townsend
Andrew Warner
William N. Warren
Thomas Whittleton
William White
Charles A. Willoughby

October 23, 1998   From:Lowell Filak
Little Marchall (Marshall). I have Civil War discharge papers that passed through my grandmother. Not sure what relation but he served 34th New York Volunteers, Company C, from June 1861 to June 1863, attaining rank of corporal. Discharge papers dated June 30, 1863 stated that he was born in Oneida Co. New York and was 19 years of age at time of discharge.


Captain Charles Riley
Lieutenant Joseph R. Shoemaker
Sergeant William R. Van Valkenburg
Sergeant Christian Wayman
Setgeant James B Crist
Corporal Charles B. Taylor
Corporal John T. Booth
Corporal Thomas White
Corporal Charles Pierce
Musician David M. Heath
Musician Edward White


Matthew Ackler
Charles F. Andrews
John R. Bachelder
William Bacon
Francis K. Bailey
William Barse
Silas Beebe
Adam Brodie
John W. Bryant
Schuyler J. Bryant
James S. Cane
Edward Carroll
Ambrose J. Cook
John H. Crewell
Philip Crewell
Charles S. Crouch
David Crouch
John Daily
Jeremiah M. Davis
John B. Deilnese
John Dixon
Patrick Early
John Fisher
Orlando Fosket
Abram Gage
David Gage
George A. Gardner
William Gorey
Ansen Green
Alonzo Hammond
Wilmer H. Helmer
Frederick Herehuleser
George Hobby
Eugene Hoofman
Esquire House
James Hughes
Orrin D. Huyck
Jesse W. Howe
Thomas Keening
Joseph W. Kershaw
Andrew Leper
William H. Lewis
William J. Lewis
Daniel Mangan
Owen Manning
John B. May
John Morgan
Eugene Ripley
David Robbins
Cornelius Rosevelt
Benjamin Rost
John Seecom
James Sherman
Joseph Shoemaker
David Smith
William B. Tunnicliffe
Francis Usher
Lewis Van Valkenburg
William Weaver
Peter Wheeler
Ellison White
Isaac White
John White
Philip Will
Hosea C. Williams
John L. Wilson
Darius Woodruff


Captain Charles L. Brown
First Lieutenant Warren Mack, Jr.
Ensign Michael Shaffner
First Sergeant Joy E. Johnson
Second Sergeant Richard D. Mosher
First Corporal Jeremiah Farrell
Corporal A. S. Rounds [See Note at end of page]
Corporal William Manning
Corporal John H. Raynor
Musician Ezra Dockstater
Musician Nelson Meacham


A. B. Adams
Henry Adle
John H. Adle
John Babcock
John G. Back
John Beardsley
Isaiah Bellfield
Willett H. Benchley
Sidney Brewer
L. E. Cady
Isaac Campbell
Thomas Condon
Albert Crego
Maxwell Cummings
Lewis A. Curtis
Adam Deits
Michael O. Dockerty
Daniel O. Dodge
Albert Doty
Gilbert L. Eastman
A. G. Easterbrook
William E. Eldridge
William H. Folts
Nathan Graves
Thomas F. T. Haight
Jeremiah Harter
Aaron Helmer
Sanford Helmer
Timothy Helmer
Lawrence Hix
Henry Hory
Charles Huxford
James Johnson
Justice Kinn
Edmond Kirby
Robert Kirk
Henry Martin
George Mead
G. W. Mead
J. S. Mead
John Martin
James Maxwell
John Moore
William Moss
Henry Murray
Charles Neys
Rufus Nichols
Enoch Norris
Jacob Phillips
Patrick Ranahan
William F. Robinson
T. M. Round [See Note at end of page]
Adam Rubbins
John Rubbins
William Rubbins
Andrew Shoemaker
Jacob Sminkey
Henry Taylor
Daniel P. Van Court
Eugene Vibbar
Patrick Ward
James H. Wetmore
Richard Whitman
David Wiley
John Lamountain / John LaMontain / Jean LaMontain [See More Information at Bottom of Page!]


Captain John Beverly
Lieutenant Henry B. Chamberlin
Ensign Emerson S. Northrup
First Sergeant William S. Walton
Sergeant Charles Lasure
Sergeant Benjamin J. Loucks
Sergeant Romeyn Roof
Corporal William Burns
Corporal Henry Traver
Corporal John Johnson
Corporal John Williams
Musician Hiram Burk
Musician Eugene Kibbe


Caesar Ambrecht
George Bangs
Jacob Batcher
Leander D. Brown
Milford N. Bullock
Benedict A. Burdict
John R. Burnap
Jeremiah Casey
Egbert H. Caswell
Louis N. Chapin
Samuel Clark
George Davis
William De Forest
David W. Dey
Mark H. Dey
Harvey H. Doxtater
Henry M. Eckerson
James Ellis
Michael Fagan
James Faville
Paul Fay
Charles Flinn
Martin Fynn
James N. Green
Hiram B. Greenlee
Cornelius Guile
William Harper
Alonzo K. Harris
Joseph H. Hough
Amos S. Howard
Isaac G. Howe
Edward H. Jaquay
Jacob Kyer
Clinton Lamb
Warren Lampher
John McLaughlin
James McCaffry
Martin McEunens
James McGauvin
Robert McLaughlin
Allen G. Middleturks
Philo Monk
Francis Piper
Henry Porter
Charles Rider
John Rockwell
Dennis Rogers
Hosias Sanford
George Satterly
Frederick Sharer
Nicholas Siby
George Simmons
Andrew A. Smith
Horace H. Smith
William E. Smith
Theodore Smith
David Souls
Francis M. Spencer
J.N. Talcott
Rufus Thompson
Theodore Thompson
Jesse Van Hagan
William Van Hagan
George J. Waterhouse

IMPORTANT: These men are not related to the site coordinators. As we have no information about them or the companies they served in, we're unable to assist you in any way. We thank you in advance for directing ALL questions to the local historical societies where these men enlisted or resided. Also, we're aware that in a county history book of this type that there were probably local men in the above companies whose names aren't listed. Gathering names was the responsibility of the compilers of the book back in the 1870s.

If you do have information about any of the men and would like to honor their service by contributing it, the site coordinators will be pleased to post it on this page with their listing. We would especially appreciate receiving parental identification, death & cemetery burial location, and pension records information. All spellings are typed exactly as printed in the original 1879 book and, for historical accuracy, will not be changed.

new 5/12/11


I've enjoyed your Genweb site dedicated to the 34th New York Vol. Infantry, thank you for creating it! My GGG Uncle was a soldier in Company B of the 34th, his name was Michael Stephen O'Brien. Though his surname was misspelled in some versions of the 34th's roster, he enlisted in Little Falls:

O'BRIAN, MICHAEL STEPHEN. - Age, 21 years. Enlisted, May 1, 1861, at Little Falls, to serve two years; mustered in as private, Co. B, June 15, 1861; promoted sergeant, May 13, 1862; first sergeant, May 30, 1862; mustered out with company, June 30, 1863, at Albany, N.Y; commissioned second lieutenant, not mustered, June 17, 1863, with rank from May 7, 1863, vice W. Kirk, promoted.

Michael was the son of John & Mary (nee Handley) O'Brien of Little Falls. While Michael was born in Michigan (their eldest child), he was brought to NY as a child, and his siblings were born in the area (Minden & Little Falls). Michael was the next door neighbor and friend in Little Falls of Mathew Kennedy also mentioned in Company B's roster. They are both mentioned in yet another Company B soldier's letters home to his family (Arthur O'Keeffe, enlisted in Albany), which are currently in the possession of the New York State Library's special collections.

"God be merciful..."Letters of Arthur O'Keeffe 34th New York Infantry 1861-1862

After the war Michael lived in Auburn for a number of years, running a gentlemens clothing store with his brother Richard J. O'Brien. From the 1878-79 Auburn City Directory:

O'Brien, Richard, salesman, 9 Genesee, h. 33 Seymour.

Michael made occasional trips back to Herkimer County to visit family, and was also elected to be the first treasurer of the 34th's Veteran Association. From the Auburn News and Bulletin, October 16th, 1884:

At the recent reunion of the 34th N.Y. vols. at Herkimer, M.S. O'Brien, of this city was made treasurer. This was the first meeting since their return from the war.

Michael wed Mary Ryan of Auburn on September 12th, 1882. He turned his store over to his brother Richard in May 1887, and relocated with his family to Kansas City, Missouri. Michael passed away in Kansas City on January 10th, 1893 after a protracted illness.

Thank you again for creating the site for the 34th NY Infantry, it's great to see it memorialized! I would be most interested in knowing if you have in your collection any archives or items associated with the 34th NY Regt., as I'm attempting to assemble a more complete picture of my ancestor, and the regiment he served with.

Best regards,
Michael J. O'Brien

new 5/1/10

I can tell you who two men were that only are listed with initials.

In Company G, T.M. Rounds is Thomas Morris Rounds. He was killed near Fort Steadman, Virginia on 14 December 1864.

The A. S. Rounds is his brother, Armineus S. Rounds. He did survive the war, but was seriously wounded at the Battle of Antietam.

Charlott Wells Jones

new 4/20/10


I was wondering if you could add the name of my great great grandfather private John Lamountain, of company G, 34th, New York, infantry to the rosters. John Lamountain, who I am pretty certain was born as Jean LaMontain. Grandpa's name appears on his muster roll into the 34th, New York, infantry as John Lamountain. However, with grandpa being proud of his French last name and his Napoleonic heritage he felt it was important for the recruiter write his correct last name on his muster roll in the explanation box as "John LaMontain." I guess grandpa figured that if he was going to be killed he wanted his correct last name to remain with him. So if you could, please use the name John LaMontain.

John Lamountain, or John LaMontain, received a head wound at Antietam on September 17, 1862 (probably from a fragment from an exploding shell) which resulted in a copper plate nailed to his skull to cover the hole the shell fragment had left. This copper plate nailed to his skull remained with grandpa for the remainder of his life.

I thought I read somewhere that elements of 34th, New York, infantry were heavily engaged at the "sunken road" at Antietam, and were almost encircled by the confederates. During the process of breaking out of an almost complete confederate encirclement the 34th new York, infantry was almost decimated.

With a hole in his head and copper plate nailed to his skull to cover it, it didn't slow grandpa down one bit! With French Napoleonic determination John LaMontain after being released he re enlisted a couple months later with veteran status with company G, 98th, New York, (Malone county) infantry. Joining along with him this time were his brothers Henri, Georges, and Napoleon. I know Henri, and Georges survived the civil war with the 98th, New York. However, I think Napoleon was not so lucky.

Great great grandpa LaMontain, died sometime in the early 1900's (1904-1906). he was buried in a small Catholic cemetery in up state New York. During his burial I'm told there were horse and carriages as far as the eye could see starting from the cemetery entrance. I was also told that over 1,000 people attended the funeral packed shoulder to shoulder into the small cemetary. Great great grandpa LaMontain was given full military honors with soldiers laying his casket into his grave, along with a 21 gun salute. Two politicians from Washington D.C. also attended the funeral.

My family who were LaMontain's, Springsteen's, and Clark's, who fought during the American civil war paid an extremely heavy price. All served with New York regiments. Some were Infantry, zouve infantry, calvary, artillerymen, and engineers. Almost all were double re enlistments. Most were wounded. One uncle of mine was captured and escaped from a confederate prison camp only to die later because his body was not able to digest food properly. Sadly...more half of my family who served in the American civil war never survived the war. I feel it's my duty to never forget them and to do my best to honor them as best I can with what ever is left of my life.

Thank you for your time and all that you do, and god bless you both.


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