Coakley Family

Herkimer County, NY

This is NOT a COMPLETE genealogy, but rather a short study of this family using readily available online resources (both free and fee based). Primary sources should be researched to confirm all information provided herein. The researcher is not related to this family and has no further records for this family.

Lisa Slaski
May 2004

1. Coakley of Ireland (died in Ireland)

1.1. John Coakley was born about 1810 in Ireland. He married Jane McCarthy who was born about 1810 in Ireland. He settled three miles west of Little Falls and died in German Flatts, aged ninety years. His wife died about four months later. They had nine children. All died childless except sons John and David.

1860 - German Flatts, day laborer
1869 - German Flatts, dairyman and farmer, P.O Paine's Hollow
1870 - German Flatts, farm laborer
1880 - German Flatts, farm laborer

1.1.1. Jeremiah ("Jerry") Coakley was born about 1832 in Ireland.

1860 - German Flatts, day laborer, living with parents

Beer's History of Herkimer County Private, Co. K, 2nd Heavy Artillery

Civil War Service Records:
Jeremiah Coakley
Enlisted as a Private on 07 October 1861 at the age of 33
Enlisted in Company K, 2nd Heavy Artillery New York on 14 October 1861.
Reenlisted in Company K, 2nd Heavy Artillery New York on 07 November 1863
Wounded on 25 August 1864 at Reams' Station, VA
Died of disease on 11 January 1865 in Point Lookout, MD Hospital

Civil War Pension Records: Mother Jane Coakley applied for pension (can't read date)
Appl. #152603, Cert. #118971
Brother? John Coakley applied for pension (can't read date)
Appl. #141564 (no Cert. #)

1.1.2. John Coakley, jr. was born 1833 in Ireland and died in 1897. He was married on 4 Dec 1861 to Hannah A. Mason, daughter of Alanson Mason and Mary A. Thomas. She was born in Nov 1842 in NY and died in 1911. They are both buried in Dennison Corners cemetery in German Flatts. He received a common school education and at the age of about 12 he began to earn his own living. About 1867 he bought 130 acres in German flats. In 1873 he sold and located on 144 acres, where he resides. In the fall of 1864 he enlisted in Company B. Tenth New York Heavy Artillery, and was honorably discharged in June 1865, returning to Herkimer county where he resumed farming. He has always lived in the county except two years in Vermont. He has been a Republican all his life.

1860 - German Flatts, day laborer, living with parents
1870 - German Flatts, farmer
1880 - Warren, farmer
1892 - Warren, 144 acres
1900 - Warren, widow Hannah, farming (2 children, 2 surviving)
1910 - Warren, widow Hannah, farmer (2 children, 2 surviving)

Civil War Service Records:
John Coakley, Jr.
Enlisted as a Private on 06 September 1864 at the age of 30
Enlisted in Company B, 10th Heavy Artillery Regiment New York on 07 September 1864.
Mustered out Company B, 10th Heavy Artillery Regiment New York on 23 June 1865 in Petersburg, VA

Civil War Pension Records:
John J. Coakley
Hannah A. Coakley
Co. B, 10th NY H. A.
23 Feb? 1900 App 714.024, Cert 638.149 filed from NYS (widow's pension) Florence E. Coakley was born Apr 1863. She was married about 1886 to Chauncey P. Brown who was born May 1861. In 1900 they had no children. By 1910 she had 1 child with none surviving. They had no children in 1920.

1900 - German Flatts, Chauncey: farmer
1910 - German Flatts, Chauncey: own income
1920 - German Flatts, Chauncey: Farmer, general farm Mary J. ("Jennie") Coakley was born Jun 1872 in NY.

1900 - Warren, living with her mother (no occupation)
1910 - Warren, living with her mother, no occupation listed
1920 - German Flatts, living with sister, Florence (no occupation)

1.1.3. Johannah Coakley was born about 1836 in Ireland.

1860 - German Flatts, servant, living with parents

1.1.4. David Coakley was born Aug 1844 in NY. He was married about 1869 to Amanda who was born Nov 1844 in NY. By 1900 she had borne 5 children with 4 still surviving.

1869 - German Flatts, dairyman and farmer leases from John Small, P.O. Mohawk
1870 - German Flatts, farmer
1880 - Stark, Cheese maker
1900 - Herkimer, residing with daughter Mary and husband. Jennie B. Coakley was born about 1870 in NY. Charles H. Coakley was born Dec 1871 in NY. He was married about 1898 to Bertha who was born Jan 1881. By 1910 she'd had 3 children with 2 surviving. She died before 1920.

1900 - Warren, cheese maker
1910 - Herkimer, ?? laborer, working out
1920 - Herkimer, laborer, public work Lynn Coakley was born Jan 1899 in NY Glen Coakley was born 28 Feb 1905 in NY, died 18 Sep 1999, last residence was Herkimer. Mary B. Coakley was born Oct 1874 in NY. She was married about 1895 to Evington P. Sharp who was born Nov 1867.

1900 - Herkimer, Evington: School Teacher 1910 - Herkimer, Evington: Carpenter, odd jobs 1920 - Herkimer, Evington: ??, general 1930 - Herkimer, Evington: contractor, building Laura Sharp was born about 1905.

1930 - Herkimer, teacher, public school, living with her parents Everett David Coakley was born 22 Aug 1878 in NY (listed as David E. in 1880). He was married about 1899 to Myrtle who was born Oct 1879 in NY.

1900 - Herkimer, laborer, desck factory
1918 - Herkimer, Contractor/Builder, self employed
1910 - Herkimer, Contractor, building
1920 - Herkimer, Contractor, house Lewis Roy Coakley was born 14 Nov 1909 in NY, died Mar 1982, last residence was Herkimer

1.2. Jeremiah Coakley, settled in NYS.

1.3. Dennis Coakley.

1.4. Daniel Coakley was born about 1823 in Ireland. He married Winnie who was born about 1847 in NY. Winnie's last name may have been Andrews as there's a sister in law living with them named Mary Andrews, age 17.

1870 - Little Falls, works on R. R.
1880 - Manhein, works on R. R.

1.4.1. William Coakley was born about 1858 in NY.
1.4.2. Daniel Coakley was born about 1867 in NY.
1.4.3. Johannah ("Anna") Coakley was born about 1869 in NY.
1.4.4. Johnnie Coakley was born about 1873 in NY.
1.4.5. Andrew Coakley was born about 1876 in NY.
1.4.6. Mary Coakley was born about 1877 in NY.

1.5. Mary Coakley, settled in NYS.

1.6. Joanna Coakley, settled in NYS.

1.7. Harry Coakley, settled in NYS.


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Hardin's History (Herkimer Co.)
Beer's History (Herkimer Co.)
1869 Directory of German Flatts
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