Civil War Disability Claim


Daniel Monroe Harter


Monroe Hilts, Hitts & Hills

Herkimer County, NY

Contributed by Carol Grainger.

"I thought this was interesting regarding Daniel Harter. He was discharged under the name Daniel Harter and re enlisted using his middle name and his mother's maiden name (Hitts was Hilts). Also, Daniel and I happen to be very distant cousins. I am his second cousin, five times removed and half 4th cousin five times removed.

Daniel Monroe Harter was the son of George & Catherina (Hilts) Harter. He was married to Adelia "Ada" Crandall and had four sons listed in his pension application dated November 22, 1897. They were; Harry Monroe, Thomas Devise, Bert Crandall and Philip Harter. The Mohawk Valley Harters and Allied Families book by Marion Kofmehl and Hazel Patrick noted a son name Grover Cleveland born about 1887. This son was not listed on the pension application.

Daniel Monroe Harter, also known as Monroe Hilts, Hitts & Hills.

Army Of The United States.
Certificate of Disability for Discharge.

Private Daniel M. Harter of Captain Sponables Company B of the 34 N.Y. Infantry Regiment of Volunteers was enlisted by Captain Sponables of the 34th Regiment of New York at Herkimer New York on the 10th day of December 1861 to serve 2 years; he was born in Herkimer in the State of New York is 18 years of age, 5 feet 2 1/2 inches high, dark complexion, blue eyes, dark hair and by occupation when enlisted a Teamster. During the last two months said soldier has been unfit for duty 60 days.

Station: Columbian College Hospital Washington D.C.
Date: May 28th 1862.
I certify, that I have carefully examined the said Daniel M. Harter of Captain Sponables Company and find him incapable of performing the duties of a soldier because of youth and feeble Constitution.
_________ Surgeon

Monroe Hitts
From the Civil War pension packet:

Muster and Descriptive Roll of a Detachment of U.S.
for the 16 Reg't N.Y. Cavalry, roll dated Buffalo N.Y. Aug 5, 1863.
Where born: Moravia New York.
Age: 18 yrs; occupation: laborer.
When enlisted: Aug 1, 1863.
Where enlisted: Buffalo NY.
For what period enlisted: 3 years.
Eyes - blue; hair - brown; complexion - fair; height 5ft 4 inches.
When mustered in: Aug 4, 1863.
Remarks-premium paid-$2.00.

Oct 31, 1963 - Sick in hospital at Fairfox Court House Virginia.
Sept 8, 1964 - In hospital Alexandria Virginia.
Nov 23, 1864 - Deserted while on furlough. It appears he was given extra duty for a number of months.

General Affidavit.
State of New York, County of Herkimer.

In the matter of the claim of Daniel M. Harter for pension under the Act of June 27, 1890. Personally came before me a Justice of the Peace in and for aforesaid County and State Daniel M. Harter aged 49 years citizen of the town of Ilion and county of Herkimer New York.

It was about the middle of the last part of June 1865 - while on picket duty about 5 miles outside of Alexandria Va. that we were surprised and attacked by Mosby's men - it was almost 11 o'clock at night- they made a charge at us and our men scattered and ran and some succeded in getting control of and mounting their horses, others did not, and there was a general stampete of horse and riders - in the excitment I could not get - full control of my horse.

My ___ got ___ my legs & I could not get on my horse - I held onto the saddle best I could ___ The horse ran along fast and into some Pine Scrubs, where I was thrown off and landed in the Scrubs, was unable to get up I was ___ ___ by Co G 16 & taken back to the ___ It ___ from this fall from my horse upon the __s that caused __ __ __ Hernia.

Daniel M. Harter

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