April 1808 - March 1817

Source: Military minutes of the Council of appointment of the state of New York, 1783-1821. Volume II. Compiled and edited by Hugh Hastings, State Historian. Albany: James B. Lyon, State Printer, 1901.

This is a list of militia officers approved by the NYS County of Appointment, abstracted from state-wide listings. The dates were taken from along the margins of pages and don't necessary mean that an appointment occured on that date but did occur between that time and the following date. The word "vice" loosely translates to "replaces." Words in parentheses are as such in the original book.

1808 April 4

In the first squadron, composed of the counties of Oneida and Herkimer:

Chauncey Gridley, major, vice (Henry) McNeil, promoted; Amos Wetmore, first lieutenant, vice (John) Butler, resigned; Amos Camp, second do, vice Amos Wetmore, promoted; Salmon Laird, cornet, vice Amos Camp, promoted - in Captain Richard Sanger's troop.

John Wright, second lieutenant, vice Clark, resigned; Ai Spencer, cornet, vice John Wright, promoted - in Captain James Lynch's troop.

John Waterman, second lieutenant, vice (Rufus) Eaton, moved; Bela Ward, cornet, vice John Waterman, promoted - in Walter Fish's troop.

Joseph Heath, captain, vice (Joseph) French, promoted major.

1808 June 13

Brigadier General George Widrig's brigade:

Lieutenant Colonel William Feeter's regiment:

James Hale, first major, vice Joel W. Petrie, resigned; Daniel Wright, second do, vice James Hale, promoted.

Nathaniel Norton, junior, captain light infantry, vice D. Wright, promoted; Jesse Paine, lieutenant do, vice Daniel Stow; Charles Dyer, ensign do, vice N. Norton, junior, promoted.

Jonathan Card, captain do, vice Moses Mather, moved; Asa Chatfield, lieutenant do, vice Rich'd Smith, resigned; Daniel Ford, ensign, do, vice S. Smith, moved.

Abraham Golden, captain, vice Henry Peirce, moved; Erastus Hall, lieutenant, vice Abraham Golden, promoted; Joseph Petrie, ensign, vice Erastus Hall, do.

Stephen Carpenter, captain, vice Angel Potter, moved; Wright Sherman, lieutenant, vice Stephen Carpenter, promoted; Stephen Van Ama, ensign, vice Wright Sherman, co.

Richard Graham, captain, vice R'd Petrie; Peter Klock lieutenant, vice Jos. A. Petrie; Francis Bucklin, junior, ensign, vice Clark Shurtleff, dead.

Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Peter F. Bellinger:

Jonah Knapp, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Peter F. Bellinger, resigned; Thomas Bell, second major, vice Jonah Knapp, promoted.

Jacob P. Weber, captain, vice T. Bell, promoted; Simon Wait, lieutenant, vice Jacob P. Weber, do; Frederick Bellinger, ensign, vice Simon Wait, do.

Nathan Spalding, captain, vice Rd. Werden; Welcome Eddy, lieutenant, vice Nathan Spalding, promoted; Phinehas Hutchins, ensign, vice Welcome Eddy, do; Jonathan King, lieutenant, vice R. Spencer, junior; Herman Bush, ensign vice Jonathan King, promoted; Amos Smith, lieutenant, vice J. Widrig, resigned; Mason Barker, ensign, vice Amos Smith, promoted.

John H. Frank, captain, vice L.H. Frank, resigned; Michael Weber, lieutenant, vice P.J. Myers; Warner Folts, ensign, vice J.H. Frank, promoted; Edmund Sanford, lieutenant light infantry, vice Wisner, junior; Henry F. Helmer, ensign do, vice Edmund Sanford, promoted.

Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Petrie's regiment:

Nathan Herwood, surgeon, vice Wright, moved; Asa Flint, junior, surgeon's mate, vice Nathan Herwood, promoted.

John Whitman, captain, vice Steele; Robert Shoemaker, lieutenant, vice John Whitman, promoted; Joshua Whitman, ensign, vice Robert Shoemaker.

Peter Hoyer, captain, vice Jed. Paine, resigned; Silas Dana, lieutenant, vice Peter Hoyer, promoted; Rufus Starkweather, ensign, vice S. Desner.

Frederick Daniels, captain, vice Ethan Holmes, resigned; James Delong, junior, lieutenant, vice Frederick Daniels, promoted; John Tunnicliff, junior, ensign, vice Delong, promoted.

Henry Orendorff, junior, captain, vice F. Ettich, resigned; Ezra Sanford, lieutenant, vice M. Jaquish; Samuel Bloomfield, ensign, vice H. Orendorff, promoted; Ezra Malery, lieutenant, vice Clark Noble, resigned; Nathan Bangs, ensign, vice Herman Barber, do; George Petrie, ensign grenadiers, vice Lotridge, resigned.

Second battalion, Sixth regiment of artillery:

Enoch Turner, captain; George Pouler, first lieutenant; Coenrad Cramer, second do - new company.

In Lieutenant Colonel William Feeter's regiment:

Jared Thayer, captain; Russel Hines, lieutenant; John Z. Ross, ensign - riflemen.

Caleb Alexander, chaplain; Aaron Hackley, junior, brigade quartermaster.

1808 November 11

Lieutenant Colonel William Feeter's regiment:

Peter Petrie, captain, vice Rd. Petrie, cashiered.

1809 March 27

Lieutenant Colonel William Feeter's regiment:

Asa Chatfield, captain light infantry, vice J. Card, resigned; David Ford, lieutenant do, vice Asa Chatfield, promoted; Seth Smith, ensign do, vice D. Ford, do.

Nathan Burwell, captain, vice M. Prindle; John Carpenter, lieutenant, vice Nathan Burwell, promoted; James Comins, ensign, vice John Carpenter, promoted; Stephen Van Ama, lieutenant, vice W. Seaman, refused; Shibnah Nichols, ensign, vice J.H. Sherwood, refused.

Cornelius W. Groesbeck, adjutant, vice W. Smith, resigned; John Alexander, paymaster, vice Hooker, moved.

Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Petrie's regiment:

Selah Holcomb, captain, vice N. Brown, resigned; Solomon Leonard, lieutenant, vice Selah Holcomb, do; Junia Warner, ensign, vice Solomon Leonard, promoted.

Ezra Mallery, captain, vice Ebenr. Coston, moved; Nathan Bangs, lieutenant, vice Ezra Mallery, promoted; John Morgan, junior, ensign, vice Nathan Bangs, do; Selden Morgan, ensign, vice Wightman, moved.

Lieutenant Colonel Jonah Knapp's regiment:

Welcome Eddy, captain, vice N. Spalding, resigned; Phinehas Hutchins, lieutenant, vice Welcome Eddy, promoted; Silas W. Hutchins, ensign, vice P. Hutchins, do.

Archibald Conant, captain, vice S. Munroe, moved; Thaddeus Ketchum, lieutenant, vice Archibald Conant, promoted; Jacob Paddock, lieutenant, vice A. Passage, moved; Sheldon Calhoon, ensign, vice Jacob Paddock, promoted; Joseph Ball, lieutenant, vice J. Goodale, resigned; Russel Norton, ensign, vice J. Gage, resigned; Frederick Bellinger, lieutenant, vice S. Wait, resigned; Christopher Colvin, ensign, vice Frederick Bellinger, promoted.

First squadron, fifth division of cavalry:

Silas Fairbanks, second lieutenant, vice Waterman, deceased; Eleazer Wightman, cornet, vice Bela Ward, refused.

1810 March 12

Lieutenant Colonel William Feeter's regiment:

James Haile, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice William Feeter, resigned.

Daniel Wright, first major, vice Hale, promoted; Daniel Fenner, second do, vice Daniel Wright, do; Bela Ward, adjutant.

John Green, captain, vice D. Fenner, promoted; Robt. Conant, lieutenant, vice J. Green, do; John Paul, ensign, vice R. Conant, do.

Stephen Van Arna, captain, vice S. Carpenter, do; Ezra Hicks, lieutenant, vice S.V. Arna, do; Cephas Braynard, ensign, vice E. Hicks, do.

Anson Leet, captain, vice C.M. Johnson; Joseph Stevens, lieutenant, vice N. Carpenter; Philip Ward, ensign, vice A. Leet; Elijah Carpenter, lieutenant, vice J. Carpenter; Samuel Dyer, ensign, vice J. Comins; Joseph Petrie, lieutenant, vice E. Hall; Peter Pickert, ensign, vice J. Petrie; Charles Dyer, lieutenant, vice J. Payne; Stephen Smith, second, ensign, vice C. Dyer.

Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Petrie's regiment:

Jesse Churchill, chaplain; Nicholas Shoemaker, ensign, vice G. Petrie; Rufus Starkweather, lieutenant, vice S. Dana; Otis Smith, ensign, vice R. Starkweather; Zachariah Townsend, lieutenant, vice N. Bangs, Ziba Corbet, ensign, vice J. Morgan, junior.

In Lieutenant Colonel Jonah Knap's regiment:

Jacobs Abrames, surgeon; Harvey W. Doolittle, surgeon's mate; Archibald Blair, adjutant, Michael J.H. Myers, quartermaster.

Samuel Allen, captain, vice S. Brayton; Darius Hawkins, lieutenant; Reuben Barney, ensign, vice S. Allen.

Sheldon Colhoon, captain, vice T. Davis; Ara Priest, junior, lieutenant, vice S. Colhoon, promoted; Rufus Howard, ensign, vice A. Priest, junior, do.

Jonathan King, captain, vice S. Miller, do; Herman Bush, lieutenant, vice J. King, do; Asahel Andrews, ensign, vice H. Bush, do; Cyrus Root, lieutenant; Edward Baker, ensign.


His Excellency the Commander-in-chief having thought proper to divide the fifth division of the militia of this State inro three divisions:

The first of said divisions to be called the fifth division; to be composed of the militia in the counties of Herkimer, Oneida, Onondaga, Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence.

1811 February 11

Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Petrie's regiment:

Christopher P. Bellinger, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Petrie, resigned.

Rudolph J. Shoemaker, first major, vice Bellinger, promoted; John Wightman, second do, vice (Nicholas) Castler, resigned; Jacob D. Petrie, paymaster, vice (Peter B.) Castler, promoted; Daniel C. Fox, adjutant, vice (Abraham) Woodruff, resigned.

Amos Thomas, captain grenadiers, vice Shoemaker, promoted; Nicholas Shoemaker, lieutenant do, vice Thomas, promoted; Charles Randall, ensign do, vice Shoemaker, promoted.

Eber Hyde, captain light infantry; Thomas Hawkes, lieutenant do; Abijah Beckwith, ensign do.

Jeremiah Hayner, captain, vice (Samuel) Lord, resigned; Isaac Mills, lieutenant, vice (Jacob) Hayner, resigned; Philip Barringer, ensign, vice Jeremiah Hayner, promoted.

Joseph Bell, captain, vice (Lawrence) Shoemaker, resigned; Peter B. Castler, lieutenant, vice J. Bell, promoted; Henry Staring, junior, ensign, vice G. Fox, resigned.

Rufus Starkweather, captain, vice P. Heyer; Jacob Marshall, lieutenant, vice R. Starkweather, promoted; John Barker, ensign, vice O. Smith, resigned.

Robert Shoemaker, captain, vice J. Wightman, promoted; Selden Morgan, lieutenant, vice R. Shoemaker, promoted; Peter G. Helmer, ensign, vice S. Morgan, promoted.

James Delong, captain, vice F. Daniels; Allen Wightman, lieutenant, vice J. Delong, promoted; Richard Gardinier, ensign, vice Wightman, promoted; Samuel Bloomfield, lieutenant, vice A. Sanford, resigned; Joseph Rooker, ensign, vice S. Bloomfield, promoted; Rufus Crane, ensign; Daniel C. Fox, adjutant, vice (Rufus) Crane, appointed in cavalry.

Lieutenant Colonel Jonah Knapp's regiment:

Darius Hawkins, captain light infantry; Reuben Barney, lieutenant do, vice D. Hawkins, promoted; Nicholas Brown, ensign do, vice Barney, promoted; Henry F. Helmer, lieutenant do, vice E. Sanford, resigned; Horace Morse, ensign do, vice H.F. Helmer, promoted.

Amos Smith, captain, vice A. Staring, resigned; Mason Baker, lieutenant, vice A. Smith, promoted; Isaac Smith, ensign, vice M. Baker, promoted.

Joseph Hall, captain, vice (Archibald) Conant, moved; Sterry Hawkins, lieutenant, vice T. Ketchum, resigned; John Martin, ensign.

Heman Bush, captain; Asahel Andrews, lieutenant, vice H. Bush, promoted; Samuel Budlong, ensign, vice A. Andrews, promoted; Lawrence L. Harter, lieutenant, vice F. Bellinger, moved; Nicholas Smith, ensign, vice C. Colvin, moved; Ruloff Root, lieutenant, vice Cyrus Root; Charles Christian, ensign, vice (Edward) Baker, moved; Rufus Howard, lieutenant, vice A. Priest, junior; William Bacon, junior, ensign, vice R. Howard, promoted.

Lieutenant Colonel James Haile's regiment:

Hezekiah Wilbor, ensign rifleman, vice Ross, moved; Zephi Brockett, lieutenant, vacant; Henry Maus, ensign, vacant.

Joseph Stephens, captain, vice (Anson) Leet, resigned; Philip Ward, lieutenant, vice Stephens, promoted; Joel Mann, ensign, vice Ward, promoted.

Peter Klock, captain, vice P. Petrie, moved; Francis Bucklin, lieutenant, vice P. Klock, promoted; Timothy Baker, ensign, vice Bucklin, promoted.

Jared Smith, captain, vice H. Tillinghast, resigned; Scribner Nichols, lieutenant, vice Smith, promoted; Daniel C. Henderson, ensign, vice Nichols, promoted.

Charles Dyer, captain light infantry, vice (Nathaniel) Norton (junior), resigned; Stephen Smith, lieutenant do, vice Dyer, promoted; Lemuel Potter, ensign do, vice Smith, promoted; John Alexander, quartermaster, vice G.W. Cook, unfit; Samuel Keith, paymaster, vice Alexander, promoted.

First squadron, Seventh regiment of cavalry:

Rufus Crane, captain; John Mix, first lieutenant; Robert Anderson, second do; Ralph Merry, cornet - new company.

William Ayres, first lieutenant, vice B. Schuldys, moved; Sanford Smith, second do, vice J. Caswell, do.

Lieutenant Colonel Jonah Knapp's regiment:

Samuel Budlong, quartermaster; Thomas Kinne, ensign, vice Budlong, promoted.

John Flusky, captain, vice W. Fish, resigned; Silas Fairbank, first lieutenant, vice Flusky, promoted; Eleazer Whitman, second do, vice S. Fairbanks, promoted; Enoch Talcot, cornet, vice Whitman, promoted.

1812 February 4


George Widrig, major general, vice M. Myers, resigned.

Robert Shoemaker, brigade major and inspector of the brigade of infantry in the county of Herkimer, vice Simeon Ford, resigned.

Brigade of infantry in the county of Herkimer:

Lieutenant Colonel Jonah Knapp's regiment:

Ruloff Root, captain, vice W. Eddy, resigned; Charles Christian, lieutenant, vice R. Root, promoted; Lovewell Hutchins, ensign, vice C. Christian, promoted.

Lieutenant Colonel Christopher P. Bellinger's regiment:

Selden Morgan, captain, vice R. Shoemaker, promoted; Peter G. Helmer, lieutenant, vice S. Morgan, promoted; Thomas B. Gillaspie, ensign, vice P.G. Helmer, promoted; Elisha Gates, quartermaster, vice J.W. Clapsattle, resigned.

1812 May 23

Fortieth regiment - (late) Jonah Knapp, lieutenant colonel:

David M. Hale, surgeon's mate.

Twenty-first brigade:

James Haile, brigadier general, vice Widrig.

Fortieth regiment - (late) Jonah Knapp, lieutenant colonel:

Matthew Myers, lieutenant colonel, vice Knapp, moved away.

Jacob P. Weaver, first major, vice Bell, to be superseded; Amos Smith, second major, vice Cowles, do.

Mason Barker, captain, vice Smith, promoted; Isaac Smith, lieutenant, vice Barker, promoted; Ira Kingsbury, ensign, vice Smith, do.

Frederick Bellinger, captain, vice Smith, do; Asahel Andrews, captain; Thomas Kinne, lieutenant; Artemus Ross, ensign.

Henry F. Helmer, captain light infantry, vice Myers, promoted; Horace Morse, lieutenant do, vice Helmer, promoted; Jabez Fox, ensign do, vice Morse, promoted; Abel Fowler, ensign do, vice Martin, not accepted.

RESOLVED, that Thomas Bell be no longer second major and that Eben'r Cowles be no longer captain in the regiment commanded by Matthew Myers, and that supersedeases be issued accordingly.

Nintieth regiment - (late) James Hale (Haile), lieutenant colonel:

Daniel Wright, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Hale, promoted.

Daniel Fenner, first major, vice Wright, do.

Jost Petrie, captain, vice Golden, resigned; Peter Picket, lieutenant, vice Petrie, promoted; Jost P. Waggoner, ensign, vice Picket, do.

William Sherwood, captain, vice McMitchel, resigned; Eber Stevens, lieutenant, vice Sherwood, promoted; Charles Willard, ensign, vice Stevens, do.

Twenty-seventh regiment - Christopher P. Bellinger, lieutenant colonel:

Zachariah Townsend, captain, vice Mallery, resigned; Ziba Corbet, lieutenant, vice Townsend, promoted; Ethel Judd, ensign, vice Corbet, promoted; Abel Hannes, surgeon's mate.

First squadron, Seventh regiment of cavalry:

Eleazer Wightman, first lieutenant; Alexander McKnight, second do; Russel Brown, cornet.

Eighth regiment:

HERKIMER - Joseph French, lieutenant colonel commandant.
ONEIDA - Theodore Sill, first major.
HERKIMER - Joseph Lincklaen, second do; Jabez Fox, adjutant.
ONEIDA - Waitstill Wolcott, quartermaster.
HERKIMER - Richard Petrie, paymaster.
ONEIDA - Thomas Skinner, captain, vice Sill, promoted.
HERKIMER - Michael M. Myers, captain, vice Tuner, removed; Williams Ayers, do, vice Lincklaen, promoted.
ONEIDA - Nathaniel Eels, first lieutenant, vice Skinner, do.
HERKIMER - Conrad Cramer, do, vice Pooler, moved; Sanford Smith, do, vice Ayers, promoted.
ONEIDA - Ezekiel Williams, junior, second lieutenant, vice Eels, promoted; John Wilson, do, vice Cramer, promoted.
HERKIMER - Joseph Sanford, do, vice Smith, do.

1813 January 25

Fifth brigade of infantry:;

John G. Helmer, brigade quartermaster, vice A. Hackley, junior, resigned.

1813 April 2

Fortieth regiment of infantry - (Matthew Myer, lieutenant colonel):

Loviel Hutchens, captain; Isaac Thallhimer, lieutenant; John Burch, ensign - of light infantry.

1814 March 2

Ninetieth regiment - (Daniel Wright, lieutenant colonel):

Jared Thayer, second major, vice D. Fenner, promoted; Daniel C. Henderson, adjutant, vice B. Ward, resigned; Westel Willoughby, junior, surgeon, vice A. Haile, deceased; Ebenezer Vining, chaplain, vice C. Alexander, moved; William Frame, surgeon's mate.

Russel Hine, captain of riflemen, vice J. Thayer, promoted; Hezekiah Wilber, lieutenant do, vice Hine, promoted; Henry Wilcox, ensign do, vice Wilbert, promoted.

Lemuel Potter, captain of light infantry, vice C. Dyer, resigned; Aaron Root, lieutenant do, vice S. Smith, moved; George Swezey, ensign do, vice S. Potter, promoted.

Elijah Carpenter, captain, vice N. Burwell, resigned; Asahel Carpenter, lieutenant, vice E. Carpenter, promoted; Jason Beebe, ensign, vice S. Dyer, moved.

Henry V.S. Morse, captain, vice S. Varriance, resigned; Eli Brocket, lieutenant, vice Z. Brocket, moved; Joshua Benjamin, ensign, vice H.V.S. Morse, promoted.

Shibnah Nichols, captain, vice J. Smith, resigned; William Reynolds, lieutenant, vice S. Nichols, promoted; Noble Ross, ensign, vice D.C. Henderson, promoted; Richardson Eaton, ensign, vice J. Paul, resigned.

Fortieth regiment - (Matthew Myers, lieutenant colonel):

Harvey W. Doolittle, surgeon, vice J. Abramse, junior, moved; Thomas Phelon, surgeon's mate, vice D.M. Hale, moved.

Ichabod Brown, ensign of light infantry, vice H. Morse, promoted.

Russel Norton, captain, vice E. Cowles, superseded; Stephen Crosby, lieutenant, vice J. Ball, resigned; Oliver Breed, junior, ensign, vice R. Norton, promoted.

Michael Weber, captain, vice J. Frank, resigned; Warner Folts, lieutenant, vice M. Weber, promoted; Jacob Folts, ensign, vice W. Folts, promoted.

Sterry Hawkins, captain, vice J. Hall, deceased; Abel Fowler, lieutenant, vice S. Hawkins, promoted; Aaron Griswold, ensign, vice A. Fowler, promoted.

Rufus Howard, captain, vice S. Cahoon; William Bacon, junior, lieutenant, vice R. Howard, promoted; Major Hickox, ensign; John Martin, ensign.

Third squadron:

John Fluskey, major (new squadron).

Russel Brown, captain, vice J. Fluskey, promoted; Benjamin Bowen, junior, first lieutenant, vice E. Whitman; Hale Barton, second lieutenant, vice A. McKnight, United States Army; Benjamin Taber, cornet.

Eleazer Whitman, captain; Laban Ballou, first lieutenant; Stephen Dow, second lieutenant; Corning Morgan, cornet - new company.

Henry R. Storrs, quartermaster of the Sixth regiment of cavalry.

Twenty-seventh regiment of infantry - (Christopher P. Bellinger, lieutenant colonel):

Solomon Leonard, captain, vice S. Holcom, resigned; Asahel Brace, lieutenant, vice S. Leonard, promoted; Silas Hamilton, ensign, vice J. Warner, resigned; Thomas B. Gillaspie, lieutenant, vice P.G. Helmer, promoted; James L. Campbell, ensign, vice T.B. Gillaspie, promoted.

Richard Gardner, captain, vice J. Delong, moved; John H. Fitch, lieutenant, vice A. Wightman, resigned; Noah P. Ward, ensign, vice R. Gardner, promoted.

Isaac Mills, captain, vice J. Hayner, resigned; Philip Berringer, lieutenant, vice I. Mills, promoted; Abijah Beckwith, ensign, vice P. Berringer, promoted.

Jacob Marshall, captain, vice R. Starkweather, resigned; John Barker, lieutenant, vice J. Marshall, promoted; George Kernrike, ensign, vice J. Barker, promoted.

Nicholas Shoemaker, captain of grenadiers, vice A. Thomas, resigned; Charles Randall, lieutenant do, vice N. Shoemaker, promoted; James Fox, ensign do, vice C. Randall, promoted.

Fortieth regiment - (Matthew Myers, lieutenant colonel):

Jordan Gray, captain, vice R. Howard, resigned; Joseph Bacon, lieutenant.

Thomas Kinne, captain, vice A. Andrus, resigned; Artemas Ross, lieutenant, vice T. Kinne, promoted; James Schooley, ensign, vice A. Ross, promoted; Benjamin Wood, ensign.

Fortieth regiment of infantry (Matthew Myers, lieutenant colonel):

Warner Folts, captain light infantry, vice M. Weber, moved; Jacob Folts, lieutenant, vice W. Folts, promoted; William W. Tygart, ensign do, vice J. Folts, promoted.

The news arrived February 12th that the treaty of peace between Great Britain and the United States had been signed at Ghent December 24, 1814.

1815 April 6

Twenty-first brigade of infantry:

Henry S. Orendorf, quartermaster, vice Helmer, moved.

Twenty-seventh regiment (C.P. Bellinger, lieutenant colonel):

Abel Hannahs, surgeon, vice Harwood, resigned; Abel Millington, surgeon's mate, vice Hannahs, promoted.

Asahel Brace, captain, vice Leonard, moved; Silas Hamilton, lieutenant, vice Brace, promoted; Luke Keith, ensign, vice Hamilton, promoted; Ephraim Mills, ensign, vice Beckwith, refusing.

Fortieth regiment (M. Myers, lieutenant colonel):

Warren Day, surgeon's mate; Patrick Mahon, quartermaster, vice Budlong, moved; William P. Taygart, paymaster.

Artemas Ross, captain, vice Kinne, resigned; James Schooley, lieutenant, vice Ross, promoted; Stephen A. Matterson, vice Schooley, promoted.

Stephen Crosby, captain, vice Norton, resigned; Oliver Bruce, lieutenant, vice Crosby, promoted; John L. Andrews, ensign, vice Bruce, promoted; Ira Kingsbury, lieutenant, vice Smith, resigned.

Ninetieth regiment:

Jared Thayer, lieutenant colonel, vice D. Wright, resigned; Asa Chatfield, first major, vice D. Fenner, do; John Green, second major, vice Thayer, promoted.

Daniel Brayton, captain, vice Green, promoted; Eli Priest, lieutenant, vice Ward; John Buckling, junior, ensign, vice Eaton, moved.

Joseph P. Waggoner, lieutenant, vice Pickert, moved; John Neely, ensign, vice Waggoner, promoted.

LIGHT INFANTRY - David Ford, captain, vice Chesterfield, promoted; Rufus Sharp, lieutenant, vice Ford, promoted; Jeremiah Smith, ensign, vice S. Smith, moved.

Aaron Root, captain, vice Potter, moved; Isaac Norton, junior, lieutenant, vice Root, promoted.

Eber Stevens, captain, vice J. Stevens, moved; Charles Willard, lieutenant, vice E. Stevens, promoted; Erastus Hamilton, ensign, vice Willard, do.

Sixth regiment cavalry:

Rufus Crane, major of the third squadron, vice (John) Flusky, deceased; Warren Day, surgeon's mate.

John Mix, captain, vice Crane, promoted; Christopher H. Benedict, first lieutenant, vice Mix, promoted; Jesse Campbell, second lieutenant, vice Benedict, promoted; Charles Fox, cornet, vice Campbell, promoted; Ansel Keith, first lieutenant, vice Ballou, moved; George Paddock, cornet.

1816 March 22

HERKIMER COUNTY Twenty-sevent regiment of infantry (C.P. Bellinger, lieutenant colonel):

Peter B. Casler, adjutant, vice D.C. Fox, resigned; Peter H. Bellinger, quartermaster, vice E. Gates, resigned.

LIGHT INFANTRY - James Fox, lieutenant, vice C. Randall, resigned; John Wall, ensign, vice J. Fox, promoted.

LIGHT INFANTRY, new company - Squire Holmes, captain; Henry Jones, lieutenant; John Cummings, ensign.

Henry Staring, junior, lieutenant, vice P.B. Casler, promoted; John Shoemaker, junior, ensign, vice H. Staring, junior, do.

Samuel Bloomfield, captain, vice H.S. Ovendorf, do; Joseph Rooker, lieutenant, vice S. Bloomfield, do; Eli Leonard, ensign, vice J. Hooker, promoted.

Ziber Corbet, captain, vice Z. Townsend, resigned; Horace Holmes, lieutenant, vice Z. Corbett, promoted; Henry Rising, ensign, vice E. Judd, resigned.

James L. Campbell, captain, vice S. Morgan, resigned; James Furman, lieutenant, vice T.B. Gillespie, promoted; Isaac Woodworth, ensign, vice J.L. Campbell, promoted.

John Barker, captain, vice J. Marshal, resigned; George Kenrick, lieutenant, vice J. Barker, promoted; Elery Shaw, ensign, vice G. Kenrick, promoted.

Ninetieth regiment of infantry (J. Thayer, lieutenant colonel):

Frederick Mason, quartermaster, vice J. Alexander, resigned.

Henry Bennett, ensign of riflemen, vice H. Wilcocks, do; John M. Andrews, ensign light infantry.

Rufus Sharp, captain, vice D. Ford, invalid; Jeremiah Smith, lieutenant, vice R. Sharp, prmoted; George Jeffers, ensign, vice J. Smith, promoted.

Charles Willard, captain, vice E. Stevens, resigned; Erastus Hamlin, lieutenant, vice C. Willard, promoted; Frederick W. Kelsey, ensign, vice E. Hamlin, promoted.

Francis B. Bucklin, captain, vice P. Klock, resigned; David Petrie, lieutenant, vice F.B. Bucklin, promoted; John Dygert, ensign, vice T. Baker, promoted.

John Neely, lieutenant, vice J.P. Waggoner, moved; Richard M. Petrie, ensign, vice J. Neely, promoted.

Fortieth regiment of infantry (M. Myers, lieutenant colonel):

Frederick Bellinger, second major, vice A. Smith, resigned.

LIGHT INFANTRY - Jesse Brayton, captain; Levi Bowen, lieutenant; John F. Allen, ensign.

Charles Christian, captain, vice Root, resigned; Benjamin Wood, lieutenant, vice Christian, promoted; Harvey Sprague, ensign, vice Wood, promoted.

Major Heckcox, captain; Josiah Harrison, lieutenant; Nathan C. Coe, ensign.

Frederick P. Bellinger, captain, vice F. Bellinger, promoted; Frederick Harter, lieutenant, vice L. Harter, resigned; Henry J. H. Myers, ensign.

LIGHT INFANTRY - Horace Morse, captain, vice H. Helmer, resigned; Ichabod Brown, lieutenant, vice Morse, promoted; Eleazer M. Townsend, ensign.


The Council directed the following resolutions to be entered:

RESOLVED, that the several persons now holding the commissions of lieutenant colonel in the several regiments of infantry, artillery, cavalry, horse artillery and riflemen of this State be deemed and respected as colonels from and after the first day of May last and that their relative rankk as colonels shall be the same as their present relative rank; that all first majors be deemed and respected as lieutenant colonels and shall have the same relative rank as lieutenant colonels which they now have as first majors; and that the said lieutenant colonels and first majors are hereby respectively appointed to said offices with such relative rank accordingly.

RESOLVED, that the adjutant general forthwith cause a list or roster of the lieutenant colonels and first majors embraced in the preceding resolution with the dates of their respective commissions to be made out, certified and filed in the office of the secretary of this State and that the secretary issue new commissions to them as colonels and lieutenant respectively with rank from the dates of their present commissions according to the act of Congress passed twentieth of April 1816.

* No colonels had been appointed in the state militial since 1782. See page 63 - State Historian.

Fortieth regiment of infantry:

Abel Fowler, captain.

Lieutenants - Daniel Conant, junior; Oliver Breed.

Ensigns - Samuel Thomas; Alvin Norton.

Fortieth regiment:

Patrick Mahon, ensign and adjutant; Andrew Joslin, quartermaster, vice Mahon, promoted.

RESOLVED, that Archibald Blair be no longer adjutant of the Fortieth regiment, and that a supersedeas issue accordingly.

Vol. III, pp. 1754-1755: The regular winter session of the legislature began January 14, 1817. On January 28th Governor Tompkins sent to the legislature his memorable message recommending the abolition of slavery in this state on July 4, 1827, a suggestion that was subsequently carried into effect. The new Council of Appointment was chosen February 13th: Walter Bowne of New York, John Noyes of Chenango, John I. Prendergast of Herkimer, and Henry Bloom of Cayuga. The entire session was devoted to state politics, the election of Governor Tompkins to the vice-presidency having opened up a contest in the Republican party that extended from one end of the state to the other. Governor Tompkins had opposed the plans for internal improvements that had been so heartily and enthusiastically advocated by DeWitt Clinton and his friends, and at the present time the entire western part of the state, irrespective of political affiliation, was clamoring in no undertain manner for direct water communication with the Hudson river. There is no question but at this particular time the most popular man in the state was DeWitt Clinton, for he represented what was generally regarded to be a policy that meant greater expansion, greater influlence and greater wealth for the state. To check his headway, a suggestion was made that Governor Tompkins should hold both offices of governor and vice-president, but Governor Tompkins was too politic to take such an unpopular course. Consequently on February 24th Governor Tompkins resigned and John Tayler became acting governor. The legislature promptly passed an act to provide for the election of a governor. The friends of Mr. Clinton were unwilling to hazard his chances to a legislative caucus, and accordingly suggested a state convention, which should consist of the Republican members of the legislature, which delegates to be chosen from those counties that were represented in the legislature by Federal members. The state convention was held in Albany March 25th; Mr. Clinton received 85 votes against 41 for General Peter B. Porter. At this session of the legislature was passed the bill to provide for the construction of the Erie and the Champlain canals.

1817 February 13

HERKIMER COUNTY Twenty-first brigade of infantry:

Mason Barker, brigade major and inspector, vice (Robert) Shoemaker, appointed sheriff.

1817 March 4

HERKIMER COUNTY Twenty-seventh regiment of infantry:

Abner N. Clark, surgeon's mate.

Jonathan Edgecomb, ensign, vice Keith, moved.

Ellery Shaw, captain, vice Barker, resigned; Isaac W. Shaw, lieutenant, vice Kendrick, resigned; Almond Mason, ensign, vice Shaw, promoted.

David H. Fitch, captain, vice Gardner, resigned; Henry Nobles, lieutenant, vice Fitch, moved; Jacob Fosburgh, ensign, vice Ward, moved.

Fortieth regiment of infantry:

John Peter Spinner, chaplain; Caleb Budlong, surgeon's mate.

Ira Kingsbury, captain, vice M. Baker, promoted; Charles Boss, lieutenant, vice Kingsbury, do; Milton Hough, ensign, vice Myers, resigned.

James Schooley, captain, vice Ross, moved; Stephen A. Mattison, lieutenant, vice Harrison, promoted; Tilly Littlejohn, ensign, vice Coe, promoted.

Simon Bowen, captain, vice Fowler, moved; Matthew Smith, lieutenant, vice Hester, moved; Edward S. Townsend, ensign, vice Smith, resigned.

LIGHT INFANTRY - Eleazer M. Townsend, captain, vice Morse, resigned; Thomas G. Barnum, lieutenant, vice Brown, do; Henry Bellinger, ensign.

Ninetieth regiment of infantry:

Asa Chatfield, colonel, vice Thayer, resigned; John Green, lieutenant colonel, vice Chatfield, promoted; Jost Petrie, major, vice Green, promoted; John Dygert, adjutant, vice Henderson, resigned.

Jeremiah Smith, captain, vice Sharp, moved; George Jefferts, junior, lieutenant, vice Smith, promoted; Jasper Hallet, ensign, vice Jefferts, promoted; John M. Andrews, ensign, of light infantry.

Jason Beebe, captain, vice Carpenter; Levi Graves, lieutenant, vice Beebe, promoted; Nicholas Vincent, junior, ensign, vice Graves, promoted; Lyman Merriman, ensign, vice Kelsey, moved.

John Neely, captain, vice Petrie, promoted; Richard Petrie, lieutenant, vice Neely, do; Richard Hoover, ensign, vice Petrie, do; Peter Staring, ensign, vice Dygert, do.

George H. Feeter, captain.


The site coordinator has no information about persons listed, locations of regiments, how the State compiled these listings back ca. 100 years ago, or whether original documents or rosters pertaining to these or any N.Y.S. militias still exist. Please direct all inquiries to qualified military historians. Your cooperation is appreciated in advance.

Source: Military minutes of the Council of appointment of the state of New York, 1783-1821. Volume II. Compiled and edited by Hugh Hastings, State Historian. Albany: James B. Lyon, State Printer, 1901.

This resource is available at the New York State Library in Albany, N.Y. The Call Numbers at NYSL are as follows:

Volume 1: APP 650-4 MILMC 661616 V.1
Volume 2: APP 650-4 MILMC 661616 V.2
Volume 3: APP 650-4 MILMC 661616 V.3
Volume 4: APP 650-4 MILMC 661616 V.4

The staff of the New York State Library doesn't undertake genealogical or historical research for individuals and welcome family researchers stopping in for a site visit. If a visit to the library isn't convenient, they can supply a list of certified genealogists who will do research for a fee.

Steve Mabie also advised that these four volumes are available to order on microfilm at Mormon Family History Centers. Please order LDS Microfilm #1486475.

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