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The following list of Herkimer County servicemen killed in Vietnam was provided by the Herkimer County Veterans Affairs Agency. (Dated August 28, 1985)

Pfc. David W. Blodegett, 18, Newport, U.S. Army, 10-5-65

Pfc. Brian H. Burdick, 21, of Frankfort, U.S. Marine Corps, 12-19-68

Sgt. Robert A. Burke, 29, of Dolgeville, U.S. Army, 9-17-68

Sp. 4 Philip M. Cirillo, 23, of Herkimer, U.S. Army, 1-20-68

Cpl. Donald A. Coffin, 18, of Little Falls, U.S. Army, 1-18-68

Cpl. Arthur R. Davis, 18, of Frankfort, U.S. Army, 6-27-69

Pfc. Richard F. Graham, 21, of Herkimer, U.S. Army, 3-27-66

Cpl. Gary R. Hartman, 20, of Newport, U.S. Marine Corps, 4-22-67

Sgt. John A. LaPolla, 20, of Frankfort, U.S. Army, 4-15-69

Pfc. William K. Marcin, 21, of Ilion, U.S. Army, 2-1-68

Lance Cpl. David M. Mills, 20, of Mohawk, U.S. Marines Corps, 12-15-66

Cpl. Carter L. Moore, 18, of Ilion, U.S. Marine Corps, 3-27-68

Pfc. Ronald K. Moore, 19, of Herkimer, U.S. Army, 11-4-68

Sp. 4 David A. Moran, 19, of Cold Brook, U.S. Army, 2-12-71

Sfc. Thomas C. Shepherd, 29, of Ilion, U.S. Army, 3-24-71

Capt. Billie J. Smith, 32, of Mohawk, U.S. Army, 2-12-70

Pfc. Lester E. Ropeter, 20, of RD, Fort Plain, U.S. Army, 9-19-68

Sgt. Gordon R. Wittman, 32, of Ilion, U.S. Army, 1-8-66

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