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This is a composite of two listings of active-duty servicemen from Ilion in August and December 1917. Most the men on the December listing were listed during August, and less than a handful of those listed during the summer weren't on the December listing. Ilion's Honor Roll was intermittently published in the Ilion Citizen newspaper starting in the spring of 1917. The original crammed-together presentation of names was haphazard as to placement of commas and semi-colons, so several of the service placements and locations might be incorrectly assigned in the transcribing. If you have information that you'd like to share about any of the men listed, please contact the site coordinators.


List of Our Brave Boys Who Are Doing Service for Uncle Sam


Major William T. Merry, U.S. Regulars, Little Rock, Arkansas

Captain Harrison Brand, Corps of Engineers, Washington, D.C.

Lieutenant Jones, National Guards (sic) at Binghamton

Hamilton Fay, Corps of National Guards at Binghamton

Leslie Fay, Corps of National Guards at Binghamton

Leon Frankish, Corps of National Guards at Binghamton

Harold Lever, Hospital Corps

C. Robert Crispin, Ambulance of U.S. Army

Stephen Murtaugh, Infantry

Fred King, Madison Barracks

Ivan Ingersoll, Madison Barracks

Clyde Burch, Madison Barracks

M. Beal Banks, Ft. Benjamin Harrison

Edgar Hamlin, Ft. Sheridan

Lawrence Churco, light artillery

Ernest Welter, coast artillery

James C. Underwood, U.S. ambulance corps

Arthur McCoy, U. S. Infantry

William Grenell, U. S. Infantry

Earl E. Snyder, U. S. Infantry

Frank Wicks, U. S. Infantry

Earl Moolick, U. S. Infantry

F. E. Ackner, U. S. Infantry

Charles Benedict, U. S. Infantry

John Hinckley, U. S. Infantry

Edward Hinckley, U. S. Infantry

Charles Voigt, U. S. Infantry

Ray Barnes, U. S. Infantry

C. M. Derick, U. S. Infantry

John Rozynski, U. S. Infantry

Joe Puynowski, U. S. Infantry

Frank Licare, U. S. Infantry

William Fretts, U. S. Infantry

E. L. Hughs, U. S. Infantry

Charles Champagne, Company K, Malone

Dennis Cummings, Syracuse

Martin Kennedy, Company 1, Fourth Infantry, Newport News, Va.

M. C. Delmonica, Company E, Fifty-seventh U. S. Infantry

Raymond M. Bower, Company E, Fifty-seventh U. S. Infantry

James Henderson, Company M, Forty-Seventh Infantry

Walter Hunter, Heavy Coast Artillery

Wesley W. Lambert, Company E, Fifty-Seventy Infantry

Thomas F. Carney, Company E, Second Regiment

Patrick J. Buckley, Ninth Infantry

Gerald B. Keller, Infantry, Laredo, Texas

Francis W. Burke, Troop G, Utica Cavalry

William Hempstead, Thirtieth Infantry, Medical Department

Olin A. Ten Eyck, Cavalry, Fort Riley, Kan.

Edward Hughs, Company G, Fifth Infantry

Charles Robinson, Company A

Arthur Archambo, Medical Corps

William Schletterer, Troop G Cavalry

Norman M. Johnston, stationed at Fort Sam Houston, Texas

Floyd Lewis, Aviation Corps

Harry Kutchuk, Medical Corps

A. D. Richardson, jr., Naval Coast Defense

Roy Mains, Company A, Second Infantry

Dennis F. Cummings, Company I, Forty-seventh Infantry

Wilbur H. Moss, Company B, Utica

Bernard McManus, France

James Rasbach, Seventy-first N. Y. Regiment

C.W. Palmer, Troop G, Utica

Thurman Prell, Troop G, Utica

A. J. Calhoun, Troop G, Utica

R. H. Van De Water, Troop G, Utica

Roy Hammond, Laredo, Tex.

NOTE: names of men in Company M have been put into better alphabetical order.

Company M, First N. Y. Infantry

Sergeants -
A. B. Spencer
L. B. Williams

Corporals -
R. J. Getman
L. W. Whitcomb

Privates -
G. H. Bateman
H. T. Beers
C. H. Benedict
C. K. Betzinger
C. S. Bliss
A. L. Boardman
M. D. Buckley
T. C. Coyne
Earl F. Crim

H. T. Davis
L. G. Derby
R. B. Donahue
M. C. Evans
Raymond Fralick
C. E. Freeman
C. D. Grant
Charles Grow
Raymond Hammond
P. S. Harper
H. J. Hartness
W. E. Henderson
J. E. Hibbard
Inman Jackson
Nathaniel Jones
J. E. Leahy
Joseph Lozo
Alfred McCauley
Edmund Mead
E. W. Moolick
Michael Moolick
T. L. Morey
Edward Murphy
Harold Murphy
R. E. Patterson
Floyd Pudney
Leroy Ruller
D. E. Schultz
G. J. Sprague
W. A. Stauring
A.F. Sterrit
R. T. Thayer
R. E. Weeks
Harold Wright
L. V. Wright
F. W. Yates

Howard Shaffer

James Moynehan

Jack Baker

James Joseph Henderson

Anders C. Nelson


Everett Suiters

Owen Murtaugh

Otto Schrader

C. Caubelosi

John Maycox

John I. Welsh, U.S.S. Santiago

Alonzo H.Guilam, naval militia

Leon K. Woodard, naval militia

William Davis, naval militia

James Daggs, naval militia

Henry Miller, yeoman naval service

James Moneyhan, marines

Harry V. Jewett

Stanley M. Jones

Dean Brown, Cruiser Oklahoma

Roy Capes, Battleship Louisiana

Herbert Allen, U.S.S. Maine

Calvin G. English, U.S.S. Rhode Island

Archie D. English, U.S.S. Rhode Island

Joseph E. Willett, landsman yeoman

Clarence L. Purdy, stationed at Portsmouth, N.H.

David L. Bellinger, U.S.S. Constellation

William P. Casey, Medical Corps

Harris C. Osgood, Medical Corps

John Andrew Elmer, Medical Corps

Leslie D. Hull, Medical Corps

Frank Edward Murphy, Medical Corps

Leslie T. McCormick, Medical Corps

Lawrence Carmody, machinist

John C. Murphy, U.S.S. Louis

John P. Downey

John Parquet, apprentice seaman

John Williams

Griffith Willams

W. Edgar Irwin, Charlestown Navy Yard

Sergt. R. B. Julian, U. S. M. Corps, Phil. Navy Yard

Clarence A. Haples, naval training camp, Portsmouth, N. H.

Sources: Ilion Citizen, August 30, 1917, page 6 & Ilion Citizen, December 6, 1917, page 7

NOTE: All spellings are as given in the original article and might not be "correct."

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