Claims 994-1006

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994. Francis Clark, Late of Tryon Co. N.C. November 12

    Claimt. says: Was at Montreal in the Fall '83. Gave his Claim to his commanding officer. Produces Certificate to the fact. (45)
    Is a Nat. of Great Brit. Came to America at beginning of War before the Battle of Bunker's Hill. Went first to Pensilv., then came New York, from thence went to Cherry Valley; joined the Brit. at Fort Stanwix in '77. Served till end of the War.
    Brought some cloaths from home with him. Left them behind when he wen to New York. Whe he went to Fort Stanwix left a horse behind him at Cherry Valley.

    Shoemakers Tools. The rebels got the horse & tools.

    John Caldwell, Wits.:

    Knew Claimt. at Cherry Valley; think in 1775 & '76. He had a horse & shoemakers tools. He joined the Brit. in '77, & left all these things behind him.

995. Claim of John Caldwell, late of Tryon Co. N.C. November 12

    Claimt. Says: He was in Montreal in '83.
    Delivered his Claim to the Adjutant.
    Is a Nat. of Scot. Came to America in 1770. Was settled in Cherry Valley, 12 miles from the Mohawk. Joined Sir John at Fort Stanwix. Served till end of the War. (46)
    Had 50 acres Tenant Land. Bought the improvements of the Tenant in '75. Paid 45 pound York, 8 acres clear. There was a house & Pot Ash House in the Purchase. Was to have brought the soil right if War had not come on. Had 2 horses, furniture, utensils, hides.

    Frances Clark, Wits.:

    Knew Claimt. at Cherry Valley. He had a Farm & Potash Work. Claimt.'s share was about 50 acres. There was considerable Clearance. He had Horses. 1st Township.

997. John MacDonell, Sen., late of Tyron Co. N.C. November 12

    Claimt. says: He was at Carleton Island in '83. Is a Nat. of Scot. Came 14 yrs. ago. Lived at Johnstown when Rebellion broke out. Served all the War in the 84th Regt. Produces his Discharge.
    Had a Tenant farm 50 acres from Sir Wm. Johnson. 8 acres Clear. Built House. Had 5 Cows, grain, furniture, & utensils.

    Left all these things behind when he joined the Brit. Army.

    Keneth McDonald, Witness: [A fair man]

    Confirms the above acct.
    Resides on Lot 14, 3rd Concess., 1st Township.

998. Allan MacDonell, late of Tryon Co. N.C. November 12

    Clamit. says he was in St. John's first Bataln.; gave his Claim to his Commanding officer.
    His Claim was heard July 23 conditionally.     (48) He is a native of Scotland. Came to America many years ago. Lived in Johnstown. Served all the War.
    Had a Tenant Farm, 9 acres clear. Lost 1 horse, 7 cows, furniture, Utensils. [Fair man]
     Acct. confirmed by Alexr. MacDonell. Lot 12, 1st Con, 1st Township.

999. Alex MacDonell, late of Tryon Co. N.C. November 12

    Claimt. says he was in Sir John's 1st Regt.; gave his Claim to his Commanding officer. Was heard in July last conditionally.
    (48) He is a native of Scotl. Came to America 15 years ago. Served all the War.
    Had a Tenant Farm, 9 acres Clear. Lost a Horse, 12 cows, utensils, furniture.

    Acct. confirmed by Allen Macdonell, Wits.: [Fair man]
    Lives at Lot 15, 1st Conc., 1st Township.

1000. Roderic MacDonell, late of Tryon Co. November 12

    Claim was heard in July last Conditionally.
    Claimt. is a native of Scotl. Came to America 15 years ago. Served all the War.
    Had Tenant Farm 100 acres, Charlotte Co., 10 acres clear. Lost 1 Horse, 11 Cows, utensils, furniture. [A fair man]
    Acct. confirmed by 2 Wits.
    (49) 19 Lot, 2 Conc., 1st Towns.

1001. Case of Angus Bethun, late of Alb. Co. N.C. November 15

    Claimt. says he did not give his Claim. to his Commanding officer. He was at Montreal in '83. His Claim was so little that he did not give it in to officer but says he gave his Claim to Mr. Cuyler at that time.
    Is a nat of Scotl. Came to Amer. in '73. Lived with Capt. MacDonell in Tryon Co.; joined the Brit. in '75. Served first in Indian Deaortment, then in Sir John's Regt. Produces his Discharge.
    Lost a mare, Colt & Cow.

Says he had been working & earned a Mare, Colt & Cow. Left them with one MacDougal when Claimt. went away at Duanes Bush; lost Cloathes. He was on his journey & left them at a house, when they were taken away.

    Rory MacDonell, Wits.:

    Says Claimt. had a Cow, a Mare & Colt. Says the man with whom he worked gave them to him for his Labour. He left the mare amp; colt with MacDougal.He carried away nothing when he went away.
    Macdougal staid in the Country. He was known to be rebel from the first. (50)
    1st Township.

1002. Finlay Grant, late of Tryon Co. N.C. November 15

    Claimt. says. He was at Point au Lac in the Fall '83.
    Is a Nat. of Scotl. Came to America 14 years ago. Was settled on Sir John's Land. Joined Brit. in '77. Served till end of War. Produces his Discharge.
    Had 100 acres Tenant Farm. Had cleared 12 acres. Built house & barn. Had 2 horses, 6 Cattle, 6 Pigs, utensils, furniture.

    He left them all when he went away. His wife did not bring anything away.

    Ronald MacDonell, Wits.: [A good man]

    Knew Claimt.'s Farm. He had cleared 12 acres. Settled there before the War.
    Agrees in acct. of the Stock.
    1st Township.

1003. Flora Livingston, Widow of Seargt. Livingston Late of Tryon Co. N.C. November 15

    Neil Livingston, her only Son, appears:

    Says his Mother is old & Sickly & not able to attend. (51)
    She lived at Coteau du Lac in the Fall '83. She was there or at the Cascades all the Winter.
    John Livingston, his late Father, was a Nat. of Scotl. He came to America before the War. Settled on the Delaware River. He joined Sir John Johnson at Oswego. Served all the War. Was a Seargent. He was drowned in the summer '83. [No.1]
    His mother & witness came to Niagara in year '80. Now resides in Johnstown, 1st Township. His Father had 150 acres on Cartwright's Patent, tenant Land. He took it in '74 or '75. He cleared about 8 acres. He then went to the Delaware. [No.2]
    Had a grant of 100 acres from V. B. Livingston. This was before the War. He gave nothing for it, but at the same time he hired some other Land. 50 acres or more of Livingston for which he was to pay Rent. He had cleared 8 acres of the 100 acres given him. He kept both the Farms, No.1 & No.2, they were only 5 miles distant. His stock was on the Delaware Farm.
     (52)1 horse, 3 cows, 3 calves, 1 Bull, 9 Hogs, utensils, furniture. They were taken when his Father went away & sold by the Rebels. Wits. was there at the time.

    Angus Bethun, Wits.:

    Knew John Livingston, deceased.
    Knew No. 1. A farm on Cartwright's Patent. He had cleared some.
    He went from thence to the Delaware. Had some land given him by Livingston. Had some on Rent. Cleared 7 or 8 acres. They had Stock.
    Resides 1st Township.

1004. John MacDonell, from Cullacky, late of Tryon Co. November 15

    Claimt. says: He was at Osswegatchie in the Fall '83.
    He is a native of Scot. Came to America in '73. Was settled at Johnstown. Joined at beginning of War. In the 84th Regt. Served all the war. Was discharged in '83. Produces his Discharge.
    Had a 100 acres Lease Land. Cleared 15 acres. Built house & Barn & Stable. 2 horses, 1 Colt, 3 milch Cows, 3 young Heifers, utensils, furniture.     He left them when he went away.

    (53) Finley Grant, Wits.: [A good man.]

    Knew Claimt's Farm. He had cleared 15 acres. Agrees in acct. of Stock.
    Resides No.2 Township.

1005. Claim of Roderick MacDonell, from Glen Morrison, late of Tryon Co. November 15

    Claimt. says: He was 18 miles from Montreal in the Fall '83.
    Is a Nat. of Scotl. Came to Am. '74. Settled on Sir John's Land. Joined Sir John at first. Served all the War.
    Had a Farm. Had cleared 10 acres. Lost 2 horses, 1 Cow, furniture, utensils, Grain chiefly in ye ground. Donald Grant, Sen., Wits.: Knew Claimt's place, 10 acres Clear. Knew 1 Cow, 2 Horses of Claimt's. [A good man.]

1006. Andrew Millross, late of Tryon Co. N.C. November 19

    Claimt. says: He was at Montreal in '83, & delivered his Claim to Major Leake.
    Is a native of England. Came to America in '73. Was settled in Johnstown when Rebellion broke out. He was imprisoned & Persecuted, but did not leave his Farm till '80. Then came to Canada. Served in Sir John's Regt. till end of the War. Produces his Discharge. Now lives in Johnstown, 2 Township.
    Had 200 acres Lease Land. Had 100 acres in '75. They were also on Lease: paid 70 pounds York. (54)
    He had cleared about 9 acres of his own Lands. There were 27 acres Clear on the Land he bought.
    1 mare, 3 Cows, 1 yoke of Oxen, 3 sheep, furniture, utensils, Considerable quantity of Carpenters' tools.
    Says he left all these things on his Farm when he went away.
    Produces an affidavit from Thomas Haller sworn before Capt. Anderson, at New Johnstown, to Claimt's property as above stated, and to the sale of the Lands under Confiscation.

    The Witness was not able to attend on acct. of the Illness in his Family.

    Robt.Robinson, Wits.:

    Knew Claimt.'s Farm. He had 200 acres, 100 acres on Lease. He purchased the other; he took himself on the purchased Land near 30 acres clear. He cleared 10 on his own Land. Stock, he left all behind when he went away. [Seems a very fair man.]

Claims 994 - 1006 were prepared by BetteJo Caldwell.

Source: "Second Report of the Bureau of Archives for the Province of Ontario", by Alexander Fraser, Provincial Archivist, 1904. Printed by Order of The Legislative Assembly of Ontario. Toronto: L.K. Cameron, Printer to the King's Most Excellent Majesty, 1905.

This book was reprinted in 1994 by the Genealogical Publishing Co. of Baltimore, MD. Check with your librarian about interlibrary loan or suggest they acquire a copy for their collections. All of this information is new to me so I'm unable to help or advise researchers personally.

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