Claims 932, 948-50, 967, 969

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932. Simon Swartz, late of Tyron Co.

    Claimt. Says:
    He was in Sir J. first Battn. at Montreal. Gave in Claim to Major Guy, his commanding officer, before the Regt. was disbanded. There was an order in the Regt. for them to give their claims. Is a Nat. of A------; lived in Tryon Co.; joined Sir John at Oswego. Came thro the woods with 50 or 60 men under Agitant Miller. Thinks in 76. Served till end of War. Produces his Discharge Which says he had served 6 yrs. & 1/2.
    His mother came from New York in 83. His father, Henry had a House and 2 Lots of Land in New York. He died in New York Govt. He never came within the Lines. On his death this place came to his mother. He has now an elder Bro. In ye States and a Sister married to Capt. Grass. Household furniture at Bowmans Creek, at Capt. Grass House, belonging to his mother taken by the Rebels.

    Capt. Grass Says.

    Henry Swarts died without a Will, so that the mother ed. have nothing but for Life in the Premises.     The eldest son is in ye Colonies. The mother came within the Lines, New York, in June 83 & from thence to Canada. She was at Sorell in 83. Says the mother would not come in before the House & builds. were burnt, 2 Tenements, stable & shop, 2 Lots worth 200.     The mother had effects at Witnesses house which were sold at vendue. Thinks to amt. of £50 York. They were taken with witnesses effects & sold at vendue, about the year 80.     The Father had provided for the eldest son in his life time. Told the rest of the children to be easy. What was left should belong to them. There is only a brother & sister left, besides ye eldest. The effects at Witnesses house had belonged to the old man.

948. Garnet Dingman, late of Albany Co.

    Claimt. was at Cataraqui in 83.
    Nat. of A. Lived at Warenbush on the Mohawk. Joined the Brit in 81. Served in Sir Johns 2nd Batal., to the end of the war.
    Had 160 acres on the Susquehana. No deed: took it 4 yrs. bef. ye War. Cleared 20 acres. Went from thence to Warensbush, after the Indians had been on the Susquehana. Took 50 acres there; was 2 yrs. there. Must have been in 78. When he came into Canada in 81. Left a stock at Warensbush, 2 horses, 2 cows, 5 sheep, 10 hogs, utensils, furniture. All taken from his wife after he went away.

    John Woodcock, Wits.:

    Knew Claimts. Place on Susquehana, had Considerable Clearance, had settled 3 years before ye War. Went to Warrens bush. When he went away in 81 he left his stock in Witness Custody, a Mare & Colt, 1 Cow 1 Heifer, 5 Hogs, 7 Sheep.
    His furniture was taken from his House. His Wife was Stript of every thing. The Stock was taken from Wits. house.

949. John Woodcock, late of Albany Co.

    Claimt. was at St. Johns in 83. Came to Canada, May, 83. Never was within the Lines during the War. Lived on the Susquehana. Moved to Warrins bush in 1779, there continued till 81.
    Had assisted Loyalists to get away. He had a Son, Bros. Son in Law in the Kings Army.
    Was turned off from Warrens bush in 81. Produces order for his Departure as being an Enemy to the States, Signed G. Putnam, in 81.
    Had 400 acres on Susquehana, on the East Branch of Susquehana under York Govnt., bought of Banyard £40 per 100 acres, says he pd. for them. Cleared 40 acres. Lost some Cattle at Susquehana, 1 ox, 1 Heif., 2 Sheep, 2 Hogs, taken by the Kings Party. Lost some furniture then.
    Took a Lease in 79 for 6 yrs. at Warrns bush, paying 1-3 part of Produce, was driven from this in 81, lost Horse, 12 Sheep, Grain gathered & grain in the ground.

    Eve Pinset, Wits.:

    Knew his Place at Susquehana, 40 acres Clear. He helped Loyalists with Provisions. Had a good Stock at Susquehana.

    John Cornelius, Wits.:

    Knew Claimt. Farm held under Banyard, 20 Clear. Had a good Stock. He supported Loyalists & Spies & Scouts.

    Garret Dingman, Wits.:

    Claimt. Had a large Stock then. Was reckoned a Loyalist. Was driven off on acct. of his Loyalty.

950. Owen McGrath, late of Tyron Co.

    Claimt. says he was at Oswego in 83. Is a nat. of Am. Lived at Tyron, joined in 80, served till end of War.
    Had Possession of some Land with a Lease, had 2 Cows, 1 Mare & Colt, 6 Sheep, utensils, grain in the ground. After he went away all was taken from ye family.

    John Woodcock, Wits.:

    Heard Claimts. effects were taken after he left his Place.

967. Claim of Alexr. White, late of Tryon Co.
    Claimt. says he left New York in the Summer 83, later end of Aug., arrived at Quebec in Septr., staid there 3 days, then went to Sorell, staid there all the Fall & the ensuing Winter.
    Is a native of Ireland. Settled in America 27 years ago, lived in Tryon Co. when the Rebellion broke out, had then the office of Sheriff of Tryon Co. He opposed the meeting of rebel Committees. Took up some of the Persons who met & Confined them. As Sheriff he published a Proclamation sent by Govr. Tryon against the meeting of Committees, &c. He published this Proclamation in the County Court, in Consequence of which he was attacked by an armed mob, his house beset, till he was relieved by Sir John Johnson. Then went to Canada.
    Was taken Prisoner on Lake Champlain & carried to Albany Goal. This was all in 75. He was the first officer in a Civil Department that was confined. He was put in Irons, but released on Parole, to go Home. They afterwards sent him to New England, he got away from thence & in 1777 joined Genl. Burg. a few days before his --------------.
    He was taken again on his way to Canada & carried again to Albany. He was taken again & kept near 12 months till discharged.
    Produces Certificate of his Exchange 12th Oct., 1778. After this Exchange he went to New York. He was employed some time as Barrack Master there, continued till the Summer before Evacuation, then went to Quebec. Now resides at Sorrell.
    Produces his appointment as high Sheriff of Tryon County under the Hand & Seal of Govr. Tryon in 1772.

    Produces Letter which enclosed the Proclamation above mentd. dated Nov., 75.

    Produces Certificate from Govr. Tryon that the Claimt. was high Sheriff, that he appointed him on acct. of his Charcater & Loyalty. Speaks of his sufferings by Imprisonmt. & in his Property & to his ardent Zeal & Loyalty.
    Produces Certificates to the like effect from James Delancey, Sir John Johnson, Col. Johnson, & to the Truth of the Facts stated in his Memorial.
    Had 1,000 acres in the Provincial Patent near Fort Edward & Fort Ann. It was a grant in the year 1763 to 26 Proprietors. It was called the Provincial Patent, the Proprietors had been Provencial officers the War before last. Col. Calcraft was first in the grant. The Lands had been divided in 64. The share of each proprietor was 1,000 acres, Claimant put one Tenant upon it who soon left. There was not much done upon it. Has no acct. of Sale of it. Vals. it at 10s. pr. acre.
    No. 2.Had some Land in Albany Co., purchased some Soldiers Rights, about 300 acres. Had not improved it.
    Claimt. was Tenant of a Farm of Sir Wm. Johnston on the Mohawk, lived there & had considerable personal Estate. 9 Horses, 6 Cows, 26 Sheep, 1 Bullock, Household furniture. Vals. near 200; Grain, Hay & Barn do. 50.
    Utensils. These things were all taken in the Winter, 76. Chiefly by a Mob. His wife was driven from Home at the same time. Stript of almost everything. Left Corn growing in the Ground to amnt. of above £100.
    He had a black servant at his House at this time who was taken away by the same mob.
    Produces affidt. to his having all the above Property, both real & personal by Philip Cook sworn before a Master in Chancy in London Sep 85.
    Sir John Johnson certifies to his Loyalty & that he had to his Belief the Property stated in his Schedule.
    Vals. The Annual Income at £200 Str. pr. ann. Is certain it was worth more than that.

969. Case of John McGruer, late of Tryon Co.
    Claimt. Says he was at Cote du Lac in the Fall of 83. Did not come down till Xmas.
    Is a nat. of Scotland. Settled in America in 1763. Lived at Johnstown, when Rebellion broke out. Was imprisoned 9 months in 1776. Joined the Brit. Army in 1777. Was under Sir John Johnson at Fort Stanwix. Servd till end of War.
    Had a Lease from Sir Wm. Johnston. Had no Deed. Had it only from year to year. It was near Johnstown. There were 80 acres clear when he took it. He paid Rent to Sir John. He Cleared 9 acres. He says he had agreed with Sir W. Johnston that the Landlord would pay for the Improvmts. It was to be settled by 2 Appraisers what should be pd.
    Says he built a house with Sir Wm's Leave & Sir Wm. was To pay him when he left it. Says it cost him £60 York.
    Had a large Stock, no one in that-part had more. 13 horses, 10 Cows, 4 Oxen, 5 Heifers, 40 Sheep, 6 Hogs, Utensils, grain of different kinds. All these things were seized in 77, & sold at Vendue .

    Daniel Ross, Wits.

    Knew Claimts farm. It was Sir Johns Land. A good Deal of it was clear. 100 acres Clear. How much Claimt. had cleared Wits. does not know.
    Knew his Stock. It was a large stock. The stock was on the Place when he left it.

    Capt. Wm. Fraser, Wits.

    Knew Clamts Farm. There was a large Clearance but Wits. does not know the terms on which he held. There was a considerable Stock. He had a Partner of the name of Bennet. Speaks of his Loyalty & Services.
    Claimt. On being called again says his Partnership was at an end before the War began. His Partner was concerned in the Improvements, was to have half & half in the Farm, but Claimt. Says he himself had the largest share in the Stock. Bennet his Partner left the farm in 1776.

    Capt. Thos. Fraser, Wits.

    Says he remembers Bennet went from the Farm before Claimt., but does not know when the Partnership was at an end. There was a large Stock. Witness when he knew the stock thought it belongd. to both.
    N-b. Note. It seems as if there had been no Dissolution of Partnership & that some of the Stock belonged to Bennet, tho Claimt. was to pay for it & it was left in his Possession.

Claims Claims 932, 948-50, 967, and 969 were prepared by Rosemary Ibarra-Nadal. Rosemary tells us that the surnames of the ancestors that she's researching from Montgomery Co., are: DINGMAN, RUSS, HART, SURNEAR, MCREDMOND, VOSBURGH. If you'd like to share information with her about any of these families, please contact her.

As our typing volunteer for these recods, Rosemary has no information about anyone listed in the above records. For further information about people who submitted Loyalist claims, please direct all inquiries to the appropriate county historical societies.

Source: "Second Report of the Bureau of Archives for the Province of Ontario", by Alexander Fraser, Provincial Archivist, 1904. Printed by Order of The Legislative Assembly of Ontario. Toronto: L.K. Cameron, Printer to the King's Most Excellent Majesty, 1905.

This book was reprinted in 1994 by the Genealogical Publishing Co. of Baltimore, MD. Check with your librarian about interlibrary loan or suggest they acquire a copy for their collections. All of this information is new to me so I'm unable to help or advise researchers personally.

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