Claims 76, 233, 235, 252, 257, 258

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A New Claim.

    76. Evidence on the Claim of WILLIAM MACKENZIE, late of Tryon County. [Shelburne 23 June, 1786]

    Wm. Brathwait sworn:
    Says that in Jany or Feby 1785 he was emploied by Claimt. to write a claim for him. He understood that it was to be sent to England. (63)
    Says this was the year after Dr. Walter went to England.
    Claimt says he lived in Shelburne for ten months after the evacuation of N. York.
    N.B. - There appears no grounds for receiving this claim.

A New Claim.

    233. Evidence on the Claim of CHRISTOPHER PEARSON, late of Burlington Patent, Tryon County, N. York Province. [Quebec. 31st July, 1787]

    Claimt. Sworn:
    Says that in 1783 he lived in Macheche, made out his acct. which is produced, dated 5th Septr. 1783, but could not get it sent.
    He is a native of England and came to America in 1771, & lived some time at Philadelphia. He afterwards went to Tryon County. Says he never joined the rebels in any respect . He was confined to his own house until 1777, when he joined the B. Army. He enlisted in Butler's Rangers. Produces his discharge. He was afterwards in Major Rogers' Corps until the end of the War. He now resides in N. Carlisle.
    100 acres of Land in Burlington Patent, purchased in 1773. He paid L25 Prov. Cury. for it. He had cleared 16 acres & built 2 Log Houses. He values at L44 H. Cury. Clearance, 46. Some Stock, Furniture, &c., &c.
    The rebels took all. Produces affidavit of Jas. Cottle, 14th March, 1786, that Claimt. lived in good report & and had stock, &c., &c. [13.]

    Further Evidence on the Claim of Cr. PEARSON. [Quebec July 2.]

    Wits. DENNIS RYAN, Sworn:
Says he lived near Claimt. before the War. He was a Breeches Maker. He had a house & had some furniture in it.

A New Claim.

    235. Evidence on the Claim of JACOB TAGUE, late of Tryon County N. York Providence. [Quebec, 1st August, 1787]

    Claimant Sworn:
    Says he resided on Mal Bay in the service of Govt. in 1783-4.     He was born at the German Flatts, Mohawk river, in 1775. He lived in Tryon County as a Farmer. He was required by the Americans to sign an association but he positively refused and was obliged to fly in 1777 to Niagara. He then enlisted in Butler's Rangers where he served 2 years. He then enlisted in Sir John Johnson's & served until the end of the War.
    Produces his discharge from each Regt: He now resides at Carlisle Bay.
    Property - 200 acres of Land on Deed from Augustine Prevost. He purchased 9 years before the War. He pd. L40 York pr. Hundred acres for it.
    He cleared 15 acres & built a House, a Stable & Barn. Thinks he could have sold for L125 York H. Cury. Stock, Furniture, &c., all taken by the Americans. [15.]
    Produces affidavit of Mary Stet, 16th March, 1786, to good character, to her having been at the house, and that he had some Improvements on his farm.

A New Claim.

    252. Evidence on the Claim of HARMANUS FLAAKE, late of Tryon County, N. York Providence. [Montreal, 23rd October.]

    Claimt. Sworn: [48]
    Says that in 1783 he was sutler to Sir John Johnston, 1st Battol., and was at Isle Jesus. That he did give Claim to Major Gray to forward to England.
    Says he is a native of Amsterdam and came to America in 1750. He settled in Albany County soon after, and was living there in 1775. He never took part with the Americans.
    He joined the British in 1778. It was necessary for him to fly as his Principals of Loyalty were known. He was 4 weeks confined in gaol. [Did not bear arms.]
    He drew subsistence in Major Jessup's Corps but never served or Bore Arms.
    He now lives at La Prairie.
    Produces Certificate from Stephen De Lancey, 17th September, 1787 to Claimt.'s Loyalty and to his having lost Property.
    Property: 160 Acres of Land in Tryon County. He purchased of Collonel Claws. He bought it about the time the War broke out. He paid L105 H. Cury. for it. He had paid the whole of the price.
     [49] He built a House - of Logs, and cleared about 20 acres. Thinks it would have improved in value, and has therefore claimed 40s. per acre, and improvements, 20 acres, L2 Cury per. acre. He cannot say what is become of the Land, it is lost to him.
    Household Furniture and Farming Utensils he cannot swear.
    Claimt. appears and withdraws his claim for his Lands- Not being confiscated and being sworn. Says he lost 2 Horses, 2 Cows, 1 Hog. Farming Utensils. Household Furniture. [April 6th, 1788.]

A New Claim.

    257. Evidence on the Claim of PHILIP SHAVER, late of Tryon County.[Montreal, 30th October, 1787.]

    Claimt. sworn:     Says that in 1783 he landed in Montreal a Soldier in Sir John Johnsons 1st Battal. In consequence of an order from Sir John Johnson he gave his Claim to Capt. Barnes, and did believe that it was sent to England.
    Certificate from Capt. William Byrne that Claimt. gave him a state of his losses in 1783.
    Says he is a native of Nassau in Germany, he came to America 33 years since and resided on the Mohawk river where he lived in 1775, he never took any part with the Americans. In 1776 he joined the Brit. Army at Oswego with Col. Guy Johnson, but returned to his family in two months with the Colonels leave. [61.] Soon after he was taken prisoner & took an oath to remain quiet while he was not disturbed, but being much harrassed he came to Canada in 1777. He Inlisted in the King's Regt. of York and served all the war. [Had three sons in the Regt.]
    He now resides at the Point de Bas above New Johnston.     Property - 50 acres of Land on a Lease for 3 lives, viz., that of himself, of his Son & God Son. He pd. 20 Skiple of Wheat per an. for this Land - a Skiple is 3 peaks - to Col. Butler. [Produces Sir John Johnson's certificate that claimt. served with him all the war.]
    He had built a House & Barn & had cleared 20 acres, thinks the clearance was worth L5 per acre - the whole was worth L100 Currncy.
    His Furniture and Farming Utensils carried away by the rebels.
    They likewise took 6 Horses, a considerable quantity of grain - the charge for the grain is most moderate - 9 Cattle, 4 do, 19 Swine & 5 Guns. All these were plundred & taken by the Rebels.     Wits. JOHN COOMBS, sworn:
    He knew Philip Shaver before the War, he was always Loyal, they left their homes together.
    He had 50 acres from Coll. Butler, about 30 acres were cleared.
    He had a House - thinks his Interest in the Land was worth L3 Cury. per acre.

    He had some grain & Server Horses & Cattle when he left his home. Believes his stock was lost. Some Furniture was brought to Canada.

A New Claim

    258. Evidence on the Claim of JOHN SHELL, late of Tryon County.[Montreal, 30th October, 1787.]

    Claimt. sworn:
    Says that in 1783 he gave his Claim to Capt. Duncan to send to England. [Certificate required.]
    He is a Native of N. York Province. When the War broke out he lived in Tryon County. Says that he never joined the rebels in any way, but joined Coll. St. Leger at Ft. Stanwick & came with him to Canada. He enlisted in Sir John Johnsons 1st Batal. & served in it the remainder of the War.

    He resides in the Township of New Johnstown.
    160 acres of Land purchased from John Lawyer in 1767 - he paid L120 Crncy. for it & paid all the price - but L120 Crncy.
    He built a House & cleared 14 acres - he values the Improvements at L5 Crncy. per acre and the House at L5, the Woodland at 20 sh. per acre.
    It was sold by Vendue by the rebels.
    He left his Farming Utensils, Furniture and Stock, it was all Plundered or sold.
    Wits. PHILIP CROSSLE, sworn: [31st October]
    Says he knew Claimt. in 1775, he was always Loyal. He refused to sign the Association, Wits. & he were the only persons of 60 who refused to sign it.[63]
    Says he made a purchase from John Lawyer, he believes 150 acres, does not know that he had paid for it.
    After the purchase he built a Log House & had cleared near 20 acres. Thinks that an acre of Land such as that could not be cleared under L5 Crncy. He had a middling good stock, 17 or 18 head, there were sold & destroyed by the rebels. He cannot say what has become of the Land.
    A person came from the States said that the Land had been sold.

Claims 76, 233, 235, 252, 257, 258 were prepared by Lori Whitmer Mosher.

Source: "Second Report of the Bureau of Archives for the Province of Ontario", by Alexander Fraser, Provincial Archivist, 1904. Printed by Order of The Legislative Assembly of Ontario. Toronto: L.K. Cameron, Printer to the King's Most Excellent Majesty, 1905.

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