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819. Claim of Joseph Clement [August 24th]

    Claimt. Says:

    He resided at Montreal during the Sumr. '83, & in the Fall at Quebec.
    He delivered his Claim to Sir John Johnson late in the Fall at Montreal. Says he waited to deliver his Claim to Sir John, as Sir John had told him he was going to England & would take care of it. Sir John actually set out to go to England that Fall by way of Halifax. [23]
    Is a native of America. Lived on the Mohawk river, Tryon Co. Joined the Brit. at 1777. Joined Gen. Burg. Carried 40 or 50 Indians in with him. Served during the war in the Indian Department, as Lieut., sometimes as Volunteer. Now lives near Niagara. Has no 1/2 pay.
    Had a Farm at Trepas Hill on the Mohawk, part of Hansen's Patent. The farm consisted of 300 acres. Was his Fathers.

    Produces Deed from Nichs. Hansen to Joseph Clement, Claimt.'s grandfr., of 850 acres in Considn. 635£, dated 1749.
    Claimt.'s grandfather left this to Claimt.'s Father & 2 Brothers.
    This Estate was divided. Claimt.'s Father purchased some of his elder Bro, which was made his share above 300 acres.
    Claimt.'s Father joined the Brit. at beginning of Troubles. Served as Lieut. in Indian Department. Died in '81. Made a Will. Produces the Will.
    Testr. Gives his Estates to his Wife during widowhood, afterwards gives Claimt. all his Low lands & part of his uplands.
    Adjoining the rest of the uplands he gives to his other two sons, John and James. Will is dated 1770.
     [24]Claimt.'s share. The Low lands & Claimt.'s share in the uplands make 145 acres. Produces Plan of the Estate, which corresponds with the above acct.
    There were 3 houses on the Low Lands, an orchard; 60 acres clear. Vals. the clear Lands at 15£ pr. Acre, York Cury. Vals. ye unimproved Lands at 40 sh. pr. acre.
    His Mother & Brothers are now living & live at Niagara.
    Claimt. did not know of his Father's Will when he gave in his Claim & he gave in a Claim for the whole Estate as Heir at Law.
    His mother, Catherine, came to this Province in '80. His secd. Bro., John, came in '80. He has served as Lieut. in the Indian Department. The 3rd. Bro., James, came into this Prov. Has been in the Storekeeper's Department.
    The Family were all active in support of Brit. Govt. His 2 Bros. were young lads when Claimt. left the Country. They came into this Country on acct. of attachment to Brit. Govrt.
    N. B. - The Conviction appears against the Father in Anstey's List.

[Claimt. Is told to get certificates.]

    The Farm has been sold. Heard that one Henry had bought it.
     [25]His 2 Bros. were entitled to remaining part of the Farm, 155 acres in the uplands of which 15 acres were clear. Vals. them at 40s. pr. acre. They had a share in a saw mill. It belonged to 6 Proprietors in Hansen's Patent. His Father had 2 shares. Chiefly used for sawing boards for their own Houses & fences. Thinks a share worth about 20£.
    They had a Negroe taken from his Mother. A Rebel officer is now in Possession of him. Horses, Cows, live stock, furniture, farming utensils.
    Produces Certificates to Loyalty & Service from Col. Butler.
    Produces affidt. from 2 persons to the amount of Claimt.'s Losses as above.
    Says, there were no debts on the estate.

    ARENT BRADK, Wits:

    Says he knows the Family of Clement. They were all Loyal.
    Joseph, the Claimt., joined the Brit. early. The Father & Brothers & Mother all came away.
    [26] Knew the Farm at Trepes Hill. Remembers the Father in Possession. Thinks it better than 300 acres. There were 60 acres cleared; good Buildings. Some part of the upland clear. Vals. Ye Low land at £20 pr. acre. Vals. upland at 40sh. per acre. Col. Butler had Lands adjoining which he used to sell at that rate. They had a very good stock. They had 2 Negroes & a wench. 1 Negroe & the wench came with them. The other Negroe is in Possession of a person in the Colonies.
    Understood all the moveables were sold by the Commissrs.
    The family were in good circumstances.

[N.B. - Look in Col. Butler's determination as he had lands adjoining.]

    Further Evidence in Claim of Joseph Clement. V. 47.

    JOHN CLEMENT apprs.: [August 28th]

    [49] Says he lived with his Father when the Rebellion began, he was then a boy. In '80 he came into the Province & servd as Leut. in the Indian Departmt. Claims his share in the real Estate of his Father left by his Will. Has heard the Uplands Vald. at 40 sh. pr. acre. Says 15 acres at least were Clear of the Uplands, 60 acres of the Lowlands were Clear. Remembers his Father had a fair Stock.
    Is willing that his Elder Bro. shd. receive his Share.
    Says his Father had 2 Shares in a Saw Mill, he purchased one for 25£ he thinks. [50]
    Says he withdraws his Claim unless Government gives him to the full amount of what he asks, which is 40sh. an acre for the Uplands, taking in the 15 acres Cleared Land.
    JAMES CLEMENT, 3rd Son of Jno. Clement, appears:
He lived with his Father in '81, he went within the Brit. Lines, was put in the Store Keeper's Departmt., afterwards went as Volunteer with the Rank of Ensign. Claims his Share in the Uplands. Says one of the Houses is on the Uplands.
Says he withdraws his Claim unless Government gives all that he asks. Says his oldest Bro. does the same.
    ELIZA CLEMENT, Widow of Lewis Clement, appears:
    Says she is the Widow of Lewis Clement, he died in '81. He served from beginning in the Indian Departmt. as Lieut. & Interpreter. Says he made his Will, gave her the Estate during her Widow hood, but says she supposes the personal Estate on her Death goes amongst the Children. Claimt. herself left Home 7 yrs. ago & came into this Province.
    There were about 60 acres Lowland Clear.
    Some of Uplands Clear.
    Joseph Clement, the Eldest Son appears August 29 & desires to leave the whole Claim to the Determination of Commrs. for himself, his Mother & 2 Brothers.
Says they did very wrong.     Her Husband had a Negroe, a very good labourer, he is now in Possession of Major Fenders, supposes he bought him.
    10 Horses, 10 horned Cattle, 25 Hogs, 15 Sheep, furniture, farming utensils, the furniture and the farming utensils were taken by the Rebels & sold in the house at a Vendue. [51]
    Says she agrees with her 2 Sons that she withdraws her Claim unless Governmt. allows the whole of their Charge of 2,000£ York Curcy., and says her Eldest Son does the same.

[Note from Steve: "This claim in particular has some apparent contradictions. Notice that Joseph calls his mother Catharine. And Joseph's brother James is referred to as the "3rd son of Jno. Clement". Then, the mother of Joseph and James is called "Eliza Clement, widow of Lewis Clement." But I typed it exactly the way it was written."]

820. Claim of Benj. Frelick, late of Albany Co. [August 25th.]

    Claimt. says:

    He was at Niagara in the Sumr. '83 & the next winter.
    Is a native of America. Lived near Albany. In 1778 joined Butler's Rangers & served 6 years as Seargt.
    Had suffered terribly before he quitted Home on acct. of his Loyalty. Obligated to quit Home. Now lives at Niagara. Produces his discharge June, '84.
    Had a farm of 10 acres in the Pataroon Lands. Had no Deed or Lease. Had been settled there 6 yrs. Had cleared 10 acres, built a house& Barn. Lost 2 Horses taken for fines, 2 Cows, 19 Hogs, furniture, utensils, Tools. His family were driven from the Place & the rebels took all the things above mentioned. [27]
    Produces affidvts. that Claimt. sustained the Losses above mentioned.


    Knew Claimt. He was always considered a Loyalist. He had a little farm on Pataroon Land. He had 10 acres clear, House & Barn.
    He had Horses & Cows &c., being well for a beginner. Lost them all.

837-838. Claim of Archibald Thompson & James Park, late of Tryon Co. [N.C. August 29.]

    Claimt. ARCH. THOMPSON being sworn saith:

    He was at Niagara in '83.
    Is a native of Scotland, came to America in '73, joined the Indians in '75, served during the War.
    He & James Park settled together on John Harper's Land in Tryon Co. Never had a Lease or Deed, were to have had if the disturbance had not come on. They had Cleareda little before the disturbances, thinks about 12 acres in the whole before they left, had built a Log House, had 2 horses, 5 horned Cattle, Cloathes, furniture. Says they joined Capt. Macdonell first in Aug., 1777, joined the Indians under Brant in '78. [55]
    James Parker, Claimt., says he came from Scotland with Archibald Thompson. Settled as Partner in Tryon Co. Went from Home with him & served in the Indian Departmt. They took up 100 acres, had not pd. anything, had not any Deed or Lease. They were to have paid 20£. They Cleared 12 acres before they went away, most of it before ye Rebellion broke out.
    They had 2 horses & a Colt, 4 Cows & some young Cattle, the Rebels got them all.

    Knew both Claimts., they went off with Witness & several other Loyalists. They served in the Indian Departmt. They had Land from Col. Harper in Tryon Co.
    Thinks they Cleared 13 acres.
    He saw 2 Horses, 3 or 4 Cows, and altogether a nice Stock.
    Capt. Brant Certifies to their Services & that they acted as Volunteers.
[Good men to be allowed a little.]

823. Claim of Hanjoist Petrie, of Tryon Co. [August 25th.]

    Claimt. says:

    He is a native American. Lived at the German Flats when ye Rebellion broke out. Took ye part of the King. Joined King's Troops at Fort Stanwix. Served under Col. Butler. Served 4 years as private. Now lives at Niagara.
    Was possessed of 100 acres of Land in German Flats. He purchased it 2 yrs. before the Rebellion. Gave another farm for it. 200 acres of unimproved land. Had a Deed. 60 acres clear when he purchased it. Says he built a Log House & Barn after the Purchase. He built the House himself. Vals. it at about 600£.
    Does not know what is become of the Land. It was not sold lately.
    N. B. - His name is in Anstey's List.
    Had 5 horses, 6 Cattle, 60 Hogs, 10 Sheep, utensils, furniture, cloaths.
    Left in his House & taken by the Rebels. [32]
    Produces 2 affidts. that Claimt. was in Possession of Land, stock &c., but they cannot say to what amount.
    Knew Claimt. He was a neighbor to Wits. Lived at Barnets field, 12 miles from German Flats. He was very Loyal from the first & suffered a great deal from it. He went off to Fort Stanwix. He served afterwards in Butler's Rangers. Knew his Farm. He purchased it 2 years before the war. Thinks about 50 acres clear.
    He was in Possession till he went away to the British. He built a house there himself. He had a pretty good stock. Some was seized by the Rebels. Some he was obliged to leave, from not being able to carry it away with him, as they fled & went thro the woods. Claimt. seemed to be in pretty good circumstances.

824. Claim of MARGT. HARE, Widow of JOHN HARE, late of New York. [August 25th.]

    Claimt. says:

    She resided at Montreal in '83. Gave her Claim to Major Leake. He was going to England that year. He set off but he did not get to England in time.
    Her husband, John Hare, was a native of America. Lived in Johnstown when ye Rebellion broke out. He joined the Brit. in 1776. Was a Captn. in Indian Department.

    Lost his Life in an Engagement at Fort Stanwix. He made a Will. Left his Estate to Claimt. during her Widowhood & then to his Children.
    Wits. eldest Son. He has served in Butler's Rangers. 3 Daughters, 2 in this Prov. under age; 1 married in the States.
     [34] Claimt. came herself in June with her Daughters in '83. Says she was kept by one of the Rebel's Commissr. of --- or she would have come in sooner. Says he stopped her as an hostage.
    Her Husband was Possessed of an Estate at Johnstown which has been sold, but they have not received all the money.
    Her Husb. lost various articles in 1776 when Gen. Skuyler came against them in that settlement. His House was plundered. Delivers an acct. in her husband's hand writing. The amt. is 40£, but seems to be for Provisions taken from the house & some household goods plundered. This was in Jany., '76. [Margin Note: It is overcharged in the acct.]     In June following his house was plundered by a party of Rebels under Col. Draten & other Rebel officers. Buildings were damaged and fences were destroyed.

    The late John Hare had a Lease from Sir Wm. Johnston. He was to have had a Lease for 10 years, but the Deed was not made. The house & place were near the Gaol. John Hare was under Sheriff. The Gaol was made a Fort of by the Rebels & in making the Fort they made use of Timber from Mr. Hare's house to amount of 25<. They took his Fences for burning. They took boards, iron, staples, &c. [35]
    Produces an acct. of Damage done to amount of 100£ & upwards. [Margin Note: Greatly overvalued.]
    Claims also for Loses of office of Under Sheriff. Produces Deport in 1775. [Margin Note: Seems to be a loss from bad neighbors.]

    WM. HARE, the eldest Son:

    Says his Father made a Will. Witness entered in Butler's Rangers in the yr. '80. Served till they were discharged. Served as a Volunteer. Witness was at Home when his Father's house was plundered by Skuyler's party. Remembers when the Rebels took Possession of the Gaol & fortified it. They took Timber & Boards of his Fathers to make a Block house at the Gaol. Damaged his House. Took ye fences to burn. Damaged his Corn & other property.

826. Claim of John Claus, late of Tryon Co. [August 27th.]

    Claimt. says:
    He was at Niagara in the Fall of '83 & the ensuing winter.
    Is a native of Germany. Had been settled many years in America. Lived at Cobus Kill, Albany Co. Joined the Brit. in '77, at Fort Stanwix. Served under Col. Butler 7 years as Corporal.
    Produces his discharge.
    Had 200 acres in Cobus Kill, Albany Co., since called Tryon Co. [37]
    Produces Deed from Wm. Banyard to Claimt. of lot No. 10, containing 203 acres near Cobus Kill in Cons. 125£ Cury., 1771.
    Recited to be part of Tract of 7,000 acres granted to several persons in 1761.     He worked upon it after the Purchase. He had cleared 10 acres, built a House & Barn.
    Says he had paid some of the purchase money, not all. Vals. it at 200£.     It had been sold by ye Comrs. Claimt. has seen the person who bought it, who told him what he had paid for it.
    Had 4 horses & 3 Cows, & 1 Heifer, furniture & utensils. The Rebels took them & sold them at Vendue, after Claimt. went away.

844. Claim of Geo. House, late of Tryon Co. [August 30.]

    Claimt. says he is a native of America, lived on the Mohawk River, joined the Brit. in 1777, served all the War under Col. Butler in the Rangers.
     [65] Had some Lands on the Mohawk, had no Lease but had lived on them 15 years before the War. He had built an House. A good Deal was Clear before he took it, but he Cleared some more. He only Claims for the Buildings 24£, he had 4 horses & 2 Colts, Utensils, furniture, grain in the ground. Left all these things when he Came away. The Indians took some, the Rebels also took some, the most. [Margin Note: Allowed]

    Mrs. MARY BRANT, Wits.: Remembers Claimt. He had some Lands on the Mohawk where he lived. He had a good house & buildings which he built himself, he had some Lands Cleared. He left them behind when he went away. [Margin Note: Claimt a good man.]

845. Claim of LEWIS MABEE, late of Tryon Co. [Aug. 30.]

    Is a native of America. Lived on the Mohawk. Joined the Brit. In 1777; joined Col. Butler. He could not stay without joining the Rebels. Served all the War. Now lives near Fort Erie.
    Had 50 acres on the Mohawk. It was a gift from Lewis Clement, his uncle, many years ago. He cleared between 18 & 20 acres; had an excellent House & Barn & out buildings. Vals. it at 300£.
    One Victor Harrison now has it. Understood he bought it from Commissnrs. [66]
    6 Horses, 9 horned Cattle, Utensils, Furniture. Left all these things on the Premises when he went away. Many of them were Vendued by the Rebels. [N.B. - His name in Anstey's list.]

    ARENT BRADT, Wits.:

    Knew Claimt. He left his home early in ye War & joined the Rangers. Knew his place. 50 acres upland. Remembers him being in possession. Most of it clear. A very good house. He had a good stock of cattle & horses. The things were all taken by the Rebels & his wife was sent off. Understood the things were vendued.

862. Claim of ADAM YOUNG, late of New York. [September 6.]

    Claimt. says:

     [15]He is a native of America. Lived on the Mohawk, Tryon Co. When the Rebellion broke out joined Col. Butler at Oswego in 1778. He had been imprisoned for 11 months for refusing to take an oath to the States.
    He was confined in different Gaols. At last sent to Norwich Gaol in Connect. Govrt. As soon as he was released he went home. The rebels came & burnt his House & all his buildings & took away or destroyed all his Effects. The reason of this was because he had given Provisions to Loyalists who were coming to Canada. At one time he sent 74 over.
    After his House was burnt he & his 2 sons went & joined Col. Butler. He served 6 or 7 years - He had four Sons who served. Now lives on the Grand River about 60 miles from Niagara.
    He had 2,600 acres on Mohawk.
    No. 1. 600 acres in Youngs Patent, taken out 30 yrs. ago, there he lived, had cleared 100 acres, had 2 houses, 1 Barn, a Saw Mill, &c.
    No. 2. Had 2,000 acres in another Patent, which was Called Fentie's Patent & Livingston's Patent. This was 10 miles from the other taken up ten years before ye War. This was all unimproved.
    He had a Saw Mill & a Potash Work on No. 1. Values No. 1 at £1,000 besides the buildings.
    Values Saw Mill at £140. [16]
    Values Potash Work at 150.     Heard the Land was sold. His name is in Anstey's List. [Margin Note: Is told to get certificate of sale.]     His horned Cattle, 6 Horses & all his Moveables were taken by the Rebels.
    13 Horses, 12 Cows, 6 Heifers, 12 Sheep, 20 Hogs. All his furniture, Utensils, very good.
    He kept a Shop of Dry Goods, he traded with Indians, Lost to amount of £150. [Margin Note: A very good man.]

    HENRY W. NELLES, Wits.

    Knew Claimt. He was always considered Loyal. Remembers him being sent to Prison for his Loyalty. Heard of his House being burnt, & all his effects taken or destroyed by the rebels. He lived at some distance from the Mohawk river in Tryon Co. Witness knew the place where he lived. It was a very fine place, well cleared. There was a Saw Mill & a Potash House upon it. He had Land also in other Patents.
    Vals. the Clear Land in No. 1 at £7 per acre York Cury. Vals. the Saw Mill at £200, Pot Ash House & Work £150, Vals. the Woodland from 20 to 10 sh. per acre, according to the situation. Heard the Estate was sold.
    Claimant was in Service some time in the Rangers. He had 3 sons also in the service. Thinks there was another son who died in the service.

    JOHN YOUNG, Wits. [17]

    Says his Father suffered a long Imprisonment on acct. of his Loyalty. His House & Buildings were burnt & all his effects plundered & destroyd after which he went off with 2 of his sons. He served in the Rangers. He had three Sons in the Rangers, one of whom died. Witness himself served in the Indian Department. He had 600 or 700 acres in Young's Patent. Claimant was one of the original Patentees. It is an old Patent. There was a good farm clear. There was a Saw Mill & Pot Ash Work on this Place.
    Vals. Saw Mill at 200£, Clear Land at 6£ per acre. Woodland at 20sh. per acre.
    He had other Lands in Patents. He had a good Stock & furniture, all was lost. He came away with scarce sufficient Cloathes to cover him.

    He kept a Shop. He had always articles for the Indian Trade, thinks he saw an advertismt. for sale. There are strangers that live upon the Place.
    Claims also for a 1,000 acres on the Susquehana, 30 miles from the Mohawk, bought by Claimt & Claimt's Brother of Sir John Johnson. It was purchased after the War began & Claimt's Bro. was now in Possession, but Claimt is liable to pay the whole Purchase Money to Sir John Johnson.

871. Claim of DANL. SMITH, late of Tryon Co. [N.C. September 26.]

    Claimt. says:

    He resided at Oswego & Cataraqui.
    Is a native of America. Lived on the Mohawk. Joined Sr. John Johnson in the year 1778. Served all the War in the 2nd Battal.
    Lived on Leased Land of Sir Wm. Johnson. When he joined the Brit. he left 2 Cows, 1 Heifer, 4 Sheep, furniture, some wool. [Margin Note: A very good man; may be allowed the whole.]

    GEO. MURDOF, Wits.:

    Knew Claimt. Remembers he joined Sir John Johnson, and that stock was seized on that acct. Witness was then in the Country & knew it. 3 Cows & some Cattle & household furniture.

902. Claim of John Howell, late of Tryon Co. [N C. September 28.]

    Claimt. says:

    He was at Cataraqui in '83. Is a nat. of A. Lived at Johnstown. Joined the Brit. in '77, has served all the War in Sir Johns Regt., 3 yrs. Seargt. Major.

    Had 170 acres of Land near Mayfields in Tryon Co. It was a Lease from Abraham Down about 12 years ago, came to Claimt. on his Father's Death, a Lease forever at 5£ rent. [Margin Note: A good man.]
    30 acres were Clear, built a Log House & Barn. Vals. Clear Land £4 York pr. acre.
    Lost 1 Heifer, 1 Cow, 7 hogs, Wagon, utensils.


    Knew Claimt. from near Mayfield. There was a Considerable Clearance. He lived there. His Father lived with him. They had a Considerable Stock. His Father died at Beginning of War. It came to Claimt. on his Father's death. [65]

919. ELIZ. CLINE, late of Tryon Co. [N.C. September 28]

    Claimt. Says:

    She was at Cataraqui in '83. Is a native of Germany. John Cline was her first Husb. Lived at German Flats. He was very Loyal. He was known to be so. Had been fined, but he could not carry arms, being infirm. He was killed by the Rebel Indians because he would not go to fight against the King. Left 6 Daughters, 5 of them here. Soon after his death his wife & daughters came to Canada.
     [81]He had 100 acres of Land. Took it up 21 years ago. 75 acres cleared & fenced. A frame house & barn, 5 Cows, 3 yearlings, 4 mares, 2 wagons, utensile, tools. She left all these things when she came away within the Brit. Lines. She would not stay with the Rebels.
    She is now married to John Nicholas. [Margin Note: Good people, are told to send affidavit of Husb. loyalty and property. Their wits. was ill.]

An even dozen claims were prepared by Steve Mabie! Steve is researching the Mabie/Mabee/Maybee family, "with the focus on finding primary records that will help correct the numerous errors in the published genealogies of this family. Because of a particular puzzle relating to one Mohawk Valley branch of the family involving Joseph Mabee, Jacobus Mabee, Lewis Mabee and Bartholomew Mabee, also looking for pre-Revolutionary records of the Clement family, in particular Joseph Clement, wife Anna Peek, and their five children: Marigien (bap. 12/25/1715), Jacobus (bap. 11/23/1718), Elisabet (bap. 5/21/1721), Johannes (bap. 7/7/1723) and Ludovicus Cobes (bap. 11/30/1725)."

Source: "Second Report of the Bureau of Archives for the Province of Ontario", by Alexander Fraser, Provincial Archivist, 1904. Printed by Order of The Legislative Assembly of Ontario. Toronto: L.K. Cameron, Printer to the King's Most Excellent Majesty, 1905.

This book was reprinted in 1994 by the Genealogical Publishing Co. of Baltimore, MD. Check with your librarian about interlibrary loan or suggest they acquire a copy for their collections. All of this information is new to me so I'm unable to help or advise researchers personally.

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