Claims 364-65, 375, 384, 386, 388, 404-405, 791, 806, 809-10, 817

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    364. Evidence on the Claim of HENRY METZ, late of Williams Borough, Tryon County, N.Y. Province. [Montreal, 21st February, 1788.]

    Claimt sworn: (21)

    Says he was a Soldier in Sir John Johnsons 2nd Batal in 1783 & was on duty at Cataraqui. He sent a claim to England by Capt. Gummersal & to Halifax.
    He is a native of America. In 1775 he lived at Williams Borough. He remained in the States until 1780 during which time he was obliged to turn out in the Militia.
    When he came in to Canada he enlisted in the K. Regt. N. York & served the remainder of the war.
    He now lives in the Bay of Kquenty.

    He had 8 acres cleared. He was promised a Lease from Coll. Claus. He had lived 14 years there. There was a good House on it. His Father kept a Tavern. There was a good house on these Lands. He claimed £55 Cury for the House.
    Gen. Schuylers Army destroied all his Liquors & provisions £35.
    Wits JOHN PICKNELL sworn:

Remembers Claimts House. He kept Tavern. He had 8 acres of Land cleared. The House was valuable & Gen. Schuylers Army took all his Liquor & Provisions in 1776.


    365. Evidence on the Claim of JOHN PICKLE, Late of Williams Borough, Tryon County, New York. [Montreal, 21st February, 1788.]

    Claimt sworn:

    He was a soldier in Sir John Johnsons 2nd Batal in 1783 & sent a claim to England by Cap. Gummersal & afterwards to Halifax.
    He is a native of Germany. He was a soldier in the Royal Americans the war before last, 1775 he lived at Williamsburgh. He did not join the B. Army until 1780. He says that he was directed to remain at home to give assistance to Scouts &c.
    Says that he never joined the rebels in any respect & was in consequence disarmed and confined. When he came in he joined Sir Johns 2nd Batal.
    He now resides at the Bay of Kquenty.
    100 acres of Land on a Lease for ever from Coll. Claus. He had 60 acres cleared, with a House & Barn. His House was framed & very good. He had 5 Horses, 5 Cows, 2 Heifers, 20 Hogs, Farming utensils & Furniture. The rebel Scouts took £15 York from him.
     (23) Wits HY METZ sworn: Remembers Claimts Farm. He had 60 acres with a good frame House, 5 Horses, 5 Cows &, &c. He left them behind him in Tryon County.


    375. Evidence on the Claim of SARAH COLLENGER, Wid. of HENRY FYKER, Deceased, late of Tryon County, N.Y. Province. [Montreal, 25th February, 1788.]

    Claimt. SARAH COLLENGER, sworn:
    Her late husband, Henry Fyker, was a native of Germany. He was on duty at Carleton Island in 1783 and died there.
    Hy. Fyker came to Canada with Sir John Johnson in 1780 & served the remainder of the War.
    She is now married to Christr. Collenger, but has 2 children alive by her 1st husband.
    She resides in New Johnstown.
    100 acres of Sir John Johnston's Lands, 9 acres now cleared, with a House & Barn.
    He had a Cow & 3 Sheep, some little furniture & farming utensils.


    384. Evidence on the Claim of JOHN EMPY. late of Tryon County, N.Y. Province. [Montreal, 26th February, 1788.]

    Claimt. sworn:

    Says he was a soldier in Sir John Johnson's 1st Batal. in quarters at St. Martins and gave his Claim, to Capt. Angus McDonell.
    He is a native of America. In 1775 he lived in Snyders Bush. He joined the Army at Fort Stanwix in 1777 & came to Canada & has been in the British Lines ever since. He served all the War. (56)
    Produces his discharge.
    Resides now at New Johnson.
    Says he lived on his father's lands in Snyders Bush. He claims stock, 2 breeding mares, 2 Cows & Heifer, 6 Sheep, 3 Hogs, Indian Corn, a House & Stable, Shoe Makers Tools, &c.

    Wits., SILVANUS CASAMUR, sworn:
    Remembers Claimt. had 2 Mares, 2 Cows & some Hogs on his father's Lands.
    He had built a House on these Lands.
    He worked as a Shoe Maker.


    386. Evidence on the Claim of CHRISTOPHER SERON, late of Tryon County N. Y. Province. [Montreal, 26th February, 1788.]

    Claimt. sworn:

    Says he came from New York in July, 1783 & Wintered in Sorel. Produces Certificates to that effect, Lt. G. French, Commissry of Loyalists.
    He was born in Mecklenburgh, Germany, & has been 32 years in America. In 1775 he lived in Stone Arabia. He did not come to New York until Jany., 1783. He had often tried to get in but never could, his family was large & he could not leave them. (58)
    He now lives in New Johnstown.


    32 acres of Land at Stone Arabia. Produces deed dated 28th Feby., 1777, Whereby Abraham Gwattse Conveys to Claimt. in Considn. of 320 Lawful these lands.
    He had a good House & Barn on it. Says he pd. this price, and understands that it is sold.
    Says he built a Wind Mill, £5. He had 6 Horses & 5 Cows,a Waggon & Gun.

    He had a House at Shenecteda, he built it himself. He values it at £350, but his Son tells him that it is not sold.

    Wits. SOVERAINES CASAMURE, sworn [Casselman handwritten above name]:

    Knew Claimt. in Stone Arabia, he was a Loyal man.
    He had a farm. in Stone Arabia with a good Clearance.
    He had a good stock of Cattle, he likewise had a House in Shenectady. (59)
    He cannot tell when Claimt. came within the British Lines.


    388. Evidence on the Claim of WM. SHEWMAN, late of Tryon County, N.Y. Province. [Montreal, 26th February, 1788]

     (60) JEPHTHA HAWLEY, sworn:

    Claimt. lives next township to Wits. He is above 60 years infirm & unable to travel. He is in distress & unable to pay the Expenses of a journey.
    Produces Power of Atty. dated 9th Feby., 1788.
    Mr. Hawley says he knows nothing about him, but that he is a settler in the Upper County.
    His name is in Capt. Gummersals List. His Claim is for 50 acres Cleared, £250, 60 acres more, £300, a Mare & 3 Colts, a Cow. &c.
    Capt. Hawley says he only charged Improvmts. Produces affidavit of Andr. Kimmerly to the truth of the demands. Sworn 9th Feby., 1788.
    And affidavit of Richard Fitchet that Wm. Shewman was possessed of a good House, 100 acres cleared, a Cow, a Mare, 2 or 3 Colts, &c., & that he bore the character of an Honest man. Further evidence at Carleton Island.


    404. Evidence on the Claim of ALEXR. SIMPSON late of Conojohay, N. Y. Province. [Montreal, 27th February, 1788.]

    Claimt. Sworn:

    Says that he lived at Cataraqui in 1783 and sent a Claim to England by Capt. Gummersal.
    He is a native of Ireland. He came to America in 1762. Before the War he was emploied by Danl. Campbell in conducting his trade from Detroit to Schenectady. He never joined the rebels but continued to carry on trade on the Mohawk river until 1780, when he came into Montreal. After that he was emploied by Mr. McLean as Clerk and traded a little. [Margin note: Was formerly tried by Mr. Pemberton. Was suttler to the rebel army a rogue, his losses were when suttler.]
    He now resides at Cataraqui
    Says he lost goods taken by the rebel Army £100 N. Y. Cury. A 2nd time £200. [Margin Note: Says he bought these goods in Albany.]
    3 Horses taken away from him, that is stole from him. 2 Sleighs, Clothing and Bedding £12.
    Produces affidavit of Adam Clark, that he believes the articles claimed were in Alexr. Simpson's Possession and were taken from him. (81)
    Further Evidence on the Claim of ALEXR. SIMPSON. [Montreal, 4th March, 1788.]


    Knew Claimt. in 1772, on the Mohawk River. He then traded up the Mohawk River.
    He never heard of his being plundered by the rebels.
    He was sent to Albany gaol for his Loyalty. Knows nothing of his Losses.


    405. Evidence on the Claim of WARNER CASSELMAN, late of Tryon County, N. York. [Montreal, 27th February, 1788.]

    Claimt. Sworn:
    Says he was a soldier in the 1st Batal. of the K Regt. of New York in 1783.
    Produces Certificate Ensn. Connoly that he gave in a Claim in 1783.
    (85) He was born in Stone Arabia and lived there when the War began. He came to Canada in 1777. Says that he never joined the Americans. He enlisted at Oswego in Sir John Johnson's Regt. and served the remainder of the War. [Margin note: A good man.]
    He resides in the 4th Township of N. Johnstown. He had purchased 100 acres near Conojohay 2 years before the War. He had paid £10 Cury. He was to have pd. £60.
    He built a House and Stable and had cleared 8 or 9 acres. He left 2 Horses and 2 Cows and 2 Heifers behind him, 4 Sheep and some articles of Furniture.
    The person from whom he bought it took it for the Debt due him.

    Says he is Br. to Claimt. Remembers the farm he purchased near Conojohay. He had cleared 7 acres and had paid £10 Cury.
    He lost 2 Horses, 2 Cows, 2 Heifers, a few Sheep and Hogs.


    791. Case of DUNCAN CAMERON, late of New York. [June 23]

    Claimt. says:

    He was at Port Chamblee in the Fall '83; all the Fall. Had the care of the People who worked at the King's Saw Mill. Was under Capt. Twiss in the Engineer Department. Sent a Claim to Major Leake to be carried to England in the Fall '83.
    He is a native of Scotland. Came long ago to America. Lived at a Place called Mapletown, 36 miles from Albany.
    Had declared his sentiments from the first in Favor of Brit. Govert.
    In Aug., 1777, joined Genl. Burgoyne. Served with the Loyalists under Col. Foster. Brought 30 People in with him. On Col. Fosters Death the Loyalists were Commanded by Capt. McKoy. They were afterwards joined to Sr. J. Johnson's Regt.
     (60) Had the Commission of Ensign. Served during the Campaign. Came to Canada after Convention of Saratoga. Was in the Engineer's Department till the year 1784. Has now half Pay as Ensign. Settled on Lake Champlain.
    Had a Tenant farm of 160 acres in Mapletown, near Bennington, but not in Vermont.
    Had a Lease from Alex. Golden, dated 1769. It was a Lease forever, paying I sh. per acre rent.
    Took it as Wild Land. Built a house & Barn & had improved 60 acres. They were well cultivated & fenced.
    It was hired of Alexander Colden. He used to be called Governor from his or his Father's being Lieutent. Govr. of New York. Was Post Master General.
    Claimt. had leased out 80 acres, half the Estate, receiving £6.3s. yearly.
    Claimt. was to be answerable for ye Rent to Govr. Colden. About 12 acres of these Lands were cultivated when he let it off.
    Vals. the 80 acres which he reserved for himself at 170 or 180£ York Money.
    The part which Claimt. held has been Confiscated & sold. It was sold at Albany.
    (61) The tnt. of the other 80 acres enjoys them still, but does not pay the rent. This is a loss of £2.5 annually to Claimt.
    He made a Claim of 1,500 acres in Vermont in the Claim sent Home by Major Leake, but withdraws it.
    When he joined Genl. Burgoyne his stock was seized; 8 Cattle, 5 horses, 30 Sheep Stacks of Wheat, Peas, oats & Corn, Barley, Hay, Utensils. Saved his furniture.
    There were Parties sent from the Rebel Army to seize the property of Tories. A Party was sent from Bennington under the Command of Isaac Clark who took Claimt.'s Property.
    JOHN RUYTER, Wits:
    Remembers Claimt. serving the Campaign in Burgoyne's Army. He lived at Mapletown. Heard he had a great farm. Has been thro' the Place where Claimt. lived, but did not particularly know the Lands.

    [1787, July lst.]

    Claimt. produces Lease forever, dated 2nd Octr., 1769, from Alexr. Colden to Clt. of a Lot of Land in the E. Side of Hudsons River, Albany Co., containing 160 acres in Consn. of Clt.'s discharging the Quit Rents due & to become due & also to paying 1s. pr. a. pr. an. after 5 years from the Date of the Lease.
    Also Deposition of James Williamson, dated 28th April, 1780, taken before the grand Jury at Albany, charg. Clt. with having joined the British Army. (62)
    Produces appraisement at 3£ per acre by Thos. Sickel who mentions that 79 acres & 1/2 have been sold as Claimt.'s property by ye Court of Forfeiture.

806. MICHAEL CARMAN, New York. [Aug. 11th.]

    Claimt. Apprs.
    He is a native of Germany, went to America 1750, was settled in Tryon Co. when Rebellion broke out. He was too old to serve, but always declared in favour of Brit. Govert. His son Richd. & Son in Law joined the Brit. Army in 1776.
    The Claimt, was driven away in 1781, came into Canada.
    (2) He had a Lease from Sir Wm. Johnston of not quite 100 acres. Claimt. is now near 80 years of age, is to send his Lease by his Son in Law who will also give a faithful acct. of his property.
    The Son Michael Carman, has also sent a Claim but it is for property included in his father's Claim. Vi Bound Vol. 12, p. 165

810. Claim of JOHN FRIEL, late of New York. [Aug. 22.]

    DEBORAH FRIEL, Widow of Claimt. appears. (8)

    Says her late Husb. was a native of Ireland. Settled in America 20 years ago, lived at John's Town, Tryon Co.
    He joined the Brit. at the Beginning of the Rebellion. He at first joined Col. Claus & Sir John Johnson in 1775. He staid some time with them. He then returned home, staid a year, during which time he was imprisoned for 18 days. In 1777 he joined the Brit. Troops again, served under Sir John, served till brought up to Niagara by Col. Johnson. He died 3 years ago without a Will leaving Claimt., his Widow & 3 Children, 1 girl grown up & married to Saml. Cox & 2 boys, children all there now live with the Mother.

    Her Husb. had a Lease from Sir Wm. Johnson for ever at 6£ per an. dated 1771.
    Her Husb. had improved it, cleared 10 or 20 acres. Claimt. herself was driven from it. The Rebels took it & rented it at 9£.
     Her Husb. lost 2 Cows, & 1 Calf, furniture. All these things were taken by the Rebels, on acct. of her Husb. having joined Sir John's Corps. They were taken from Claimt.
    Produces Certificates to the Loyalty & Services of the late John Friel & that he joined the King's Troops at Commencement of Rebellion from Sir John Johnson. (9)

809. Claim of DANL. SERVOS, late of New York. [N.C. Aug. 22.]

    Claimt. Says he resided at Niagara in the Fall of 83, & the ensuing Winter. In Nov. 83, he gave in a Claim to his commanding officer Col. De Pyster to be sent to England, which Claim never arrived in England in time.
    Sent a 2nd Claim in Consequence of notice from J. Gust Hope as soon as he possibly could.

    Is a native of America. Resided in. Tryon Co. New York Prov.
    Claimt. his Father & Brother had declared in Favr. of the Brit. His Father, Brother & Claimt. were all imprisoned at different times. Claimt. was imprisoned in Johnstown Gaol in Aug. 1778. They went off. They could not stay any longer. They went on service. (5) Went to Niagara, joined in 1779, had a company of men as Lieut. in the Indian Department, produces his Commission from Genl. Haldimand in 1779, Continued in that service during the War. His Brother served also in the same Department.
    Produces Instructions from Col. Johnson, Col. of the six nations to Claimt. in 1780. His Father was killed by a Party of the Rebels at the Time. He was endeavouring to collect a party to come off in the summer, 1778. He was attacked by a Rebel Party. Claimt. was in Company. His father was shot. Claimt. left the Country at that time.
    Has not at present any half pay.
    The Claim is for the Estates of his Father. His father Christopher was killed in 1778. He died without a Will. He left a Widow, Clara, now in the Colonies.
    Claimt. Eldest Son, 2 Jacob now here, 3rd Bro. Infants now in the States, 5 Sisters in the States.
    His Father had 1,500 acres on Charlotte River. His father purchased it of Sir Wm. Johnson about the year 1770. The Deed is lost. He gave other Lands in exchange for it. It was uncultivated when he took it.
     About 90 acres clear, 2 Dwelling Houses, 2 Barns, 2 Mills, a Grist Mill & Saw Mill. A Large House for making Potash. Values the Farm at £3,000 York Cury including Buildings, the Mills & the Potash House.
    Vals. the 2 Mills at £700 which are included in the above Estimate. Vals. the Potash House at £120.
    This Estate has been sold. Part of it has not yet been sold.
    His Mother has not been allowed anything for her Dower.
    Claimt. says he saw an advertisement for the sale in a rebel News Paper.
    None of his family are in Possession of any part of the Estate. His Father lost a personal Estate consisting of 12 horses, 21 Head Cattle, 25 Sheep, 40 Hogs, furniture, Utensils for farming, Blacksmith & Weaver's tools, 3 large Kettles, utensils for Potash Work, Valued at £350 at the lowest.
    These Utensils were left on the Premises when they went away & sold by the Rebels.
    The Potash House & Works & all the Buildings were burnt by the Rebels.
    Produces 2 affts. that Claimt's Father Possessed the real & Personal Est. as contained in Schedules & that they are fairly valued by Claimt.
    Says there were no Debts on the Estate.
    N.B. - His name appears in Anstey's List.
    He is told to produce Certificates of Sale.

     (7) ADAM CHESTER Wit.

    Knew Claimt's father Christr. He was killed by the Rebels. He died without a Will, leaving Claimt. his Eldest Son. Knew his estate in Charlotte River. He bought it of Sir Wm. Johnson. Gave other Lands for it. Remembers him settled there sometime before. Above a 1,000 acres. A good Deal was clear. Speaks of 40 or 50 acres but cannot ascertain the No. There was a good Dwelling house, 2 Mills, a grist Mill & Saw Mill. He had a Potash Work on ye Premises. Vals. Clear Land at £5 per acre. Vals. unimproved at 20s. per acre. The Mills cost old Sevors a good Deal of Money. Thinks pretty near 500£. Knew the Potash Works, 2 Kettles, the principal expense is in the Kettles. Has heard the Estate has been sold. Claimt's Father had a large stock Blacksmiths tools, furniture, &c. He had good Horses. Everything was taken away by the Rebels.
    Produces Certificates to Loyalty & Services from Col. Butler.

817. Claim of RANDEL MACDONEL, late of Tryon Co. [August 24.]

    (21) Claimt. says:

    He resided at Niagara in the Summer '83 & the ensuing winter.
    Is a native of Ireland. Went to America many years ago. Was settled on Mohawk river, Tryon Co. Joined the Brit. at Fort Stanwix in 1777. 4 Sons went with him to the Brit. Army. Served in Col. Butler's Rangers as a Seargt. Served all the war. Now lives at Niagara.
    Produces Certificates to Claimt.'s Loyalty, good conduct & services from Col. Butler.
    Lived in a Leased House of Sir Wm. Johnstons. Had no Land of his own. Had 15 Cattle, 9 Horses, Sheep, great many Hogs, do. furniture, Cloaths, utensils, taken by the Rebels after he joined the Brit.

    Produces affdt. by 2 persons of his being possessed, of the effects above specified & that they are moderately valued.

    BARNABAS SKRAN: Knew Claimt. on the Mohawk. He had considerable stock, 8 or 9 horses. He had a plentiful stock. Witness left home before Claimt. did. He had the stock at that time. Heard the Rebels took his things. He had a good Waggon & good farming utensils. [Margin note: Satisfied claimant had a pretty good stock.]

Claims 364-65, 375, 384, 386, 388, 404-405, 791, 806, 809-10, 817 were prepared by Steve Mabie.

"Daniel Servos's claim is of great interest to me. The name Servos is the same family as Service. My great-great-great grandmother, Margaret Service, I think a cousin of Daniel, married Peter Mabee. I'm trying to verify the Servos/Service family history, and this helps a great deal." Steve Mabie

Source: "Second Report of the Bureau of Archives for the Province of Ontario", by Alexander Fraser, Provincial Archivist, 1904. Printed by Order of The Legislative Assembly of Ontario. Toronto: L.K. Cameron, Printer to the King's Most Excellent Majesty, 1905.

This book was reprinted in 1994 by the Genealogical Publishing Co. of Baltimore, MD. Check with your librarian about interlibrary loan or suggest they acquire a copy for their collections. All of this information is new to me so I'm unable to help or advise researchers personally.

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