Revolutionary War Pension Application


Maria Elizabeth (Marillis) Moyer
Upon Service of Johann Jost Dygert

Herkimer County NY

Contributed by Clint Dygert.

"Maria was married to Capt. Jost Dygert and was in the process of applying thru her son John Dygert who at that time was the county clerk for Herkimer County. The affidavit was reviewed on Oct. 7, 1837. John also sent an affidavit concerning the application of his mother."

Johann Jost Dygert, Capt. was born October 21, 1749 in Stone Arabia, New York, and died February 03, 1813 in Town of Manheim, Herkimer County, New York. He married Maria Elizabeth (Marillis) Moyer April 12, 1777 in John Moyer's house, her father, Manheim, Herkimer Co., New York. The marriage was performed by Rev. Gros. Maria Elizabeth was born May 05, 1763, and died Aft. October 07, 1837.

The birth and death date of Jost Dygert was recorded from a Dygert Family Bible which I have in my possession. (Clint Dygert)

Jost was a militia Ensign in 1767. According to an affidavit by John Dygert, who was county clerk of Herkimer County in 1837, he claims that his father, Jost Dygert, was in command of Gen. Nickolas Herkimer's front guard in the march to the relief of Fort Stanwix; therefore when General Herkimer issued that command, contrary to his own judgement, to "Forward March" in Aug. of 1777, Jost Dygert, now Captain, at the head of his company led the line of march and was the first man to enter that ambuscade in Oriskany Ravine.

Among other soldiers in Captain Dygert's company were his brother-in-law, Theobald Moyer and Henry J. Walradt, both soldiers from Little Falls, the latter of whom married Jost's cousin, Maria B., and perhaps Jost's father-in-law, John Moyer of Manheim, who furnished the interesting affadavit herewith. Henry J. Walradt was taken prisoner in that Battle of Oriskany.

More About Johann Jost Dygert, Capt.:

Baptism: Sponsors; General Nicholas Herkimer and wife, Maria Dygert. ( first wife )

Following is the Pension Claim of Maria for Revolutionary War Services of her first husband, Lieut. Jost Dygert.

State of New York, Herkimer County
Oct. 7, 1837

On the seventh day of October in the Term of October one thousand eight hundred and thirty seven of the court of Common Pleas of said county held at the Court House at Herkimer village in aforesaid county before the Hon. Adijah Osburn, John B. Dygert and Richard Terrenden Esquires judges of said court appeared personally in open court Marillus Tockey (formerly Maria Elizabeth Moyer, wife of Lieut. Johann Jost Dygert) who being first duly sworn according to law, doeseth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain a pension under the act of Congress passed July 1836, supplemental amendatory Thereof.

That she is seventy-four years of age on the fifth day on May 1837 and is the widow of Jost Dygert deceased and now resides in the town of Little Falls in said county and that the said Jost Dygert was at the time of his marriage an officer in the militia of the State of New York and served as such in the Revolutionary War, That as declarent was then informed and afterward as she believes that the said Jost first held the commission of Lieutenant and afterwards that of captain and served as such in said war,

That declarent was married to said Jost Dygert on the 12th day of April 1777, at her father's (John Moyer's) house in the now town of Manheim in the County of Herkimer and that he (her husband, Jost Dygert) was then called Lieutenant. That in the summer of 1777 and shortly after their marriage the said Jost as said officer, as declarent was then informed and as she then and ever has believed true, was ordered out with the company under the command of General Herkimer and that he said Jost was in August of that year with his company in the Battle of Oriskany and that previous to that battle depondent saith said Jost was absent from home and as she then and then informed and as she then and ever since belived to be true and with his company was engaged in cutting a road from some point on the Mohawk River in the now town of Schuyler in the county of Herkimer to what is called Whitestown in the county of Oneida and also in cutting trees and timber into Wood Creek, west of what is now called Rome and that said Jost was absent from home and as deponent was then infromed and ever since has believed to be true, engaged as said officer in the public service from some time in May of the year 1777 till after the battle of Oriskany in August of that Year. After this battle said Dygert returned Home and remained a few weeks, after which he was again ordered out and went and was absent several weeks and saith that during this fall and winter following her said husband repeatedly was ordered out on duty and that he was absent some times three weeks at a time and as deponent then was informed and then and ever has believed engaged in public service.

This deponent said that said Dygert her husband and deponent resided on Fall hill in the town of Little Falls in the county of Herkimer and resided there till the month of April 1778, when her said husband was ordered to Fort Plain in the now county of Montgomery and deponent saith she went there with her husband and remained there for about two years and that her said husband was stationed at said fort during said time, and recollects that he was out on duty the time the enemy overran Stone Arabia under Sir John Johnson and also was out in the so called Van Rensselaer's Battle on the Mohawk and in what was called the Battle of Durlock and declarent varily believes that her said husband was during the time they lived at the Fort more than one year in the whole time and while he was not out on duty he was engaged in duties as such officer in and at the Fort during said two years.

This depondent saith she also recollects that her said husband was engaged in the Battle of Claseberg in the now town of Minden, county of Montgomery and thinks this battle was in 1778.

This deponent saith her said husband was out at this time several weeks and further saith that when the Timmermans were murdered by the enemy which deponent thinks was in 1779, her said husband was ordered out with his men to scour that region of country being what is now called St. Johnsville or Oppenheim in said county of Montgomery and that he was about on his duty from four to six weeks.

This deponent further saith that in the fall of 1780, news came that a party of the enemy had murdered the father of her said husband who had continued to reside at Fall Hill afore said and that she and her husband then removed there till the following spring and the spring of 1780 or 81 her said husband was ordered back again to said Fort Plain and deponent went there with him. After arriving there her said husband engaged a place for deponent to reside in the family of Mr. Reesener, living on the north side of the Mohawk River nearly opposite said Fort.

This deponent saith she recollects and states that when news came that the enemy had murdered Jacobus Mabies' family which deponent believes was in 1780 or 81 her said husband was ordered out with his company to scour that region of the country being what is called the Royal Grant north of the Mohawk and protect the inhabitants and that he was about on this occasion several weeks.

The deponent saith she made it her at said Reeseners' till the close of said Revolutionary War and saith that her said husband was engaged in the public service until the close of ther war, as she then believed and was informed and as she stated, she recollects of frequently having seen her said husband out purchasing provisions, clothing and other supplies for the fort and that during the time deponent resided at said Reesener's that her husband spent but a small portion of time and that only occasionally with deponent and that she resided at said Reesner's until after the close of the war and that during that time deponent was informed and believes he was employed in the public service as such officer at Fort or out with his men on duty.

The deponent saith that the said Dygert her husband died the 3rd day of February 1813, and that she married to John Tockey of the said town of Manheim, on the 12th day of April 1823, and that he died the 27th day of September 1832, and that since then she has and still does remain a widow.

Signed: Marillis Tockey                                     (her uncle X)
Sworn and subscribed in open court this seventh day of October 1837.

                                                J. Dygert, Clerk

(Copied from photostat of original, by Frank Dygert Deuel) 9-11-40

Children of Johann Dygert and Maria Moyer are:

(1) Warner Dygert, born December 23, 1782 in Canajorie, Montgomery County, N.Y.; died December 15, 1844 in Little Falls, Herkimer County, New York.

(2) Johannes Dygert, born April 14, 1785 in Canajorie, Montgomery County, N.Y.; died May 26, 1867 in Little Falls, Herkimer, New York1. He married (1) Margaret Petrie; born September 06, 1785; died November 30, 1836 in Little Falls, Herkimer, New York. He married (2) Mary Lockwood September 13, 1837 in Little Falls, Herkimer County, N.Y.; Rev. Blodgett.

Johannes Dygert was a charter member of the Masonic Lodge at Little Falls,New York. In 1835, when he deposed on behalf of his mother's pension application, he resided in the Town of Herkimer.

                        Jost Dygert at the Battle of Oriskany

Herkimer, 1st of March, 1838. To Hon. A. Loomis, Representative in Congress.

Dear Sir:    Since I rec'd yours with the enclosed I have endeavored to make further proof of the services of my father ( Jost Dygert ) in the Revolutionary War. In 1777 at the Battle of Oriskany he as an officer commanded the General's front guard but those he commanded are all dead. I can only now prove that fact by hearsay, which I suppose would be of no use. I am therefore authorized by my mother to say that she believes no further proof can be made and will excempt of a certificate asstated by Mr. I. L. Edwards. Respectfully yours, etc., Jon Dygert.

John was a clerk of the Court of Common Pleas of Herkimer County, New York.

There is no issue of children from John Dygert and Margaret Petrie.

More About Johannes Dygert:

Baptism: April 15, 1785, German Flatts, Sponsors; Severinus W. Tygert and Margaretha Rosencrantz.

Notes for Margaret Petrie:
MARGARET married Marks Petrie - a near relative of Aunt Katie's husband, Marcus Petrie. They had children Marks, Peter and Joseph, and one daughter Margaret, who married the late John Dygert. They had no children.

Margaret died may years ago, and none of her children are now living. In person she was rather tall and not very stout, of fair countenance, genial disposition, and was highly respected by her relatives.

Inter-marriages of relatives in our family occur often. Esquire John Tygert, as the name was formerly spelled, was a grandson of Lana and Warner Dygert. Her homestead was on Church street. She died in 1836.

        By Col. Henry McLean Heath
        Little Falls, N.Y.
        Herkimer County News Print

More About Margaret Petrie:
Baptism: September 26, 1785, German Flatts; Sponsors; Pieter P. and Christina Bellinger

(3) Daniel Dygert, born March 10, 1798 in Canajorie, Montgomery County, N.Y.; died September 27, 1847 in Little Falls, Herkimer Co., New York.

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