The following is a poem which was written by my grandmother, Frances Miller Lynch, after her son, Raymond, was killed in France in World War I and is buried in Meuse-Argonne American Cemetary near Verdun France. It really could be a poem to every son who gave his life in WWI. I have a special relationship to it as Raymond was my uncle, my mother's brother. It really stops me every time I read it.

Paul McLaughlin
Village of Ilion Editor
May 2000

R.T.Lynch's Grave

Section 30, Plot 3
Argonne Am. Cemetery 1232
Romagne-sous Montfaucon Meuse


Stars of Blue and Gold

for Raymond

I took from my window a star of blue
And hung there a star of gold;
And my hot tears fall on that star of blue
As with reverent fingers I hold
The banner I placed for my loving boy
Where hangs one now for the dead.
But tho my heart with anguish wrung
"Thy will be done", I said.

He gave his all for his country's sake,
Tho sweet indeed was life.
Freely he made his sacrifice
That right might win the strife.
My brave, true lad, he lies today
In the bloodstained soil of France,
And never again on his smile of joy
Will rest my loving glance.

Sleep soldier lad, in far off France
Tho my heart is rent in twain,
Accepting the burden my Master lays
I'll bear my cross of pain--
Holding the flag with reverent hands
Ah, you were a soldier true!
True to the Maker you loved so well
And the old Red, White and Blue.

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Created: 5/25/00
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