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Memorial Day 1998. This weekend we again honor those who've served their country and resided in Herkimer and Montgomery Counties. The following list of veterans buried in Newport, Herkimer County came from an early 20th century newspaper clipping donated by Robert Lorick, date and paper unknown. The specific cemetery in which each man was buried was not listed in the article. Further information may be gotten from the Newport Historical Center.

Last year we asked researchers with ancestors in the two counties to submit names to our 1997 Memorial Day Roll of Honor. Please take the time to revisit these men and women again. This project was so successful that we decided to make a year-round Military Honor Roll. We welcome contributions about your ancestral veteran throughout the year.

1/15/1999/99: Bill McKerrow, Newport/Norway Editor, sent another list of veterans that he received from the Newport Historical Center. Included were men whose names did not appear in the early newspapers article. The new listings of Revolutionary War men might be attributed to documentation of their service by descendants or Bromley Cemetery apparently having been originally excluded. As for the Civil War men, the additional men were probably still alive at the time the article was written. Most of the new additions are attributed to two cemeteries (these cemeteries also still active), indicating that this larger list is a composite of the newspaper article and other sources, such as obits and walking the cemeteries and observing more recent headstones.



Newport, June 2 - In connection with Memorial Day, the following list of veterans whose graves were decorated in Newport cemeteries is of special interest. Many have descendants in the village who view their ancestors' records with pride:

Revolutionary War (6):

Colonel Standish Barry
Uriah Hawkins
Captain Stephen Keith
Ensign Benjamin Ford - Newport Cemetery
Christopher Hawkins
Major Johnathan Barney
Uriah Hawkins - added 1/15/1999
Samuel Newberry - added 1/15/1999, Bromley Cemetery
Daniel Payne - added 1/15/1999, Bromley Cemetery
Daniel Sweezy - added 1/15/1999, Bromley Cemetery
Capt. Ezra Pierce - added 1/15/1999, Newport Cemetery
Capt. Stephen - added 1/15/1999, Newport Cemetery

War of 1812 (22):

Colonel Chas. Willard
Dennis Hawkins
Joseph Bucklin
Thomas Walker
Joseph A. Page
David Smith
Samuel Hawkins
Alfred Hawkins
Joseph Knight
William S. Buckley
Stewart Comins I
James De Wolf
David Benchley
Elisha Enos
Jabez Green
Reuben Kelsey
Benjamin Munn
John Nelson
Joseph Benchley
Jessie Page
Westel Willoughby - Newport Cemetery Lester Newberry - added 1/15/1999/99, Bromley Cemetery

Civil War:

17th Artillery -
George Hammersley
W. Page
W. Thomas

10th Artillery -
Geo. T. Jenkins

34th Regiment -
Orrin Haskel
Warren Page
Robert Sanford
William Gorsey
Albert Arnold
William H. Benchley
Isaac Campbell
James Maxwell
Ezra Doxtader

121st Regiment -
Orrin Dolly
William Davis
Timothy Kavanaugh
Jacob D. Farrell
Thomas Haskins
Fred Harris
James P. Kenyon - Newport Cemetery
Warren Olds
Myron S. Pearl
N. B. Barney
James. H. Cox

81st Infantry -
Thomas Hammersley - Newport Cemetery
George T. Moore
George Holt

97th Regiment -
Patrick Brassell
Anson Robinson
Aluni Coy
Andrew Lane
Harry Vanaman

8th Cavalry -
Thomas Cullen
Robert Galway
Thomas Murphy
William Williams

44th New York Volunteers
William Sanford
Wastel Hawkins

Navy -
John Brady - Catholic Cemetery

152nd Regiment -
Jacob Eames
Hamilton Holt
William D. Morey
J. Holt
Elisha Reno
Chansey S. Whitney
Henry W. Wood
James G. Wilson
George Holt
David Holt
Ebenezer Pearl
Ira B. Barney - Newport Cemetery
Aaron Benson
John Bullard
William B. Coffin
Amosa Evans
William R. Haskell
John Iedile
Joseph Lawer
Herbert Norton
Reuben Norton
Irving Root
Granville Palmer
David Seamens
George Whitney
Frank Coffin

Sharpshooters -
Noah Olds
Lyman Bateman - Newport Cemetery
John Bala

189th New York volunteer -
Stewart Comins 2nd

Of unknown regiments or companies -
Patrick Finegan
Daniel P. Wooster
William Whitney
Patrick Corcoran
William H. Harrison
Stephen Spain
Elisha Roberts
William Brown
John Jenkins
John Fenner - Newport Cemetery
Edward Dunn
Benjamin Roast - Catholic Cemetery
John H. Fenner
Clinton A. Moon
William Harris
Henry I. Fisher
Capt. Thomas E. Merritt
Joseph Knight
Dennis O'Connor
Colonel George Head
Andrew Warner
John Cashman - added 1/15/1999, Catholic Cemetery
Timothy Cavanaugh - added 1/15/1999, Catholic Cemetery
William Culver - added 1/15/1999, Newport Cemetery
William Davis - added 1/15/1999, Newport Cemetery
George Hammersly - added 1/15/1999, Newport Cemetery
George Judson - added 1/15/1999, Newport Cemetery
James Maxwell - added 1/15/1999, Catholic Cemetery
Noah Olds - added 1/15/1999, Newport Cemetery
Charles Powers - added 1/15/1999, Newport Cemetery
Maurice Raynor - added 1/15/1999, Newport Cemetery
Robert Sanford - added 1/15/1999, Newport Cemetery
Peter Shepard - added 1/15/1999, Catholic Cemetery
Wm. Thomas - added 1/15/1999, Newport Cemetery

117th New York (Co. F) -
Israel Jones - Newport Cemetery

Spanish War:

Charles Brady - Catholic Cemetery
Major Evans
Riley, Edward - added 1/15/1999, Catholic Cemetery
Toomey, John - added 1/15/1999, Catholic Cemetery
Maj. John Doyle - added 1/15/1999, Catholic Cemetery

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