Affidavit of John C. Crane

Civil War Mother's Pension Claim


Polly Casler Hilts

Mother of

John J. Hilts

Herkimer County, NY

Contributed by Carol Grainger.

Claim for Polly Casler Hilts, wife of George Hilts, mother of deceased soldier and her son, John J. Hilts. State of New York
County of Herkimer.

    John C. Crane* a resident of the town of Herkimer in said County being duly sworn deposes and says that he is sixty eight years of age; that he was present at the marriage of George J. Hilts and Polly Casler on the fifth day of August 1819: that they were married by Oran Hall Esq a Justice of the Peace, in the town of Herkimer in the County aforesaid; that he remembers the time of the marriage from the fact of his own marriage having occured one year and two months before that of said George J. Hilts and Polly Casler.

    And he further says that since said marriage of George J. Hilts and Polly Casler, said George J. and Polly lived together from their said marriage until the death of said George J. Hilts, as husband and wife- that he was well acquainted with said George J. and Polly until the death of said George J. and that said Polly has remained and still is the widow of said George J. Hilts.

    And he also says that he has assisted said Polly in a diligent seach for same record of her said marriage but could find none. That he was married by said Oran Hall Esq and received no marriage certificate, and he believes that at that time it was not usual for said Hall to give certificates of marriage nor to keep any record which can now be found.

    And he further says that John J. Hilts late of Company A in the 121st regiment New York Volunteers was a son of George J. Hilts and Polly Hilts, and that said Polly Hilts was partly dependant on her said son John J. for a livelihood: that said John J. was acustomed to give his mother Polly Hilts a portion of his earnings for her support.

    And he says further that he has no interest direct or indirect in her claim for a pension.

Cut off here-

Note: * John C. Crane was married to Bolly or Polly Hilts (d. 10 May 1831, 31 years old, wife of John Crane).

Note: Polly was the wife of George Hilts (born 1795, died January 1859). The parents of this George have not been found.

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