The following is a roster of early DAR members from a book about the history of the DAR in New York State. This section was dependent on the response of the individual chapters, and apparently none of the Montgomery County chapters responded, as I only found Herkimer County chapters represented.


For Herkimer County Chapters

"So let us turn now and then to the past and live it over, that we may see the daring and faith of men and women real and alive as we who made this land and us." - Oppenheim.

Source: Extracted from "History of New York State Conference Daughters of the American Revolution Its Officers and Chapters with National Officers from New York and Roster of Real Daughters," Compiled by (Mrs. Frederick) Florence Skidmore Brown Menges, State Historian, and Mrs. Charles White Nash, State Regent, 1927.

Real Daughters of the State of New York

43141 - Mrs. Mary Adle Davis (b. 1809, d. 1904)
..Astenrogen Chapter, Little Falls
..Wife of Robert J. Davis; daughter of John Adle (1758-1819) and Lucy Klock Davis (1776-1864)
..John Adle participated in battle of Oriskany; also served at Sackett's Harbor, N.Y., in 1812.

21165 - Mrs. Angelina Bensley Ford (b. 1819; d. ?)
..General Nicholas Herkimer Chapter, Herkimer
..Wife of Albert G. Ford; daughter of David Bensley (1755-1847) and Abigail Putnam Bensley (b. 1776; m. 1815).
..David Bensley was placed on the Herkimer Co. Pension Roll for service as private in the Rhode Island Line.

17716 - Mrs. Elizabeth Petry Gray (b. 1805; d.1898).
..General Nicholas Herkimer Chapter, Herkimer.
..Wife of Charles Gray; daughter of Jacob W. Petry (1775-1851) and Mary Smith Petry.
..Jacob Petry rendered assistance at Fort Dayton during seige by Indians and Tories.

28667 - Mrs. Sarah Jane Warren Hamlin (b. 1819; d. 1901)
..Mohawk Valley Chapter, Illion.
..Wife of Chauncey Hamlin; daughter of Daniel Warren (1764-1843).
..Daniel Warren served as private in the Mass. Line; pensioner in Oneida Co.

25398 - Mrs. Anna Taeger Moyer (b. 1812; d. ?)
..General Nicholas Herkimer Chapter, Herkimer.
..Wife of Henry Moyer; daughter of John Taeger and Jacobina Catarina Miller Moyer.
..John Taeger (1751-1830) served (1778) in Capt. Carl Martel's Co. Light Dragoons, Armand's Corps.

30020 - Mrs. Samantha Stanton Nellis (b. 1810; d. 1915). ..Astenrogen Chapter, Little Falls. ..Wife of John Dietz Nellis; daughter of Elijah Stanton (1754-1841) and Lucy Goodell Stanton. ..Elijah Stanton served as private in Washington's Guard; imprisoned on ship "Jersey"; pensioner.

29161 - Mrs. Phoebe Wooley Palmeter (b. 1832; d. ?)
..Mohawk Valley Chapter, Ilion.
..Wife of Russell Palmeter; daughter of Jonathan Wooley (1758-1845) and Anna Gates Wooley.
..Jonathan Wooley served in N. H. Continental Line; pensioner.

28669 - Mrs. Esther A. Shepardson (b. 1836; d. 1921)
..Mohawk Valley Chapter, Ilion.
..Wife of Tubbard Shepardson; daughter of Jeremiah Purdy and Susannah Walworth Purdy (d. 1876).
..Jeremiah Purdy (1761-1842) was an artificer in Baldwin's Regt.

30065 - Mrs. Sarah M. L. Stevens (b. 1819; d. 1907).
..General Nicholas Herkimer Chapter, Herkimer.
..Wife of Andrew Stevens; daughter of Jacob Lutz.
..Jacob Lutz served as private during the Revolutionary War.

28195 - Mrs. Adeline Jones Whitney (b. 1800; d. 1900).
..Mohawk Valley Chapter, Ilion.
..Wife of Richard Whitney; daughter of Nehemiah Jones and Anna Pomeroy Jones
..Nehemiah Jones (1760-1838) served in Mass. Line; pensioner in Oneida Co., NY.

28670 - Miss Eliza Works (b. 1794; d. 1899)
..Mohawk Valley Chapter, Ilion.
..Daughter of Samuel Works and Susannah Works.
..Samuel Works served as private in Capt. John Coles' Co., Col. Samuel Ashley's Regt. of New Hampshire Militia at Ticonderoga

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