Herkimer County



1916 to 1918

This roster was compiled by the Herkimer County Home Defense Committee. The committee undertook the chore of collecting material as to soldiers who were drafted and offered their services as volunteers from Herkimer County. For various reasons, many of those contacted did not respond, so the committee realized that this is not a complete record. However, they believed that they had made an effort to furnish as complete a roster as possible of soldiers and sailors from Herkimer County who served in the first World War. Many of the towns listed are not in Herkimer County. It is presumed, since the mailout was based on residents of Herkimer County at the time of entry into service, that the towns and cities listed were the places where the individuals were located when they returned the questionaire.

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Introduction - 3.4M
Surnames A - 1.5M
Surnames B - 5.3M
Surnames C - 4.7M
Surnames D - 4.2M
Surnames E - 1.6M
Surnames F - 3.3M
Surnames G - 2.9M
Surnames H - 4.7M
Surnames I, J - 2.2M
Surnames K - 2.9M
Surnames L - 3.4M
Surnames M - 6.4M
Surnames N - 1.2M
Surnames O - 1.2M
Surnames P, Q - 3.0M
Surnames R - 2.7M
Surnames S - 5.4M
Surnames T - 1.9M
Surnames U, V - 1.5M
Surnames W - 3.3M
Surnames Y, Z - 888K
Units - 2.3M
Motor Corps - 445K

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