1888-1889 Russia City Directory
Part 2 Surnames M-Z
Herkimer County, NY

The Herkimer County 1888-9 Directory is a great source for filling in the missing census records of 1890. Individuals in this directory would have likely been in the federal census of 1890. Absence of a family or person does not always mean that they didn't live there. All original spellings and punctuations were retained from the original records and have been proofread by a third party to ensure a proper transcription. Due to the size of the files, the directory has been split into two files. Fields such as Widow and Title have been kept even though they contain no data. They were in the directory .

From Herkimer County 1888-9 Directory, published by Lant & Silvernail, Valatie, Columbia County, N.Y.

Robert Lorick
Contributing Editor

1888-1889 Russia Directory
Part 2 Surnames M-Z
Last Name First Title Widow Lease information Occupation Business location Type of residence Number Town
Moore Milo

196 Russia
McVoy T.

1/4 Russia
Munson William

1 Russia
Moon V.

156 Gravesville
McMaster S.

59 Trenton Falls Oneida Co.
Merriman J.

368 Prospect Oneida Co.
McBride S.

61 Prospect Oneida Co.
Moon N. M.


Morey G. C.


Miller R.

saw mill

Moon B.

235 Russia
Mugride E.

7 Russia
Marcy D.

175 Russia
McArthur A.

186 Grant
Miller J.

150 Northwood
Miller J. C.

50 Northwood
miller F.

40 Northwood
Miller Fred

96 Northwood
Mickle E.

93 Northwood
Morris E.

300 Northwood
Maner A.

3 Grant
Miller A.

1 1/2 Grant
McChesney R.

7 1/2 Grant
Miller D.

16 Grant
Moore Miles

270 Russia
Moore M.

1 Russia
Marcy B.

152 Russia
Nicholls H.

108 Grant
Odit A.

gen. Mdse.

Pooler O.

3/4 Russia
Pullman L.

240 Russia
Pardee E.

13 Russia
Peabody D.

96 Gang Mills
Peabody C.

106 Gang Mills
Prindle C.

40 Russia
Phillips S. A.

80 Trenton Falls Oneida Co.
Pearl M.

28 Gravesville
Paige E.

1/2 Gravesville
Prichard R. A.

1 Russia
Pooler J.

1/2 Russia
Parks A.

75 Russia
Papple R.

106 Grant
Papple D.

106 Grant
Russell G. A.

66 Russia
Russell E. C.

1 Russia
Russell J. A.

190 Russia
Russell J.

5 Gravesville
Rust William

169 Trenton Falls Oneida Co.
Rust & Wolcott

1 Trenton Falls Oneida Co.
Robinson S.

158 Russia
Roscoe S.

42 Gravesville
Russell W. D.

20 Russia
Richards E.

1 1/2 Russia
Roberts R.

121 Northwood
Rathbone G.

157 Gang Mills
Rathbone J.

148 Northwood
Roberts D.

243 Northwood
Russell E. C.


Roberts Thomas

199 Northwood
Roberts M.

195 Northwood
Richmyre B.

21 Northwood
Rathbone Ed.

85 Grant
Smith J.

94 Russia
Smith M. S.

233 Russia
Smith Peter 2nd

231 Russia
Sweezy A.

470 Gtrant
Stubber S.

1/3 Gravesville
Stone C.

49 Russia
Squire A.

38 Prospect Oneida Co.
Squire C.

25 Prospect Oneida Co.
Simons J.

10 Prospect Oneida Co.
Stanton Sisters

700 Gang Mills
Sperry S.

41 Gravesville
Sperry F.

57 Gravesville
Simpson W.

242 Trenton Falls Oneida Co.
Shaw W.

75 Gravesville
Smith J. F.

35 Gravesville
Silliman G.

106 Prospect Oneida Co.
Smith F.

10 Gang Mills
Santmire L.

93 Russia
Smith M.

20 Russia
Smith A.

1/2 Grant
Stanton H.

157 Trenton Oneida Co.
Smith A. & A.

492 Grant
Smith C.

15 Grant
Stanton J. W.

198 Gang Mills
Spaul J.

158 Lansingburg Rensselaer Co.
Sprigg & Wood

50 Northwood
Sprigg J.

178 Northwood
Smith P.

60 Forestport Oneida Co.
Shaw D.

34 Forestport Oneida Co.
Skelton T.

150 Forestport Oneida Co.
Sapul J.

144 Northwood
Spears J. R.

1 1/8 Northwood
Shepherd P.

50 Grant
Smith Charles

235 Grant
Smith Stuart

432 Grant
Theobald M.

122 Cold Brook
Trask C.

20 Cold Brook
Talcott C.

30 Prospect Oneida Co.
Terry J.

1/4 Poland
Terry W.

12 Poland
Taylor J.

7 Poland
Thomas J.

8 Grant
Talcott C.

113 Prospect Oneida Co.
Taylor S. F.

162 Russia
Taylor S. P.

71 Russia
Tanner V.

1 1/4 Gravesville
Vincent J. W.

3 1/2 Russia
Vincent C.

1/8 Cold Brook
Vickery William

111 Cold Brook
Vandenberg E.

198 Prospect Oneida Co.
Van Ettan B.

61 Prospect Oneida Co.
Vaughn Isaac

100 Northwood
Vanepp William

185 Prospect Oneida Co.
Walker Nelson

128 Cold Brook
Wiser Adelia

12 Russia
Weldon P.

88 Grant
Winchell H.

1/8 Gravesville
Warder E.

1 3/4 Gravesville
Warder R.

35 Gravesville
Wood Fernando

200 Trenton Falls Oneida Co.
Wheeler E. E.

207 Trenton Falls Oneida Co.
Wendover H.

14 Russia
Worden Wait R.

125 Russia
Western Dwight

192 Russia
Wood & White

3 Russia
Wood C. N.

104 Gravesville
Ward W.

Western James

100 Gravesville
Williams A.

139 Northwood
Wall james

100 Northwood
Worden George

50 Northwood
Worden F.

93 Northwood
Worden Peter

63 Northwood
Wall John D.

54 Northwood
Woodin G.

1/4 Herkimer
Waghorn J.

80 Gang Mills
Williams D.

50 Deerfield Oneida Co.
Wilt William

476 Grant
Wilt Anthony

106 Grant
Walker James L.

68 Grant
Wescoot Anthony

47 Grant
Wheeler Chancellor

62 Grant
Wiser J. C.

229 Richville St. Lawrence Co.
Worden William

150 Northwood

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