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Russia Union Church, 110th Anniversary, 1820-1930

The family profiles below come from the small book "Russia Union Church, 110th Anniversary, 1820 - 1930." Jane Dieffenbacher, Fairfield Town Historian, will be transcribing the family profiles from the second half of this rare book over the course of the summer. The small Town of Russia is on the western half of Herkimer County and borders the Towns of Deerfield, Trenton and Remson in neighboring Oneida County and the Towns of Ohio, Newport and Norway within Herkimer County.

In the middle of the book is this notation. "The foregoing pages constitute the history of the Russia Union Church as far as can be ascertained. The history of some of the families connected with it have been compiled. Time and space will not permit to complete the family sketches in this booklet. To those who have graciously furnished material in any way we are grateful. Printed books, family Bibles, written records, documents, letters, papers and clippings have been used as sources of information by the author, Rev. Roger F. Williams."



Warren Carpenter was an early settler of Russia. His wife was Rebecca. He was first deacon in the Russia Baptist Church. Among their children were Elijah, John, Asahel, Jotham and Warren, Jr.

Asahel Carpenter died June 10, 1841, aged 71. His wife Elizabeth died December 1, 1836, aged 63. Their son was Asahel I. Carpenter, born December 8, 1808, died October 7, 1868. He married Ann Sophia Polley, born April 17, 1812, died August 8, 1888. Their children were Sally Ann, Louisa and Henry.

John Carpenter, born 1773, died June 22, 1809. His wife was Thankful Fish, born 1773, died August 14, 1845. Their son was Elder John Carpenter, born June 17, 1804, died April 16, 1847. His wife was Helen M. Overton daughter of Joel and Naomi (Carter) Overton, born October 22, 1808, died June 26, 1894. Before John Carpenter was settled as Baptist pastor in Russia, he ministered to destitute churches most of the time. He was in Harrisburg, Lewis County, NY. The children of John and Helen (Overton) Carpenter were Mary E., Lyman, James, Levi, Jane, Harrietta, Martha H.


Wheeler Case, the son of Stephen and Glorianna (Merritt) Case of Marlboro, Ulster County, NY, was baptized there February 25, 1767, in the Presbyterian Church by Rev. Wheeler Case. He married July 17, 1788, Mercy Merritt, born 1760, died July 1, 1819, the daughter of James and Martha (Bloomer) Merritt. They settled on Swezey Hill in Newport. He died April 12, 1825. Wheeler and Mercy (Merritt) Case had children:

  1. Samuel, born October 13, 1789, died January 10, 1856. Married Eunice Swezey, born September 10, 1792, died May 29, 1832, daughter of Daniel and Sarah (___) Swezey. They resided in Ohio. The children of Samuel and Eunice (Swezey) Case were: Sarah B., Harriett N., Caroline, Daniel, Eunice.
  2. Esther, born June 29, 1791, died May 9, 1865. Married December 16, 1813, Wilbur Rathbun. They lived in Newport. Their children were Jane E., Mary A., Mercy A., Samuel S., an infant son, Charles Wilbur, Maria E.
  3. Stephen, born February 24, 1794, died March 8, 1878. Married, first, Mary Beebe; second, Lovina Beebe. His children were Silas B., George, Lydia, Lovina, Mary.
  4. David, born May 13, 1792, died August 28, 1834. Married Mary Beebe. their children were David, Wheeler, Cheney, Eliza, Juliette, Mary, Antha.
  5. Martha, born June 26, 1798, died March 8, 1864. Married December 18, 1816, Martin Payne. Their children were Hiram, Esther, Stephen, Fred, Frank, Mary, Adolphus, Seth W.


James Clark was born 1739 in Colrain, Mass. Married May 4, 1761, Sarah Scott. He moved to Chester, Mass., in 1760. He was elected Tithingman at the first town meeting in Chester in 1766. He was a born politician and very prominent in the early history of the town. In 1775 he was assessed 64 pounds sterling. He was a Minute Man in the American Revolution and marched to Cambridge. He also served as second lieutenant in Pomeroy's Mass. Regiment. James and Sarah (Scott) Clark had children:

  1. James Scott, born april 1, 1762, died March 1, 1850. Married Selah Anderson. Soldier in American Revolution. A resident of Copenhagen, Lewis County, NY.
  2. Royal, born November 21, 1763, died 1768.
  3. Silas, born June 28, 1766.
  4. James, born April 25, 1768, died 1848.
  5. David, born April 25, 1768, died 1848.
  6. Orrin, born March 24, 1773, in Chester, Mass. Married Martha (Patty) Halliday. He died December 31, 1854. He was a farmer in Russia and an influential member of the Baptist Church. They had a son, Robert Halliday Clark, born September 24, 1805; died September 12, 1875. Married Hannah Lanning. Linus R. and Sylvia, wife of Jonathan M. Merriman, were among their children.
  7. Royal.


Hezekiah Coon moved from Hopkinton, Rhode Island, to Berlin, Rensselaer County, NY. He joined the First Sabbatarian Church of Hopkinton, Rhode Island, October 16, 1779. His wife, Sarah, had joined June 25, 1770. The children of Hezekiah and Sarah Coon were: Hezakiah, Daniel, David, George, William, Delana, Aaron.

David Coon, the son of Hezekiah and Sarah Coon, settled in the town of Russia previous to 1795. His wife was Abigail, who married for her second husband, Col. Daniel Wright. Daniel Jr., William C., and Luther C. Wright were children of Daniel Wright Sr., but not by his wife Abigail Coon. David and Abigail Coon were early members of the Russia Baptist Church. Abigail Coon Wright was born September, 1773, died July 29, 1845. David Coon made his will January 17, 1803, and died soon after. The children of David and Abigail Coon were:

  1. Amherst, born June 3, 1795, in Russia, the first white male child born there. Married February 5, 1822, Sally Betsey Treat, daughter of Samuel P. and Sarah Treat, born June 10, 1802, in Bristol, Conn., died March 28, 1891, in Camden, New Jersey. He died at the same place, May 28, 1877. He was a farmer in Russia. Both were members of the Baptist Church. Amherst and Sally Betsey (Treat) Coon had children: Mattison, born October 29, 1823. Narcissa, born February 26, 1826, died October 14, 1893; married Loren Carpenter. David, born February 20, 1829, a physician. Ephraim, born October 30, 1832. Edwin, born February 5, 1834.
  2. David, born 1802, died Janusry 29, 1834; married Esther, who lived in Galesburg, Illinois. He was a physician in Russia. Their children were David W. and Martha.
  3. Farley F. Coon, resided in Ridgway, Genesee County, NY.
  4. Amy Coon, resided in Waterford Center, Michigan.
  5. Delaney Coon.

William Coon, son of Hezekiah Coon, was born 1778, died March 6, 1846. His second wife was Sarah, who died December 11, 1838, aged 46. They were both members of the Russia Baptist Church. Their children were: Harriett, Le Roy of Prospect, NY, Sarah, wife of Sidney Beebee of Oneida Lake, NY, Alonzo of Akron, Ohio, Laura of Prospect, NY and Marrietta of Trenton, NY.


William Corey was born March 22, 1757, in Coventry, Kent County, Rhode Island; married first Elizabeth Burnham, born April 9, 1756, died October 11, 1818; second, September, 1819, at Sacketts Harbor, New York, Rachel Hecox, born January 14, 1770, died August 9, 1865. When the war of the American Revolution broke out William Corey resided with his parents in Coventry, Rhode Island. At the close of the war he was residing in Shaftsbury, Vermont, where he had moved his residence about 1779, and continued until 1783. Then he moved to Cambridge, Washington County, NY, where he resided until 1791, when he moved to Galway, Saratoga County, NY, and in 1799 settled in Russia, NY. William Corey volunteered for service in the american Revolution in April, 1775, when the news of the battle of Lexington spread over the country and started for there but turned back when he learned the British had retreated to Boston. He then enlisted and served eight or nine months under Captain Stephen Sheldon. January 1776 he enlisted in Captain Josiah Gibbs' company and was sent to Greenwich and Newport Island and joined Colonel Richmond's regiment. January, 1777, he enlisted under Col. John Topham and Captain Phillip Traffan. Also in 1778 and 1779 he was in the same company and regiment. William Corey applied for a pension October 10, 1832. It was granted. August 31, 1855, his widow, Rachel Corey, applied for a land warrant. David Bensley of Fairfield, NY, Elias D. Trafton of Providence, RI, knew William Corey in service. William Corey was a farmer in Russia. He died there Decemebr 13, 1839. His widow, Rachel Corey, as far as known, was the last widow of a Revolutionary soldier to live in Russia. William and Elizabeth (Burnham) Corey had children:

  1. William, 1st, died October 1782, in infancy.
  2. William, 2nd, born November 27, 1782. Resided Covert, New York.
  3. Elizabeth Corey, married, first, Richard Smith; second, Almon Beecher. By Smith there were two sons, Richard and Jeremiah Smith. Richard Smith was born December 25, 1801 and died December 27, 1877. His wife, Aurilla Smith, was born September 22, 1806, and died February 19, 1843. Jeremiah Smith died April 26, 1880, aged 75. His wife, Amanda, died February 12, 1872, aged 53. Their daughter was the wife of Averill Vincent of Utica, NY.
  4. Martha, born October 22, 1785, died February 6, 1849. She was the wife of Elisha Newberry, born 1780, died July 21, 1861.
  5. Cynthia, born ____21, 1788, died January 1846. She married James Greenfield. Resided Summer Hill, NY.
  6. Freelove, born May 15, 1791, died June 8, 1872. She married Seth Fenner, who died January 23, 1827, aged 44. They resided in Cold Brook, NY. Her children were Henry, Waterman, George, Charles, Augustus, Morgan, and Delilah Fenner.
  7. A son, born and died, August 1, 1793.
  8. Sylvia, married Isaac Woodin, Jr.
  9. Burnham T., born April 29, 1799, died August 6, 1836. He was married October 10, 1822, to Ann Penet, born August 26, 1798, and died December 22, 1872. Ann Corey was a Methodist in Russia. Their children were William B., George D., Elizabeth A., James H., John P., Martha Maria.


Elder Benajah Corp came to Russia from Stephentown, Rensselaer County, NY, in 1797. From 1799 until 1826 he was pastor of the Free Baptist Church in Russia. He resigned in 1826 in his 89th year and was pastor 27 years, longer than any other minister. He died June 23, 1830, aged 92. David Corp, his son, died September 11, 1850, in his 88th year. There was Deacon Daniel Corp who died May 13, 1867, aged 76. His wife was Nancy Corp, who died December 29, 1856, aged 64. Mary A. Corp died December 11, 1894, aged 81. David C. Corp was born in 1799, and died March 11, 1842. His wife, Susan Marble, died November 2, 1843, aged 47. These, with Justus B. Corp and Margaret Corp, were connected with the Russia Baptist Church.

updated 6/28/98  Daniel J. Corp of Buffalo, NY, contributed the following information on the Corp family:

"On a personal visit to Gravesville-Russia Cemetery, I found the grave of Benajah that carries the following inscription on his tombstone: 'Erected to the memory of Elder Benajah Corp, a free communion Baptist, settled in this town, 1797, then a wilderness.' There is also an inscription on his son, David (1762-1850) that reads: 'David, son of Elder B. Corp, died in the 88th year of his age. This mortal must put on immortality.' Also buried there with tombstones are Daniel Corp, son of David (1790-1867) and wife, Nancy Brown (1793-1856). Nancy is reputed to be the great granddaughter of Benjamin Franklin. Also, children of Daniel and Nancy who died young, Alvin B. (1827-1832) and Hannah E. (1831-1832). Another child, Mary A. (1812-1894). There is also Mercy Corp, 1804-1836, wife of Elisha C. Hall. The last grave I visited was that of David C. Corp (1799-1842) and his wife, Susan Marble (1796-1813).

The parents of Benajah Corp were John Corp and Elizabeth Vaughn. Benajah's wife was Margaret Joslin, daughter of Henry Joslin and Elizabeth Matteson. (Not sure of the spelling of Joslin). The children of Benajah and Margaret Corp were Elizabeth, born Aug. 1, 1759; Rebecca, born March 28, 1761; David, born September 13, 1762 and died September 11, 1850; and John Corp, born 1764, who married Prudence Comstock. Benajah was a W. Greenwich Regiment Captain during the Revolutionary War, was wounded in the leg and walked with a limp for the rest of his life. John and Prudence Comstock Corp had the following children: Prudence, born 1789, married John Hall in Norway; Lucinda, born 1791; Isaac, born 1799, died Jan. 31, 1874, was married to Nancy Pullman, Roseanna English, and Mary DuBois; Caleb, born 1800, married Betsy Brainard; Margaret, 1804-1836, married Elisha C. Hall (Margaret and Mercy may be the same person); Elizabeth, born 1805, married Ira Hall; John, 1809-1875, married Hannah Brainard; and a William Corp."


Silvanus Ferris was born 1773 in the state of Connecticut, the son of Silvanus Ferris; married, 1st, Mar. 15, 1798, Sally Maria Olmstead of Sharon, Conn, She died Sept. 6, 1845, in Galesburg, Ill. Married 2nd, Mrs. Sarah W. Hitchcock. At an early date the Ferris family settled in Salem, Westchester County, NY. In 1797 Silvanus Ferris, Jr., came to Norway, NY, and bought a 110-acre farm on Dairy Hill. Here he and his wife became pioneers in a new country. She was a model woman for this and he was clear headed, sagacious and possessed with a high order of business talent. Success seemed to attend them on every hand. They were a thrifty family. For 15 years he was successful in the produce business with Robert Nesbit of Adams, Mass. He so prospered that he was able to give each of his four older sons a farm in Norway. In 1829 he moved to Fairfield, NY. In 1830 he purchased the Colonel Wright farm in Russia. Here he remained until 1836.

In 1834 Silvanus Ferris became interested in a scheme to purchase lands, settle and found a college in the Mississippi Valley. The original mover in this plan was Rev. George W. Gale, a Presbyterian clergyman than in Oneida County, NY. A stock company was formed. Silvanus Ferris was on the committee on settlement and made an extensive tour through unsettled Illinois in 1835. The place settled was in Knox County, Ill. Silvanus Ferris purchased 15,000 acres at government price. With his family, in Sept. 1836, he set out for Illinois by wagon to Buffalo; by water to Detroit, and then by wagon to the site of Galesbury, Ill. Ferris gave their settlement the name of Galesburg in 1837 and in 50 years it was a city of over 18,000 inhabitants. In this vicinity he gave each of his seven children a farm of 640 acres.

Silvanus Ferris and wife were Presbyterians of the staunch type and inculcated those principles in the lives of their children. To the Presbyterian Church he was always loyal and generous with his money. In 1813 when the Norway Presbyterian Church was built he gave $150. Later he built a chapel on the state road east of Norway. In Russia he erected the chapel for the Presbyterians that stood so near the old Russia Union Church. He was always a trustee of the Russia Union Church. At Galesburg he built another chapel. No one did more to establish Knox College except George W. Gale than Silvanus Ferris. In his will he left $1,000 to the Home Missionary Society of the Presbyterian Church and $1,000 to the American Bible Society. when he died July 13, 1861, in Galesburg, Ill., Silvanus Ferris was the patriarch of the place. Silvanus and Sally M. (Olmstead) Ferris had children:

  1. Silvanus W., born 1799; died 1887. Married Orinda Doty, the daughter of Danforth Doty. They left their farm in Norway in 1838 and settled in Galesburg, Ill.
  2. Nathan O., born 1801; died 1850. Married Currance Ann Winnegar of Fort Ann, NY. He left his farm in Norway in 1837 for Galesburg, Ill. He started for California in 1850 during the gold rush but lost his life when nearly there.
  3. Timothy H., born Oct. 21, 1805 in Norway; died June 20, 1891. Married Feb. 18, 1830, Eliza Ann Salisbury, born June 19, 1809, in Norway, NY; died Oct. 14, 1906, in Poland, NY, the daughter of Nathaniel and Joanna (Wilson) Salisbury. He settled in Norway, then Russia, and last in Prospect, NY. He did not approve of the Western scheme. It was well that he did not for his brothers in Illinois were in danger of bankruptcy, but Timothy H. saved the situation by mortgaging his property. Timothy H. and Eliza A. (Salisbury) Ferris had children: Sally M., James H., Harriett M., Frances M., Charles S., Stella E. (Mrs. Harvey Rice, aged 87, Friendship, NY, 1930), Franklyn S.
  4. William M., born 1807; married Mary Crandall. Resided Galesburg, Ill.
  5. Henry, born 1809; married Elizabeth Hudson. He went to Galesburg, Ill., with his father. His marriage was the first there. He was the last of the Galesburg pioneers.
  6. Laura, born 1811; died in Russia.
  7. Harriet N., born 1816; married 1836, Dr. James Bunce, the first and for several years, only physician in Galesburg, Ill. He was a trustee of Knox College.
  8. George W. G., born 1818, married 1840, Martha Hyde. He remained in Galesburg, Ill., until 1864, when he settled in Carson City, Nev., and in 1880 in Riverside, Calif.


John Forrest was born Dec. 23, 1774; died Apr. 14, 1855. His wife was Martha Dougherty, born Nov. 9, 1773, and died Aug. 29, 1854. They came from Londonderry, Ireland, to the town of Russia. John and Martha (Dougherty) Forrest had children:

  1. Mary, born 1798; died Nov. 9, 1865, in Russia.
  2. Betsey, married John Lanning.
  3. William, born Aug. 5, 1805; died May 15, 1878; married Abigail Hunter.
  4. John, resided in Davenport, Iowa.
  5. Mark, born July 20, 1818; died Nov. 17, 1869. Married Angeline Hunter. She was a member of the Russia Methodist Episcopal Church.
  6. James, born 1810; died Apr. 22, 1823.
  7. Martha, married ____ Forbes. Resided Summit, Cook County, Illinois.
  8. Rosannah, married ____ Buck. A daughter Alvira. Resided Illinois.
  9. Sally, married ____ Kendrick. They resided in Dixon, Lee County, Illinois.
  10. Rachel, married _____ Dillon. They resided in Davenport, Iowa. There were children: John F. and Ann Eliza. John F. Dillon was a prominent attorney in New York City.


William Frame, M.D., was born April 18, 1777, in Ulster County, New York; died September 5, 1847, in De Pauville, New York. He was the son of Joseph Frame, a Revolutionary soldier. William Frame studied medicine under Dr. Westel Willoughby of Newport. He commenced to practice in Russia in 1804 and was the first physician in town. He moved to Norway in 1817, and to De Pauville in 1822. His wife, Clarissa Joy, whom he married January 2, 1806, was born April 6, 1787, in Brattleboro, Vermont. She died March 19, 1882, in De Pauville, New York. Clarissa Frame was converted in 1804 and joined the Free Will Baptist Church; in 1825 she became a member of the De Pauville Methodist Episcopal Church. For 78 years she had been a church member. She retained her mental faculties to the last. William and Clarissa (Joy) Frame had children:

  1. Mary, died in infancy.
  2. Another infant.
  3. Ann, married Phineas Osborne of De Pauville. Their living children are: P.A. Osborne, Chaumont, NY; William Osborne of Honeoye Falls, New York.
  4. Luke E., M.D., (1812-1883); married Louisa J. Hunt (1818-1896). Their grandson is Prof. Nat T. Frame of West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia.
  5. Delilah, married Abram Lowe, De Pauville, New York. Her son, William, lives at De Pauville, New York.


Russell Graves was born April 17, 1751, in East Haddam, Conn., the son of Jedediah and Elizabeth Allen Graves. Married Anna ____, who was born November 10, 1755; died April 10, 1823. She married secondly a Millington, by whom she had David Millington, of Sacketts Harbor, New York, Sally, wife of Stephen Andrews, Anna and Zuba Millington. Russell Graves moved to Sherman, Conn., with his parents. In the American Revolution he was a member of Captains Brown and Haddock's companies, Colonel Yates' 14th Regiment, Albany County Militia from the Hoosick and Schaghticoke district, Albany County. Russell and Anna (____) Graves had children:

  1. John Graves.
  2. Dr. Ezra Graves of Cleveland, Ohio.
  3. William, a civil engineer, resided Elizabethtown, Canada, where he died before 1825.
  4. Levi Graves.
  5. Lydia Graves married _____ Peck.
  6. Anna died unmarried.

John Graves, the son of Russell and Anna Graves, was born December 22, 1778. Married, first, September 30, 1800, Abigail Munn, born December 27, 1780; died December 27, 1816; the daughter of David and Lois (Osborne) Munn of Southbury, Conn. Second, Esther Smith, born December 19, 1784; died October 10, 1860. At the age of 16 John Graves went from Stephentown, New York, to Russia. He bought, paid for and cleared his original farm. Twice he was member of the State Assembly and sheriff of Herkimer County. He was also a justice of the peace, school commissioner and supervisor of the town of Russia. He was a Universalist. The children of John Graves were by first wife:

  1. Crosby, born October 2, 1801, died May 22, 1822.
  2. Ezra, born December 1, 1803, died January 8, 1883. He was judge and surrogate of Herkimer County, 1841 to 1858, seventeen years. His son, John C. Graves, born November 18, 1839, was a member of the class of 1862, Hamilton College. John C. Graves resides, age past 90, at 525 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, New York.

  1. John Russell, born March 1, 1809, by second wife.
  2. Hon. Solomon, born February 24, 1819, died April 13, 1897. Very prominent in political affairs in the town of Russia.
  3. Abigail, born June 15, 1822, died July 10, 1823.
  4. Thomas Jefferson, born January 28, 1828, died March 3, 1829.

Levi Graves, the son of Russell and Anna Graves, was born August 12, 1785. Married 1814, Anna Varney, born November 18, 1787, died May 18, 1845, in Middleville, New York; the daughter of John Varney of Russia, New York. Levi Graves died November 12, 1825, in Poland, New York. He was a member of the Russia Universalist Church. The children of Levi and Anna (Varney) Graves were: Laura (Mrs. David Munn), Poland, New York; Abigail (Mrs. Edward P. Cheever); George, the father of George S. Graves of Newport, New York; Harriett (Mrs. George Potter), Poland, New York; Caroline (Mrs. Chauncey R. Forbes), Poland, New York.

William Graves was no connection of John and Levi Graves, except very remotely related. Elijah Graves, who died May 16, 1836, aged 86, and his wife, Patience Graves, who died November 26, 1823, aged 71, are supposed to be the parents of William Graves. Mary, born February 24, 1777, died October 9, 1847, wife of William Seavey, was thought to be a sister of William Graves. This family of Graves came directly from Connecticut to Russia. William Graves was born December 18, 1774, died May 22, 1852. His wife, Anna Graves, was born December 25, 1776, died November 18, 1857. As far as known William and Anna Graves had three children:

  1. Hannah, born 1797, died August 30, 1822. Her husband was Collins Thurber. They had two sons who were legally adopted and were heirs of their grandfather, William Graves. They were William G. Graves and Frederick Graves.

    (1) William G. Graves, born July 28, 1817, died August 27, 1886; married Elizabeth Beecher. They had children: Camilla, Harriett (Mrs. Frank Lankton), Anna E. (Mrs. Herbert E. Potter), Millard, Carlton, Henry C.
    (2) Frederick Graves was born 1819. Married Esther ____. Their children were: Leonard and Francis, now of Denver, Colorado.

  2. Henry, born 1801, died February 24, 1828. He was a graduate of Union College, class of 1822. He died at Washington, Mississippi.
  3. Mary, born 1803, died November 8, 1818.

George T. Graves was a cousin of William Graves. George T. Graves was born January 30, 1788, died July 17, 1868. Esther Graves, his wife, was born November 29, 1791, and died April 4, 1866. The children of George T. and Esther Graves were:

  1. Sophia, born March 3, 1809, died September 14, 1866.
  2. G. Henry, born November 23, 1811, died May 1, 1875.
  3. Albert H., born August 27, 1818, died November 10, 1902.
  4. Ann M., born June 15, 1820, died December 23, 1903. Married June 11, 1838, Rufus Jencks, born September 15, 1810, died August 13, 1892. She died in the same house at Gravesville where she was born. Her surviving children were Josephine Duesler, Clayville, New York; George R. Jencks, Gravesville; Henry Jencks, St. Johnsville. Of her grandchildren there are Arthur N. Jencks of Utica, New York, and Millard Jencks of New York City.
  5. Isaac Newton, born 1828, died November 25, 1914. His wife, Caroline died aged 82. I. Newton Graves was a physician in Utica, New York.

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