Family Information

from the book

Russia Union Church, 110th Anniversary, 1820-1930

The family profiles below come from the small book "Russia Union Church, 110th Anniversary, 1820 - 1930." Jane Dieffenbacher, Fairfield Town Historian, will be transcribing the family profiles from the second half of this rare book over the course of the summer. The small Town of Russia is on the western half of Herkimer County and borders the Towns of Deerfield, Trenton and Remson in neighboring Oneida County and the Towns of Ohio, Newport and Norway within Herkimer County.

In the middle of the book is this notation. "The foregoing pages constitute the history of the Russia Union Church as far as can be ascertained. The history of some of the families connected with it have been compiled. Time and space will not permit to complete the family sketches in this booklet. To those who have graciously furnished material in any way we are grateful. Printed books, family Bibles, written records, documents, letters, papers and clippings have been used as sources of information by the author, Rev. Roger F. Williams."



David Millington was born in 1715 and died in 1809. His wife was Molly Wright. He moved from Coventry, Conn., to Little Nine Partners, Dutchess County, New York, near Salisbury Furnace. From there in 1769 or 1770, he moved to Shaftsbury, Vermont. There he and his wife are buried in the church yard of the old Baptist meeting house. He was not a man of much energy of action, but remarkable for his placid temper and the honesty of his principles and conduct. During the Revolutionary War he was a Loyalist and remained so through life but never bore arms against the patriots. One of his sons, Samuel, was in the Revolution and died while the army was encamped at White Plains. A grandson of David Millington, Rufus Millington, asked him if he were a Tory. He replied in the affirmative, remarking that King George was a good king to us and it was a cruel thing for the people to turn against him. David and Molly (Wright) Millington had children: John Solomon, Lucy, 1st, Mary, Patience, Ana, Lucy, 2nd, Content and Samuel.

Solomon Millington, the son of David and Molly (Wright) Millington, was born June 16, 1754; married to Lydia Sly, the daughter of Mills Sly of Little Nine Partners, New York, who moved to Shaftsbury, Vermont. She was born January, 1755, and died 1835. He died in 1833. Solomon and Lydia (Sly) Millington had children:

  1. David, born August 5, 1773; married in 1798, Lydia Dyer of North Kingston, Rhode Island. They had Olive, Maria, Samuel, Dyer, Norman.
  2. Jonathan.
  3. Nathan.
  4. Mary (Polly), born April 8, 1779; married Otis Howard of Shaftsbury, Vermont. Their son was Jacob M. Howard of Detroit, Mich.
  5. Rachel, born August 26, 1781.
  6. Sally, born June 3, 1784.
  7. Esther, born June 26, 1786.
  8. Peleg, born February 12, 1789.
  9. Rufus, born April 1, 1791.
  10. Rebecca, born March 21, 1793.

Jonathan Millington, the son of Solomon and Lydia (Sly) Millington, was born November 6, 1774, in Shaftsbury, Vermont; married January 28, 1798, Susanna Buck, born January 15, 1778, died January 15, 1864, the daughter of Samuel and Susanna (Palmer) Buck. He settled in Russia in 1797 on a wilderness tract which, by hard work, he made a very productive farm. He served in the War of 1812. He was a strong Baptist. Susanna Millington united with the Regular Baptist Church in Newport in 1829 and brought her letter to Russia in 1850. She died highly esteemed and lamented. The children of Jonathan and Susanna (Buck) Millington were:

  1. Julia, born January 20, 1799; married December 23, 1819, Raymond Sheldon. She died August 28, 1887.
  2. Sally, born August 22, 1801, died September 25, 1806. 3. Emily, born October 12, 1805; married January 1, 1823, Abner Moon; died February 7, 1862.
  3. Nathan, born May 15, 1811, died February 12, 1813. 5. Esther Ann, born June 12, 1813; married June 17, 1830, Luther G. Merriman; died September 25, 1865.
  4. Susan, born August 24, 1816; married November 14, 1833, William Buck, born October 6, 1807, in Chesterfield, Mass., died May 19, 1880. She died October 10, 1895. Their children were George W., Lyman H., Charles D., Mary C., Sarah W.

Nathan Millington, the son of Solomon and Lydia (Sly) Millington, was born June 15, 1776; married, first, Amity Smith, born December 22, 1781, died June 11, 1842; the daughter of Jeremiah and Abigail Smith; second, Anna, widow of Benjamin Merriman, who died February 6, 1853, aged 72. Nathan Millington came with his brother, Jonathan, to Russia in 1797, but did not permanently settle until 1803. He was many years a deacon in the Baptist Church. Nathan Millington died September 19, 1853. Nathan and Amity (Smith) Millington had children:

  1. Richard, born January 29, 1800, died January 14, 1881; married Mathilda Robens, born November 18, 1801, died January 18, 1881. They were the parents of Dr. Stephen and Nathan R. Millington.
  2. Samantha, married January 17, 1833, Warren Shaw, born April 2, 1808, in Johnstown, New York, died June 7, 1889 in Birmingham, Iowa. She died April, 1881. They settled in Mecca, Trumbull County, Ohio. They had five children.
  3. Amity married Elisha K. Parrish, who died November 3, 1822, in his 26th year. She settled in the state of Ohio.
  4. Sally Z., died July 30, 1814, aged 3.
  5. Emily, married an Episcopalian rector, Howard. They resided in Bath, New York.


Benajah Moon was born 1761; married, 1st, ___ ___; 2nd, Sarah Gould Silver, born 1766; died Sept. 20, 1850, in West Monroe, Oswego County. He moved from Galway, Saratoga County, N.Y., to Russia in 1802, and settled on a farm. He was a shareholder in the Russia Church and a prominent man in town affairs. He died Sept. 28, 1840. Benajah Moon had children by his first wife:

  1. Baxter. Had a daughter Sylvia, Mrs. LeRoy Higby of Lyons Falls, N.Y.
  2. Amrod.
  3. Ransom, resided near Old Forge, N.Y.
  4. James, a carpenter, in vicinity of Rochester, N.Y.

    By second wife:

  5. Abner, born Dec. 1, 1799, in Galway, N.Y.; married, 1st, Jan 1, 1823, Emily Millington, born Oct. 12, 1805, died Feb. 7, 1862, the daughter of Jonathan and Susanna (Buck) Millington; 2nd, Loisa (____) Plumb.

    Abner Moon was brought to Russia by his parents in 1802. He was carried on the journey by Philinda, the wife of Elisha Smith. They settled on a farm in the virgin forest. Abner Moon worked out by the month on a farm to earn $90 to pay towards the building of the Russia Church. He died April 11, 1886. Abner Moon had children by first wife (all born in Russia):

    1. Jonathan, born Jan. 9, 1824; died Feb. 16, 1824.
    2. Lucy 1st, born Jan. 28, 1826; died Nov. 16, 1826.
    3. Clinton A., born Nov. 8, 1827; married July 26, 1853, in Newport. He was educated in Fairfield Seminary and graduated from Union College at Schenectady in 1853 with Phi Beta Kappa honors. For two years he was on Fairfield Seminary faculty. Then he studied law with John H. Wooster at Newport and was admitted to the bar in 1857. In 1860 he moved to Herkimer and was elected District Attorney in 1861. In 1864 he moved to ilion and formed a law partnership with Thomas Richardson. In 1866 he returned to Russia and mingled legal business with farming until 1875. He was Supervisor of Russia, 1870 to 1872. In 1876 he removed to Newport and practiced law until his death. He was Captain of the 121st New York Volunteers in the Civil War, Aug. 23, 1862, to Jan. 17, 1863. He died, 1892, in Newport.
    4. Bowen Buck, born Dec. 4, 1829; married Dec. 16, 1857, Rosena Salisbury of Norway, N.Y. He received his education at Fairfield Seminary and Union College where he graduated in 1857. He taught school for several years and then engaged in dairy farming in Russia. He was School Commissioner in 1866 and Justice of the Peace in Russia. He died Jan. 10, 1924.
    5. Nathan Millington, born Oct. 22, 1831; married, Nov. 30, 1853, Sally Ann Carpenter.
    6. Orin P., born Mar. 8, 1834; died Apr. 13, 1859.
    7. Sarah G., born Sept. 17, 1836; died Apr. 11, 1887; married, 1st, Lauren Plumb; 2nd, Frederick Sperry.
    8. Susan B., born Nov. 28, 1839; married Nov. 1, 1876, __________Cary. She died Dec. 30, 1879.
    9. Lucy E., born May 6, 1842; never married.
    10. Villeroy B., born Mar. 22, 1845; married Martha Wood; resides in Russia. By 2nd wife:
    11. Ida C., born July 2, 1867; married Oct. 29, 1885, John Lanning.
  6. Renewed, born July, 1801; died May 4, 1868; married Sept. 22, 1824, John Prindle. Their children were: Jackson, Abner, Caroline, Lucy, Fell, and Clarissa.
  7. David, born Jan. 19, 1803; died Dec. 8, 1877, in Williamstown, Dodge County, Wis.; married, 1st, Catherine Rhodes, born Nov. 30, 1802, the daughter of Richard and Effy (Clapper) Rhodes; 2nd, Martha Kinney of Mohawk, N.Y.; 3rd, Miranda ____. David Moon was a Baptist clergyman and served the Russia Church, 1847 to 1848. Elder David Moon, as he was called, went to California alone, stayed four years and returned with a bag of gold which he sold for $1200. He then went to Wisconsin and purchased a farm. He lived at Kekoskee, Wis., and later Williamstown, Wis. He is buried at Kekoskee Cemetery, Mayville, Wis. The children of elder David Moon were Mrs. Priscilla Fleming, Mrs. Esther Roby, Mrs. Clarissa Clark, Mrs. Emma Crane, William, David, Jr., Charles, Henry, Albert, Owen S., Prudence, Tryphena.
  8. Sally, born 1805; died Jan. 4, 1875; married Almon Wadsworth, born 1801; died June 25, 1890. They resided at West Monroe, N.Y. Their children were: Julia, Mathilda, Alvin, Franklin, Lester and Rosetta.
  9. Alvin, born May 4, 1807; died June 28, 1893; married Jan. 13, 1831, Louisa Plumb, born Aug. 17, 1813, in West Turin, N.Y.; died Jan. 19, 1906, the daughter of Samuel and Hannah (Scovil) Plumb.
  10. Roxania, born June 28, 1811; died May 7, 1846. Married Luther Plumb, the son of Samuel and Hannah (Scovil) Plumb.


Thomas Moore, the son of Thomas and Ruth (Nichols) Moore, was born April 12, 1751, in Brookfield, Mass. Married July 26, 1770, Rebecca Harrington, died March 30, 1818, aged 64, in Chesterfield, Mass. He was lieutenant in the American Revolution and for many years was a pensioner for his services. He died June 12, 1842, in Cummington, Mass. Thomas and Rebecca (Harrington) Moore had children: Thomas, Antipas Holland, Polly, Ruth, Welcome, Joshua U., Rebecca, Lucy H.

Antipas Holland Moore, the son of Thomas and Rebecca (Harrington) Moore, was born October 7, 1776, in Brookfield, Mass. Married November 6, 1800, Sarah Kendall of Canterbury, Conn., born June 10, 1783, died November 5, 1839. A.H. Moore died December 31, 1856, in Cummington, Mass. The children of A.H. and Sarah (Kendall) Moore were:

  1. Orson.
  2. Adaline, born April 18, 1803. Married ___ Cole; resided at Ontario, Ill. She died January 6, 1870.
  3. Thomas, born May 4, 1805. Resided Rosefield, Ill. He died March 5, 1884.
  4. Sarah, born February 22, 1807. Married ___ Ellis. Resided Cummingham, Mass. She died November 7, 1876.
  5. Eliza, born August 15, 1809. Married ___ Higgins. Resided in Chesterfield, Mass. She died November 17, 1861.
  6. Elvira, born July 11, 1810. Married ___ Cole. Resided in Columbus, Ohio. She died July 15, 1850.
  7. Lyman K., born May 8, 1814, died December 20, 1885. Resided in Ontario, Ill.
  8. Nancy B., born October 29, 1816. Married ________Tinker. Resided Huntington, Mass. She died June 5, 1849.
  9. Calvin C., born December 26, 1818, died December 6, 1882. He was a Baptist Minister who spent seven years of his life as a missionary in Burma. His health failed and he settled on a farm in Ontario, Knox County, Ill. One son was Rev. Pitt H. Moore, a Baptist missionary in Burma. Another was Prof. Orson W. Moore, and another Rev. Penn E. Moore.
  10. Helen D., born October 7, 1822. Married Eli Sylvester. Died May 18, 1894. She resided in Northampton, Mass.
  11. Jane B., born March 6, 1826, died December 31, 1877. Married _______Parsons. Resided in Danville, Ill.

Orson Moore, the son of Antipas H. and Sarah (Kendall) Moore, was born August 2, 1801, in Brookfield, Mass. Married, first, 1828, Thirza Ann Salisbury, born June 19, 1809, in Norway, N.Y., died March 16, 1842, in Russia, the daughter of Nathaniel and Joanna (Wilson) Salisbury; second, January 12, 1843, Mathilda L. Salisbury, born June 20, 1814, in Norway, N.Y., died April 1, 1898, in Russia, N.Y. She was a sister of the first wife. Orson Moore died November 26, 1881, in Russia. He received his education in the common schools where he attended only a few terms, but well improved his time. Orson Moore first came to Herkimer County in 1819, and was employed the following season by his uncle, Thomas Moore, who was engaged in building stonewalls in the towns of Fairfield and Norway. He continued in this business for some years. In 1822 he formed a co-partnership with Warren Buck of Chesterfield, Mass., who finally settled in Norway. They usually started from home in Massachusetts about April 1st with knapsacks containing their clothing and came to Norway by way of Albany and Johnstown on foot, 140 miles in four days, and returned about the middle of October in the same time and manner until 1825 when they rode on the canal from Tribes Hill to Schenectady. Orson Moore made eight pedestrian trips. He cleared $145 to $165 a year in this business. For seven winters while in Massachusetts he taught a school near his home for $10 to $12 a month.

In 1828 he permanently settled in Norway. He was a tenant farmer. In 1836 he moved to Russia and purchased a farm where he lived until death, honored and beloved both in public and private life. For many years he was Justice of the peace; Supervisor in 1841, 1854, 1859, 1860; member of State Assembly in 1862. He always stood for principle and exemplified uniform kindness of heart and simplicity of manner. From humble origin, without financial aid or family prestige, he achieved wealth, position and character. About 1836 Orson Moore experienced religion and united with the Cold Brook Methodist Episcopal Church. His Christian principles were ever shown in his daily life. He loved the Church of his choice and her institutions. He was its firm friend and liberal supporter. Orson Moore had children. By his first wife: Sarah Ann, Jane E., Lyman, John Miles, Milo, Thirza. By second wife: Loretta, Eliza.


Peter Newman was born Jan. 29, 1751, in Stamford, Conn., the son of Nathaniel and Mary (Lounsbury) Newman. He was in the sixth generation from Thomas Newman who came from England on the "Mary & John" in 1634. He married, Apr. 22, 1777, Sarah _____, born Oct. 13, 1756; died May 16, 1835. They were residents of South Salem (now Lewisboro), Westchester County, N.Y. Peter Newman served in the American Revolution. They are buried in the Cross River Cemetery, Bedford, Westchester County, N.Y. Peter and Sarah (____) Newman had children:

  1. 1. Hannah, born Feb. 22, 1778; died Nov., 1778.
  2. Ebenezer.
  3. Stephen, born July 1, 1781; died Aug. 22, 1821; married Chloe ____. Buried in Cross River, N.Y. Cemetery.
  4. Ruth, born Mar. 28, 1782; died Apr. 25, 1782.
  5. Sarah, born Dec. 27, 1786; died May 17, 1859; never married; buried Cross River Cemetery.
  6. Mary, born Jan. 25, 1789; died May 27, 1874; married ____ Smith; a son, Isaac Smith. They resided at Patterson, Putnam County, N.Y.
  7. Peter.
  8. Harvey, born July 14, 1793; died Jan.4, 1861; married Sarah _____, born Mar. 4, 1801; died July 10, 1853. He died at the home of his niece, Julia Ann Prindle, in Russia.

Ebenezer Newman, the son of Pater and Sarah Newman, was born Aug. 22, 1779, in South Salem, N.Y.; married Feb. 7, 1805, Lydia Taylor, born Dec. 4, 1785, in Redding, Conn.; died Feb. 11, 1865. Ebenezer Newman came to Russia about 1807 and settled on a farm. He was a prime mover in the building of the Russia Union Church and a member of the Baptist Society. He was in the War of 1812. He died Jan. 9, 1865. The children of Ebenezer and Lydia (Taylor) Newman were:

  1. Julia Ann, born Aug. 15, 1806; died May 5, 1877; married, Jan. 1, 1835, Graham Prindle. Their children were: Lydia A., Ebenezer, Gaylord, Sarah. Resided Russia.
  2. Mary, born Nov. 13, 1807; died Jan. 2, 1808.
  3. Arza, born Dec. 6, 1808; died Apr., 1877; married Feb., 1844, Nancy Layton. Resided Newport, N.Y.
  4. Taylor P., born Oct. 25, 1810; died May 21, 1872; married Jan. 12, 1843, Adeline Adams. Resided in German Flats, N.Y.
  5. Ebenezer, born Mar. 23, 1812; died July 12, 1868; married, Jan. 22, 1852, Sarah A. Pomeroy. Resided Elwood, N.Y.
  6. Ruth, born Apr. 28, 1814; died May 30, 1842; married, Jan. 17, 1839, Clark Allen.
  7. Sylvester B., born Dec. 22, 1817; married, 1st, Oct. 7, 1838, Sarah A. Pettingill; 2nd, Mrs. Sarah C. Crittenden.
  8. Sarah, born Sept. 9, 1819; died July 2, 1895; married Dec. 24, 1845, Nathaniel Jones. They resided at Poland, N.Y.
  9. Alvah, born Dec. 28, 1821; died Oct. 11, 1823. 10. Alvan, born Dec. 28, 1821; died Feb. 12, 1871.
  10. Lydia S., born Nov. 17, 1824; died Dec. 12, 1840.
  11. Marlin, born Feb. 14, 1827; married, May 29, 1853, Charlotte Lockwood.

Peter Newman, son of Peter and Sarah Newman, was born Nov. 23, 1790, in South Salem, N.Y.; married, 1st, Dec. 10, 1818, Betsey Burwell, born June, 16, 1798; died Dec. 5, 1842; 2nd, Feb. 8, 1844, Mercy W. (Pooler) Newberry, the widow of Joseph Newberry and daughter of Joseph and Violetta (Walters) Pooler. Peter Newman located on the homestead in 1816, and since then it has remained in the family. He died Apr. 14, 1876. Peter and Betsey (Burwell) Newman had children:

  1. Harvey, born Oct. 4, 1819; died Mar. 4, 1831.
  2. Nathan, born Dec. 13, 1821; died Apr. 10, 1823.
  3. Charles, born Mar. 22, 1825. Resided Alden, Erie County, N.Y.
  4. Henry, born Apr. 20, 1827. Resided Fairfield, N.Y.
  5. George E., born Mar. 10, 1829. Resided in Buffalo, N.Y.
  6. Peter, born Apr. 4, 1832; died 1897; married, 1st, Mary Jane Newberry; 2nd, Celia A. (Walters) Swezey. He had children: Howard M., Betsey M., Ina A., Elsie.
  7. Seth, born Dec. 7, 1836. Resided at Independence, Iowa.
  8. Bryant, born July 15, 1842.


Eliphalet Pardee was born in 1743, and died Aug. 14, 1830; married Rebecca Bradley, born in 1748, and died June 17, 1829. They resided in Southbury, Conn., before settling in Russia. Eliphalet and Rebecca (Bradley) Pardee had children (not a complete list):

  1. Josiah, born Sept. 19, 1771, in Southbury, Conn.; died Sept. 13, 1846, in Vernon, N.Y. Married four times, 1st, Abigail Smith, born Mar. 5, 1777; died Nov. 1, 1808, the daughter of Jeremiah and Abigail Smith. 2nd, _______ _______, 3rd, Betsey Walker, born June 21, 1777; died Feb. 18, 1838. 4th, Elizabeth M. Atwater, born 1776; died Oct. 27, 1865, in Vernon, N.Y. Josiah Pardee was a farmer in Russia and Vernon, N.Y. He was an original shareholder in the Russia Union Church, and was affiliated with the Baptists. Among the children of Josiah Pardee were Bela of Vernon, N.Y.; Antha, wife of Silas Beebee, Jr., Newport, N.Y.; Lucretea, wife of William Robens of Russia, N.Y.; Mrs. Owens of Vernon, N.Y.; Josiah Pardee, Jr., of Vernon, N.Y.
  2. Ebenezer, born Aug. 7, 1774, in Southbury, Conn.; died Apr. 9, 1852. Married Lydia Smith, born Jan. 14, 1785; died Oct. 5, 1871, the daughter of Jeremiah and Abigail Smith. They were Baptists in Russia. Josiah and Lydia (Smith) Pardee had a son Loren born 1809, died Jan.17, 1852, on the Pacific Ocean on his way to California. His wife was Elizabeth Prindle, born May 21, 1810; died Nov. 18, 1893. Their children were Merritt (1833-1858); Joseph E. (1837-1871), Methodist class leader in Russia; Elizabeth (1847-1871).
  3. Merritt, born Jan. 13, 1791, in Southbury, Conn.; died Apr. 15, 1878, in Corry, Pa. Married Rebecca Woodin, born 1793; died Jan. 29, 1875, the daughter of Isaac and Rebecca (Mix) Woodin of Hamden, Conn., and Russia. Merritt Pardee resided in Columbus, Warren County, Pa., for many years.
  4. Marvin, born Sept. 24, 1875, in Southbury, Conn.; died Apr. 15, 1875, in Harmony, N.Y. Married, Nov. 29, 1817, Betsey Smith, born May 11, 1800; died June 12, 1891, in Harmony, N.Y., the daughter of Stephen and Amy (Coon) Smith.


Nathan Patchin died September 12, 1855, in the town of Deerfield, New York. His first wife was Fanny Patchin, born May, 1788, died March 21, 1851. His second wife was Malintha Patchin. He was a member of Russia Presbyterian Church. Nathan and Fanny Patchin had children:

  1. Anson B., born January 4, 1821, died November 16, 1842.
  2. Laura, born June, 1826, died January 21, 1851.
  3. Caroline, born 1829, died October 1, 1834.
  4. Marling L., born June, 1834, died August 21, 1834.
  5. Mary Ann.
  6. Philo, resided Ashippini, Dodge County, Wisconsin.
  7. Lois, married Ebenezer Tucker. They resided at Nova, Jo Davies County, Missouri.
  8. Emily E., married Thomas C. Rickett. They resided at Nova, Jo Davies County, Missouri.


Daniel Payne was born Jan. 23, 1747/8, in Lebanon, Conn., the son of Benjamin and Mehitable (Dimock) Payne; married, May 4, 1769, Elizabeth Wright of Lebanon, Conn., by Rev. ____ Stout. After his death she married again. She was considered the prettiest girl in Lebanon, Conn. She was of fleshy build and a great singer. They moved from Lebanon, Conn., to Spencertown, Columbia County, N.Y., and about 1798 moved to the Swezey Hill neighborhood. Daniel Payne served in the American Revolution in the 8th Co., 7th Regiment of Connecticut Troops. Daniel Payne died May 29, 1813, and is buried in the Swezey Hill Cemetery. The children of Daniel and Elizabeth (Wright) Payne were:

  1. Daniel.
  2. Jesse, born Mar. 31, 1773; died Mar. 18, 1849; married Mary Munsey. Resided Newport, N.Y.
  3. Elizabeth, born May 25, 1775; married _____ Baxter. Resided Newport, N.Y.
  4. Mehitable, born Jan. 17, 1778; married ______ French. Resided Bloomfield, Ontario County, N.Y.
  5. Laura, born Jan. 27, 1783; died May 8, 1825; married Reuben Robens. Resided Russia, N.Y.

Daniel Payne, the son of Daniel and Elizabeth (Wright) Payne, was born May 1, 1770; married Feb. 5, 1795, Lois Rollins, born Sept. 26, 1774; died 1860. Daniel Payne came into the wilderness, then called Norway, in 1792. He was here three summers and went back home each winter, and in 1798 he settled in what was then Norway. He served in the War of 1812. He was connected with the Free Baptist Division of the Russia Union Church. Daniel Payne died there in 1842. Daniel and Lois (Rollins) Payne had children:

  1. Polly, born Oct. 18, 1796; died Dec. 25, 1857; married Adam Robens, the son of William and Judith (Bullock) Robens. Resided Russia. Their children were: William, Lois, Rosamond, Sally, Laura, Daniel, Judith.
  2. Tryphena, born May 16, 1797.
  3. Sally, born Mar. 26, 1800; married Myron Wheeler. Resided De Pauville, N.Y.
  4. Mehitable, born Feb. 16, 1802.
  5. Temperance, born May 28, 1804.
  6. Daniel, born Mar. 16, 1806; died 1877; married Harriett Webster.
  7. Lois, born Jan. 22, 1808; married Claudius Vickery. Two children, Chastine and Caroline.
  8. Emeline, born Nov. 6, 1809; married, 1st, Lewis Holliday; 2nd, Elder Buckley.
  9. Angeline, born Nov. 6, 1809; married Chauncey Noble. Resided Russia, De Pauville, N.Y., Boonville, N.Y. A son, George P., born 1845.
  10. Elmina, born May 8, 1813.
  11. Cynthia, born May 15, 1817; died May 15, 1889; married Alanson Bunce.


Samuel Plumb, the son of Samuel and Lucy (Hinsdale) Plumb was, born Feb. 25, 1772, in Middletown, Conn.; married, 1796, Hannah Scovil, born 1775; died Oct. 1, 1858. They migrated from Middletown, Conn., to Amsterdam, N.Y., in 1798, and in 1804 to West Turin, Lewis County, N.Y. There he died Sept. 6, 1839. The children of Samuel and Hannah (Scovil) Plumb were Samuel (1st), Elijah, Hannah, Eleazer, Luther, Jemina, Selden, Louisa, Samuel (2nd).

Luther Plumb, the son of Samuel and Hannah (Scovil) Plumb, was born April 9, 1803, in Amsterdam, N.Y.; married, 1st, 1829, to Roxana Monn, born June 28, 1811, in Russia, died May 7, 1846, in Russia, the daughter of Benajah Moon; 2nd, Jan. 17, 1847, to Mary Elizabeth Darrow, born Dec. 9, 1826, in Florida, Montgomery County, N.Y.; died Aug. 30, 1899, in Russia, the daughter of John and Rachel Darrow. Luther Plumb settled in Russia where he was a farmer and a Baptist. He died Sept. 20, 1878, in Russia. Luther Plumb had children by his first wife:

  1. Celestia G., born July 3, 1830, in West Turin, N.Y.; died July 29, 1862; married, 1st, Jonathan M. Jerrauld; 2nd, Captain N. Bartlett. She resided in Green, Trumbull County, Ohio.
  2. Lucretia A., born Mar. 11, 1832, in Russia; died Apr. 13, 1882; married Bagley Atwood. She resided in Monona, Clayton County, Iowa.
  3. Earl D., born Aug. 7, 1834, in Russia. Resided Parkersburg, Butler County, Iowa.
  4. Emily, born Sept. 17, 1836, in Russia; married _______George. Resided Pompey, N.Y.
  5. Judith J., born Jan. 25, 1839, in Russia; died May 25, 1913; married Charles Preston. She resided in Trenton, N.Y.
  6. Susan C., born Aug. 29, 1843; died Nov. 9, 1919; married, 1st, Feb. 8, 1865, William Simpson; 2nd, _____ Smith.
  7. Seth A., born Apr. 20, 1846; died Sept. 26, 1871. Resided Monona, Clayton County, Iowa.

    By second wife:

  8. Herman O., born August 16, 1848, in Russia. Resides Sherman, N.Y. (1930).
  9. John D., born Aug. 9, 1850, in Russia; died Mar. 20, 1924.
  10. Ophelia R., born Sept. 6, 1853, in Russia; died Jan. 2, 1857.
  11. Elizabeth R., born Sept. 11, 1856, in Russia; died Mar. 29, 1859.
  12. Frances E., born Nov. 11, 1859; married George Bates. Resides Ilion, N.Y., (1930).


William D. Polley was born October 20, 1777; married, first, February 13, 1802, Deborah Eggleston, born 1782, died November 19, 1813; second, August 8, 1814, Elizabeth Smith, born August 28, 1792, died February 26, 1844. Third, November 7, 1844, Ruth Gurney. William D. Polley came from New Lebanon, New York, to Russia. He was a farmer. His family of six children by his first wife and eleven by his second wife, seventeen in all, is the largest family yet found in the early days of Russia. William D. Polley was a Free Baptist. He died April 1, 1852, in Russia. The children of William D. Polley were:

By his first wife:

  1. James W., born November 7, 1802, died December 15, 1802.
  2. William H., born November 13, 1804.
  3. Louisa, born October 2, 1806, died November 13, 1826.
  4. Hackley, born April 20, 1808.
  5. Willard B., born February 24, 1810. He resided at Weedsport, New York.
  6. Ann Sophia, born April 17, 1812, died August 8, 1888. Married Asahel I. Carpenter.

    By his second wife:

  7. Isaac, born May 8, 1815, died November 28, 1831.
  8. Eliza, born November 19, 1816. She was Mrs. Bassett, Salisbury, New York.
  9. Nancy, born October 2, 1818, died July 27, 1840.
  10. Harriett, born July 15, 1821, died October 10, 1903.
  11. Daniel, born May 26, 1823, died December 26, 1853. He resided Boonville, New York.
  12. James, born April 26, 1825, died January 13, 1890. His wife was Jane Moore, born August, 1832, died February 25, 1884. Their son is Harry M. Polley, Kansas City, Missouri.
  13. Hiram, born March 31, 1827, died January 7, 1899.
  14. Waitie, born October 20, 1829, died February 2, 1914. She was Mrs. Graham, Deerfield, New York.
  15. Isaac Newton, born February 12, 1832, died March 5, 1843.
  16. Henry, born November 28, 1834, died April 15, 1836.
  17. Henry, 2nd, born September 10, 1837, died November 30, 1920.

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