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Russia Union Church, 110th Anniversary, 1820-1930

The family profiles below come from the small book "Russia Union Church, 110th Anniversary, 1820 - 1930." Jane Dieffenbacher, Fairfield Town Historian, will be transcribing the family profiles from the second half of this rare book over the course of the summer. The small Town of Russia is on the western half of Herkimer County and borders the Towns of Deerfield, Trenton and Remson in neighboring Oneida County and the Towns of Ohio, Newport and Norway within Herkimer County.

In the middle of the book is this notation. "The foregoing pages constitute the history of the Russia Union Church as far as can be ascertained. The history of some of the families connected with it have been compiled. Time and space will not permit to complete the family sketches in this booklet. To those who have graciously furnished material in any way we are grateful. Printed books, family Bibles, written records, documents, letters, papers and clippings have been used as sources of information by the author, Rev. Roger F. Williams."



Stoddard Squire was born November 8, 1758, in Woodbury, Conn., the son of Reuben and Joanna C. (Stoddard) Squire; married October 24, 1781, at Dover Plains, New York. Theodosia French, the daughter of Gershom French, born October 25, 1759, died 1844 at Denmark, Lewis County, New York. He moved with his father's family to Manchester, Vermont. About 1792 he settled in Russia, where he was the first settler, except one. It was an unbroken forest with an occasional trail. He owned a three quarters section of land on the Royal Grant on the banks of West Canada Creek at the falls. Here he built a sawmill and carried on a lumbering business for many years. In this he was succeeded by his son, John G. Squire. Stoddard Squire died October 26, 1832, in Russia. He was buried at the northwest corner of his living room. Stoddard and Theodosia (French) Squire had children:

  1. Charles, resided Denmark, Lewis County, New York. His mother died at his home.
  2. John Graham, born May 5, 1785, in Manchester, Vermont; married January 3, 1814, at Fairfield, N.Y. Rhoba Smith, the daughter of Clark and Keziah (Potter) Smith, born December 29, 1790, in Fairfield, New York, died November 6, 1851, in Russia, New York. John G. Squire died November 17, 1873, in Russia, New York. He was a shareholder in the Russia Church. John G. and Rhoba (Smith) Squire had:

    1. George L., born October 20, 1815, died October 12, 1867. He married Susan M., born February 20, 1821, died December 23, 1852, the daughter of Raymond and Julia (Millington) Sheldon. He married second, Martha _________ of Centralia, Kansas. The children of George L. Squire were Gertrude E. Mellon, born 1845, now of Athol, Mass.; Lulu and Emogene.

    2. Mary Ann, born February 24, 1817; married October 11, 1843, Jared Thayer, born July 4, 1820, the son of Jared and Sarah (Enos) Thayer. They settled in Vernon, New York. Their children were Willett L., James A., Frances S., Sarah S., Freeman A.
    3. Albert M., born January 13, 1819, died November 21, 1899. He resided in Russia.
    4. James G., born September 11, 1820. Settled in Galesburg, Illinois.
    5. Truman H., born March 31, 1823, died November 27, 1889, in Elmira, New York. There he was a very prominent physician and surgeon.
    6. Charlotte, born February 4, 1825, died January 4, 1901.
    7. Sophia S., born October 2, 1828, died September 25, 1857. She married Smith.

  3. Fanny, married John O'Brien or Bryant. She had three children, Charles, Hannah and Harriett in Sodus, New York.
  4. Truman, went to London, England. There he studied and practiced law.


Richard Swezey, the son of Richard, was born June 10, 1764, in Southold, Long Island. Married Elizabeth Brainerd, the daughter of Timothy and Elizabeth (Spencer) Brainerd. She was born December 10, 1764, died April 4, 1844. They moved to Russia about 1800. They were farmers. He was an original proprietor in the Russia Union Church. Richard Swezey died May 15, 1843. Richard and Elizabeth (Brainerd) Swezey had children:

  1. William Chase (adopted), born May 5, 1795.
  2. Tabitha, born August 26, 1797, died July 1, 1881. Married Elijah C. Stranahan.
  3. Ira, born July 12, 1800, died April 7, 1829, while cutting timber on his father's farm.
  4. Ahimas, born May 16, 1802, died November 19, 1882. Married, first, March 1823, Lucinda Andrus, born November 10, 1805, died October 15, 1829; second, August 1, 1830, Polly Sweetman, born 1809, died June 22, 1862; third, July 14, 1863, Phebe King. He was a farmer in Russia. The children of Ahimas Swezey were: By first wife, Mary, Lurilla, Richard L. By second wife, Elijah, Isaac, Alanson, Alvira, Jerome.
  5. Orange, born October 12, 1804, died September 7, 1877, in Cortland, Ohio. Married October 1, 1829, in Russia, N.Y., Sophia J. Vickery, born June 27, 1808, the daughter of David and Priscilla (Smith) Vickery. They moved to Cortland, Ohio, in 1854. He was a farmer. Their children were Lucinda, Newton J., Elizabeth, Watson D., Frances and Elma.
  6. Lurilla, born August 13, 1808, died October 6, 1810.


Sanford Taylor, died February 12, 1826, aged 76 years. His wife, Lydia (Gardner) Taylor, died May 6, 1822, aged 70. They resided in Rhode Island and came to Russia, New York. Some of their relatives resided in Plainfield, New York. They were Baptists. Samuel Taylor was their son, born May, 1774, in Westerly, Rhode Island; married August 25, 179__, in Stonington, Conn., by Rev. Woodruff, Cynthia Palmer, born 1778, in Stonington, Conn., and died March 25, 1842. He died in Russia, August 4, 1819. Samuel and Cynthia (Palmer) Taylor had children:

  1. Cecilla, born July 25, 1800.
  2. Maria, born January 15, 1802, died March 4, 1832. She was the wife of Nathaniel D. Brown.
  3. Louisa, born December 12, 1805, died December 7, 1886; married Nathaniel D. Brown.
  4. Samuel Palmer, born September 21, 1803, died July 11, 1889.
  5. Laura Ann, born December 26, 1807, died November 25, 1886. Married Caleb Watkins.
  6. George, born October 26, 1809, died February 27, 1810.
  7. Betsey Walker, born December 13, 1810, died March 14, 1811.
  8. William Griswold, born January 19, 1813, died April 21, 1899.
  9. Silas Frame, born January 2, 1815, died December 14, 1896. Married Autentia A. Phillips. Their daughter is Mrs. Celina (Clarence) Stone, Poland, New York.
  10. Westal Willoughby, born May 14, 1817, died May 15, 1819.

George Taylor, one of the founders of the Russia Union Church, was born June 26, 1771, and died March 26, 1852. He was a brother of Sanford Taylor. The wife of George Taylor, Anna, died August 28, 1847, aged 71. They were Baptists. George and Anna Taylor had children, Mrs. Sally Wilcox, grandmother of Jane White.


Joseph Terry was born 1760; married 1st, Susanna Corwin, born 1764; died Dec. 20, 1836; 2nd, Esther Briggs. Joseph Terry came from the vicinity of Southold, Long Island, to Swezey Hill, town of Russia, in the early settlement of that section. He, with his wife, were members of the Russia Baptist Church. He died Nov. 27, 1849. The children of Joseph Terry were:

By his 1st wife:

  1. Joseph, born Feb. 22, 1786; died Jan. 23, 1813. Married Harriett ____. Their children were Erastus and Juliette, wife of Ezra May.
  2. Benjamin.
  3. Timothy, one of first share-holders in Russia Union Church. Settled in Clayville, Pa.
  4. Elijah, born Feb. 27, 1793; died Mar. 19, 1840. Married Mehitable Booth, born 1796; died 1866. Their children were Harry, father of Mrs. C.S. Ferris, aged 85, Utica, N.Y.; Elijah; Deborah, wife of Nathan Rix; Susan; Walter D.; Gideon; Elijah L.
  5. John, born July, 1796; died May 10, 1885. Married Esther Willoughby, born Feb. 1798; died July 6, 1880. Among their children was Westel W., Esther W.
  6. Harry, born July 4, 1798; died Feb. 27, 1813.
  7. David, born 1801; died Nov. 24, 1836. Married Laura Ann ____. Their children were: Martha, wife of Van Zandt Willoughby; Frances.
  8. Susan, born Dec. 13, 1803; died May 22, 1843. Married Stephen Brayton, born Nov. 28, 1801; died Feb. 5, 1856. Their children were: Washington, Sophronia, Harry, Lucetta, Emeline, Sarah, Susan.

By his 2nd wife:

  1. Joseph B., resided near Troy, N.Y.
  2. Silas M., born July 31, 1840; died Aug. 25, 1858.

Benjamin Terry, the son of Joseph and Susanna (Corwin) Terry, was born Feb. 19, 1788. Married 1st, Dec. 1, 1811, Janet Wood, born Mar. 1, 1789; died June 19, 1847; 2nd, Dec. 6, 1848, Jane Phelps. They came to the town of Newport from Long Island. He died June 6, 1870. The children of Benjamin Terry were:

By 1st wife:

  1. Nancy Ann, born Nov. 19, 1812; died Jan. 26, 1870.
  2. Benjamin Harrison, born Dec. 31, 1814; died Dec. 31, 1880. Married Apr. 4, 1844, Jerusha Moore, born Oct. 22, 1819; died Aug. 11, 1865. Their children were Benjamin F., Ruth E., Cynthia J., Emily.
  3. Charles Wells, born Oct. 19, 1817. Married Dec. 21, 1868, Almarine Cowdry. Their children were: Charles B. and Jennie A.
  4. Martha, born Oct. 19, 1819; died Jan. 12, 1840.
  5. Emily, born June 11, 1822; died Feb. 6, 1841.
  6. Lewis, born Oct. 28, 1824. Married Jan. 11, 1854, Lucinda Swezey. Their children were Fannie M., Mary J.
  7. Fourth daughter born Dec. 17, 1827.
  8. David.
  9. George, born June 4, 1832.
  10. William H., born Mar. 7, 1835.

By his 2nd wife:

  1. Anson P., born Sept. 20, 1849.

David Terry, the son of Benjamin and Janet (Wood) Terry, was born Jan. 28, 1829. Married May 3, 1859, Marian Helen Walker by Rev. Lewis Meredith. She was born Apr. 28, 1837, the daughter of Ebenezer N. and Jane (Lindsay) Walker of Russia. David Terry studied medicine at the College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City, where he graduated in 1855. Also he had practical training with Dr. Luther Guiteau of Trenton, N.Y. He began to practice in Russia in 1860, and continued until 1864. Then he served in the Civil War as lieutenant and surgeon in a hospital in Washington, D.C. Then he returned to Russia and then went to Trenton and in 1870 established a practice in Syracuse, N.Y. Dr. David Terry was a beloved physician. He was an official in the Russia Methodist Episcopal Church and a leader in its activities. In Syracuse he was one of the early members of the University Ave. Methodist Episcopal Church. The children of Dr. David and Marian H. (Walker) Terry were Anna P. and Luther G.

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