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Russia Union Church, 110th Anniversary, 1820-1930

The family profiles below come from the small book "Russia Union Church, 110th Anniversary, 1820 - 1930." Jane Dieffenbacher, Fairfield Town Historian, will be transcribing the family profiles from the second half of this rare book over the course of the summer. The small Town of Russia is on the western half of Herkimer County and borders the Towns of Deerfield, Trenton and Remson in neighboring Oneida County and the Towns of Ohio, Newport and Norway within Herkimer County.

In the middle of the book is this notation. "The foregoing pages constitute the history of the Russia Union Church as far as can be ascertained. The history of some of the families connected with it have been compiled. Time and space will not permit to complete the family sketches in this booklet. To those who have graciously furnished material in any way we are grateful. Printed books, family Bibles, written records, documents, letters, papers and clippings have been used as sources of information by the author, Rev. Roger F. Williams."



Increase Thayer was born 1752; married Mar. 20, 1771, Leah Wheelock, born July 15, 1753; died Jan. 8, 1834. They settled in Mendon, Mass., and later in Norway, N.Y. He died Mar. 3, 1813. Their children were:

  1. Jared.
  2. Abigail, born June 3, 1778.
  3. Sylvia, born Mar. 1786.

Jared Thayer, the son of Increase and Leah (Wheelock) Thayer, was born Sept. 21, 1776, in Mendon, Mass.; married, 1st, Jan. 16, 1802, Mary Rawson, born Dec. 27, 1777; died June 25, 1803; 2nd, Feb. 24, 1811, Sarah Enos, born July 27, 1782; died Feb. 28, 1858. Jared Thayer settled first in Norway and in 1811 in Russia. He was one of the first extensive dairy farmers in Herkimer County. For his services in the War of 1812 he received a Colonel's commission. He was a staunch Presbyterian in the Russia Union Church and a prime mover in their Russia Chapel. He finally settled in Vernon, N.Y., where he died Oct. 29, 1855. Jared Thayer had children by his first wife:

  1. Mary R., born June 24, 1803; died May 12, 1841; married Mar. 11, 1824, Bela Pardee, born June 3, 1798, in Norway (Russia), N.Y.; died Apr. 3, 1886, in Vernon, N.Y., the son of Josiah and Abigail (Smith) Pardee. Bela Pardee went from Russia to Vernon, N.Y., about 1832. He was a prosperous farmer and cheesemaker. For many years he was active in the Presbyterian Church. He was the father of 15 children. The children of Bela and Mary R. (Thayer) Pardee were Alonzo, George, Mary A., Charles E., Jay, Rebecca, Charles J.

By second wife:

  1. Alonzo, born Sept. 1813; died Oct. 22, 1814.
  2. Sarah, born May 10, 1815.
  3. Susan, born Mar. 12, 1817; died Mar. 24, 1817.
  4. Emily, born Mar. 9, 1819; married Sept. 21, 1842, Bela Pardee, husband of Mary R. Thayer. Emily Pardee died Apr. 13, 1884, in Vernon, N.Y. Bela and Emily (Thayer) Pardee had children, Jared A., Emily G., Alice R., Josiah, Carrie T., Sarah E., Richard H., Henry S.
  5. Jared, Jr., born July 4, 1820; married Oct. 11, 1843, Mary A. Graham, born Feb. 24, 1827, the daughter of John Graham, Esq. He was a farmer in Vernon, N.Y. Their children were Willet L., James A., Frances S., Sarah S., Freeman A.
  6. George A., born April 9, 1823; married Nov. 25, 1851, Harriett Cole, born Apr. 16, 1827, the daughter of John Cole of Salisbury, N.Y. He graduated from Geneva Medical College in 1847. He was a practicing physician, surgeon and druggist in Medina, N.Y. Their childen were Harriett, Edgar G.
  7. Caroline, born Mar. 14, 1825; married Jan. 14, 1852, John Williams, born Oct. 20, 1820. He was a farmer in Russia. Their children were Joseph A., Ella.


Samuel Peet Treat was born 1755; married Sarah ______, born 1764; died Jan. 13, 1830. He enlisted in the Revolutionary Army at Washington, Conn., Jan. 1, 1776, and served until Jan. 1777, under Capt. Isaac Bostwick and Col. Charles Webb. This regiment was in Boston and Peekskill. During this year Samuel P. Treat was taken ill. This seems to have ended his service. From Russia, Apr. 18, 1818, he applied for a pension. It was granted. Thomas Hubbart of Russia and Aaron Smith of Middlefield, Otsego County, N.Y., knew him while he was in service. He was a farmer and a communicant of the Episcopalian faith in connection with the Russia Union Church. He died July 5, 1837. Samuel P. and Sarah Treat had children:

  1. Sally Betsey, born 1802; married Amherst Coon. They were Russia Baptists.
  2. Nancy Jeanette, born 1810.


John Varney served seven years as a soldier in the American Revolution. His wife was Thankful ____, born July, 1745; died Apr. 12, 1820, in Russia. Among the children of John and Thankful Varney were:

  1. Edmund.
  2. Anna, born Nov. 18, 1787; died May 18, 1845, in Middleville, N.Y. Married 1814, Levi Graves, born Aug. 12, 1785; died Nov. 12, 1825, the son of Russell Graves of Russia.

Edmund Varney, the son of John and Thankful Varney, was born June 6, 1778, in Amenia, Dutchess county, N.Y. Married Mehitabel Ward, born 1783; died Mar. 27, 1870. She was a sister of Ebenezer Ward. She spent her last days in New York City and is buried in Green Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, N.Y. Edmund Varney moved from Dover, Dutchess County, N.Y., to Russia in 1809, and became a farmer. He was prominent politically in town, county and state affairs. He served the town of Russia as Justice of the Peace, 1812 to 1837; town clerk, 1817, 1818, 1819, 1820, 1822, 1824, 1828; supervisor, 1829-1834. Also he was commissioner of common school and master in the chancery. He was appointed a judge of the County Court in 1823; elected to the State Assembly in 1826. State Senator 1842 to 1846. Many an ancient deed of property in the town of Russia was subscribed to before him who was known many years as Judge Varney. His religious lot was cast with the Russia Close Communion Baptists. In all acts of life Edmund Varney was capable, faithful and honest. He was a Republican of the Jeffersonian school. He died Dec. 2, 1847, in Russia. Edmund and Mehitabel (Ward) Varney had children:

  1. Alfred E., born 1807, in Amenia, N.Y. Married 1st, Freelove A. ____, born 1811; died Mar. 12, 1839. 2nd, Feb. 3, 1841, Ann Maria Willard, born Feb. 16, 1811, in Fairfield, N.Y.; died Apr. 30, 1889, the daughter of Colonel Charles Willard. Alfred E. Varney graduated from Fairfield Medical College in 1831. He practiced medicine in Middleville, N.Y., and died Feb. 24, 1870.
  2. John W., resided in Russia (1847). His wife was Almira ____. She, with their daughter Alma A., resided (1870) in Gaylordsville, Litchfield County, Conn.
  3. Anna, born 1811; died Jan. 3, 1842. Married 1840, Dr. Stephen A. Ingham of Little Falls, N.Y. He was born Apr. 3, 1817, took his medical course in Fairfield College. 1840-4. He practiced with Dr. Walter Booth in Russia.
  4. Milton G., born 1813; died Aug. 22, 1855. Married 1830, Jane Carpenter, born 1812, in Norway, N.Y.; died 1900 in Middleville, N.Y., the daughter of Azel Carpenter. Her second husband was Elias Pullman. M.G. Varney was a hotel keeper in Russia and Prospect and a Colonel in the militia. The children of Milton G. and Jane (Carpenter) Varney were Dora A.., born Aug. 17, 1845; married Dr. C.W. Hamlin. She resides 1930 in Clinton, N.Y. Josephine, Olivia I., Clarence G., born Mar. 17, 1848, resides in Newport, N.Y.
  5. Almeda, married John Stilwell, who died Mar. 27, 1872. They resided in Frankfort and German Flatts, N.Y. Their children were Iola B., Florence V.
  6. Clarinda M., born May, 1820; died Feb. 8, 1891. Married D.D.T. Marshall, born July 15, 1817; died Aug. 12, 1888. They resided in New York City.
  7. Frances L., born 1828; died July 1, 1910. Married _____ Berger. They resided in New York City.


David Vickery was born March 31, 1770. Married, first, Priscilla Smith, born February 11, 1767, died April 28, 1844, the daughter of John Smith, who died February 18, 1821, and his wife who died March 1, 1826. They resided in Chatham, N.Y., and Russia, N.Y. David Vickery died November 14, 1863. His second wife was Anna Perkins, born 1795, died July 7, 1862. The children of David and Priscilla (Smith) Vickery were:

  1. Asa, born Novemebr 11, 1791, in Chatham, N.Y. Married Polly Hunt, born March 20, 1797, died March 7, 1884. He was land-surveyor and farmer in Russia. He was Justice of the Peace over 30 years; also Associate Judge of the County Court and member of the State Legislature in the Assembly. Asa Vickery died January 14, 1857. The children of Asa and Polly (Hunt) Vickery were James of Beaver Township, Crawford County, Penn. Mary Ann, wife of Latham Gray and Melissa.
  2. Ruth, born September 23, 1793. Married Isaac Phelps.
  3. Claudius, born July 15, 1803. Married, first, Abigail ______, born 1804, died November 10, 1829. Second, Lois Payne. A son of Claudius Vickery was George of Cold Brook.
  4. Sophia Jane, born June 27, 1808. Married Orange Swezey.


Edward Wheeler, the son of John and Margarita (Lasher) Wheeler, was born 1745; died Feb. 10, 1824, in Russia. His wife, whom he married Jan. 8, 1765, was Maritje (Mary) Dutcher, born 1746; died Dec. 10, 1823. This family moved from Amenia, Dutchess County, N.Y., to Russia, N.Y., in 1807 with their son Ephraim and family. Edward Wheeler was an associator in the American Revolution from Rhinebeck Precinct, Dutchess County, N.Y. The association to which he belonged was organized to provide ways and means to defend these new colonies against the British. Edward and Mary (Dutcher) Wheeler had children:

  1. Katharine, born Sept. 18, 1765; died 1848. Married, 1st, William Dutcher; 2nd, at Amenia, N.Y., on Jan. 13, 1785, Ruloff Coon of Dover, N.Y.
  2. Rufus, born Sept. 19, 1767.
  3. Lydia, born May 6, 1770; married Hiram Price.
  4. John, born Nov. 13, 1772.
  5. Ephraim.
  6. Edward, born Nov. 23, 1777.
  7. Mary, born Feb. 14, 1781.
  8. Abigail, born Mar. 8, 1784; died Jan. 2, 1869. Married William Woolsey, born 1786; died June 4, 1830. Resided in Russia.
  9. Eleanor, born July 24, 1787; died Jan. 7, 1859. married, 1st, John Dutcher, who was killed by the fall of a tree; 2nd, Pratt Smith, born Mar. 29, 1788; died Mar. 8, 1874.
  10. Sally, born June 20, 1790; married Edward Colegrove.

Ephraim Wheeler, the son of Edward and Mary (Dutcher) Wheeler, was born Feb. 11, 1775. Married Sept. 10, 1796, Catharine Dutcher, born 1780; died Sept. 9, 1849. They resided in Russia. He died Sept. 15, 1841. The children of Ephraim and Catharine (Dutcher) Wheeler were:

  1. Schuyler, born Feb. 15, 1798; died Nov. 18, 1881. Married, 1st, Jan. 25, 1817, Roxey Stanclift, born Jan. 15, 1800; died Feb. 28, 1825, the daughter of William Stanclift; 2nd, June 25, 1825, Amanda Allen, born Sept. 12, 1801; died Apr. 26, 1882, the daughter of William and Aurel (Brooks) Allen. Schuyler and Amanda Wheeler were among the first Methodists in Russia. They were converted there in 1826, and united with the Methodist Episcopal Church. The preachers were welcome guests in their home. They gave freely of themselves, time, talent and means for the church. He was an official (class leader for over 50 years) first in the Prospect Church and later in Trenton. First they lived in Russia and later in Trenton, N.Y. The children of Schuyler Wheeler were Samantha, Olive, Robert, Eliza.
  2. Myron, born Mar. 10, 1800. Married Sally Payne. They resided DePauville, N.Y.
  3. Susan, born Jan. 16, 1802; died May 13, 1841. Married Josiah Halliday, Jr. They resided DePauville, N.Y. Their children were Roxey H., Albert, Josiah.
  4. Elma, born Nov. 1, 1803; died Dec. 6, 1883. Married Aug. 3, 1825, Samuel G. Pitman, born Sept. 28, 1800; died Nov. 9, 1886, the son of Samuel and Eunice (Holt) Pitman. They resided in Trenton, N.Y. Their children were: Henry W., Charles, Eliza, William, Abby, Samuel S., Ephraim, Elma, George.
  5. Albert, born Oct. 23, 1805; died June 8, 1878. Married Rebecca Lawton, born Jan. 24, 1810; died June 17, 1892. They resided Copenhagen, N.Y., and Geneva, N.Y.
  6. Mary, born Sept. 3, 1807. Married Henry Woodward. A child Frances. They resided in Quincy, Ill.
  7. Eliza S., born July 23, 1809. Married Matthew Hoyt. They resided in Putnam County, Ill.
  8. Ephraim E., born Sept. 12, 1811; died Oct. 27, 1892. Married Almira A. Philleo (1825-1903). They resided in Russia. Several children.
  9. John, born Sept. 14, 1813. His wife was Diana Vaughn. He lived in Cleveland, Ohio.
  10. William Woolsey, born Oct. 17, 1815; died Feb. 22, 1890. Married, 1st, Dec. 17, 1837, Sarah A. Watkins, born Apr. 12, 1818; died July 7, 1856, the daughter of Phineas Watkins of Trenton, N.Y.; 2nd, Jan. 31, 1859, Esther Ann Egert of Trenton, N.Y., born there Aug. 11, 1838. The children of William W. Wheeler were, by first wife: George W., Jesse A., Alla, Charles S., William W.; by 2nd wife, Edward M., Abby G.
  11. Abigail W., born Dec. 11, 1818. Married Thomas Atwood. They lived in Leyden, N.Y. their children were Othniel, Otisco, Susan, Lydia, Charles.
  12. Lydia J., born July 3, 1821; died Aug. 24, 1897. Married, 1st, George Pitman, born Aug. 13, 1817; died July 4, 1853; 2nd, James Smith. They resided in Trenton, N.Y.


Isaac Woodin was born Apr. 26, 1765, the son of Timothy and Sarah (Ford) Woodin of Hamden, Conn. He married Rebecca Mix, born Aug. 26, 1763; died July 29, 1852. They were farmers and moved from Hamden, Conn., to Woodin's Corners, town of Russia. he died Apr. 29, 1841. The children of Isaac andRebecca (Mix) Woodin were:

  1. Isaac.
  2. Miles, married Caroline ______. He was in the Russia Union Church.
  3. Roswell, married May 13, 1829, Lucretia Beecher (1810-1873), the daughter of Zina and Lucretia (Sanford) Beecher. Their children were Lucretia M., Emily R., Mary A., Berintha E.
  4. Rebecca, born 1793; died Jan. 29, 1875. Married Merrit Pardee. They resided in Columbus, Warren County, Penn.
  5. Sally, married Daniel Perkins.
  6. Lydia, married _____ Greenfield.

Isaac Woodin, the son of Isaac and Rebecca (Mix) Woodin, was born Mar. 8, 1795, in Hamden, Conn. Married Jan. 9, 1817, Sylvia Corey, born May 28, 1796; died Sept. 24, 1881, the daughter of William and Elizabeth (Burnham) Corey. They were farmers in Russia. They were first connected with the Baptists in Russia Union Church and later in Grant. Isaac Woodin served in the War of 1812. He died Sept. 1, 1869. The children of Isaac and Sylvia (Corey) Woodin were:

  1. Patty, born Apr. 24, 1818; died Apr. 25, 1818.
  2. Timothy C., born Jan. 13, 1820. Married Lorinda _______. She resided, 1869, in Norwalk, Ohio. Their children were Sylvia N. (Mrs. F. A. Caldwell, Kingston, R.I.), and Timothy C.
  3. Elizabeth M., born May 25, 1823; died 1914. Married Jan. 15, 1846, William H. Garlock, born Nov. 23, 1821; died Dec. 23, 1897. Their children were George I., and Corey W. They reside in Russia.
  4. Cynthia H., born Feb. 12, 1827; died Oct. 14, 1921. Married Henry Carruthers, born Feb. 12, 1824; died June 20, 1906. Their children were Elmie, Frank, Retta, Elizabeth (Mrs. Frank Heidel, Los Angeles, Calif.).
  5. George T., born Dec. 16, 1828. Resided in Herkimer, N.Y. His son was George T.
  6. Sylvia F., born Oct. 3, 1831; died Mar. 27, 1841.

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