1869 Directory of the Town of Salisbury

Herkimer County, NY

The Hamilton Child Company of Syracuse, New York produced directories of New York counties for 1869. These directories are useful in conjunction with the 1870 US census, and are available at many New York State libraries and historical societies either in print or on microfilm. In producing these directories, a few residents may have been missed. Absence of a family or person does not always mean that they didn't live there. In transcribing this material we have kept the original spelling and punctuation.

From Gazetteer and Business Directory of Herkimer County, N.Y. 1869-70
published by Hamilton Child & Co., Syracuse, NY 1869

( post office addresses in parentheses )
Ackley, Geo. (Salisbury) farmer 45
Andrews, Nathan (Gray) farmer
Ash, Brazil (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 100
Aumack, John (Emmonsburgh) tanner
Austin, Lucy Mrs. (Salisbury) farmer 58
Avery, Edward (Salisbury Center) farmer 4
Avery, James (Salisbury Center) farmer 80
Avery, Levi (Stratford, Fulton Co.) carpenter and joiner, millwright, cabinet maker and undertaker
Avery, William (Salisbury) farmer 406
Barnes, Hiram (Salisbury Center) farmer 135
Barnes, Lucy H. (Salisbury Center) farmer 111
Barnes, Lyman L. (Salisbury Center) farmer 225
Barragan, Dennis (Salisbury Center) farmer leases of James C. Lamberson 226
Barrett, Bingham B. (Salisbury Center) carriage painter
Barrett, Hiram J. (Salisbury Center) farmer and gardener
Barrett, John F. (Salisbury Center) farmer 1
Belcher, Beri B. (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 237
Belcher, Lafayette (Salisbury Center) lawyer
Bingham, Ira D. (Salisbury Center) sawyer
Bingham, Wesley (Stratford, Fulton Co.)custom sawyer and farmer 3 1/2
Bliss, Samuel L. (Salisbury Center) farmer 125
Bliss, Truman (Salisbury Center) justice of the peace and farmer 12
Bloodough, Abram (Salisbury Center) carpenter and joiner and farmer 40
Bloodough, Henry (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 60
Bloodough, Peter (Salisbury Center) farmer 50
Bowen, Stephen (Salisbury Center) farmer 5
Brockett, Benj. D., estate of (Salisbury Center) 59 acres
Brockett, Leonard A. (Salisbury) apiarian and farmer 150
Brown, Ambrose (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 250
Brown, Gilbert (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 261
Brown, Horace H. (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 230
Brown, William (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 60
Brown, Willard (Salisbury Center) farmer 45
Bullock, Levi E. (Salisbury) farmer leases of Almira Pratt 160
Burrell, Gordon (Salisbury) farmer 127
Burrell, Isaac (Salisbury) cheese dealer and farmer 2
Burrell, William F. (Salisbury) lumberman, cheese box manuf., broom handle turner, lath maker and farmer 1000
Burrows, Elon G. (Salisbury Center) hardware and tin business
Byington, Geo. L. (Salisbury Center) supervisor and gunsmith
Cady, Hiram (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 25
Card, Horatio (Stratford, Fulton Co.) laborer
Carl, Lorenzo (Brockett's Bridge, Fulton Co.) farmer 117
Carman, ___ (Salisbury Center) farmer 100
Carpenter, Hiram (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 50
Case, Silas B. (Salisbury Center) farmer leases of Dr. John Moon 225
Clock, Nicholas (Salisbury) retired farmer 9
Cole, David W. (Salisbury Center) farmer 11
Cole, Truman (Salisbury Center) farmer 40
Comstock, Ebenezer (Salisbury Center) farmer 50
Comstock, Ephraim S. (Salisbury) farmer 102
Comstock, Stephen (Salisbury) farmer 244
Congden, John (Salisbury Center) farmer 114
Cook & Ives (Salisbury)(James J. Cook, John and James H. Ives) lumbermen and farmers 3,850
Cool, Ellery (Salisbury Center) farmer 114
Cool, Nicholas P. (Salisbury Center) farmer 12 1/2
Corse, Israel (Emmonsburgh)(D.W. Emmons & Co.)
Cory, Silas (Salisbury Center) farmer 190
Cory, William J. (Salisbury Center) farmer 140
Covell, Enos (Salisbury Center) assessor and farmer 400
Cramer, Amos (Salisbury Center)(Cramer & Stilson)
Cramer & Stilson(Salisbury Center)(Amos Cramer and S. Walker Stilson)
Cross, Anson G. (Salisbury Center) butcher and farmer leases 11 1/2
Curtis, Joel (Salisbury Center) farmer 63
Daley, Lewis (Salisbury) farmer 40
Darling, John (Salisbury Center) farmer 114
Darling, Luther (Salisbury Center) farmer 55
Davis, David D. (Emmonsburgh) farmer 300
Decker, Frank (Salisbury Center) farmer 8
Dibble, Charles A. (Stratford, Fulton Co.) hotel keeper and tin peddler
Dish, John (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 50
Dockstader, Geo. F. (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 126 and leases of Beri B. Belcher 237
Doxtader, Franklin (Salisbury Center) farmer 6
Dunning, James (Salisbury Center) farmer 25
Dunning, Philip (Salisbury Center) farmer 12
Eddy, Charles (Salisbury) farmer leases of Harry Burrell 200
Elliott, John (Salisbury Center) farmer 6
Elwell & Wheeler (Salisbury Center)(William H. Elwell and James Wheeler) millers
Elwell, William H. (Salisbury Center)(Elwell & Wheeler)
Emmons, Delos W. (Emmonsburgh)(Delos W. Emmons, Israel Corse and Edmund Thompson) tanners of sole leather and general dealer in merchandise
Fairchild, Edwin B. (Salisbury Center) cheese maker
Farvey, Jeremiah (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 25
Ferrell, William (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 51
Filkins, William S. (Salisbury) farmer 127 1/2
Fuller, James (Salisbury Center) farmer leases of Amanda Walters 35
Fuller, Joseph (Salisbury Center) farmer 74 1/2
Fuller, Levi (Salisbury Center) farmer 201
Fye, Geo. (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 26
Fynn, Mary R. (Salisbury Center) farmer 10
Galatia, L. (Salisbury Center)(Niver & Galatia)
Gibson, Charles D. (Salisbury) farmer leases of Harry Burrell 200
Gillett, Ezra (Brockett's Bridge, Fulton Co.) farmer 45
Goodwin, Lyman D. (Stratford, Fulton Co.) general merchant
Graves, Ezra J. (Salisbury) physician and surgeon
Greenman, Lewis (Salisbury Center) farmer 10
Grissal, John (Salisbury Center) farmer leases of Geo. Barnes 94
Guiwits, Abram (Salisbury Center) physician and surgeon
Hale, Martin W. (Salisbury Center) blacksmith and farmer 35
Hall, Bradford (Salisbury) farmer 304
Hall, Emaline (Salisbury) farmer 20
Hardendorf, Henry (Salisbury Center) custom sawyer, calker and farmer 4
Harper, Benj. (Salisbury Center) groceries and provisions
Hawks, Moses (Salisbury Center) custom sawyer and farmer 9
Hays, Harmonious (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 27
Helterline, Joseph (Stratford, Fulton Co.) prop. of tannery in Fulton Co.
Hemstreet, John B. (Salisbury Center) agent, cabinet maker and undertaker
Hemstreet, Rosetta D. Mrs. (Salisbury Center) milliner
Hicks, Robert (Salisbury Center) farmer 697
Hix, Robert (Stratford, Fultonco.) farmer 55
Homrighans, Henry (Salisbury) farmer 10
Homrighans, Philip (Salisbury) carpenter and farmer 5
Hopson, Alva (Salisbury Center) millwright and farmer 80
Hopson, Edwin R. (Brockett's Bridge, Fulton Co.) cheese manuf. and farmer 165
Hopson, Volney (Salisbury Center) assessor and farmer 230
Howard, Amos L.(Salisbury Center) farmer 54
Howe, Harvey (Salisbury Center) farmer 154
Howe, Josiah (Salisbury Center) farmer 31(81?)
Howland, Geo. W. Rev. (Salisbury Center) clergyman of M.E. Church
Huffman, Nicholas (Salisbury) farmer leases of H. Burrell 211
Hulion, Patrick (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 100
Ingraham, Fernando C. (Salisbury Center) hotel keeper and farmer 27
Ives, Anson (Salisbury) farmer 50
Ives, Frederick (Salisbury) cheese dealer
Ives, James H. (Salisbury)(Cook & Ives)
Ives, James H. (Salisbury) cheese dealer
Ives, John (Salisbury)(Cook & Ives)
James, David (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 100
Jaques, Holden (Salisbury Center) farmer 1
Jennings, William B., estate of (Stratford, Fulton Co.) 103 acres
Johnson, Cornelius S. (Salisbury Center) farmer 220
Johnson, Lysander (Stratford, Fulton Co.) shoemaker and farmer 40
Keeler, William H. (Salisbury Center) farmer 60
Keller, Israel (Salisbury) farmer 150
Kelley, Ebenezer (Salisbury) farmer 125
Kelley, Lorin (Salisbury) farmer 417
Kibbe, Harvey P. (Stratford, Fulton Co.) constable and farmer 20
Kibbe, Huldah (Salisbury Center) farmer 22 1/2
Kibbe & Perkins (Stratford, Fulton Co.)(Thomas N. Kibbe and Cornelius Perkins) general dealers in dry good, groceries, hardware, boots and shoes, hats and caps, flour and feed and patent medicines
Kibbe, Thomas N. (Stratford, Fulton Co.)(Kibbe & Perkins)
Kidd, William (Salisbury Center) farmer 62
King, David T. (Salisbury) farmer 143
Kingsley, Saywell W. (Salisbury Center) shoe peg manuf.
Kingsley, Theodore (Salisbury Center)
Klingin, Abram (Salisbury Center) farmer 135
Klippel, Conrad (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer leases 420
Klippel, Geo. (Salisbury Center) farmer 17
Lacells, E.P. (Salisbury) farmer leases of William J. Thompson 200
Lacells, Peter (Salisbury) building mover and farmer 30
Lally, Edward (Salisbury Center) farmer 10
Lally, John (Salisbury Center) farmer 30
Lamberson, Cornelius, estate of (Salisbury) 100 acres
Lamberson, James C. (Salisbury Center) retired farmer 250
Lamberson, John D. (Brockett's Bridge, Fulton Co.) farmer 140
Lamberson, John F. (Brockett's Bridge, Fulton Co.) farmer 207
Lamberson, Joshua W. (Brockett's Bridge, Fulton Co.) farmer 185
Lamberson, Sarah W. (Salisbury Center) farmer 100
Lamphere, Henry (Salisbury) farmer leases of Reuben Rundel 197 1/2
Lamphere, Isaac M. (Salisbury Center) farmer 27
Lamphere, Joel (Salisbury Center) farmer 30
Lamphere, Joshua P. (Salisbury Center) farmer 84
Lamphere, Morgan C. (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 100
Larkin, Patrick (Salisbury Center) farmer 13 1/2
Leavitt, Ormel (Stratford, Fulton Co.) grocer
Leavitt, Simon B. (Emmonsburgh) farmer 125
Lewman, John (Salisbury Center) farmer 5
Litchard, Marcus I. (Salisbury Center) laborer
Loomis, Heman (Salisbury) wagon maker
Loucks, Alexander (Salisbury Center) tailor
Loucks, Jesse (Brockett's Bridge, Fulton Co.) farmer 150
Loucks & Perkins (Salisbury Center) general merchants
Lowry, Abram (Salisbury) hotel keeper
Lucy, Patrick (Salisbury) (Salisbury Center) farmer 400
Luther, Charles (Salisbury) farmer 36
Luther, Harvey A. (Salisbury) farmer leases of Horace Pratt 225
Lyons, Alexander (Stratford, Fulton Co.) laborer
Lyons, William H. (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 264 and leases of George Dockstader 126
Mabbott, Thomas (Salisbury Center) farmer 7
Mahoney, Jeremiah (Salisbury) farmer 50
Marquisse, Barney (Salisbury) shoemaker
Marsh, Abram M. (Salisbury Center) farmer 230
May, Gamaliel (Salisbury) farmer leases of Harry Burrell 240
McCabe, James (Salisbury Center) farmer 50
McClure, Robert (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 137
McConnell, Eli (Salisbury Center) farmer 10
McDonald, James (Salisbury) farmer leases 200
McDougal, John F. (Salisbury Center) lumber and planing mill and farmer 887
Mcdougal, John F. (Salisbury Center)(John F. McDougal and Daniel Wagner) tanners and curriers
McEvoy, Ann Mrs. (Salisbury) farmer 100
McFeely, Dominick (Salisbury) butcher
McGovnear, Michael (Salisbury Center) farmer 124
McLean, Simpson (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 83 and leases of John Davis 150
Menge, John (Salisbury Center) farmer 185
Merriman, John H. (Salisbury Center) carpenter and joiner
Merryman, Cephus (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 300
Metcalf, Lorenzo D. (Salisbury) dairyman and farmer 282
Metz, Conrad (Salisbury Center) farmer 13
Metz, Godfrey (Salisbury Center) farmer 7
Miller, Anson (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 3
Miller, Daniel D. (Salisbury Center) goldsmith
Miller, John H. (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 10
Miller, John M. (Salisbury) farmer 327
Miller, Nicholas (Salisbury) blacksmith
Miller, Peter (Salisbury) farmer 44
Miller, Peter (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 8 and leases of S.B. Case 100
Minor, Thomas (Salisbury Center) farmer 67
Mitchell, Henry H. (Salisbury Center) harness maker
Moon, John (Stratford, Fulton Co.) hotel keeper, physician and dealer in drugs and medicines
Morse, Robert A. (Salisbury Center) carriage maker
Mowers, Stephen (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 15
Moyer, John (Salisbury Center) farmer 32
Munger, Gehiel P. (Salisbury Center) farmer 69
Munger, Henry (Salisbury Center) farmer
Munger, Ichabod (Salisbury Center) farmer 94
Munger, James (Salisbury Center) cooper and farmer 25
Munger, Sherman (Salisbury Center) custom sawyer and farmer 100
Munson, William S. (Salisbury Center) book keeper
Murphy, Bartholomew (Salisbury) farmer 50
Murphy, Cornelius (Salisbury) farmer 400
Murphy, James (Salisbury) farmer 300
Murphy, Jeremiah (Salisbury Center) farmer 23
Murphy, Michael (Salisbury) farmer 20
Nagle, John (Salisbury) farmer 62
Neeley, Rains (Salisbury Center) farmer 262
Nellis, Philip O. (Salisbury Center) liveryman and farmer 5
Nellis, William G. (Salisbury Center) farmer 2
Nichols, Elisha (Salisbury)(with John) farmer leases of Charles M. Metcalf 50
Nichols, John (Salisbury)(with Elisha) farmer leases of Charles M. Metcalf 50
Niver & Galatia (Salisbury Center)(John Niver and L. Galatia) butchers
Niver, John (Salisbury Center)(Niver & Galatia)
Northrup, Daniel A. (Salisbury Center) general merchant, auctioneer and post master
O'Hara, John (Salisbury) farmer 70
O'Hara, Patrick (Salisbury) farmer 30
O'Hara, William (Salisbury) farmer 46
Parker, Horace M. (Salisbury) farmer 200
Parsons, Isaac S. Rev. (Salisbury) Baptist clergyman
Patterson, Marriette (Salisbury Center) farmer 94
Peck, Alonzo (Salisbury Center) farmer 24
Perkins, Cornelius (Stratford, Fulton Co.)(Kibbe & Perkins)
Perkins, Delos (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 100
Perkins, ____ (Salisbury Center)(Loucks & Perkins)
Petrie, William H. (Salisbury) farmer leases of Harry Burrell 196
Phelps, Jonah W. (Salisbury) general dealers in dry goods, groceries, hardward, crockery, hats and caps, boots and shoes, flour and feed, and stoves
Porter, Elenor (Salisbury Center) farmer 12
Porter, Mary A. (Salisbury Center) farmer 35
Powley, Henry (Brockett's Bridge, Fulton Co.) farmer 5
Praim, Alexander (Salisbury Center) farmer 94
Pratt, Horace (Salisbury Center) farmer 492
Padley, Andrew (Salisbury Center) carpenter and joiner
Ransom, Merriman M. (Salisbury)(M.M. Ransom & Son)
Ransom, M.M. & Son (Salisbury)(Merriman M. and William M.) pump long makers, scroll sawing, turning &c., also farmer 25
Ransom, William M. (Salisbury)(M.M. Ransom & Son)
Rasom, Willard (Salisbury) saw mill
Remmel, Caleb (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 45
Rice, Burrel (Salisbury Center) farmer 68
Rice, Jacob (Salisbury Center) farmer 50
Rice, Rufus (Salisbury Center) farmer 52
Richardson, James (Salisbury Center) farmer 9 3/4
Rogers, Williams (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 25
Rulifson, Harmon (Salisbury Center) general dealer in stoves, tin, copper and sheet iron ware and glass ware
Rundell, Reuben (Brockett's Bridge, Fulton Co.) farmer 244 1/2
Ryan, Joseph (Salisbury) farmer 28
Sasman, Geo. (Salisbury Center) farmer 66
Sasman, Henry (Salisbury Center) farmer 33
Sasman, John (Salisbury) farmer 89
Sasman, Lewis (Salisbury) farmer 110
Sasman, Philip (Salisbury Center) farmer 21
Satterlee, William (Salisbury Center) farmer 97
Satterly, Gilbert (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 25
Satterly, John S. (Stratford, Fulton Co.) carpenter and millwright
Scott, Levi (Salisbury Center) farmer 106
Shaver, Henry (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 49
Sheldon, Emman R. (Salisbury Center) farmer 15
Sheldon, Rhoda M. Mrs. (Salisbury Center) farmer 95
Sicner, David (Salisbury Center) blacksmith and farmer leases of Amos Cramer 25
Silliman, Sherwood D. (Salisbury) assessor and farmer 180
Sixbey, John (Stratford, Fulton Co.) lumberman and farmer 184
Smith, Newton J. (Emmonsburgh) farmer 160
Smith, Samuel (Salisbury Center) farmer 300
Smith, William M. (Salisbury Center) farmer 556
Snyder, Christopher (Salisbury) farmer 61
Snyder, Jacob H. (Salisbury) harness maker
Snyder, John (Salisbury) blacksmith
Spencer, Allen (Salisbury Center) farmer 280
Spencer, Alvin (Salisbury Center) millwright and manuf. of lumber, lath and turning work
Stafford, James V. (Salisbury Center) farmer 130
Stafford, Stephen T. (Salisbury Center) carpenter and joiner and farmer leases of Andrew Clock 160
Stilson, Ruth A. (Salisbury Center) farmer 179
Stilson, S. Walker (Salisbury Center)(Cramer & Stilson)
Stoddard, Levi F. (Salisbury Center) farmer 103 and leases of Sarah W. Lamberson 100
Streeter, Horace S. (Salisbury Center) physician and surgeon
Strubel, John (Salisbury) farmer 62
Sullivan, Patrick (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 60
Sweet, Ambrose (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 100
Talcott, Samuel (Salisbury Center) carpenter and joiner and farmer 2
Tanner, Erastus (Salisbury Center) farmer 57
Tanner, Orrin (Salisbury Center) farmer 225
Tanner, William (Salisbury Center) farmer 4
Tansley, Wesley (Salisbury Center) carpenter and joiner and farmer leases 16
Terry, Geo. (Salisbury Center) farmer 4
Thompson, Augustus (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer leases of Geo. Barnes 250 and of Daniel D. Cool 49
Thompson, Edmund (Emmonsburgh)(D.W. Emmons & Co.)
Thompson, John (Stratford, Fulton Co.)
Thompson, William J. (Salisbury) farmer 560
Thrall, Clark (Salisbury Center) manuf. of cheese boxes and farmer 3 1/2
Thrasher, Asa G. (Salisbury Center) mason and farmer 40
Tompkins, Abram (Brockett's Bridge, Fulton Co.) farmer 73
Traver, Alexander (Salisbury) carpenter and joiner
Truax, Jacob S. (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer leases of Gilbert Brown 30
Truax, Philip (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 5
Tuttle, David (Salisbury Center) farmer 217
Vanatter, William (Salisbury) farmer 10
Vanvorst, Hannah (Salisbury Center) farmer 24
Vedder, Abram (Salisbury Center) farmer 70
Vedder, Eliza Mrs. (Salisbury Center) farmer 69
Veer, William A. (Salisbury) dealer in patent rights, saw gauge, extractor of table butter from whey
Wagner, Daniel (Salisbury Center)(McDougal & Wagner)
Walrad, Joseph H. (Salisbury Center) farmer 75
Welch, Thomas (Salisbury) farmer 73
Wells, Alice (Salisbury Center) farmer 16
Wendover, Benjamin (Gray) farmer
West, Peggy Mrs. (Salisbury Center) farmer 79
Wheeler, James (Salisbury Center)(Elwell & Wheeler)
White, Patrick (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 20
Whitford, William (Salisbury) carpenter and joiner and farmer 3
Wiggins, John (Salisbury) cheese maker
Wiley, Henry (Salisbury Center) commissioner of highways and farmer 77
Wiley, Horace (Brockett's Bridge, Fulton Co.) lumberman, manuf. of cider and farmer 68
Williams, Stephen (Salisbury Center) farmer 131
Wood, Charles (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 63
Wood, Isaac Jr. (Stratford, Fulton Co.) carpenter, painter and farmer 60
Wood, John M. (Emmonsburgh) farmer 175
Wooster, Ransley (Salisbury) shoemaker
Yale, Wallace (Salisbury) farmer leases of James Pratt 215
Yates, Joseph (Stratford, Fulton Co.) farmer 34
Young, Charles G. (Salisbury) farmer 58 1/2
Young, John M. (Emmonsburgh) tanner
Youngs, John T. (Salisbury) farmer leases of Lorenzo C. Carryl 140

Note: Spellings are as in the original directory. We thank you in advance for directing all inquiries about persons listed to local historical societies and historians, not to the site coordinators.

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